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Croatians Around Europe XXIII

February 10, 2019


Luka Modrić



In the match of the weekend, Luka Modrić and Real Madrid took care of business, defeating city rivals Atletico Madrid 3-1 on Saturday. Modrić was in prime form for the Atletico duel and was given an ‘8’ grade: “Big game performance from Modrić, who helped his team wrest control of the midfield in the first half and provided a typically perfect assist for Bale’s clincher,” ESPN reported. Modrić assisted on Gareth Bale’s 74th minute goal which sealed Real’s victory when he perfectly slotted the ball to the open Welshman on the left flank. With the win and a Barcelona draw on Sunday, Real Madrid now only trail the La Liga leaders by five points after an awful start to the season.


Modric Assist To Bale @ 6:42




Mateo Kovačić (17)



Mateo Kovačić and Chelsea were handed their worst defeat (6-0) since 1991 by Manchester City on Sunday; luckily for Kovačić, he didn’t get the start. Kovačić has become a bench player for Chelsea in 2019 but the ship is quickly sinking at Stamford Bridge. With the loss, Chelsea now sit in sixth place; one point behind fourth place Manchester United. Manager Maurizio Sarri seems to have lost the locker room and the likes of Eden Hazard and company look to be unmotivated when it comes to football. Kovačić came on in the 52nd minute with the match already 4-0. There was not much for him to do with Chelsea demoralized in Manchester.



In Italy, Mario Mandžukić captained Juventus to a 3-0 victory over Sassuolo. The win keeps Juve undefeated in Serie A this season with a 20-0-3 record and 11 points clear of second place Napoli. Ivan Perišić and Marcelo Brozović both played the full 90 minutes for Inter Milan as they skimmed by Parma with a 1-0 win. Inter remain in third place.



In Germany, Josip Brekalo had an assist in Wolfsburg’s 3-3 draw against Freiburg. Ante Rebić had a solid performance as his Eintracht Frankfurt side battled out a scoreless draw vs. RB Leipzig. Frankfurt remain five points behind Leipzig for Germany’s last Champions League berth,




Ante Kvartuč
Posted By: Ante Kvartuč 59 comments

  1. Soul Champ says:

    Simeone is no dummy.

    He knows that Luka is in his best form of the season.

    Solari has filled the team with hard working runners who support Modrić in his creative magic.

    If you don’t run you don’t play.

    Solari is bringing his Argentine roots to his coaching style.

    Derby today will be a cracker.

    Modrić due for a trademark big match golasso?

  2. vuki says:

    So with Mislav Orsic doing quite well at Dinamo after being one of the best players in the Korean League for a few years, does he deserve the call to the national team? If so, at whose expense? I think if he does get called up, it will be instead of Pjaca. Marko is the better player in my eyes and will be in the future, but he just doesn’t play at Fiorentina and hasn’t really contributed much for anyone (including the national team) since his injury. I am still confused as to why he stayed there when he had quite a few options. Perhaps leaving Pjaca out of a squad will motivate him.

    I think we should be doing this with a lot of our fringe players. They simply do not really contribute when they are subbed on. Look at Rebic before the World Cup and Vlasic and Brekalo recently. They were given a shot and turned out to be very good for us.

  3. Maminjo says:

    Yes. Mislav Orsic is good and worthy of a callup. He’s playing much better than Pjaca right now.

    Sometimes we get too fixated on calling up the high-potential players who transferred to big teams in Europe that we forget about the few HNL players (who were never seen as young supertalents), but developed later in their careers.

    Bockaj is another example of this too, and he too deserves a callup. Borna Barisic was one too, until he got himself a transfer to Rangers.

    I remember saying the same about that dude that plays in Salt Lake right now (Damir Kreilach). He was another one who would have been useful several years ago when we needed a solid CDM. He was excellent for Rijeka, but didn’t have the high profile of being some young super talent growing up.

    We have some decent players in the HNL that we can use to round out the depth on our squad.



  5. The Great Anonymous Doom says:

    Marko Pjaca still plays well. Didn’t he create a goal for us against Portugal. Players have all kinds of reasons for staying with teams. Pjaca likes Fiorentina’s club, so he stayed, perhaps betting on his own abilities to still distinguish himself (which I think he will). Pjaca already has played with the repka for two campaigns now; no matter his status at club level, he is a better bet to help the repka than someone new. I predict that Pjaca will prove himself a good player to keep pretty soon.

  6. CroatiaU14 says:

    Brekalo played a good game today…I’m glad to see him with a starting spot

    @Maminjo…we do have decent players in the HNL that can give us depth, and lots of those players are young. They can someday fill the shoes of some of our superstars right now. Guys like Moro (20), Ivanušeć (20), and Palaversa (18) have been looking real good, and we can’t forget about Majer (21), Marin (18), Šego (18), Vusković (17), and Bulat (17, plays for Šibenik), who are getting playing time and showing lots of potential…We also have Ivan Šaranić (16) and Renato Josipović (16) that play for Dinamo’s youth teams who seem to be extremely talented….the youth in the HNL right now is absolutely fantastic

  7. Maminjo says:

    Pjaca doesn’t play at all though.

    Every time I look at the scoresheet, he’s on the bench the entire game for Fiorentina.

    If he’s going to come back to his 2016 level, he has to do it over these next few months.

    He came back from his terrible injury in November 2017. It’s been over a year now. He should be back to form.

  8. Anonymous says:

    @Soul Champ

    So what about you homie lol, what do you think of Budimir Loncar possibly receiving the Medal of the City of Zagreb, he’s from your Dad’s neck of the woods as well?
    Do you believe your fellow Zadar native Loncar is a self hating Croat, or do you just reserve that comment to people with differing opinions on football players lol?


    Lol, you may of missed my question to ya, but I asked you about Kolinda’s buddy Budimir Loncar?

    I noticed you like to inform these guys about Serbian cevapi but not about your thoughts on Loncar!

  9. Anonymous says:

    What about Kramaric, that guy’s either hot or cold with no in between.
    My opinion, he’s a striker and nothing more, seeing him today out on the wing trying to lazily take a player on was hilarious.

    Anyway he got subbed out at HT when Hoffenheim were 2 nil down, he was replaced by Belfodil.

    Dortmund went on to lead 3 nil and it ended up 3 all, with Belfodil getting 2 goals.

    On Pjaca, if I was Dalic I’d play Pjaca as an out and out striker, fuck that wing shit, if he doesn’t produce move him the fuck on and try the next cunt, I want a Suker like goal scoring machine not these boring strikers we’ve had since Suker retired, they all sucked.

    About those young Croatian players you guys are bringing up so you can later say “I was the first one on the hot ticket,” are any of ‘em Sancho like?

  10. IZBORNIK Kengurovic says:

    Now that Dinamo Zagreb has a Serbian player is Crvena Zvezda going to have a Croatian player again like when Prosinecki played there looks like the Ex Jugoslavija all over again.

  11. Medo says:

    Is Sarri the new Mourinho …seems like they have given up on him after today’s nightmare showing.
    Does a new coach ,which almost seems inevitable give Kova more of a role going forward ??

  12. CroatiaU14 says:

    Kova needs to play more forward. He will never be widely recognized if he doesn’t put his name into the score sheet.

    Kulenović and Balić started today…Kulenović can be a heck of a striker in the future for us if he keeps scoring like he is now. It’s sweet that he’s only 19.

    Both Balić and Halilović gotta play big roles for their teams if they want to get their careers back on track.

    I was hoping Ćorić would have been sent on loan to another Serie A team during the winter transfer window. That would have been great for him.

    Looks like Benković might get the call-up for the Euro Qualifiers because of Lovren and Vrsaljko. Benko is something special; he can score and be a rock on defense. Not to mention he is also 6’4!

  13. The Great Anonymous Doom says:

    With Mitrovic also injured, it will be necessary to play new defenders in the March qualifiers.

  14. CroatianPerson85 says:

    @Izbornik Kengurovic – Prosinecki comes from a mixed marriage (Serbian mother) so he wasn’t considered a raging Croat but we get the point.

    Croats don’t want to play in Serbia remember that.

  15. Ivica Golic says:

    Why don’t the plebs running this site report about Srna in Cagliari?

    Too much work? Outsource your jobs to Ramesh Soccer Reporting (c) in Bombay?

  16. Anonymous says:

    I believe what happened with those cetnik waterpolo players shows that in future they should just stay in their hotel rooms and not go out to see the sights, that way they can play their game and go fucking home as soon as possible instead of inciting hatred at the beachfront.

  17. Maminjo says:

    Meh. From the videos, it didn’t look nearly as dramatic as it sounds.

    I just see a Serbian dude in the water, being pulled out and helped by a lot of Croatians who were on the Splitska Riva having a coffee.

    This is a non-story for the most part. a few young waterpolo Serbs (probably wearing their Red Star gear) got into a fight with a bunch of young sports hooligan Croats, and one of the Serbs jumped into the water to avoid being beaten up. Big deal.

    Now comes the 150 articles from Serbian websites and comments from Serb politicians trying to play this up as some sort of nation-wide Serb extermination policy by Nazi Croatia lol.

  18. Anonymous says:


    “I just see a Serbian dude in the water, being pulled out and helped by a lot of Croatians who were on the Splitska Riva having a coffee.”

    Is that really what you see ya muppet, Croatians want to beat up Serb waterpolo players, other Croatians want to help Serbian waterpolo player, and that’s what you see you fucking donkey?

    This is the way a good Croat woulda seen it, Ustase wanted to beat up cetnik waterpolo players, and Yugoslavs helped a cetnik waterpolo player out of the water, how can you see it any other way?

    Budimir Loncar is a Croat, but is he a good Croat, thoughts?

  19. Anonymous says:

    That’s one way to look at it…or it’s as simple as a bunch of dumb cunt cetniks decided they’d go around a Croatian city wearing cedo apparel and take instas while doing it, to show everyone back home what proud tough cunts they are. Instead they copped a beating and one of then in true kukavica cetnik style jumped into the water to avoid getting hit…abandoning the front is cedo 101.

    The Croats helping the cedo get out of the water are just proving we are better people than they are, much like croat forces helping a wounded cedo abandoned by his fellow kukavice

    Anon are you projecting something there champ?

  20. Anonymous says:

    So the guys that took umbrage at these cetniks inciting hatred did well, and the guys that helped the cetnik also did well? That’s so nice, Croats can do no wrong.

    Let me get this straight, so the Croats proved that they’re better people by helping the cedo that was attacked by other Croats?

  21. Anonymous says:

    There ya go, always proving we are better than cedos.

    Really thr take away from this and what the headline should be is, dumb cunt cetniks wear cedo apparel through the streets of croatia or typical cowardly cetnik runs from a fight

    Just a media beat up because they have the channels…nowhere near as much media about the times they attended tournaments they didn’t even qualify for only to cause trouble. Cedos being cedos and sometimes they get smacked for it

  22. Anonymous says:

    Croatian President Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic tweeted: “Hooliganism is opposed to the ideals of sport, and every violence is unacceptable. I thank the citizens of Split, who immediately stepped in to defend these values.”

  23. Anonymous says:

    “Split is not a town which will tolerate violence of any kind,” city Mayor Andro Krstulovic Opara said. “I condemn the attack against three Red Star players who today wanted to enjoy the Split seafront.”

    What if one of the attacker’s dad or uncle, brothet etc. would’ve liked to have enjoyed the Split seafront today, but he’s not around anymore because the schismatic cetnik Serbs started a war.

    I think we should try to understand the attackers and not rush to judgment like the mayor of Split, Kolinda and the public that were interviewed on the news.
    Why should any Croats be made to feel uncomfortable in there own country, so much so that they couldn’t help but to attack the cause of their discomfort?

    So long as the cetniks learned a lesson, in future stay in your hotel rooms, go to the game, and on it’s completion go fucking home as quickly as possible, show some respect to the Croatian people that might be offended by such behaviour as these Serbs displayed the other day.

    No Serbs no problems, that’s the way forward I believe.

  24. Anonymous says:

    I don’t believe we should be calling the youths that attacked these cetniks hooligans, because that implies that they were the troublemakers when it’s the cetnik players that caused the trouble, attackers is better, they saw a problem and they attacked it.

    Maybe next time don’t cause problems by wearing their red star gear and wear plain clothes instead.

    It’s up to the cetniks now to come up with solutions next time so they don’t cause this to happen again.

  25. Anonymous says:

    “Although the well-known Yugoslav communist official was remembered as the politician who advocated for preserving the integrity of the former SFRY and the introduction of an embargo on the import of weapons to a newly formed Croatian state, in which he succeeded, Bandic did not mention this “success” in his explanation of the decision.

    Bandic’s biography of Bude Lončar begins only from the year 2000.”

    Wow, Kolinda’s friend has actually received the Medal of the City of Zagreb.

    On the episode of Bujica I watched a guy called Josip Deur tell a story how Budimir Loncar had his life saved by a Franciscan friar and two nuns, and how it is believed that Loncar was responsible for later having them killed, and many other crimes against Croats.

    It’s strange that only on Bujica is this talked about.

  26. Dannyj says:

    Josip maganjic tearing it up in Italy for Fiorentina
    What’s up with this kid? Could he potentially be a starter for us one day.
    What’s his style like?

  27. Canuckcro says:

    i wouldnt doubt some type of beldrade cetnik type of deep state or udba ..that told these 3 fools from serbia(proper)to wear your cetnik colors in public stir shit on purpose.The shit their useless government is causing and caused 1991 and up ..dug a wound for centurys to flaunt look im a proud tough cetnik in split ,my country was trying to dig you all graves now i can go and flant my my cetnikness all yebi ga wrog(devil)motherfucking bastard orthodox shits ..rot in hell.

  28. Anonymous says:


    Let’s just wait for these young cunts to do something more than
    play for Fiorentina u19’s ya stupid idiot.

    There’s no need to scour the internet to find out where all the young Croats are playing and then ask pathetic questions like “could he be a potential starter for us some day?” Who the fuck knows.

    Here’s a question for ya, who here do you think watches Maganjic play for Fiorentina u19’s?
    Do his mum and dad post here, is that what you think?

    Look, Jadon Sancho isn’t even a starter for fucking England yet and he shits on any young Croats out there, let me ask you a another question, is Jadon Sancho a potential starter for England one day?

  29. Andrej L says:

    Interesting idea on calling up Orsic. I think it’s a possibility at the expense of Badejl. He’s been relegated to the bench but does get minutes here and there. Let Rog fight for the final midfield role with Bradaric who is a true CDM and plays a lot. Despite the lack of playing time, I would keep Pjaca as a back CF over Livaja/Santini (we’ve been down this road already).

    Orsic? – Pjaca – Brekalo
    Kova – Bradaric – Vlasic
    Rog as back up RB??? definitely has the lungs for it

  30. The Great Anonymous Doom says:

    Dalic already has said that he is interested in integrating Rog as right back, which would allow Jedvaj to play his natural position.

  31. Andrej L says:

    When did Dalic say that? I know he played Rog there once but I think it was a weird situation. He’s played RW a couple of times for Napoli. This could really work for him. He definitely has the defensive toughness, ball control, and speed to be a wingback.

  32. Ivica Golic says:

    Didn’t the Dalmatians run like cowards when the Chetniks took over that area in 91?

    Try that in western Herzegovina.

  33. CroatianPerson85 says:

    @Ivica Golic – what part of Dalmacija in specific? Or are you referring to all of Dalmacija?

    Sorry my Croatian history isn’t the greatest so I’m trying to learn something here.

  34. Anonymous says:

    Ivica golic if yu are a cetnik spewing govno ,or are a treasonous on the fence cro and your condoning what serbs who had no balls to stand down their own sick minded leaders during the war…I smite you and wish all ills on you.The true hrvats who fought and brought our fellow hrvats from the chains of Yugo fucked up serbia ..I Salut all of you ,cheers ,jivela.

  35. Anonymous says:

    You don’t say “true Hrvat,” but good Hrvat.

    Good Hrvat = Ustasa

    Bad Hrvat = Partizani and communists, the people that run your country right now are all Partizani/communists even Kolinda who was inseminated to the presidency on the ladies and gentleman card by her commie friends Mesic, Josipovic and Zagreb Medal recipient Loncar.

    I’ve never been to Dalmatia and never will go there, but I have heard there’s a lot of Partizani there, could be the people that Ivica Golic is talking about?


    Croatian history starts from 1991, anything before then has nothing to do with modern Croatia, so that’s your starting point, if you’re a quick learner you should be an expert in 2 weeks.

  36. Anonymous says:

    Bad cetnik=cowardly serbs who follow their retarded fearless leaders like blind mice,voles or stooges …until they are led off a cliff of no return.
    bad and ugly=evil cetnik demons started shit way before ww2,so ustasha good and cetniks will never find enough bleach to burn the blood off their satanic’s that simple.

  37. Ustasa says:

    Here’s a quote from a great book I’ve read,

    “It is most unambiguously said of God, that He “makes the man who is an hypocrite to reign on account of the perversity of the people.””
    – Saint Augustine
    The City of God – Book V Chapter 19

    Kolinda pretends to be Catholic to fool the Croatian people, is a member of the trilateral commision and works with them to lay a foundation other than Christ in Croatia, she is pro abortion, is that not satanic?

    Why does God make such a hypocrite to rule over the Croatian people?

    Since wwii have the Partizani that fought for Yugoslavia and communism disappeared, or do they just call themselves Croats now?

    Like when libtard Kolinda mocked the conservative Catholic men of the Ustase, what was her family, were they cetnici or partizani (surely they were partizani), cos I never heard of any independents fighting at that time?

  38. Lovro says:

    These political rants are written by guys who were listening to their drunk uncles when they were 14 years old.

    Keep up the good work. Hope you can remember some more shit.

  39. Ustasa says:


    So you haven’t been listening to a drunk uncle then, so just who were you listening too, your sober uncle (and what did he tell ya?), or lol, no one?

  40. BZ says:

    @tgad-That is funny, after getting drubbed for 6 goals in 70 minutes after Vrsaljko limped off, I think even Rog gave up on the idea of replacing Vrsaljko at RB. Rog is not NT quality, sorry…even at RB.

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