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Petar Bockaj Expelled From NK Osijek

March 2, 2019





Reports have surfaced from Osijek after Petar Bockaj has been accused of intentionally driving his vehicle through a gas station convenient store.


Authorities say after attending a concert performed by Sasa Matic, a highly intoxicated Bockaj entered the convenient store wanting to purchase a candy bar, which he was denied. He then allegedly and intentionally drove his car through the front wall of the store before fleeing the scene.


Bockaj is accused of major material damage and endangering the lives of others, causing bodily harm. Osijek have terminated his contract, stating violations of his professional contract.


Updates will be presented as the story progresses.



Colin O'Haravić
Posted By: Colin O'Haravić 48 comments

  1. Medo says:

    I heard there were plenty of snickers from the police when they arrived.He was actually at an M&M concert they said.The owner of the store Hank basovich was quite upset …his wife could only utter “Oh Henry!” Over and over …damage estimated at 100 grand

  2. jgjhdjf says:

    ante rebic is a stupid moron just like all you jock sniffers, if this guy petar had any smarts at all he would have at least plowed into a crowd of illegal migrants or better yet severina, but thats stupid ball kickers for you.

  3. Anonymous says:

    It was reported on HRT news that David Beckham has a statue outside LA Galaxy’s stadium.

    This is great news for all Croats that love “jocksniffing,” especially you American guys, guys like @jbjhdjf that like to pretend he aint a jocksniffer are very excited by this news, it’s sad that his only real problem with you guys is that you aint jocksniffing the same people he’s jocksniffing, that upsets the poor little fellow.

    Lol, Bockaj the idiot has just ruined his chances to ever have a statue outside of Osijek’s stadium.

  4. Anonymous says:

    “Jocksniffing”? Really guy? Who uses that term? Only one guy on here used it, and he was a troll and epic loser

  5. Anonymous says:

    March Qualifiers

    Vratari: Lovre Kalinić (Aston Villa), Dominik Livaković (Dinamo), Simon Sluga (Rijeka)

    Braniči: Domagoj Vida (Bešiktaš), Dejan Lovren (Liverpool), Tin Jedvaj (Bayer Leverkusen), Borna Barišić (Glasgow Rangers), Marin Leovac (Dinamo), Antonio Milić (Anderlecht), Duje Ćaleta-Car (Marseille)

    Vezni igrači: Luka Modrić (Real Madrid), Ivan Rakitić (Barcelona), Mateo Kovačić (Chelsea), Milan Badelj (Lazio), Marcelo Brozović (Inter), Marko Rog (Sevilla), Mario Pašalić (Atalanta), Filip Bradarić (Cagliari)

    Napadači: Ivan Perišić (Inter), Andrej Kramarić (Hoffenehim), Ante Rebić (Eintracht), Marko Pjaca (Fiorentina), Nikola Vlašić (CSKA Moskva), Josip Brekalo (Wolfsburg)

  6. says:

    “Overall no real surprises, Sluga has replaced Letica as the third goalkeeper for now while Leovac returns to the NT due to the lack of left backs, Mitrovic and Vrsaljko out injured. Pjaca and Rog still on the team despite lack of play (especially Pjaca). Other news from Dalic’s first press this year:
    – About Srna he basically in a nice/professional way said “thanks but no thanks.” He wants to use young players and find a long term solution with the right back. The goal is the build a squad towards the European Championships and beyond. Vrsaljko will miss the entire qualifications
    – Kalinic is out with a concussion but if healthy he is still the #1
    – Petkovic is a type of forward that Croatia currently doesn’t have and a decision will be made after Dinamo’s matches against Benfica
    – Lovren should be ready to play by the Hungary game (he is suspended for Azerbaijan)
    – Drazen Ladic scouted the Austrian league closely last few weeks; Pongracic is the closest new candidate for the NT while they also looked at Barac from Rapid Wien. They are also more closely scouting the HNL for depth players”

  7. Maminjo says:

    surprised to see Petkovic there but no Mislav Orsic.

    Both seem to be good, but Orsic has been amazing.

  8. Dalic's right hand man says:

    I told Zlatko to be overly conservative, and he agreed. Executive summary below.

    -Even if Badelj not getting time against quality opponents, he is still good enough for the Vatreni!

    -Why bring up even younger talents for Pasalic, Bradaric, and Pjaca, when we can continue to get consistent performances from them. Consistently bad.

    -I went to scout Austria, but decided to focus on getting real Croats, like Olmo, to commit to the senior squad. Still no luck, so I will be visiting Brazil some prospects that we can call “homegrown”, it’s the ZDS way!

    -We tried to get Srna, in an effort to stifle our youth’s growth, but we were dissed by thee old fart.

  9. Hollywood Hrvat says:

    Sluga is a funny surname. I was looking forward to seeing Bockaj in the Croatia NT now hes to mentally unstable.

  10. The Great Anonymous Doom says:

    @Right hand man: is being a starter on a solid Serie A club and getting on the scoresheet from time to time there not qualification for being called up? If Badelj doesn’t qualify by your book, then how could Dalic even field a team?

  11. The Great Anonymous Doom says:

    Also, Pasalic has been consistently praised for his play at Atalanta. This team is quite good, except for the injuries to defenders. Even so, a good defense can be made.

  12. Mixed grill says:

    Modric playing huge game versus Ajax but Madrid crumbling. I’m sure they miss Kovacic as Kroos playing awful.

  13. Poglavnik says:

    Love how Modric is exempt from criticism. He continues to play 90 minutes in the middle of the park during some terrible performances yet he’s never to blame. Within a year or 2 Modric is done at this level. Run for Inter while you can Luka.

  14. Mixed grill says:

    He was class above tonight but Madrid otherwise not impressive and coach made stupid decisions ie not starting Bale. Benzema ran a lot but wow did he benefit from Ronsldo. There was var call that made no sense to me, the ball seemed out of bounds but the goal that came from play ruled ok. Sad Modric out of champions league.he should move to juventus!

  15. Poglavnik says:

    16 passes completed with a 67% passing accuracy in the 1st half. He’s old and not getting any better. He need to jump ship before he gets exposed any more. Those Ajax kids absolutely embarrassed him and those Madrid geezers.

  16. Mixed grill says:

    I watched the match and he played well, ithe accuracy statistic does not reflect his performance. But it’s true Madrid looked old and Ajax was younger and faster. Modric was never known for speed even when young however.

  17. Poglavnik says:

    I love the guy but I try to be objective.
    I watched both legs.
    He’s not what he was and neither are Madrid.
    I’m old enough to remember the declines of Suker and Boban. The drop off is fast in footy. From great to done can happen like that. When I said 1 to 2 years I was being optimistic.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Madrid were not “what they were” either last year, they said, and then they won the Champions League.
    This shit happens.
    Varane scores that header in the first half (he should have), it’s different story.

  19. Mixed grill says:

    So someone explain that var call please? I had Dutch commentary which I don’t really understand except they were saying it was out.

  20. Razbijač says:

    Well looks like Modric won’t win the Balon D’Or this year….

    Anyway, Modric was the best player for Real Madrid today. It’s just a coupla guys underperformed (I’m looking at you Benzema, Casemrio, Coutois etc.).

    I think this team will be broken up in the summer. They’ll keep Modric around though, and build the team around him.

    Nice goal by T. Basic, he’s been getting starts lately.

    Also Caleta-Car started again for Marseille, he should start in the our first qualifying match.

  21. BZ says:

    I wouldn’t mind playing a combination of Vida/Lovren/Car in a 3 back system; especially given our wingback injuries. Say,

    @all-Real misses Kovacic dearly. If nothing but for the rest he provided for Modric and Kroos.

  22. vuki says:

    I would not say that Luka played well today, but he was definitely one of the top performers for Madrid considering they all played like crap. He is supposed to be Madrid’s most attacking midfielder yet most of the clips of an Ajax goal/scoring chance showed Modric chasing back to try to stop it. What is the point of having a defensive midfielder in Casemiro if he can’t defend? I don’t agree with the people saying he was bad, but I also can’t agree with the people saying he was good.

    On another note, why is Pjaca being called up when he has hardly played? I know I posted about how I didn’t think he should get called up about a week ago, but seriously, what has he done for any team since his injury? He has scored maybe a couple of goals, but he has been so underwhelming. It may seem like I don’t like Pjaca, which is wrong, but he simply does not deserve to be called up on current form and play time. I hope he proves me wrong and turns it around and begins to be the player he was at the last Euros. He was in my opinion the most promising player at the time. Had the potential to be as good as or even better than Perisic, but until then I see no reason for him to keep warming our bench with the occasional sub on as the last sub in a game that we are losing.

  23. LAknat says:

    …………A Rebic………Kramaric…………

    Vlasic and Rebic could switch position!

  24. BZ says:

    @Laknat- Sweet, your first lineup without the god of Halilovic!

    I love the aggression…but hard to keep Brozo off as our Holding/CDM, although Rakitic can hold it down too.

  25. Maminjo says:


    Yea, at this point, Mislav Oršić is better than Pjaca.

    We should be calling him up.

    I guess confidence is all Pjaca needs to get back to his old self, and Dalić is just doing him that favor. I don’t know.

  26. vuki says:

    Yeah that’s who I mentioned the other day. But there are even others I would call up before him. I think he was called up because he can also play the CF role if needed, but why not just give it to Petkovic or someone else that actually plays. You might be right about his confidence, but personally I would just grow more frustrated to be on the bench watching younger players like Brekalo and Vlasic take my play time. I think he would possibly be more motivated if he was dropped, but maybe not. Admittedly some of our players have a shitty attitude and feel entitled. I don’t know much about Pjaca’s personality so who knows.

  27. Maminjo says:

    I’ve heard that it could take up to three years to truly recover from a knee injury like that.

    Same shit happened to Del Piero.

    Hopefully it’s the case with Pjaca and he bounces back (eventually).

  28. Dannyj says:

    How long since that injury now for Pjaca?
    Anyone who has been injured bad for anything knows bout your mind guarding the area
    I feel he is a guy that relies on his explosiveness so obviously this willl hamper him
    I hope he will have a rebic like resurgence
    I guess we just have to trust dalic and his tactics
    But agreed there are some guys who love a chance at the repka and are hungry!

    On a side note Serbs online talking like that tadic kid should get Balon D’ or
    Talking shit against luka… all’s I got to say is do that for a couple years and then maybe talk shit

    Heck the special one was just pumping rakitic tires like crazy
    You don’t see him doing that to any Serbs
    They are so butt hurt
    Great he had a great game Come see us after getting out of a World Cup group

  29. Andrej L says:

    Re Pjaca
    Ligaments due take about year to reach maximum medical recovery. However, ligaments heal to about 95% so they will always be a bit weak. I could see regaining physical strength and technical skill taking another couple of months. That said, he doesn’t look physically weak out there. I think it’s more between the ears. He comes from a sporting family and seems to have a good head on his shoulders. It’ll just take time, unfortunate he hasn’t been able to make it work Fiorentina this year. I think he’s still apart of our long term plans and should be called up despite lack of playing time. Time with the Repka might be just what the doctor ordered.

  30. The Great Anonymous Doom says:

    Luka Modric is still an excellent footballer. Put any player on a team that plays as sloppy and defenseless as Real Madrid does, and they will look bad. Offensively, Modric creates chances for his teammates on which they do not capitalize. Defensively, he is the last man back because no one else is doing their job (he is an attacking midfielder in the Madrid system, after all). Most of his uncompleted passes have to do with poor off-the-ball movement from his teammates, many of whom have been demonstrating very poor decision-making on the field. If anyone is to blame for the Real Madrid problem, it is the coach. He is benching very good players for personal reasons, which forced the other players to play every single game. With no rest, any footballer would underperform. Solari is a second-rate coach who just blew three golden opportunities. Note that he is only the third manager in Real Madrid history who will not lift a single trophy in his first season in charge.

  31. The Great Anonymous Doom says:

    With that having been said, we will be lucky if Modric plays against Azerbaijan—the workload he has had to take on may leave him in poor condition for that match.

  32. Dannyj says:

    Let’s hope modric goes to inter
    Too bad both him and rakitic could go there with brozo and keep their magic together for euro

    Maybe kovacic goes back to Madrid
    They gonna be doing a bit of a rebuild and perhaps he gets playing time he needs without the ton of pressure
    He did put some solid work when modric was injured

  33. Maminjo says:

    There’s no such thing as a ‘no pressure’ situation at Real Madrid.

    They will rebuild by dropping tons of cash on new star players. If they bring anyone back (like Kovacic) they will be expected to perform at the highest level and bring them back to Champions League contender status.

    Kovacic needs to leave Real, and stay away from big name clubs that are run by multi-billionaires who have no problem benching 50 million euro players.

    He should try his best to either get loaned out (or sold) to a quality club in a top-5 league where he will be too expensive not to play. Teams like Sevilla, Napoli, Roma, Dortmund…

    Maybe Bayern would be a good fit for him. Niko Kovac seems to be good at resurrecting careers. He did it with Ante Rebic, and is currently doing it with Renato Sanches.

    I can see him playing Kovacic every game and forcing him to run his ass all game long.

  34. Maminjo says:

    Nope. Bayern spend money, but I don’t think they’ve ever blasted a lot on one player. Paying 50 million euro for Kovacic would be a record for them.

    Kovacic’s problem has been the high transfer fee and his annual salary.

    It’s the reason why he is upset about his minutes at Real, but he’s not actively looking to find a solution (because most solutions would involve him having to take a pay cut).

    I remember Balotelli having to take a pay cut when he wanted out of Man City, but Milan didn’t want to pay that salary, so he took much less money to make the transfer happen. Kovacic can do the same, but won’t do it because he gets paid a lot.

    The good news is that Kovacic is older and the transfer fee price tag will fall as he ages. For example, Ivan Perisic is awesome, and Inter did not want to sell him last year to Man United for 50 million. Now, his value is dropped a bit due to being older (despite having an amazing World Cup). He’s probably around 40 million now.

    Kovacic can’t be worth 50 million. He’s turning 25 and he’s pretty much a central midfielder who is excellent on defense and holding possession…but will never score or assist or even make any passes in the opponent third.

    It’s been over 100 games since he’s scored (club and national team combined). He’s not that type of midfielder. Good player, but not a complete midfielder that he is currently being priced at.

    His value will drop and eventually Real will sell him. Bayern would probably be a good landing spot, but no way do they pay 50 million for him. They are, however, a big enough club to cover his 4.5 million Euro salary.

  35. Jv says:

    How good was that call at PSG today!!! Now they know what it’s like to have a bullshit handball decision from VAR go against you. Mind you it was the correct call, arm out away from the body in the air. Pretty clear!!

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