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Viktoria Plzen Take Late Lead 2-1

February 14, 2019




The tables have turned in Plzen as the Czech champions take a late 2-1 lead against the Modri. Dinamo entered the second half up 1-0, but allowed two unanswered goals to fall behind. Dinamo will still have a chance at advancement in the return leg at Maksimir on February 21. Dinamo fortunately have an important away goal in hand but must find away to keep the Czechs at bay.

Dinamo Zagreb have taken the lead in the first leg of the Europa League knockout round thanks to the cook finish of Dani Olmo.



Bruno Petkovic did a superb job to bring down a long pass outside the Plzen penalty area and made an impressive pass to space in front of Olmo. Olmo one-touched the ball to chip the keeper to give Dinamo the lead just before the half.



The goal is an important away-goal, no matter the final score of the match.





Colin O'Haravić
Posted By: Colin O'Haravić 13 comments

  1. Bobby V says:

    Important away goal for Dinamo.

    Perisic sliced thru the Rapid Wien defense at will this afternoon- looked excellent, but Inter’s finishing was poor.

    Ante Rebic paired with Luka Jovic up front for Eintracht Frankfurt. Has there ever been a Serb/Croat forward pairing for a club before?

  2. Lika Joey says:

    Mijatovic is from Montenegro, not Serbia. Ibra happy Luka won all the awards he won because Ibra said it’s in his blood meaning he is half Croat.

  3. Anonymous says:

    He sounded like he is growing up from that piece. The guy needs time – way to much expectations put on him from A early age.

  4. Horvat says:

    Halilovic is the most Modric like player I have seen. Of course, he still needs to explode.

    Any opinions about this?

  5. LAknat says:

    He was called for representative candidates training camps for National team but never chosen as a final member once the training camps were over.

    What he is missing?
    the reason he isn’t chosen, frankly speaking…
    his name is too almighty. Because of this, when he wants a pass on the field, it’s too shaking to ask
    “My God” Halilovic pass it to me…

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