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Hungary Defeat Croatia 2-1 After Poor Goalkeeping From Kalinić

March 24, 2019

Adam Szalai gol foto mađarska hrvatska



Croatia Starting XI vs. Hungary: L. Kalinić – Barišić, Vida, Lovren, Jedvaj – Brozović, Modrić, Rakitić – Perišić, Rebić, Kramarić



Croatia were up 1-0 on the road inside 15 minutes Sunday and completely gave the game away; ultimately losing 2-1 to Hungary. The entire team looked complacent in front of a packed Budapest crowd rocking out for the entire 90 minutes.



Ante Rebić banged in a goal off a Kramarić sliding assist and then the Croatian offense would completely ball asleep. Outside of the goal, the Vatreni only had one other shot on goal. So who’s to blame?



Croatia-Hungary Match Highlights



Croatia goalie Lovre Kalinić has to be scrutinized for his play against Hungary; giving up two soft goals to the home side. In the 34th minute, Domagoj Vida let Hoffenheim striker Szalai slip past him to the goal line where he fired off a low shot from an extremely tight angle to the far post. Kalinić got a hand to it but it wasn’t enough to keep it out of the net. In the 76th minute, a Hungarian corner kick came across the 6-yard box but Kalinić did not come out to punch it. It led to the game winner.



The Vatreni did not come out to play today. But how much blame goes specifically to Kalinić?



The needle says 75%.



Post-Match Analysis




Ante Kvartuč
Posted By: Ante Kvartuč 192 comments

  1. Anonymous says:

    1-1 I think we’re gonna shit the bed again and not get that lucky goal Like we got against Azerbaijan…I pray to god I’m so wrong…

  2. Budala says:

    Only matter of time until the Brekalo experiment on defense fails. He was beaten badly twice against Azerbaijan.

    Dani Olmo is ready to start right now. Need to convince him immediately.

    Need Mandzukic back.

    Croatia needs a new national stadium – build it as close to Plitvive Lakes as law allows.

  3. vuki says:

    Is Dani Olmo even eligible to play for us? I have not seen an article or anything that said he is considering playing for us since before the 6-0 Spain game.

    His Wikipedia says this:
    Olmo himself showed desire to swich to Croatia on international level.[6] However, in October 2018 he made his début for the Spanish U-21 side. As he had not obtained Croatian citizenship at this time, it made him unavailable to play for Croatia.

    This is what the FIFA eligibility rules say:
    Any player … who assumes a new nationality and who has not played international football [in a match (either in full or in part) in an official competition of any category or any type of football] shall be eligible to play for the new representative team only if he fulfills one of the following conditions:
    a) He was born on the territory of the relevant association;
    b) His biological mother or biological father was born on the territory of the relevant association;
    c) His grandmother or grandfather was born on the territory of the relevant association;
    d) He has lived continuously for at least five years after reaching the age of 18 on the territory of the relevant association.


    Yes Wikipedia is not always the best source, but those things have been there a long time and usually if something is incorrect it gets corrected pretty quickly. Also, as far as I know, Olmo has not fulfilled the last rule there that says he has to live in the country for 5 years. Does anyone else have any knowledge on the subject? I keep seeing posts about him playing for us, but 1. if we are his back-up option screw him 2. he might not even be allowed to anymore. So let’s chill out on that until we know for sure please.

  4. Maminjo says:

    I don’t think Olmo is eligible anymore since he played for Spain’s U21 team prior to getting Croatian citizenship.

    Who knows.

  5. Seljak says:

    Hopefully the boys play better in this game than they did against lowly Azerbaijan. Watching that game was as painful as listening to Ante Kvartuc trying to speak Croatian!

  6. Andrej L says:

    I don’t want Olmo nor do I think he could make the squad. I’m eager to see Majer develop since coming back from injury.

    Interesting to see Brekalo at RB again. I would’ve thought that more defensive player like Rog or Vlasic would’ve been suitable. But maybe Dalic truly sees this as a way to develop his defensive skill set. I would also assume that this means that Vlasic is going to come on at some point in the 2nd half. Along with our young star Kovacic :)

  7. vuki says:

    Jedvaj at RB. I had read his injury was minor, but wasn’t sure if he was replaced on the list by Bartolec or if Bartolec was just added. I guess that answers that. 2 more goals from Jedvaj? lol

  8. Anonymous says:

    The whole Brekalo at rb has that pranjic at lb feel to it. The kind of shit that gets coaches fired. You can get away with it against Azerbaijan, but that’s about it.

  9. NK Susak says:

    That was me above. Remember at one point pranjic was a leading goal scorer for Herenveen. That experiment blew up when England exposed the shit out of him.

  10. Maminjo says:

    Pranjić was a forward when he played for Heerenveen.
    But he was much younger and more capable back then.

    Bilić and Kovač were starting Pranjić when he was already falling downward in his career.

    At least Brekalo is on a huge upswing in his career, though I hope that Dalić isn’t planning on this RB experiment being some sort of longer term solution.

    I’d rather he come off the bench as a winger/forward for extra firepower when needed.

    Brekalo was fantastic against both Spain and England in this role.

  11. CiganJeCigan says:

    4-0 for Cro. I watched wales vs slovakia, theyre both trash, we can easily finish the campaign with 24pts.

  12. Lika Joey says:

    Cijan every game is different. We need to take one game at a time. Azerbaijan on paper is a cake walk but it took work to win the game.

  13. Poglavnik says:

    1-0! Rebic from a beautiful “pass” by Kramaric.
    That’s about as close to a pass as you’ll ever see Kramaric make in the box. ;)

  14. Maminjo says:

    Hungary opened up, and paid for it

    We’ve had some very scary counters. They shouldn’t have gone balls-out so early this game.

  15. Poglavnik says:

    Reddit soccer streams.
    The 2nd or 3rd one down is in English, no glitches, no pop ups. Ad good a stream as I’ve ever seen.

  16. Maminjo says:

    Hungary is actually playing very well.

    Everyone is running and they are making a lot of passes.

    At the same time, Croatia is being very patient and springing counters at the right time.

    This is actually a very good game.

  17. Z says:

    Anyone have a link for a free on-line stream? Can’t find anything that’s not trying to get me to download stuff.

  18. CRO Jersey King says:

    We dont need Olmo at whoever said that. Stick to our own players rather win or lose with our own than win with Spaniards or Brazilians and other foreigners.

  19. Razbijač says:

    They all need to down 1 Liter of Yerba Mate, because they look like they were sleep walking after they went up 1-0!

    That was poor by Kalinic though, he shoulda saved that. He can’t let that go in—especially from that angle.

  20. Dannyj says:

    So sounds like we need a keeper
    At least livakovic is in decent form

    I say we got to consider giving him a shot next international break if Kalinic form doesn’t get better by then

  21. Mali Ante says:

    We started well and the goal was a bit lucky.
    After that we became complacent – our defense seems to be shaky without Vrsaljko solidifying our RB position. Going down to our 3rd strong LB isn’t helping.
    Kalinic let it a pretty easy goal. He’s been less than mediocre.
    We need a spark off the bench – Brekalo and Vlasic need to come on add some creativity. If we don’t pick it up we can easily lose this game.

  22. LAknat says:

    I’m expected Croatia to lose this match …

    change the manager!
    change the goalkeeper!
    bring the God of Halilovic!

    without Halilovic, Croatia isn’t such a big deal!

  23. Mali Ante says:

    Does anyone else think Rakitic should start taking set pieces and corners?
    Never been Luka’s strong suit….

  24. Anonymous says:

    Typical Croatian qualification football.
    Where are you guys who thought we would win big?
    Lazy Dalmatian football style. Whales will win this group
    They are hungry and want it more.

  25. Mixed grill says:

    What an debut for Leovac. Gave away unnecessary corner then his mark brushed him off and scored on play. Poor guy.

  26. Elvis says:

    This is the Croatia that shows every qualifier.
    It’s going to be a long fight. Uninspired
    Mental midget football.

  27. Mixed grill says:

    I must say the ref let them play very physically against us. Dalic made no useful substitutions. We were out hustled but also out coached. I’m a bit sick of Perisic ‘s sidesteps, all he does.

  28. vuki says:

    Disgraceful. I think we are all tired of seeing this in qualifying. We will struggle and then find a way to qualify in the last match as usual. I hope I’m wrong and Dalic does not do what every other manager has done with just sticking with the guys who play uninspired until it matters most. The whole defense was abysmal. Lovren probably the best out of them all. Brekalo, for me, was the only one playing with a fight until Modric decided to wake up. Perisic did nothing other than that one toe poke that was never going to turn into anything. Rebic ran a lot and put some pressure on the defense. Kalinic just has no confidence anymore. He really is not a bad keeper, but he just has conceded so many times recently that it just has him shaken up mentally. Hopefully he turns it around before the next matches otherwise Livakovic is 100% the choice going forward. Rakitic was bang average. Brozovic as well. Barisic was okay but we saw nothing really other than that nice low cross early on. Vida was getting beat in behind too much. Leovac was garbage. Jedvaj was meh. Again I would say the only players that I felt had acceptable performances were Rebic, Lovren, Brekalo, and Modric (in the 2nd half).

  29. The Great Anonymous Doom says:

    The Cardiac Croatians are back! It’s unlikely that any team in this group will win all their matches, but Croatia should have made a much better showing today. As soon as we had the first goal, the passing became sloppy, the defense slow, and the offensive game uninspired. It’s not Dalic’s fault at all. The players have to step up if they want to win. Actually, Dalic’s substitution of Brekalo for Rebic helped our offensive game significantly. Milic might have been better than Leovac, but it was an unexpected case of need. Petkovic is not yet an impact player. It might have been better to take out Perisic instead of Rebic—Perisic made no significant contribution to the offense. Our goal came from the right side, as did the rest of our serious chances.

  30. AWOL says:

    This is reality, beating AZER by 1 Thursday . Losing to Hungary. Croatia has nothing, just a fluke last year.

  31. Anonymous says:

    I don’t like the title. Croatia didn’t just lose because of Kalinic (who i agree was poor), they lost because the whole team played poorly. Hungary gave 110 percent and defended beautifully and kept attacking us.

  32. Ante says:

    Kalinic, nothing more to say, useless. Glued to his line and its panic everytime a cross comes anywhere near the box or even pass backs. Has to go. That was a s.hit show.

    Lovren-totally rusty and it showed on the late reaction on the first goal plus a lot of ball watching where Vida saved him.

    Jedvaj-garbage, journeymen taking him to school time after time.

    Brozovic-nearly invisible.

    Luka and Rakitic-all world for Real and Barca, completely going through the motions today when we needed them to take over. Real bad and both let us down.

    Perisic-virtually did nothing.

    Rebic-apart from the goal which was pure luck…did nothing. Kept losing possession, didn’t win 50/50 duels…rightfully subbed and then Petkovic did nothing.

    Kramaric-did he even play? Absolutely invisble.

    Brekalo a bit of a spark but nothing else.

    All in all, a complete embarrassment.

    Now next is Wales which becomes a must win at home. Anything less than a win and we are in big trouble.

    On the backs of the Azerbijan crap, I thought the boys would come out but they just went for a stroll in the park and 3 points down the drain.

  33. NK Susak says:

    Modric, Rakitic, and Perisic non-existant today. The effort looked like 2 friendly games this week. Qualifying for this tournament is gonna be a dogfight

  34. CiganJeCigan says:

    i was too naive to expect a change this qualifying cycle. our players are half assing it again, doing the bare minimum required to qualify. Modric and Brekalo had a few good passes between each other at the end, but why are we keep doing crosses into the box? mandzukic isnt there anymore, we lose 50-50 balls 90% of the time. Why did perisic not pass to kramaric a single time the entire game?? Kalinic was shook, and now his confidence is gone, bring in Livakovic.

  35. SPURS LUKA FAN says:

    Honestly LOvren is such a bonehead for the NT, caused a pen that wasn’t given and equally to blame as much as Kalinic for first goal. As for Kalinic, I m not sure it was his fault entirely, its easy to blame the goalie when the team is playing shit. Where is the Liverpool philosophy, if the score 2 we score 3 or 4? This team needs a serious attitude change, they are all stars and successfull and this qualification will be a nightmare if we are not 110% comitted ! After getting this group initially I thought easy, but all teams in this group can play, even Azerbadjan, it will certainly be interesting and a nervewracking campaign, not sure Livakovic is ready YET to start for the NT tbh. Without Mandzo we seem to have lost a competitive edge recently.

  36. Maminjo says:

    The World Cup was not a fluke if they did something similar only a few World Cups prior, lol (along with three Euro knockout round appearances in that period as well, lol).

    Some people are just hysterical.

  37. Iggy Iggy says:

    wtf is this garbage? sick of waking up to trash results like this. Looks like it’s gonna be yet another scrappy campaign. This is bad for us cos all 4 teams are on 3 points, if it’s all close we could miss out.

    I’m now recalling the Euro 2000 qualies after we got 3rd in ’98 where we missed the next major tourney; i thought there’s no way that will happen this time but now im thinking it could : (

  38. Vis says:

    these types of games we will forget about after kick off the first game of our Euro 2020 campaign.

  39. Croat says:

    Vis that is only if we make it lol,

    But the entire match was giving to the fullbacks and crossing it…we have no players that can win the ball in the box unlike mandzukic. The team was not good today but the keeper was shet you can tell the players didnt like him at all

  40. CroatiaU14 says:

    @vis yes agreed

    We all have to chill out a little. Shake this one off and move on. Wales, Hungary, Slovakia, and we are all at 3 points. As long as this doesn’t happen again, we should be fine. Let’s hope that we win our home games and maybe a win and a tie on the road and we will be just fine. Today was an off day. It’s not like we are that far behind. We are actually not behind at all.

  41. Maminjo says:

    To be honest…

    Hungary looked very good (similar to how they played back in Euro 2016). If they play like this every game, they will qualify despite losing to Slovakia in their first game.

    We lost this game due to an out-of-form keeper and playing 7 different players in our defense over these two games (Lovren, Vida, Barisic, Jedvaj, Caleta-Car, Leovac, Brekalo).

    We have had zero consistency at the back and it didn’t help that we had to play 7 different players over a span of two games.

    Barisic going down really hurt us too because we had no real replacement and Marin Leovac is not good enough for our national team (he was at fault for that second goal). Not having Vrsaljko (and even Strinic and Pivaric) is a real issue. We should have just taken the risk and went with an U21 player like Sosa.

    This is not really Dalic’s fault other than maybe the goalkeeper call.
    Dalic acknowledged before these qualifiers that Kalinic is out of form, but he didn’t want to make a sudden goalkeeper change. He did the same thing at the World Cup. He’s a bit too loyal to his goalkeepers.

  42. CroatiaU14 says:

    @Maminjo I agree with everything you’re saying. Today was an off day. Hopefully we will have Sime back in our lineup in June

  43. CroatiaU14 says:

    And remember, last Euro qualifier we lost to Norway and had a tie with Italy (I think) and still advanced

  44. Maminjo says:


    Yes, you are right. We lost a close road game to a respectable team who ran non-stop. It’s not the end of the World and if we beat Wales at home next game, we are easily in an excellent position to be top-two (and we’ll get some players back from injury by then).

    But it’s in our nature to be overly dramatic and cynical.

    The cynicism is actually a reason why Croatia is not performing as well as it should economically. It’s not the corruption or bureaucracy in the country at all (which exists in other western countries at higher levels). It’s that every Croat holds a higher standard toward other Croats (and their country) than they do to other nationalities (which is why they tolerate the corruption and bullshit when they emigrate to other countries).

    Now please…
    allow us to go back to yelling about how every Croatian football success in the past 25 years was a complete fluke and how this one-game sample is a true statistical representation of what our footballing history truly is.

  45. CroatiaU14 says:

    @Maminjo 100% true. This one game does not define this team and the history of Croatian football. A win next game is what we need. And it is in our nature to be emotional. We will all feel better about everything tomorrow. Just think about this….maybe the only “fluke” we should be talking about is today’s game. Today was a fluke. Our other successful runs were not.

  46. Zee says:

    I hope I’m wrong, but this is starting to smell like the 2000 euro qualifying campaign after a deep run in 1998. Just reeks of 2000. Hope I’m wrong.

  47. Iggy Iggy says:

    But it’s not “one game”. We were trash in both these games. This qualifiers we have a sample size of 2 matches, and in both we were garbage. After the Azeri game there was little to think we’d win this match yet we did so perhaps that was misplaced faith. Again, on this evidence, there’s nothing to suggest we’ll even qualify for Euro. Can easily see Hungary/Wales/Slovaks – any 2 of them finishing above us.

    It’s prolly a good thing we have a few months off given how badly we’ve played in this international break.

  48. Croat Canadian says:

    One word..Dreadful. Hungary 100% earned the victory against them today. The first 15-20 minutes of the game, it was all Croatia. After that poor defending from Vida and Kalinic slip up on the first Hungary goal was terrible, should of never went in. They played better second half but weren’t pressuring them like Slovakia did. Here are some of my takes from the result. Kalinic out, Lovren & Vida played awful, Modric looked out of form, Perisic hasn’t played well since the World Cup. Lastly get some of the young players in instead! Look at Wales today, they brought on a 21 year old and he’s played well for them. Give Vlasic, Brekalo, Rog, Pasalic, and some more Under-21 guys up. Nobody showed up today and no one stepped up. Dalic needs to understand the team is changing, players like Modric & Rakitic aren’t the same, start forming new combinations. But as a whole, they didn’t seem like they wanted it. After the final I think we all anticipated it was a miracle run to make a WC Final but we’ll never see that height again. After that beautiful summer it’s been all downwards for the national team. 8 games played, 3 wins, 1 draw, and 3 losses. But what’s even more frightening is that they’ve allowed 15 goals in 8 games. Usually we get off on the right foot during qualifying games and when second half starts they dog it and just make it through or to playoffs.Now it’s the other way around. I really worry about this team now. It’s a pathetic start and two games that were so unbearable to sit through. They better we ready for Wales in June even though their playing at home. Lose that game and I hate to say it but were done. Slovakia is a competitive, aggressive, and fight like dogs. We take our last two games lightly and lose both then I’m sorry it’s over. In my opinion if this is the way the team is headed, pack the bags. The world cup is over, no more Mandzo, Suba or Corluka. Yes I understand there’s lot’s of injuries for them but that’s not an excuse. Dalic needs to start bringing up more hungry players and should consider starting from scratch. The next two qualifying matches Croatia will have to fight like hell. Wales know if they get a victory they are in the drivers seat and Slovakia will be looking to take a point from the after a tough loss today. As of now, Wales, Hungary, and Slovakia look like they want it more than us.

  49. CroatiaU14 says:

    @Croat Canadian…let’s not think about losing. I’m sure the team isn’t thinking that way. This is a wake up call for the Vatreni and a game that’ll show us not to be complacent

  50. Anonymous says:

    Such fair weather fans. Hungry at home always going too be a tough game combine that with a back line that has never played together a tie was always more likely. Kalinic was not good today but there second goal was a result of a clear foul on our defender. This group is not that easy all teams will drop points we will get through but our guys will have too work for it.

  51. vuki says:

    I’m not worried about us not qualifying like some are, but I can’t stand watching these games. It’s like they want it to be dramatic every qualifying campaign. We need to be qualifying with ease. If I was Dalic, I would spend every practice defending set pieces. We literally concede probably like 75% of our goals from set pieces. Hungary was not threatening our goal in the 2nd half. We were looking very likely to score and then we gave away a corner and then a goal. Hopefully in the next match we use our most in form players and players that will actually put in the effort. It’s early and I still have confidence, but the next match is very important. We cannot fall behind.

  52. CroatiaU14 says:

    @vuki agreed. The set pieces kill us. I’m not too worried about the qualification either. Hopefully Vrsaljko will be back by then and our attacking mids/forwards will complete more passes in the final third.

  53. zlatna dolina says:

    Goalie was bad but we are lucky we lost only by one goal. Hungary kicked our asses today.

  54. Mile says:

    1998 – WC 3rd place
    2000 Euro – did not qualify

    2008 – Euro quarters
    2010 WC – did not qualify

    2018 – WC 2nd place
    Euro 2020 – ??

  55. The Real Deal says:


    What about

    Euro 96 – Quaters
    WC 98 – 3rd place

    Euro 2016 – Second rnd.
    WC 2018 – 2nd place.

  56. Anonymous says:

    Croatia doesn’t care about the qualification cycle because they get a second chance to qualify via the Nations League spots.

    Pretty much every league A team will qualify via this UEFA qualification cycle.

    If this happens, who do they give that extra League A spot to?

    Someone from league A will get in simply because they are a league A team that failed to qualify via the current qualification cycle.

    Maybe a second league A team fails to qualify, but I doubt it.

  57. Drek says:

    A few knowledgeable ones on here said we would not be at 6 points after these 2 games.
    We ALWAYS play down to the level of our opposition and up our game vs. tough opponents.

  58. Anonymous says:

    @The truth

    I wouldn’t say the WC run was a fluke, it was more making hay while the sun shone.

    There was big issues within the Argentina camp in Russia, we took advantage and beat them.

    Denmark was a draw and we needed penalties to advance.

    Russia was a draw and we needed penalties to advance.

    Notice that Croatia couldn’t even beat Denmark and Russia in 90 mins. Luckily Russia got past Spain in a penalty shootout, now Spain absolutely dominated Russia in a manner that Croatia could only dream of, but, Croatia made hay while the sun shone by getting past Russia on penalties, after all, that’s what making hay while the sun shines is, and that’s all that Croatia did at the WC, they made hay while the sun shone.

    England was a great win, but England was a young team, and they’ve already sent us to UNL group B.

    Croatia definitely is not a team to be feared by Hungary, Slovakia or Wales, all those teams would fancy their chances of beating Croatia on their home grounds.

    All I can say about this Hungary result is, I’m not surprised motherfuckers.

    I was one of the knowledgeable one’s.

  59. Anonymous says:

    @ the other Anon

    I doubt Cro doesn’t care because of the Nations League spot. They definitely don’t want to be in playoffs come March 2020

  60. The truth says:

    Well looks like i was right again

    I countered the writers of this website who said Croatia was unlikely to lose a game this qualifier and the board got behind them

    I guarantee Croatia would lose a game, and very likely this weekend in Hungary

    I also pointed out that kalinic is very questionable

    Bottom line is this qualifying will be an ugly, in the mud war

    All Croatia will see are bunkers. And these teams are better quality than the average bunker team

    Even when not bunkering today, Hungary out played us

    Team seemed directionless. Were we pressing? Were we doing back and countering?. Playing through the middle? Just no plan

    Expect a lot more of this. Draws, wins, losses. A messy group all around

  61. Ivan says:

    What we accomplished in the World Cup was though pure passion and perseverance, and not a fluke. Croatia always lacks that sort of motivation in Qualifiers. They aren’t hungry (pun intended) at all and our top players have either retired, gotten injured, or aren’t playing to their abilities. I’m not worried at all about us not qualifying, obviously Hungary just wanted it more but once the players wake up and realize they need to actually start trying to qualify, they will no question. If I was Dalić I would put in more of the young guns who are dying to play like Livaković and Vlašić and show these guys that their spots are not guaranteed.

  62. CroatianPerson85 says:

    Never sold on Kalinic. Our super tall goalies make the save up top but can’t get down or box anything for their life. Too slow. At least Suba was better all around.

    Remember this goal against us?

  63. Casual fan says:

    Besides Vrsaljko being out due to injury, was this our best possible 11?

    Who are we supposed to be blaming for our losses now that Strinic isn’t playing?

  64. Anonymous says:

    Could have been fixed.

    Both Kolinda and Victor Orban were at the game (and met before the game too) and Orban is looking for support since his party has recently been blocked by the EPP.

    He’s also pushing MOL to sell their INA shares back to Croatia which is a huge back scratch for Kolinda. He also suddenly pushed for Croatia’s OECD membership despite originally blocking it.

    If Croatia and Kalinić suddenly play better against Wales and Slovakia AND lose points again to Hungary in their future home game with them, it will look very fishy.

  65. Drek says:

    @anonymous would anyone know you called this result if you didn’t post under an actual name.
    I bet you’re amazing at picking lottery winners as well after the numbers have been chosen.

  66. Truth says:

    Kolinda is a bum who only cares about her political career. When she took office she promised to make Cro as prosperous EU nation. All i see is she is traveling the world constantly, never even in Zagreb

  67. Facts says:

    traditional hot dogs are made from a mix of pork beef and chicken the. cuts they start with are called trimmings pieces of meat leftover from cutting steaks or pork chops. the trimmings are ground the same way butchers chopped up hamburger meat.

  68. David Tarabocchia says:

    Need Mandu back! He has enough strength/experience to go for one more run. There should be no excuse that this team cannot qualify for Euro 2020. This is NOT the most difficult group, as Croatia has more than enough top caliber players to make it. We can blame the goalie for some errors, but man where is the OFFENSE!

  69. Anonymous says:

    Mandzukic lol, I read an article the other day saying how tired the poor fellow is at the moment.
    What do you muppets think, that Juve should rest him so he can be fresh for Croatia?
    Let’s bring Corluka back too?

    Did you guys not notice how shit Kalinic was on crosses and corners at the world cup?
    That’s probably why Dalic went with an injured Subasic in the final.

  70. Maminjo says:


    In the next round, watch Cro beat Wales and then Hungary drop points to Azerbaijan, lol.

  71. Croat Canadian says:

    I’ll be happy with a draw against Wales in June. A victory against Slovakia isn’t guaranteed. I’d say Croatia gets second in the group behind Wales.

  72. Anonymous says:

    I was right again about Truth Troll claiming to be right again. Predicting Croatia MIGHT lose a game, and that it MIGHT even be this weekend is NOT predicting crap Truth Troll. It even implies that they MIGHT win or MIGHT draw as well.

    Only a couple of overly optimistic people on here were of the opinion that we would coast through this group and that everything is great.
    You making statements that are obvious about possible negative trends, then dropping a bold “MIGHT” even lose a game… haha, nice work again oh Oracle of Troll

  73. Mile says:

    My point was the symmetry of the years Croatia failed to qualify for a major tournament. It was 2000 and 2010 and now we are going for 2020. And it would follow the trend of it happening after successful previous tournaments. In 2008, they were seconds from being in the Euro semis. And we know what happened in 1998 and 2018.

  74. The truth says:

    @ anonymous
    I didn’t say Croatia might lose in qualifying…i guaranteed it

    And did express warnings about this game.

    Did i guarantee a loss tonight like i guaranteed Croatia would get rocked in their first nations league game against Spain, of course not

    This is soccer. Scores are close. Luck plays a huge deciding role that to guarantee a game like this is claiming impossible powers

    But what i was able to do is recognize this game was no walk in the park…. It was a coin toss… And it landed tails for Croatia

    It has long amazed me the people on this site who every qualifier think Croatia will cruise through… That hasn’t happened since 08

    This one will likely play out like the rest with us running point scenarios into the last weekend

  75. Iggy says:

    I was really hoping this campaign wasn’t going to be like the last one where we were sitting down going into the final wknd trying to work out who needed to lose by how many goals in all the other groups just so we could scrape into the playoffs but here we are with another scrap, even in the easiest group.

  76. Anonymous says:

    Like 3 or 4 people on here were/are in the Croatia will “cruise” and everything is phenomenal camp. Most of us know things are never easy, and Croatia always have to do things the hard way. We learn the danger of “lako cemo” qualifying cycle after qualifying cycle.

    This is modern Football. Every team can be dangerous. Any game can end in a Win, a Draw, or a Loss. Making the claim that ANY one of those outcomes MIGHT or might not happen dos NOT mean you predicted shit.

    Where and when did you guarantee anything? Prove it.
    Even if you did… Almost everyone here (with only a couple exceptions) knew were were very likely to lose a game at some point in the cycle. That does NOT make you an oracle of anything except the Oracle of Troll

  77. Anonymous says:

    I predict that:
    Truth Troll will again in the future make vague bet hedging “predictions” at some point; under the guise of “MIGHT” or “MAY” happen… then declare he was right when an inevitable outcome eventually occurs.

    It MIGHT rain next month and the stock market MIGHT go down on a day… perhaps even on a day in the coming week.

  78. Elcroato says:

    Croatia usually performs better with their “back against the wall”. They should be able to beat Bale. I do not think they’ll lose at home. It would be good to win though, as Bale has a game in hand. Uvijek vjeran, zivela Hrvatska!

  79. Nizic says:

    Dije ponos
    Posarali joepta
    For all you fake Hrvati you deserve that game. All you guys know about this beautiful country is the stupid Savez and some tourist spots.
    Gdje je Ponos

  80. Soul Champ says:

    Ironic that Kovačić would have been good for this one.

    Vlašić ??

    Brekalo needed to start somewhere on the pitch.


    We simply cannot be out competed.

    It’s nogomet .. you have to run with energy and intent.

    Our tactics seem stale ?

    Two shots on goal?

    Hungry was on the front foot for most of the match.

    Back line and goal keeper looked under siege.

    Barišić goes down ..

    Slide Jedvaj to LB and bring on Brekalo at RB.

    Or slide Vida to LB and bring on Čaleta Car to support Lovren with that man booped #9 who was beasting him!

    Leovac looked out of his depth.

    Why can’t we realize that our core veterans are tired and need support from young energetic players that want to show the world how good they are?

    June 8th – home to Wales ..

    Better play fresh legs, inspired souls and IN FORM players.

  81. mixed grill says:

    Well, Dalic had the game against Azerbaijan to figure out how the team was playing. I don’t think he adjusted adequately. We needed some young legs to run. I watched the Netherlands Germany game and the pace was incomparable. We rarely play with pace and so we loose to eager teams who run like crazy against us.
    Our wings need to work hard to liberate Modric and Rakitic, Yet we had no wing game yesterday. Rakitic should have been subbed, he was sleepwalking and Rebic was left on too long. I agree that Kovavcic would have been perfect, or a single striker formation.

  82. The truth says:

    I wonder how much it mattered playing for guys who were not match fit


    And think sprinkle in leovac

  83. Tibor Guzanović says:

    Mandzukic ? How many times have we light him up in past cycles. He was a tap in guy for years. He cannot help us.
    Guys if you are under say 35 you don’t have the knowledge of this team yet. They play lazy in Q matches period.

  84. Anonymous says:

    Nizic. Stop posting your bullshit ustasha garbage on here you fascist ass. That shit ain’t something to be proud of. It’s a stain on our country.

    Anyone supporting that shit ain’t a real hrvati.

  85. Branko says:

    This is the beginning of the end for our so called super team.
    Modric and Rakitic are on their last legs.
    We will never again slot in 2 guys who are starters for Barca and real in our midfield at the same time.
    Our so called talent pool of youth is vastly over rated by all on this board.
    You don’t think France Belgium the Dutch Italy have more youthful talent .GUESS AGAIN!
    We over achieved and will make the euro’s but quarter finals will be our best achievement if that?
    This current crop plays with no fight or passion.It was all used up at the World Cup.
    We are an average team now with too many holes on defense and shoddy goal keeping.
    Our FIFA ranking is a joke .We are at best 20th in the world.
    Wake up one and all there is plenty of disappointment in store for the supporters of this team in the next decade.

  86. Dalmate says:

    At my eyes, Rebic can do it. He is basically a beast but since his recent injury, he’s a little our of form. And in in our qualification campaign, he wasn’t ready at all, he showed a lack of energy.

    But the Rebic from the World Cup was a ****in beast. Now we (Dalic) need to adapt and rethink our line-up with the Mandzo absence, and maybe try something new.

    The 4-5-1 is maybe over with the Mandzo absence, and we need to remember that every single nation in the world has seen our performances during the World Cup with our 4-5-1, our tactical approaches, our players skills and movements.

    Our play is an evidence the others teams, and all the teams are waiting for us, park the bus as Denmark or France did during the World Cup.

    And those points, we need to adapt. Ok, our players showed a huge lack of effort on the pitch, but tactically we were off too. At my eyes, our position and our movements on the pitch were too predictable.

    Now, if we want to use perfectly the strength of guys like Rebic, Brekalo, Kramaric etc.. Dalic need to analyze their positions in their respective clubs and after that, adapt his plan.

    Because as an example, Brekalo, Perisic and Kramaric are all playing in the same position in their respective clubs. And use them in different positions in national team, when they have one week to train together and maybe adapt their play because they’re playing in a new position, as Brekalo did in our past two games, can be really tough and maybe a disaster.

    Yesterday, we’ve played with some players out of position, and this is a problem.

    Plus we need to have the courage to put guys like Perisic or Rakitic on the bench when they’re not good and play with others players who are able to play perfectly in the same position.

    As an example, Brekalo with his right foot in place of Perisic was for me the perfect substitution, because with his right foot on the right he was ineffective, and provided only some long ball in the box, when the defenders from Hungary were all tall and very solid…

    But with a Brekalo on the left side, like he was against Spain or in his club. We have the chance to play with him on his right foot, play with speed and with chance to see him strike on goal.

    Now for Rebic, Dalic has tried to play with him alone up front, but at my eyes, if we want to play him alone up front, we need a cover to him. As he have in club with Haller, a more physical player just front of him. And this is here that Dalic need to adapt his plans and our line-up.

    Rebic, Kramaric, Brekalo, Jedvaj were all our of positions, and in other hand, our plans were too predictable. We were finalist, and all nations has had the time to study each point of our play since this final.

    We don’t have Mandzo, and for sure, this is really tough to replace a wonderful player like him.

    But why not try something different with a 3-5-2, a 4-4-2. Because our 4-5-1 is well known by everyone…

    And for Rebic, he could play with Petkovic, we could try to build something interesting between both players. And create a good partnership front of the goal with the both players playing up front.

    Plus, we have some youngsters and fresh legs on our bench like Vlasic, Brekalo etc… And this is the time for me to introduce them, because I’m really angry to see all the older walking all around the pitch and provides nothing during 90 mins.

    I loved the work ethic and passion from Rakitic and Perisic during the world cup but yesterday, they were simply shit ! And at my eyes, they need to think about themselves on the bench. I’m sure that a Vlasic and Brekalo was a better solution than these two players.

    I would prefer to see a youngster miss his match, but playing with passion, than an older player with the “star” status provide anything on the pitch.

    And I would finish by the fact that I have no bad feeling about a guy like Leovac, the guy has tried to give his best with the level he have, and at my eyes, he was nice. Ok, he did some mistakes but we can’t ask him to play like Marcelo from Real Madrid, and glue with the rest of the team after only few caps… Same for Barisic, Petkovic or Brekalo.

    But for the rest of the team who was at the world cup; there is no excuses !

    And Dalic must to do something and react at this lack of passion/effort, but also rethink his plans, and maybe drop some “important” players from our starting line-up.

  87. SLF says:

    Croatia’s biggest problem besides our ATTITUDE (and Kalinic) seem the RB and LB positions so what are realistically our options …. besides Barisic who seems to fit the bill – but again we are only one injury away from disaster/no quality sub?
    Sosa is not playing at Stuttgart at the moment, Hajduk’s Domagoj Bradaric maybe should be considered by Dalic ? Surely we must move beyond Pivaric/Strinic-era on that particular position and reinforce in those areas lacking depth.

    As for the RB Jedvaj is a bit hot and cold for me, we really don’t seem to have a QUALITY replacement for Vrsaljko yet! As a matter of fact what is happening to Jedvaj (who seems Sime’s sub for now)? He was lauded as Croatia’s Beckenbauer, he too seems to have not found a defined role , at Leverkusen and the NT he’s constantly playing in various positions such as LB, RB or CD? By now I would have hoped he establish himself as a top quality CD at club and country.

    As for CD I think Benkovic is going to be an awesome defender, better than LOvren I reckon, Caleta Car I’m not so sure about (he’s slow and static -a kind of poor man’s Corluka without the touch or his reading of the game) but a few decent talents are in the pipeline (Kalaica and Pograncic ….). I really think that if we sort our defense out we will improve automatically by 80% because at the moment we are letting goals in from Azerbadjan whilst in the WC we were very solid defensively until the final match (although we let in a few dumb goals like v Denmark from set pieces/throw ins)!

    Who replaces the hustle and aggressivness of Mandzo which has characterized our WC campaign-somebody will have to lead the line but WHO?!

    One would have thought that when Spain emberrased us 6-0 that would have woken us up but that seems not to be the case.

  88. Anonymous says:

    Why the hate on Leovac? We didn’t have anyone better. Pivaric and Strinic out. Barisic is the backup. He went out next in line was Leovac

  89. Josko says:

    Jedvaj is a liability.Lovren is still a calamity waiting to happen he should have been called for a foul just outside the box and should have gotten to Szalai to at least impede his shot on the first goal.
    Why is Kalinic flat footed on the second goal.6’7” watching a ball float into the 6 yard box is a joke

  90. Poglavnik says:

    I would not be inspired by Modric and Rakitic’s mousy leadership. Ive always had an issue with their characters. We shine when work horses like Mandzukic Perisic or Rebic step up and make shit happen with their aggression.
    Guys like Mandzukic and Corluka were the real leaders of this team.

  91. Rafael says:

    When we run endlessly Croatia is beyond dangerous and a top force in world soccer.

    when we opt for slow possesion based football in our own half we are the croatia who is capable of missing a big tournament.

    We must have speed and endless running to open up channels up top. Perisic don’t have the burst needed do the challenging game a couple days earlier vs Azer. Rebic wasn’t sharp do to a lack of mins post injury.

    Vlasic and Brekalo were needed in the game from the start vs Hungary. Sounds crazy not starting Perisic and Rebic but that is what was needed. Our wingers (brekalo and vlasic) would have been able to press the Hungarians endlessly in the first half. Major mistake not pressing them.

  92. crnkovic says:

    good comments. there is no reason to panic. we are not a mediocre team. our older players still have the quality and desire to make an impact if managed properly and in big games. our youngsters have fantastic talent. the fact they are not all acheiving a club level is less a reflection of their talent more a reflection of some really bad luck, poor club choices, and also the cultural difficulties for young croats abroad. our mentality is a bit different. as many have pointed out before our players almost never really shine before mid 20’s. so relax and enjoy the ride

  93. crnkovic says:

    im not convinced by lovre kalinic. give someone else a chance. his mentality is not big enough. we need hungry determined fearless characters. even if their talent is less. put them on the team. perisic bench, rakitic bench, modric rest,.

    my team:

    Sluga; jedvaj, caleta-car, mitrovic, barisic; brozovic, rog; rebic, vlasic, kramaric; petkovic

  94. crnkovic says:

    the mentality has to change. we need now to look at what gareth southgate has done with england (which many criticised) create a good atmosphere in camp by giving chances to lots of young hungry players. say “ok this is the NT young hungry talented, if you impress me with your talent, attitude and work rate you keep your place, simple as that” then the older guys have to EARN their place instead of just being given it on a plate every time

  95. Mario says:

    I agree some insightful intelligent comments.
    This is where Maminjo expands on those comments then acts as if they are his own.

  96. crnkovic says:

    and we need to start encouraging our players to take more responsiblity with the ball. DRIBBLE, ATTACK, SHOOT…..try something. dont just look for the pass everytime!!!!!!!!!!!!

  97. CiganJeCigan says:


    I agree, drop some of the bigger names who arent trying hard enough. im not a fan of Rog, but we really do need a work horse dcm, cuz rakitic, modric, brozo, kova aint helping much. on top of that theyre uninspired again. I really wish dalic had let bartolec play in one of the games, cuz jedvaj at rb is kinda awkward. he is 6’2 and makes a lot of mistakes at leverkusen, i think he will be converted to cb in the future. I think we should have played with 2 forwards, krama and rebic, and had vlasic and brekalo on the wings.

  98. crnkovic says:

    @cigan, yeah!!! i would like to see a 442 with those guys. its a great balance. so many potential solutions but we just see the same line up each time

  99. CroatiaU14 says:

    I say we do this in June….


    Bring on: Rebić, Jedvaj, and Moro as subs

  100. BZ says:

    The one way Dalic can show his worth, is by fixing our disastrous set piece situation. We are still screwing the pooch, on this coachable aspect of the game. Clock is ticking!

    If Jedvaj was healthy, I don’t understand why Brekalo was not at RB, with Jedvaj at LB. Barisic then Leovac, and all our natural LBs are just not worth the investment. Seems Dalic experiments, but fails to stick with things that work.

    Missing Mandzukic, too bad he got so unduly criticized, that he felt it necessary to retire.

    Kramaric can score, but his D is fucking atrocious. He would never start on my team, until he runs for the fuck of it.

    Why sub Rebic, take Kramaric off? I guess bc Rebic plays D and hustles, while Kramaric stands around, Dalic felt Kramaric had more energy left :(

    Not sure why Dalic treats Kalinic as if he is a tenured player. I hope he is not that much better than our alternatives.

  101. Aussie Croat says:

    Not surprised.
    We very rarely, if ever, go through a qualifying campaign smoothly.
    Brekalo is a champion who creates and needs to start every game.
    Kalinic out, Livakovic in.

  102. Anonymous says:


    “Stop posting your bullshit ustasha garbage on here you fascist ass. That shit ain’t something to be proud of. It’s a stain on our country.
    Anyone supporting that shit ain’t a real hrvati.”

    Hey muppet, why don’t you tell everyone what a real Croat is? Lol what a fucking cetnik or yugo you are, like many on this site, trying to pass yourself off as a Croat because our soccer team came second at the world cup.

    How come Serbs love their cetniks but Croats have to hate their Ustase?
    I think it’s because Serbs are independent and no one tells them what to say and what they can’t say, that’s one of the perks of being independent I guess.

    You Croats though have to watch what you say, remember the EU is watching ya, and you guys had to bend over and take it up the arse Greek style just so you could join the EU, lol are they the “real Hrvati” you’re talking about, the ones that ran to NATO to feel safe from the agressive Serbs?

    Look, go fuck yourself.

  103. Casual fan says:

    Now, can someone tell me how many world class players Hungary have?
    I know that @Soul Champ has announced that Perisic, Rakitic, Modric, Brozovic and I think others are all world class, but they couldn’t draw with Hungary, all they could do was score lol 1 goal, 1?
    Did old man Modric stir the drink?
    Did old man Modric make everyone around him better?
    Did old man Modric dictate the tempo?
    I’m thinking if he did, we surley woulda won, because isn’t that the reason Real won 3 ucl titles in a row and Modric won his award?

    Do the Belgian, English, French, German, Italian and Spanish players get tired and need rest or is it just the Croats that need rest because they’re old.
    And lol BZ thinks Mandzukic should come back and that Juve should give him breaks throughout the season so he can be fresh for Croatia.

    Lol, Juve just lost to Genoa without Ronaldo, and in search for goals subbed out a tired and old Mandzukic, and BZ wants to bring him back because all he remembers is his decent world cup and his start to this Serie A season.

    Mandzukic needs Ronaldo to score goals like Modric needed him to win titles.

  104. Anonymous says:

    Last season Juve won the league by 4 points.

    This season they’re leading the league by a staggering 15 points, 15, and a massive 22 points ahead of Inter Croazianale.

  105. Casual fan says:

    Let’s investigate your homer comments further.

    Hands up the guys that said Mandzukic with 0 goals sucked at Euro 2016 because he didn’t get the service he needs from Perisic and Brozovic (Inter Croazianale), Rakitic (Barca) and Modric (Real)?

    Now, which of those players should’ve made way for someone else to provide the service that Mandzukic needed because those 4 “world class” talents failed miserably? And remember all 4 played at the world cup.

    The guys on this site that would consider themselves the hardcore fans are the ones that actually know fuck all about the game, they just love talking without actually thinking about what they’re saying. It’s muppets like that that have given birth to the guy that calls himself @The truth.

    I’m no fan of @The truth, but if good guys like Branko made their honest comments more often then the @The truth wouldn’t know what to do himself.

    So, fuck the homers, they make this site cringeworthy.

  106. Casual fan says:


    I’m not a Serb, both my parents are Croats you idiot.

    Why don’t you just put your hand up you moron?

  107. Anonymous says:

    According to a disturbingly pleasant graphic from Information is Beautifulentitled simply 20th Century Death, communism was the leading ideological cause of death between 1900 and 2000. The 94 million that perished in China, the Soviet Union, North Korea, Afghanistan, and Eastern Europe easily (and tragically) trump the 28 million that died under fascist regimes during the same period.Serbs were part of this evil don’t fool yourself.

  108. Anonymous says:

    Serbs love their chetniks because serbs are savages

    croats dont have to and should not love the ustase

  109. HOS-ovac says:


    Were your grandparents Yugoslav? That would make you a new Croat and formerly happy Yugo, lol and you’re telling the public what a real Croat is. Surely you see how funny that is you communist cunt?

  110. Soul Champ says:

    Ah .. the cynical Hrvati are alive and well.

    Yes players get tired.

    That’s why Germany cut three players near 30 to refresh their squad and went out and beat Holland in Amsterdam 3-2.

    Please add Brekalo to my future world class nogometaš list.

    Jedna svinja ..

    Easy to be cynical has it takes ZERO vision.

    Vision is what Croatia need.

    Our national stadium is an embarrassment.

    I couldn’t even name a European country with worse?

    Dalić has the challenge of refreshing the squad.

    His task is a bit harder than being cynical.

    @ Svima

    “Uniting Croatian fans around the world!”

    I post out of love for Croatia.

    It’s fun.

    “Cringe worthy?” Over debate if Ivan Perišić is world class?

    Actually a good debate .. Perišić was World Class in 2018 and we came in second at the World Cup. Dalić should build around him for this cycle. And Brekalo is the first step in making him more effective.

    Uvijek Vjerni.

  111. Anonymous says:


    Lol no i hate communism. There were definitely people in my family there were in the partija but i also had underground catholic family members since religion was a no no. No family was perfect. I had family who fought in the war in the 90s. I used to love the Ustase because, just like you, i was a dumb diaspora croat who tried way too hard to be “croatian”. All sides in ww2 were horrible. Ustase, Cetnici, Partizani.

    Being a real croat doesnt mean supporting the ustase. Most real croats in croatia dont like the ustase its only the diaspora try hards who want to look like big hrvati. The ustase in theory did want what was best for Croatia and wanted to be independent but they committed many wars crimes and killed thousands of innocent people. Yes communism killed way more but that doesnt make other body counts less important.

    So mr HOS best hrvat in the world, do you love the Jasenovac song? I did when i was younger. But what is it about when you think about? Slaughter of innocents. Its really disgusting when you think about it.

    I will always support Croatia, but i can’t like a mindless zombie pretend the Ustase were good.

    Now i know your defense is just gonna be “youre a yugo” you mindless twat

  112. Anonymous says:


    Both my parents are Croats, I’m not trying to be anything you moron, I am what I am.

    So you hate the Ustase, you hate your communist family and you hate the cetnici, and you believe that makes you a fair person?

    Now, be honest, most of your comment is full of shit, the only part that is believeable is that your family sound boderline retarded for being party members and supporting a muderous regime, and it seems to me that that’s where me and you both agree, now let’s focus on that and try to find reasons why your family were “mindless twats”? Then, we can focus on you, the ultimate survivor, that has somehow made it out of that rabble of a family unscathed and evolved into the wonderful human being we see here today lol.

  113. Anonymous says:


    The expression “self-hating Croat” is often used rhetorically to discount Croats who differ in their lifestyles, interests or political positions from their accusers.

    So the former Yugo now Croatian communists would accuse the Ustase of being self-hating?

    Ustase would accuse the former Yugo now Croatian communists of being self-hating?

    Now, we need to find someone to tell us what Love is to find out which of these two peoples are self hating, or is it both?

    So, if the Ustase are bad, the former Yugoslav now Croatian communists are bad, which covers all your guys grandparents and, parents in some cases, then Croatians of the past are all stupid idiots (can we all agree on that?). Now, remembering that a countries future is found in it’s past, and Croatia’s past is full of stupid idiots then Croatia’s future will be created in America’s image, which is what we see happening today lol.

    And I’m the mindless twat lol?

    What do you think of Slovenian Roman Leljak’s “myth of Jasenovac”?

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