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Rumor Mill: Is Dalić Leaving Croatia For UAE???

January 9, 2019




BeSoccer announced earlier today that the UAE national football team could be wooing current Croatian manager Zlatko Dalić to be their new coach.



Crazy, right?



Maybe not. Dalić did the near impossible this summer by taking Croatia to the World Cup Final. He will never top that success again in his life. So if the UAE throw some cash at him, why not take it?



And remember, Dalić already has a history with the UAE as he coached top club Al-Ain from 2014-2017; right before he took over for the Vatreni.



Maybe this is just the UAE FA leveraging, but let’s say Dalić leaves before Euro kicks off. Who would you want to replace him?



I think the answer is easy.



Slaven Bilić.



Ante Kvartuč
Posted By: Ante Kvartuč 36 comments

  1. Toronto Croatia Toronto Croatia says:

    I call B.S. on this rumor.

    The only thing a move like that would do for Dalic (besides the money) … would be to kill his legacy.

    The rest of the world would know that he was bought and all of Croatia would feel he sold out.

    Plus everyone knows the UAE is never gonna do shit on the world stage with their talent pool.

  2. Andrej L says:

    Dalic strikes me as a guy who would go for glory over money. We have a great squad mixed in with vets and young upcoming players. I would hope that he stays until the Euros at least.

    That said, didn’t he have some beef with the Savez prior to the World Cup?? And I’m not sure that he’s necessarily a multimillionaire so it might be be a good opportunity for him and his family.

    I hope he stays. But Bilic would be a pretty good replacement.

  3. Danijel says:

    Shitty rumor, shitty reporting (Ante), and shitty replacement (Bilic). No Croatia media reported this. The current UAE coach shrugged it off. Stupid thing to post. lol at slaven bilic,hes whack.

    In other news. Halilovic linked with Besiktas, thoughts?

  4. Poglavnik says:

    Wouldn’t surprise me at all. Football managers bounce around all the time. He could comfortably retire woth wjatever cuntact they throw ay him. What more can he realistically do with our squad. If he made any kind of progress with them he’d be a King in 2 countries.

  5. The truth says:

    This is not happening. Although i shouldn’t blame dalic if he went for it. Dalic coaches one more cycle for Croatia and then takes some big money as he should. He will have more than served his time

  6. Maminjo says:

    First of all, Bilic is not a good replacement.

    He is a weird coach who always seems to start strong, then loses respect/control of the team.
    Nenad Bjelica would be a much better replacement.

    Second of all, Dalic can get a contract from the UAE anytime he wants.

    This isn’t a ‘now or never’ moment for him to cash in. Dalic knows that he can sell out and cash in with any of those gulf nation states due to his World Cup success and his cult-status in that region. Even if he were to miss the Euros, he would still get offered a multimillion dollar contract from one of UAE, Saudi, Azerbaijan, Egypt, etc.

    He knows he can relax and see what additional success he can add to his resume with our stacked squad. If he continues to do well, he coaching career will take off and he will be in a position to pick and choose a contract from several Liga Petice teams. If he fails, then he can always go to the Middle East. Why choose the latter option so soon?

  7. Maminjo says:

    The only way I can ever see Dalić suddenly leaving is as a result of some issues he may have with HNS.

    But I doubt these issues would be that significant to leave his current position so soon.

    You’d have to be a dumb Bosanac from Livno to leave this situation so abruptly.

    Uh oh.

  8. Brown guy says:

    Despite personally liking Bilić, I do not think that he would be a good choice to helm the national team for many reasons.
    Number 1. He was clearly a puppet coach for Mamić when he started Schildenfeld over Šimunić in the Euros, especially for the Spain game. Schildenfeld was playing for Dinamo at the time and needed to be sold, even though Joe was a superior defender in every way.
    2. Bilić never had the same success once Prosinečki left the national team for Zvezda. Honestly, Prosinečki would likely be a better option, but for whatever reason, this is unlikely to happen.
    3. Dalić mentioned job security as a reason why he was hesitant to re-sign with Crotia after the WC. My sources tell me that afer the friendly loss to Peru in Miami, Bilić made a play to usurp Dalić and become Croatia’s manager for the last WC, which fortunately did not happen…
    Prosinečki would be the logical candidate to succeed Dalić. He was a trememdous player in his day and is the idol of many players currently still on the team. He has proven to be more than a capable national team coach, as he did wonders when he ran Azerbaijan and is doing a commendable job getting the most out of BiH.

  9. Hrvat says:

    I wish these articles would stop from here on Bilic being a good replacement. He would not. He had his chance and the savez has moved on. We missed 2010 WC under him.
    Wherever he goes he bounces around without success.
    Best thing for him is it remain a commentator in England.

  10. Elvis says:

    2010 was full on injuries. Modric broke his leg how many of you remember? Kovac retired mid qualifying, Olic injured blah blah

    We missed out because England dropped their last Ukr match on purpose.

  11. Goku says:

    i’ll never forget the away game in Ukraine under Bilic in the 2010 wc qualifying campaign. Mladen Petric was in the form of his life. Scoring like a madman in the bundesliga. Bilic’s starting strikers? Olic with modric as the REMOVED STRIKER. so bad….so bad….

  12. Eric says:

    I had the pleasure of meeting Dalic last spring, before the world cup. My impression was that he is a hardcore Croat, who was honored to be given the opportunity to lead the Vatreni. He could be making much more money coaching in the UAE, but there is no way that he would give up his dream job.

  13. Andrej L says:

    Sick Kova video. So happy that he’s playing regularly now for such a good club. Hopefully, they pick up Higuain.

    Also heard that Halilovic close to moving to Besiktas. GLooks like Coric and Balic are prepping for the Euro’s this summer by sitting on the bench of their respective clubs.

    Allegedly, Rog has a lot of suitors and maybe on his way out of Napoli.

    I haven’t caught too many Dinamo games this year but Bjelica is clearly doing very well considering M&M (Majer/Moro) haven’t really played. I really hope those guys can step up in the Europa League. Does anyone know if either a eligible or not to play in Europa?

  14. Medo says:

    With bojan coming to town tomorrow evening and hez having his best stretch of the year this past week it has the potential to be an interesting match up for fans of Cro ballers.
    Bojan is playing himself into a big $ deal this offseason..he looks to be the highest paid Cro athlete by a large margin if he continues his fine play.Hez is attacking the rim with force lately,and if his jumper ever becomes consistent he could turn into the player we all expected.

  15. Maminjo says:

    Are they really handing out Croatian kits at the game?

    Or just some random checkered tshirts, lol.

    Either way, it’s pretty good that they have Croatian appreciation nights for an NBA game at MSG.

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