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Croatians Around Europe XXVIII

March 18, 2019


Andrej Kramarić scores for Hoffenheim



Andrej Kramarić scored an easy tap-in for Hoffenheim Sunday in a 1-1 draw against Stuttgart. Kramarić broke the deadlock in the 42nd minute but could have easily had a hat trick in the first half: see highlights here.



Kramarić is sure to start for the Vatreni on Thursday against Azerbaijan as club football takes a back seat to the international break. With the draw, Hoffenheim sit four points behind a Europa League berth.



In other Bundesliga news, Ante Rebić returned from injury and played the last 15 minutes of Eintracht Frankfurt’s 1-0 win over Nurnberg. He should be available for Croatia Thursday in Zagreb.



Both Ivan Perišić and Marcelo Brozović got the start for Inter Milan on Sunday as they defeated city rivals AC Milan 3-2 at San Siro. With the win, Inter are now six points clear of securing a Champions League berth for next season and are now only seven points behind second-place Napoli.



Ante Kvartuč
Posted By: Ante Kvartuč 121 comments

  1. Truth says:

    The Prebilovci massacre was an atrocity perpetrated by the Croatian Ustaše in the Independent State of Croatia during the World War II persecution of Serbs. On 6 August 1941, the Ustaša killed around 600 women and children from the village of Prebilovci, Herzegovina, by throwing them alive into the Golubinka pit, near Šurmanci.

    During the summer of 1941, the Ustaša continued with mass murders of Serbs – of 1,000 inhabitants of Prebilovci, 820 of them were killed, while in the neighbouring places of the lower basin of the Neretva river, including Šurmanci, around 4000 Serbs were killed. The Golubinka pit was covered with concrete in 1961.

  2. Crnkovic says:

    In terms of violence there is only ever one justification for it and that is self defence. The moment you kill a single civilian your whole argument is rendered dogshit. In terms of loyalty. As the koran says, your ultimate loyalty is to God and the values that go with that. If my father is a criminal i will never defend his actions. Also the world is full of competing gangsters and their false ideologies. My enemys enemy is not my friend, hes just another asshole trying to get his hands on something. You will be judged by God on the day of recompense. Follow the teachings of jesus and you will be safe. Amen

  3. CroatianPerson85 says:

    Truth – what does your post have to do with Ante’s The Weekend Water Cooler Report?

  4. Razbijač says:

    How ’bout them Slavia Prague! After going down 3-2 in extra-time, they went into beast mode and scored two goals to slay Sevilla in dramatic fashion.

    This was arguably the best match of the Europa League so far this season.

    On a side note Marko Rog, got on the pitch in extra time for Sevilla…

  5. Canuckcro says:

    A video also showed that before the shooting, the gunman played a song honouring Bosnian Serb wartime political leader Radovan Karadzic, whose final verdict for genocide and war crimes is due to be delivered next week.
    I thought the serbokillers never had any friends in the world..my neighbors soon as mention 90s war..they go ..yur not a serb are you..i go thank god no ..people know who the fuckers are..its a massive stigma to be a serb..glad im not one!!

  6. Bog i Ustase says:


    “Follow the teachings of jesus and you will be safe. Amen”

    Very good Crnkovic! Let’s go to the next level now!

    Matthew 22:41-46
    And the Pharisees being gathered together, Jesus asked them, Saying: What think you of Christ? Whose Son is he? They say to him David’s. He saith to them: How then doth David in spirit call him Lord, saying: The Lord said to my Lord, Sit at my right hand, until I make thy enemies thy footstool? If David then call him Lord, how is he his son? And no man was able to answer him a word; neither durst any man from that day forth ask him any more questions.

    Crnkovic, can you answer that question that the Pharisees avoided?

    Here’s a clue

    John 8:57-59
    Jesus said to them: Amen, amen I say to you, before Abraham was made, I am.

  7. Canuckcro says:

    It is also reported that on his way to a mosque where he is suspected to have gunned down dozens of people, Tarrant listened to a song dedicated to Radovan Karadzic – wartime political leader of Serbs in Bosnia-Herzegovina whom the Hague Tribunal has sentenced to 40 years in prison on charges of war crimes and genocide

  8. Canuckcro says:

    Apparently originally titled Karazdic, Lead Your Serbs, the song references wartime Bosnian Serb leader Radovan Karazdic, the so-called Butcher of Bosnia who was convicted by an international tribunal in 2016 of genocide, war crimes, and crimes against humanity.

    “The wolves are coming, beware, Ustashi and Turks,” the lyrics to the song run, referring to Croatian nationalist fighters and Bosnian Muslims. “Karazdic, lead your Serbs. Lead your Serbs. Everyone must see that they don’t fear anyone.”I guess this clon doesnt like us catholic cros or muslim turks.

  9. Bog i Ustase says:


    Don’t say “Serbs,” say chetniks, better yet, schismatics that believe “unity shall save the Serb.”

    cccc, it’s on Serbia’s flag, to this day their politicians and civilians dream of a greater Serbia, and if “unity shall save the Serb,” where does the Catholic Croat fit into the Greater Serbia picture?

    Luke 14:26
    If any man come to me, and hate not his father, and mother, and wife, and children, and brethren, and sisters, yea and his own life also, he cannot be my disciple.

    As a theologian and Biblical scholar I can tell you that there is a hatred that is merited, now, Croatian hatred of schismatic Serb chetniks is merited, Serb hatred of Croatian Ustase is not, Serbs hate because they’re schismatics that aren’t waiting for harvest where as the majority Catholic Croats still are, and that pisses Serbs off.

    So you can talk about your atrocities all you want, me, I’m a man of faith and I look at the things that aren’t seen not the the things that are (2 Corinthians 4:18), or that you say you saw lol.

    Let’s focus on the things we can both agree on, and that is, that Croats and Serbs should not mix.

    Funny thing, Ante K deleted one of my comments last week, but left yours!
    Are you Ante K?

  10. Nizic says:

    Funny, this has gotten way of topic but do you Hrvati know what has been done for you to be able to speak this beautiful language, yes people have ran away with money after fucken trying!!!!! for a bigger Hrvatska but what are you gonna do stay with the fucken ship, and die no ! Of course not your own people will persecute you and call you a thief and set you up to get slaughtered anyway, all I’m trying to say is a lot you you people are embarrassed of your own fucking culture, I love my country my people my history, do you see Italians selling them selves out no, everything is out on the table with every family while we try to hide our history embarrssed ooh we can’t say this word or that we will offend bull shit , wops aren’t like that and they even flip flop sides when the going gets tough and still they are proud lol fucken zabari , anyway I hope this wasn’t a restarted rant I just wanted to say I love my Country of origin and it saddens me what I see .
    Za Dom

  11. Bog i Ustase says:


    Matthew 10:34
    Do not think that I came to send peace upon earth: I came not to send peace, but the sword.

    Ustase understood what Christ meant by the sword and, what the peace He left with us was.

    So it is clear that the Ustasa loved peace and fought for peace.

    Some people (protestant America, protestant England, communist Russia) didn’t want Croats to have the peace Christ left with us, so they agreed to dump us in Yugoslavia after wwii.

    For 50 years Yugoslavs were allowed to talk their shit about the glorious Ustasa movement that fought for Christ’s peace.

    Later, America offered Frank Tudjman the peace the world gives, that external peace, and of course the good obedient whore that he was, he took it.

    Let St. John Chrysostom explain,

    “Peace I leave to you.” All but saying, “What are you harmed by the trouble of the world, provided ye be at peace with Me? For this peace is not of the same kind as that. The one is external, is often mischievous and unprofitable, and is no advantage to those who possess it; but I give you peace of such a kind that you be at peace with one another, which thing renders you stronger.”
    – Saint John Chrysostom

  12. Anonymous says:


    This one goes out to all Croatian Muslims, think about your ancestors and how they became Muslims when you listen to it, and maybe ask why they didn’t have the spirit of the young girl sang about in this great song.

  13. Canuckcro says:

    there is no forgiveness what cetniks did..if there is a god they will burn in hell forever ..i know that my neighbors are glad im not a serb…its just pathetic anything to do with them..Bill clinton told Boris Yeltsin ..”YOU WANT TO BE TIED TO THE BLOOD SERBS CAUSED..in the history books forever..serbs got no idea how evil they are..god will smite them one way or another!!!

  14. Canuckcro says:

    sorry but im not sorry..as a true cro..nogomet can wait..evil is at our relatives door..we are cozy here ..canada usa aus..swiss..germany..yet evil fucks in politics continue the charade over there..cetniksq just wont shut up..there fucked up ..all the politicians over there..ok back to nogomet..

  15. Anonymous says:

    Ok, I’ll be watching the Huesca vs Alaves game today, if anyone wants a match report they can ask after the game.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Also, with only 11 games left in La liga, if you get a chance, make sure you catch a couple o’ Real Betis games cos man do they play some nice football, they’ve got some good players too.

    That Canales is a really good player, Christian Tello is also there, Carvalho as well, our buddy Guardado who handed Croatia their arse at 2014 WC, like I said they got some real good players, and last but not least although he hasn’t had as good a season as he did last season but he’s still a good player there’s Lika Joey’s cousin Loren Moron.

    Is Lo Celso going to Real Madrid? A buddy o’ mine told me he his, that’d be a real shame, cos I was really close to becoming a Betis fan, but what’s the point if good players always leave for bigger clubs.

    How is Betis supposed to win La liga?

  17. Canuckcro says:

    @bog i ustase
    im just warning all us cros world wide..cetniks have this demented vision (greater garbage serbia) in their twisted fatheads..our relatives at home.in hrvatska should be aware..no trust anything to do with serbo commie orthodox blasphemy..fuck they are sickening..

  18. Medo says:

    In time the real issue will be numbers.Look what’s happening in Belgium and France.Islam mandates that you have as many children as possible.Croatia has the 14th highest declining birth rate in the world and is projected to only have 3.1 million by 2050.
    They fornicate like love starved rats,and essentially are breeding votes in democratic societies.
    In a country like Canada where I reside they live like kings with the social benefits of having 6or7 children.
    I see it in my neighborhood…they drive new BMW’s never seem to work…have 2 or 3 women living with them and somehow game the system to have them all under social assistance as our pretty boy PM just let’s them in by boatload’s
    My sister works for the school board and has had to call the cops on them twice because they threatened her if she did not expand the bus route to suit their children’s needs.
    My dad always said never trust a man who doesn’t drink or eat slanina!
    I think in time we will eventually have to align with the Serbs to fight the Kebob’s as ridiculous as it sounds.In the end we are still all Christians whatever that term means.
    At least after a good battle the soldiers can relax share some slivo and prosciutto.

  19. The truth says:

    Come on guys

    You’re better than that

    I check the site and see an uproar

    That truth imposter wasn’t even under the name “the truth”!

  20. The truth says:

    Also Elvis, sad you think the guy in NZ was right

    It’s a good thing petrcane is a much more moderate, tolerant town than the hatred you try to spread

  21. The truth says:

    I should add, although the”truth” post that started this whole thing was not me, i am no fan of the ustase

    I mainly came on this site today just to talk about kramaric scoring another goal

  22. Bog i Ustase says:


    I like your stuff, it’s good to see someone who cares about his Croatian people.


    Serbs are not Christian, krivoslavci is what the Serbs are.

    Or if the moon seem even now obscure to them, because they would make it uncertain which is the Catholic Church, and they strive to convict her by the sins of those many carnal men whom she contains; what concern is this to him, who says in truth, “In the Lord I trust”? By which word every one shows that he is himself wheat, and endures the chaff with patience unto the time of winnowing.
    – Saint Augustine
    Expositions on the Psalms 11:4

    For the sacrilege of schism is most clearly evident in them, if they had no sufficient cause for separation. And it is clear that there was no sufficient cause for separation, if even the presence of notorious offenders cannot pollute the good while they abide in unity.
    – Saint Augustine
    Against the Donatists – Book V – Chapter 1

    Remember, Serbs believe unity shall save the Serb, they are born with a hatred for Croats whom they believe to be krivoslavci.

  23. Bog i Ustase says:

    NZ is a multicultural country, if that stupid Serb doesn’t like multiculturalism go live in Serbia, what’s NZ got to do with him?

  24. Anonymous says:

    Inter gotta get rid of Perisic, Brozovic and Handanovic. Icardi is more important than those 3 and he gets along with everyone else, get rid of the 3, problem solved.

  25. Bog i Ustase says:

    @The truth

    And again, since the good of the whole is better than the good of each part, the best maker is not he who diminishes the good of the whole in order to increase the goodness of some of the parts; a builder does not give the same relative value to the foundation that he gives to the roof, lest he ruin the house.
    – Saint Thomas Aquinas
    Contra Gentiles – Book II – Chapter 44:16

    Your family believe the opposite to this, the Ustase believed that giving more value to the foundation is more important, all the while understanding that the Jews (your people) hate the foundation that the Ustase want to build on, that being Christ Jesus, how would you deal with enemies of the State?

    1 Corinthians 3:11
    For other foundation no man can lay, but that which is laid; which is Christ Jesus.

    What’s the foundation you would like to see Croatia build on? The American idea, unity in diversity lol, creating a liberal world where people don’t care about anything but themselves?

  26. Bog i Ustase says:


    Serbs are krivoslavci, schismatics, that believe unity shall save the Serb.

    Explain how Serbs adhere to the teachings of Christ but aren’t waiting for the harvest, I’m all ears?

  27. Bog i Ustase says:


    Serbs are krivoslavci, schismatics, that believe unity shall save the Serb.

    Explain how Serbs adhere to the teachings of Christ but aren’t waiting for the harvest, I’m all ears?

  28. Bog i Ustase says:

    What makes you say that? I’m waiting for the harvest which is what Christ taught, remaining a member of the Body of Christ which is the Catholic Church.

    You don’t know what you’re talking about.

  29. The truth says:

    So sad there continue to be truth imposters on this site spewing hateful comments

    I came on the board this week to chat about me-first kramaric and his continued good form. I’ve always been a fan

    One more goal and he becomes hoffeinheims all time leading goal scorer. I think he might also be dinamos all time leading goal scorer combining all age groups

    Although many of his hoffenhein goals are pks. The most dangerous place to be is a teammate getting between kramaric and a pk kick

  30. Anonymous says:

    The Serbs were forced into our lands by the Turkish wars of
    Conquest. They have been a nusiance ever since. It is in our
    Best interests to keep them out.

  31. Soul Champ says:

    Inter – Croatzionale!!

    Perišić was percolating all match.

    Brozovic kept the pulse.

    Icardi = peder.

    Don’t mess with the Nogometaš !!

    Croatia 3 – 0 Argentina.


  32. I'm a Frenchman says:

    @The truth

    I agree Kramaric is in good form.

    He’ll be their all time leading scorer soon.

    A lot o’ pk goals though.

    What more do you want anyone to say?

    What about Messi, the great Betis fans gave a standing ovation to next years Balon d’or winner.

    I’d hate to be a Balon d’or winner while Messi is still playing, I’d feel like someone gave me some stolen loot and I’m happy to keep it and pretend I deserve it.

    @Soul Champ

    Lol, France 4 – 2 Croatia!

  33. Dannyj says:

    As I always say I’d rather lose with Croats then win with hired players Frenchman

    You guys think kramaric gets a big move in summer?

  34. Anonymous says:


    Now, to make an argument to you saying “hired players.”
    Most of the African players learned to play the French way in Ligue 1 and when they left Ligue 1 they were ready made players.

    Our diamonds in the rough have to get sent to Germany, Italy, Spain etc. to be refined and hopefully become diamonds, that cannot happen in little Croatia. So if you wanna talk about France’s hired players, please recognise that Croatia can’t do anything on it’s own either, they need help from Germany, Italy, Spain etc.

    Look at Dinamo with all their foreigners how well they did, hopefully the NT is taking notes.

    But, I always hope for at least 4 Croats on our NT, one on every line, so a striker, a midfielder, a defender, and the goalkeeper, wingers should be Africans, another midfielder from Spain (Olmo hopefully), won rough and tough polish CB, a RB from Brazil in the Cafu mould, and a reality tv show called “who wants to be Croatia’s LB,” where you all guys get to vote!

  35. Soul Champ says:

    Croatia 2 – African diaspora + FIFA + Ref + 4.

    I’ll take my authentic 2 any day of the week.

    U boj .. u boj .. za narod svoj !!

  36. Frenchman says:

    The second one with a great assist from Lloris, of course you can have it we gave it to you, why would we want it back?

    Rakitic is Swiss isn’t he, how many games did he play in the HNL?

    How many Bosnians you got in your team?

    In a purely football sense I believe we’re more French than you guys are Croatian.

  37. BZ says:

    Lebron getting a bunch of Croatian beatdowns…
    1) First he forces Magic to trade Zubac, which immediately tanks the Lakers season and sends the Clippers flying into a safe playoff spot.

    2) Then he gets big timed by Hezonja! Stuffed his game winning attempt. Hezonja hasn’t big timed anyone like that since…DS?

    @DannyJ @Soul- In many circles, we are the true World Cup champs. There is even an entire French forum, dedicated to us being the true champs. I have to find the link for it again, but it is funny as hell. Basically, it goes thru how embarassing it was to win with that team.

  38. Frenchman says:


    “There is even an entire French forum, dedicated to us being the true champs.”

    Those people are racist, but hey, enjoy your win, where do you keep the cup?

    Like @Soul Champ and @Maminjo said about Serb Tesla, the spirit of invention he got in Croatia, the spirit of Rakitic’s football came from Switzerland, but like @Maminjo said about Tesla and it applies here, Rakitic had to leave Switzerland to get better, Croatia had nothing to do with his football, so thank Switzerland, Germany and Spain for Rakitic.

  39. Soul Champ says:


    All originally Croatians .. really who lost their way ..

    Rakitic = Hrvat

    Thank generations of Croatians being ready to ball when your people needed you.

    Deschamps > Dalić

    Subasic couldn’t walk.

    Deshamps pulls Kante after he gets dominated by Modric and company. Fresh legs won it for African Diaspora ..

    All good next time our 4 million people nation will do better against 100+ million of African diaspora with top 5 Ligue and national training center and world class coach.

    Bog i Hrvati

  40. Anonymous says:

    Two of Frances goals were bogus. Croatia might still
    Have lost but it would have been honorable. What we
    Saw is one of worst WC Finals in our lives.

  41. Frenchman says:


    It wasn’t a bad game up until the penalty, but once that penalty was scored Croatia was never gonna score another goal without Lloris assisting.

    We were 4-1 up and who can blame him for trying to have some fun on the biggest stage of them all when there was no threat at all posed by Croatia at that point.

  42. Aussie Croat says:

    Isuse moj, WTF happened in this thread?
    Stick to the football.


  43. The truth says:

    @ Frenchman
    You are barking up the wrong tree telling people on this site that Croatia had nothing to do with rakitic development that it was the Swiss

    The people on this site don’t care who develops who

    They will say that rakitic has been a stud because he is of Croatian origin

    Doesn’t matter if he grew up playing football in Croatia, Switzerland, Australia, or Iraq

  44. Mishko says:

    Apparently the youtube filters aren’t working, they know about it, but it’s impossible to find an videos. :(

  45. Anonymous says:

    In this sport one goal can make all the difference.
    When it’s bogus it can be deadly, France had two

  46. Pero says:

    Boze moj. Sportski sajt a vidi o cemu pricate kao bolesnici i klosari tipicni. Smijesno je postalo. Sramota rec da ste uopce Hrvati.

  47. Bog i Ustase says:


    Ti bi pustijo da ti Srbin tu sere u tvoje ljude? Ti bi, a ne ja.

    I ti mislis da si ti Hrvat? Ja se pisam po tebe Yugoslavencino jedno.

    Let me ask you this, did you even read all the comments, or are you just sad that they’re not about sport?
    Who stopped you from writing a sport comment, I wrote some sport comments here, where are yours?

    Did you see how I asked why that Serbs comment wasn’t deleted?

    The Serb doesn’t say he’s a Hrvat, so you’re having a go at me not him, what a Croat you are lol?

    So you believe the Serbs comment should been left alone? Lol, and you’re a Croat, I’ll give you new Croat because that’s the way you carry yourself, just let Serbs say whatever they want while you attack me.

    You are Yugo.

  48. Medo says:

    @FRENCHY there is no France left.We all know it has been watered down,and over-run with Algerians ,Moroccan’s and any other un-desirables who are able to enter your porous border.In a few decades your country will be run by sharia law the way things are going for you.
    Croatia is 90% homogeneous.Your lax immigration laws are in essence what enabled you to win.
    Even your poster boy Griezmann who cheated to get your first goal isn’t French,and you talk about Rakitic ??
    How did it feel rooting for the west African U.N. Against this poor little country of 4.1 million with that Argentine swines help.
    There were far more blatant hand balls that weren’t called the entire tournament.
    The fix was in before the game even started and something had to be done to ensure France won especially the way we came out flying in the first half.
    Even pussy riot running onto the field was at the exact moment we had an odd man counter…how ironic.
    The celebrations in the streets must have been mooted ,not knowing if some crazed ISIS supporter was going to run you over with a truck or splatter your intestines with a pipe bomb.
    They did not have to worry celebrating an honorable 2nd place finish in Croatia.

  49. Anonymous says:

    About Pero,

    His soccer knowledge? Zero
    Has “Pero” ever written a decent sport comment? No
    Does he get educated about soccer from you guys? Clearly yes, he’s hungry to learn from you guys, so please guys feed him, he’s starving.
    He could of wrote a sports comnent but he wrote that to show of his Croatian.
    What makes him think anyone can read his comment?
    Why not write it in English?

    The guys a dead set muppet.

  50. Frenchman says:


    Why is France’s immigration policy your concern?

    People come to France to make a life for themselves, yes a lot of them are African, why not represent the country that gave them so much?

    Croats have to leave their country for a better life, visit your parents on the weekend and they’ll let you know all about it.

    “Against this poor little country of 4.1 million”
    Are you a part of the 4.1, where do you live.

    So you Americans, Canadians, Aussies etc. are in your words supporting another country in Croatia, why don’t you support your own teams?

    How many games did Rakitic play in the HNL?

  51. Frenchman says:

    Why were some of you upset when Pulisic chose to play for the US?
    Because they understand that your talent pool doesn’t come solely from your “poor little country of 4.1 million.” I’m sick of hearing that chestnut “4.1 million,” where did you find Simunic, Rakitic, and the Bosnians?

  52. Medo says:

    It’s difficult to explain but it runs in your blood,even if you’re not born in Croatia If I was born in France I would guarantee you wearing the checkers would prevail over that French jersey with that little coc any day of the week!i am certain most on this board would agree with me.
    The U.S. might be a different beast, they have a way of instilling pride and patriotism far better than Australia or Canada.
    I think pusilic is an example of that, though his dad was hardly a proud Croat.
    Yes your immigration policy opened up its doors to anyone,and everyone,and as I stated if not for that you probably wouldn’t have won the World Cup….BUT with that comes so many other issues which I’m certain you encounter on a daily basis.
    Answer this …how enjoyable would the World Cup be if every country’s make up was a hodge podge of players from every part of the globe.
    I would guarantee not even remotely as popular as it is now.
    Am I racist or a realist?

  53. Frenchman says:

    Eduardo, why did he play for Croatia?

    Many on this site want Olmo, why should he be an option?

  54. Medo says:

    For a “Frenchman” you have taken a keen interest in this site.
    You make some very valid points..I suppose we are all hypocrites if we can latch onto the odd footballer who will better our team.
    Italy has done the same so have other countries …my point is was it worth it to win the World Cup if your way of life is endangered. These immigrants having no desire to integrate into your society,and trying to instill their way of of life onto you via force and violence.Thats the DIFFERENCE…our parents…Europeans did whatever it took to not rock the boat…learned the language,worked hard etc
    I’m experiencing the effects of people who don’t want to integrate myself in Canada, so if you really do live in France don’t tell me you don’t experience yourself.

  55. Canuckcro says:

    literally stole the cup from croatia..6.1kg the worldcup trophy made of gold is worth 20 million$..as far as i know in my heart as well as people who dont lie to themselves in france and real soccer fans around the world..seems to have meant nothing to the french team ..easy to read the players expressions..it was a fake masterminded planned giveaway win by a diabolocal piglike official..imo

  56. Medo says:

    The Henry handball against Ireland comes to mind as well….all just a co-incidence I’m sure frenchy.

  57. Jarac says:

    The DNA makeup of your team does not match that of your country. The reality is the Frenchman genes are weak when compared to Croat genes. That is why the French continue to poach from Africa. No fuck off with ur 2 fandom goal fifa corruption cigan.

  58. Jarac says:

    Regarding raketa….Swiss didn’t make takers his talented genes did raketa would’ve been successful coming out of the shit US system just like pulisic

  59. Frenchman says:


    Does Strinic have the same genes as Rakitic? If it’s in the genes why did you ignoramuses always give Strinic shit?
    I don’t recall anyone defending Strinic by saying, “how good is Strinic, it’s in the genes.”
    Unless you were talking about a dumb gene, which you guys all used to call him, and you seem have?

    Croats and the dumb gene, I’ve got a lot of evidence to support that theory!

    Do you want one example?

  60. Anonymous says:

    The draw was fixed, not matches, you know a good Paraguay team nearly beat France in 1998?

    Maybe like that guy says about soccer, it’s like the WWF scripted.

    So what would you guys say to the person that complained about the result of the Demolition versus Strike Force match which Demolition won because Mr. Fuji threw his cain into the squared circle when the ref wasn’t looking only to be used by Ax to hit Rick Martel (formerly of the Can-Am connection) in the larynx for the 1-2-3, would you make excuses for Strike Force or would you not bother because you know it’s fixed?

    Is soccer like wrestling, you know it’s fixed but you don’t know whose going to win, so you watch?
    What I don’t get is why would anyone complain about the result if you know it’s fixed?

    Just take the L people, or find your Eduardos, your Olmo’s, go get some Africans, become multicultural, maybe then FIFA would let you win, so instead of France your little country could of been the one showing the world the wonders of multiculturalism?

    If you don’t want multiculturalism in Croatia, please, just take the fucking L and please shut up!

  61. Sandro says:

    Anonymous if you don’t like the justified whining why bother coming here.
    Are you a glutton for punishment.
    The farce that is FIFA destroys little boys dreams,and ambitions.
    We foolishly think that perhaps sport is immune from the corruption and greed of the corporate world,and politics.
    We think and dream that just maybe David vs Goliath can actually happen,or maybe the best team will win.
    We have a reason to still be upset so if you don’t like it why bother reading ,responding and giving us your foolish wrestling analogies.
    We will take the L but we aren’t shutting up!!

  62. Brown guy says:

    @ Frenchman,

    Congrats on your country winning the World Cup. One stastistic stuck out to me from that game. At half-time France was leading 2-1 and did not take one single shot on goal. This is not to say France would not have won, nonetheless, but it was funny to see. VAR should have been used on the Griezmann freekick and he should have received a yellow cared for diving.

  63. Brown guy says:

    I agree with you regarding Eduardo. What is the point of having foreigners on your national team for tournaments like the WC or the Olympics as it defeats the purpose of such events.
    However calling Rakitić Swiss is incorrect as both his parents were immigrants to Switzerland. With your argument, Rakitić would also be Chinese if he were born in China.
    And your whole HNL comment is also weak. This would make Olmo Croatian as this is where he developped professionally even though he is Spanishm without a doubt.
    France on the other hand has a very mulitcultural list of players:
    Umtiti and Mbappe=Cameroon
    Nzonzi, Kimpembe and Mandanda=Congo
    Pogba (Guinee), Dembele and Kante (Mali), etc…

  64. Frenchman says:

    You Croats are so dumb. Clinging to your genes and your religion. The world is becoming one. Intermingling all people. There is no stopping this as hard as you try. You might as well accept it and embrace it. Because as we welcome and mix foreigners into our countries and gene pools, we unify the world and unlock its potential. The population of Croats is on decline. With more immigration to Croatia, Croatia will look like France soon enough and it should be excited about it

  65. Anonymous says:

    “Clinging to your genes and your religion”

    Serbs cling to their religion also.

    Muslims cling to their religion.

    Jews cling to their religion.

    You only have a problem with Croats clinging to theirs? Muppet you is.

  66. Ignoramus says:

    The colonies of the French, English and Dutch are having their revenge now and it’s just the beginning. If you want to talk about atrocities look at the pillaging and death they brought to their colonies.

    The working class are paying to subsidize the new EU “citizens” from abroad. The yellow vest working class have had enough. I commend them…the enlightened.

  67. Brown guy says:

    @ Fake Frenchman,
    Generally I do not like to generalize, because it only leads to trouble.
    If you choose to embrace globalism, then that is your choice.
    However, I have been to France several times and lately it has not been the same country it once was. With the regular rioting there (read yellow vest) it is not a country where I would be excited about living there or any similar country to it.

  68. Bobby V says:

    Croatia plays their first two Euro qualifiers – Thursday vs. Azerbaijan at 3:45PM EST (ESPN3) and Sunday vs. Hungary at 1:00PM EST (ESPNNews).

  69. vuki says:

    It’s actually sad that someone is pretending to be a French person just to troll people. I wonder who it could be.

    I wonder if I am in the minority that would like to see Petkovic get some minutes in these upcoming qualifiers. He seems like he could be a Mandzukic-type but also has a great touch on him.

    Also, does anyone know if Jedvaj is out seeing as he was injured recently and Dalic added Bartolec to the squad?

  70. Canuckcro says:

    at fake french wise guy(possibly a cetnik)When i go shopping i look for quality not quantiity.A Russian study i read says france is approaching less than 50%of its indigenous population..wow that makes france less populated than croatia per square km..france is big,the flood gate opened with monsters from the mid east and hence constant potential of terror ..people yu fucks feed for free that not only bite your hand but try and kill you.

  71. Medo says:

    Enough on this faux pas supposed frenchy…he did what he intended..poked a stick in the hornets nest, whomever he is,and we took the bait.
    VUKI I was thinking the same thing and hopefully a bigger club picks him up next season.
    It’s a small sample size but that over head bicycle was a thing of beauty and how many guys his size could pull that off.
    That was ZLATEN-esque!

  72. Frenchman says:

    “If you choose to embrace globalism, then that is your choice.”

    That’s Croatia’s choice also, freedom of religion is in place so the door is open for anyone.

    Fake Frenchman wouldn’t know shit from clay, religion has nothing to do with how Croatia is remaining Croatian.

    So if you are a citizen of an EU country, apart from Austria, Malta, Holland, Slovenia and the UK, you can live and work in Croatia whenever and for as long as you wish. So an African Muslim citizen in France can come work and live in Croatia for as long as he likes.

    So there is nothing stopping Croatia from becoming more multicultural other than the opportunities your country can offer people.

    So Croatia is not special because it’s not as multicultural as France, because God knows you want to be and are working towards making it so, but at this point your country is still a tourist destination and nothing more. You know it’s true. Would any of you diaspora Croats like to live there? No.
    Why is that?

    So it’s not the will of the Croatian people that keeps you “90% homogenous” it’s just the circumstances in your country.

    That’s my last comment, at ease.

  73. Tomo says:

    Frenchy is here Because he loves hrvatska and is very jealous of what we did at Russia. Almost beat Africa United and corrupt fifa. With an all white team.
    But then that’s why we got screwed.

  74. Jarac says:

    Poor Frenchy obviously jealous of our little homogenous country….look frenchy I get it it’s hard to get excited for your country when the players aren’t from there….it’s also sad when your celebration is what 30,000 people while Croatia had a half million show up…now Frenchie its is sad you will never get to experience what the Croats do….you don’t understand srce vatreno or budi ponosan…because not possible in France sad but true….

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