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ONLY IN CROATIA: Fan Hits Half Court Shot, Wins 1,200 Ćevapi & 120 Liters Of Beer

February 7, 2019




In America, if a fan hits a half court shot at an NBA game, they usually win a car, or a vacation, or some cash. Not in Croatia!



KK Split fan Petar Gavranić scored from half court during a halftime competition during Split’s match against KK Sixt Primorska at Arena Gripe in Split, reports.



Petar Gavranić will now walk away with 1,200 ćevapi and 120 liters of beer.






Ante Kvartuč
Posted By: Ante Kvartuč 6 comments

  1. Medo says:

    A serious question about cevapi.I have my Mrs put chopped garlic, onions and parsley in mine when she makes them…my manji buddies love them.
    My old man used to give me heck whenever he came over and had some.Is it sacrilegious to alter the core recipe?

  2. Maminjo says:


    You’re supposed to put garlic, onions and parsley in the recipe. But either way, everyone has their spin on it.

    Even the meat is inconsistent. Bosnian muslims only use lamb and beef. Serbs don’t eat lamb, so they do pork and veal. Croats tend to do either or.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Yep, that’s right “Jews” and Mohammedans don’t eat pork because it says not to in the OT.

    Do they still stone their adultresses lol?

    So, for the “Jew” and the Mohammedan the pig is STILL unclean, even though the OT says that all things that God made were very good. [Genesis 1:31]

    1 Esdras 9:12
    Now therefore give not your daughters to their sons, and take not their daughters for your sons, and seek not their peace, nor their prosperity forever: that you may be strengthened, and may eat the good things of the land, and may have your children your heirs for ever.

    “The good things of the land,” which of course are all things God made, even the pig.

    Of course “Jews” and Mohammedans do not believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Christian does, therefore the Christian can eat pork, because he can do all things through Christ who strengtheneth him. [Philippians 4:13]

    So, it is the Christian, not the “Jew” or Mohammedan that can eat the good things of the land, and the rest.

  4. Anthony G says:

    You also forgot to mention that the OT was written by someone with a rock into another rock at a time when there was really no animal classification (we will call this basic science) in a world that was flat that you took a bath every month or so. Had sex with your closest relatives and lived til you were 25 to 30 years old if you where lucky. Probably dying of the plague or some other kind of Godly punishment.
    So the moral of the story is following what others wrote/believed 2 to 3 thousand plus years ago because God spoke to them is really silly.
    Either way Muslims will follow whatever the jews do.
    Moral is this better for us pork loving Croats.
    The Land of deep fried pork fat. Yummy yummy

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