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Were The Croatian Cowboys Cheated Against Germany?

January 24, 2019


Croatia handball coach Lino Červar



Co-written by Branko ‘KING BRONK’ Tomasović



The Croatian handball team held their heads up high after a controversial 22-21 loss to co-hosts Germany at the World Handball Championships this past Monday. A win or draw would have put the Croatian Cowboys in position to play in the semifinals, but Germany pulled away at the end to crush Croatia’s title hopes.



Croatia rebounded against reigning world champions France a day later, beating them 23-20 to book a spot in the 5th place game against Sweden on Saturday.



Now, I (Ante Kvartuc) will not claim to be a handball aficionado. I watch when Croatia plays in the Olympics, World’s and Euros; and that’s the extent of it. I know the basic rules of handball and know that Croatia is perennially a top-six team in the world.



However, after the Germany game this week, I got a lot of angry text messages saying that Croatia was once again robbed, alluding to the World Cup Final.



A text message conversation from our very own KING BRONK was the most memorable.



“Even in handball the fix is in. They hate seeing Croatia win.



How many times can you say you watched a big game that the zebras (referees) don’t hurt us when we lose?



Can you remember any game where a controversial call went our way?



The only one I could remember is the red card against Germany in 1998 that Platini openly said he fixed.”





The evidence is there. Was Croatia robbed?



Ante Kvartuč
Posted By: Ante Kvartuč 15 comments

  1. Iggy Iggy says:

    So i didn’t see any of the tourney or even know it was happening – sorry but in Aus we only get coverage of things like Aus open. But yeah im kinda too scared to look into this cos tbh i dont want to be re-traumatised over yet ANOTHER stolen match from us.

    I heard it was bad tho, was it? (too scared to read article!)

  2. Lamont says:

    We have to make a scene. The coming Euro will be very interesting. If another bogus call cost us a match in the knock out stage walk off the pitch.

    We have to get media attention some how and run the narrative
    that corruption costs us.

  3. Poglavnik says:

    You could make a similar compilation for any NFL NHL or NBA game and say the loser got screwed. With the speed handball is played at and with all the flopping that goes on of course it’s gonna look bad when you show it in slow motion.
    Keep crying though. It suits you well.
    Some of the biggest whiners I know are Hrvati.
    Usually Dalmatici.

  4. Elvis says:

    Didn’t an offical have to resign after that bullshit call aganist us vs Brazil in the 2014 WC? The 2012 Euro cup match againist Spain offside goal and Corluka being spun 360 degrees was not visable in normal speed? I saw both.

  5. KING BRONK says:

    @Poglavnik You have replay in most of these leagues and they still wrong get the call wrong-just ask the SAINTS. Sports is a business so they try to push the big market teams through often further than they deserve for ratings. Same principle applies with star players that fans want to see.

  6. KING BRONK says:

    This is why Croatia often gets screwed. Small market team that is often good and is capable of knocking out a big market team. A few calls here or there send them packing early and most fans aren’t coming to care. If it happens to a big market team it’s a crisis.

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