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Croatians Around Europe XXVIII

March 31, 2019


Kramarić celbrates Hoffenheim leading goal



Andrej Kramarić became TSG Hoffenheim’s outright record goalscorer in the Bundesliga when he scored the fourth and final goal in the 4-1 rout of Bayer Leverkusen on Friday. The Croatian striker now has 47 goals, one more than the previous record-holder Sejad Salihović. Kramarić also assisted on Hoffenheim’s opening goal.



Kramarić may be Hoffenheim’s all-time leading scorer now, but how he got the goal is suspect. With his side already up 3-1 late in the match and teammate Ishak Belfodil on a hat trick, Kramarić stole Belfodil’s third goal by tapping the ball in 1-inch from goal. It is what it is. As a Croatian fan, it’s always good to see your guys on the scoresheet.



Kramarić Assist & Tap-In Goal




Nikola Vlašić


21 year-old Nikola Vlašić opened the scoring for his CSKA Moscow club on Sunday in a 2-2 draw against FC Ufa. Vlašić showed good composure and patience in the box before striking inside the right post. The former Hajduk Split starlet is the future of the Croatian midfield. English club Everton still owns him and it will be interesting to see if they bring him back to the Premier League next season.


Vlašić Goal



Pašalić Goal



24 year-old Chelsea loanee Mario Pašalić scored the equalizer for Atalanta in the first half after giving up a senseless ball in the midfielder which led to a Parma goal. Pašalić has been through the European ringer; playing for Elche, Monaco, AC Milan, Spartak Moscow and now Atalanta; all as a Chelsea player.



After having an international break he will want to forget, Croatia goalkeeper Lovre Kalinić was left off Aston Villa’s entirely this weekend as they defeated Blackburn Rovers 2-1. Villa are now in the playoff chase to be promoted to the Premiership next season. What kind of role will Kalinić have in this run?




Ante Kvartuč
Posted By: Ante Kvartuč 80 comments

  1. The truth says:

    Anyone else find it interesting how soul champ for so long called for the old guard to retire and the young guys with fresh legs to play

    And now in the last month we’ve heard him advocate for srna to come back and he had made non stop calls for the return of mandzukic!

    Soul champ might be a champ of the soul but not the champ of consistency

  2. Anonymous says:

    The TRUTH the god the ONE!!!
    I’m taking donations to build a statue of you in Zagreb…I am going to the country side to gather up as much high quality manure as I can to mold your life like figure with!
    Once the stench wears off it shall be fit for display !

  3. Crnkovic says:

    Us croats we are just too cautious. I’ve always said we all just need to be a bit more positive and bit more off the cuff. On the pitch and off it. Just say fuck it and go for it. If it works it works. If not at least we tried. Sometimes its like a game of chess out there. But in rock and roll they say ” the more you think, the more you stink”

  4. Razbijač says:

    In case ya haven’t heard, Kramaric became Hoffenheim’s leading Bundesliga scorer.

    But he accomplished the feat under dubious circumstances, he tapped in a ball that was surely going in anyway.

    Also Halilovic on the bench for Standard Liege today, what the hell is going on with this guy? Seems he’s not even getting minutes in Belgium.

  5. Vugrinec says:

    Did anyone see kramaric tap in and steel a dudes hattrick from his team mate
    The look in his team mates faces was priceless

  6. Suba says:

    Mandzo probably retired to give Krama a go but he’s a poor replacement and you can tell he’s not gelling with anyone up front. We need to find a real powerhouse centre forward i reckon and blood him fast

  7. Soul Champ says:

    @ truth

    Is that you Živa istina ?

    Once again piece mealing my posts to make your cynical points.

    All good.

    Srna would have made a cameo this past weekend for all times sake to support our depleted full back crisis.

    But your right .. leovac was the “truth.”

    This dude is 36!

    Mandžukić is at the peak of his powers at 32.

    He can’t give 45-60 minutes against Hungry.

    Kramaric did zero in Budapest and does little pressing .. which we seem to need to score?

    How did you feel in the basement when Luka “the bust” Modrić led us to the World Cup final and then won the Balon D’or ??

    As always I appreciate the banter .. but once in a while it would be interesting if you can drop the cynical goggles and see what I am actually posting.

    Dalić dropped the ball not starting Brekalo and making sure Vlašić gets on the pitch.

  8. The truth says:

    Mandzukic has arguably had a revival. And he definitely performed better in the world cup than i expected and much better than he did in qualifiers

    I would love to have mandzukic still on the team… But no longer as a starter

    I think kramaric is great and has played great for both club and country

    For Croatia, he is the only one scoring goals… Many single handedly like against England and Azerbaijan. Those are goals mandzukic could’ve never given and we likely would’ve seen Croatia shut out in those matches as a result

  9. Suba says:

    Agreed Soul Champ.

    Brekalo is a gem who should have started against the Magyers, he would have destroyed them.

    Anyway seems like Dalic is confused a bit about what to do in relation to a few key positions. Hopefully he can sort it out before its all too late for the euros.

  10. Poglavnik says:

    We don’t score enough.
    We’ve never had an above average keeper.
    And the best CB’s we’ve had in 25 years consist of Stimac Soldo Tudor Corluka and Lovren.
    The great midfielders we produce will only take us so far.
    Time to lower your expectations people.

  11. Andrej L says:

    Wow Kramaric is such a rat with that goal. Can’t believe he stole a hat trick from his own teammate. Clear proof the dude is not a team guy.

  12. crnkovic says:

    @casual fan

    my first reaction to your post is one of excitement. For a competitor like me it’s always a thrill to be challenged. But I have learned the hard way that getting drawn into arguments or fights, even philosophical ones, rarely ends well..

    My second reaction is to smile and feel really happy inside. I love you guys. The passion you display is priceless, and the deep sense of humour that lies within it too. I love it

    However, an opportunity to educate should never be turned down. Therefore I want you to know that the right/left political spectrum is built upon a false dichotomy and is employed to keep us divided and limit our ability to think clearly. The issues which we face in our societies today are complex and need addressing for the good of us all. If we go around ignoring half the information out there because it is tagged as belonging to the opposite philosophy, we can never solve the problems we have. All this serves the elite minority who profit hugely financially from the whole mess. I’m not a communist, i think you’d genuinely struggle to find a communist anywhere in the world today. whether we are croats, americans, chinese or even serbs we have a common enemy. a system built on exploitation of people and nature. namely big unaccountable organisations whether corporations or governments or mafia syndicates voraciously feeding on the hard work of good people, while crushing dissent with propaganda and/or force. communism means nothing it’s just a label

    lots of love my brother

  13. CroatiaU14 says:

    Nikolai Moro with another great performance and goal today for Dinamo….I hope Dalić calls him up in June…and he’s only 20

  14. American idiot says:


    “Therefore I want you to know that the right/left political spectrum is built upon a false dichotomy and is employed to keep us divided and limit our ability to think clearly.”

    How is “unity in diversity” achievable if you say the two parties are responsible for keeping the people divided?

  15. crnkovic says:

    @american idiot,

    it’s possible by ignoring the affiliations and tribalism associated with party politics and instead focusing on shared values and fundamental issues. for example pro-life argument is a good example. it is used as political tool to divide people. people who identify as being left will ridicule pro-lifers as ignorant red-necks, pro-lifers will take their political stance as standing up against “cultural marxism” or whatever. all of that is plainly ridiculous. surely people recognise that abortion is a highly undesirable and morally repugnent eventuality. we dont want to see people getting pregnant and killing their unborn child because they decide they dont want the responsibility of raising a child just yet. that is clearly very wrong. on the other hand if a woman has been violently raped should she really be forced to have the child and raise it? in addition even if it were illegal it wont stop people going on the black market to get the abortion done anyway. therefore the real issues are plain to see and i believe that a sensible discussion about the best solution is possible and necessary. in reality all good people regardless of race, nationality, religion or political affiliation share almost all ethical values. these things can be worked out in a way which satisfies any reasonable person. On the other hand, practices and policies which are universally damaging, such as war to gain cheaper access to oil which then stunts the development of alternative energy industries, kills many innocents and soldiers and leads to a whole span of spin off social and environmental disasters, is clearly bad for everyone. so the only divide that really exists in terms of values and goals, is the divide between those who profit from disaster and violence (weapons manufacturer CEO’s, oil company CEO’s, banks, corrupt politicians, drug lords etc etc) and everybody else. simple

  16. crnkovic says:

    racism, political tribalism, religious hatred, identity politics generally…these things are put in our heads, to turn the worlds population on each other. created by propaganda and driven and paid for by powerful organisations. it keeps us divided so the money can keep flowing upwards from hard work of the average joe/abdul into the pockets of people who have never done a days work in their life. when we see passed that we can think about changing that. not communism. just reality

    it starts with educating yourself to see past the lies. the puppet show. we’re better than that. i could go on. i better not

    as a good experiment. we take any issue. we discuss it. we take our time. we sift through the evidence to see what is valid and what is not and i bet we come to agreement. 99%

  17. crnkovic says:

    that is the real meaning of democracy. You can read Plato’s Republic. it’s all been said before

  18. crnkovic says:

    like what kind of christian american patriot wants to see kids massacred in schools? come on. we’re adults now, think properly…

    I know why people want to have the right to keep fire arms. i respect it in its origins. but the world keeps turning, things come to light. you can’t keep drinking from the ganges holy river in 2019 when there are heavy metals in the water due to the industry up river. yeah once upon a time it was the duty of a good hindu to drink from that river. things change. dont drink the water

  19. crnkovic says:

    just watched that kramaric goal OMG lmfao. seriously Truth you were right about that one…haha. i’m crying here

  20. Maminjo says:

    There is too much ‘recency bias’ on this site when it comes to Mandzukic. Also, people are being way too hard on Kramaric.

    Mandzo would not have made a difference in these past two games, just like he made no difference in the qualifiers leading up to the World Cup.

    The reason why we are even in the World Cup was all thanks to Kramaric in that Ukraine game, and Dalic for realizing that we needed him there…along with a few other key changes to address our weak left side (by putting Vrsaljko there) and forcing our very beta-minded central midfield to attack more (by pushing Modric forward).
    That Krama header that he scored on Ukraine is better than any header I’ve seen Mandzo score for us, ever.

    Dalic, Modric, Rakitic, Vrsaljko and Kramaric were the reason we won that Ukraine game, and they are the reason why we playing in the World Cup in the first place.

    Perisic cannot be discounted (obviously) as he has been our best and most impactful (highest scorer) in the qualifiers and tournaments leading up to the Word Cup. So, these five players (plus Dalic) are the reason why we made it there in the first place.

    Mandzo is just like Srna, where they both stunk it up for a while…but then decided to play their hearts out because they knew they were going to retire. Srna was awful for us for four straight years (including the 2014 World Cup) before he finally played well during Euro2016 when he was on his way out. Mandzukic did the same thing. Doing nothing for three years (including Euro 2016), then stepping up huge during the 2018 World Cup (when he knew he was on his way out).

    These two were good for us, but I’m glad they are both gone. If we had both of them against Hungary, it wouldn’t have mattered.

    The reason for our dropoff since the World Cup have been because of the dropoff in those same key five players (plus Dalic) who werea responsible for us making the World Cup in the first place.

    #1: Dalic

    Since the World Cup, his experiments have been (for the most part) a failure and a waste of time.

    Most ppl already knew that guys like Duje Cop and Marko Livaja were useless, but he insisted on burning games at the Nations League to test them out. Mark Rog at RB was also an experiment most ppl would assume is not worth trying.

    Dalic’s “Brekalo at RB” experiment was worth testing (I guess) but it took away from the fact that Brekalo is probably the biggest impact player for us since Perisic. If we learned anything from the Nations League, it was that we beat Span and almost beat England from plays that Brekalo created once he came off the bench in both games. Putting him at RB took that away.

    I can’t totally blame Dalic because we do have some serious injuries, but still…he needs to experiment a little better.

    #2: Vrsaljko

    He’s injured for these qualifiers, and that is a big loss. He’s the reason why Ukraine could not employ their game plan against us. He held them off until Kramaric scored on them. He was the best RB at the World Cup too. He is better than Srna ever was and left a big hole for us to fill.

    #3: Perisic…

    He dropped off since the World Cup…likely due to Dalmo-laziness. He will bounce back, but until he does, we should be subbing him out early in favor of Brekalo.

    #4: Modric and Rakitic…

    Modric has been decent, but he can’t do it on his own. Rakitic has dropped off a bit too.

    These two were always too “pass first” and never attacked goal. This changed during the World Cup when they both were launching bombs onto goal and they managed to get on the scoresheet.

    The Argentina came seemed like it was a coming out party for them.

    Even Badelj (a similiarly beta guy) got in on the party and rocked a few shots on goal against Iceland (and scored). We need guys in our central midfield to continue to attack like they did in that Ukraine game (which got us into the World Cup) and how they did during the World Cup.

    Kovacic continuing to be beta, is the reason why he didn’t play in the World Cup (while guys like Modric, Rakitic, Brozovic and even Badelj) were launching shots onto goal.

    Kovacic continues to refuse going into attack-mode once in the opponent’s third. Modric and Rakitic need to continue doing this. We kind of needed Kovacic to come out of his shell, but he didn’t (not even against Azerbaijan). This hurts us.

    #5: Kramaric…

    Dude is solid, and a borderline elite finisher. He just needs to play more with everyone and get more chemistry going.

    Once there are more threats around him (an in-form Rebic and a motivated Perisic, along with more minutes of Brekalo) then Kramaric will score even more.

    Simply put, we will go however it goes with Dalic, Modric, Rakitic, Perisic, Vrsaljko and Kramaric.
    Anything we get from players like Brekalo, Vlasic, and Kovacic are bonus.

    I expect us to bounce back against Wales, which will be critical to ensure everything squares up with the four major teams in this group.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Where was all the Mandzukic love during qualifiers? he was no where. At euro 2016 he also didnt do shit. He scored in the semi final of the world cup (which is great) but other than that he was useless for most games

  22. Anonymous says:

    Mandzukic is doing well at Juve now bc all of his time and energy is going 100 percent towards Juve. He doesnt have to worry about CRO

  23. Razbijač says:

    I agree with your points Maminjo!

    Now here’s a quick round up on our youngsters for this weekend:

    Rog on the Bench.

    Halilovic on the Bench.

    Brekalo on the Bench.

    Coric didn’t even make the Bench.

    Vlasic scores.

    Bistrovic gets the full 90

    Andrija Balic starts and gets red carded.

    T. Basic gets the full 90

    Caleta Car gets the full 90

    Pasalic bad give-away leads to a goal, but makes up for it with a nice individual goal.

    If there’s any I missed, feel free to add….

  24. Anonymous says:

    If anyone doesn’t agree with Maminjo’s comment they’d have to be morons?

    Best comment of the year for sure, and a pleasure to read!

  25. BZ says:

    If Dalic had either
    a)Keep Rebic in, sub out Kramaric
    b)Started Brekalo at RB, play Jedvaj at LB
    we would be missing Mandzukic less.

    The answer is not subbing out Perisic. Brekalo has more space than ever working at RB.

    Kramaric needs to come off the bench only when we are losing and the other team is parking the bus.

    Remember when some guys didn’t think Vrsaljko was World Class, give Soul credit for arguing that point with me when nobody else would.

  26. Iggy says:

    Do u guys think we’ll win vs wales in june? im honestly not all that confident but fingers crossed. One fuck up game is not too bad but we can’t have it happen two or three times.

  27. License to Illicic says:

    Fuck off BZ ya muppet. Your butt buddy SoulChump can suck my left nut but he still throat deep on Rog and Halilovic.

    Bz been bitchin about Strinic for years, but got all butt hurt when Strinic proved to be World Class toooooo!

    All Bz and Chump saw was Mandzukic and Vrsaljko- but looked the other way when Badelj was banging in slammers vs Iceland. Ya still think Badelj sucks after that performance?

  28. LAknat says:

    some of you guys calling the like Perisic as a world class player, and He is actually Not !> frankly speaking. | you guys are amateur

    Brekalo?! -> He is slow as fuck{! I prefer Halilovic.
    Left Back and Right Back cancer – why we always stick with this shitty formation! – bring it on legend of 3-5-2

    Dalic = Out’ (He will never get his lucky strike again)

  29. Anonymous says:

    I’d put Halilovic in the squad only to carry Brekalo’s bag.

    Let me tell ya something about Halilovic, when he plays as an individual trying to take on the opponents defense all on his own, he plays okay and looks good.
    But, when you try tell him to stick to the team structures and be more team orientated, he doesn’t know what the fuck he’s doing, it’s like someone’s telling him to do something he doesn’t know how too, in my opinion Halilovic doesn’t know how to play football and I honestly don’t know how he got this far.

    Halilovic would probably be a gun Futsal player.

  30. Suba says:

    Usually our one f up game is usually near the end of the qualifying cycle not right at the beginning however we should beat the Welsh unless Bale plays out of his skin which is unlikely due to his poor season at Real.

    Perisic is definitely world class, he’s just pacing himself, like a real Dalmatinac. He always saves his best for Croatia and at right time. He’s obvious not happy at Inter and its affecting his performances.

    Halilovic won’t get a look in over Brekalo unless he actually plays a regular club football game – its gotta a be bad attitude problem surely or he’s overrated.

  31. gbvh says:

    Dear Anonymous,
    Are you trying to say Mandzukic was not doing well at Juve when he was still with Cro?
    If so, I’m sorry I wasted my time reading your drivel.

  32. Maminjo says:


    Good to see these youngsters playing well.

    However…I have little to zero faith in Coric, Balic and Halilovic ever developing into anything useful for us.

    I find that we are at our best when we take advantage of our physical tools (size & strength) along with our high-end footballing skills (technical ability). We paired this up well during our World Cup run. I don’t recall seeing any of our players flopping, and most of the time we ran right through the opposing defenders with our size.

    Gone are the days (I think) where people are looking for the super-skilled midfielders and forwards, who cannot hold their own physically.

    Ante Rebic, Ivan Perisic, and even Marko Pjaca (at Euro 2016) showed us how important it is to be aggressive, strong and able-bodied enough to take a hit without it slowing you down…yet STILL have the elite technical ability to dribble around players and strike. We are simply at our best when we use our size and strength IN ADDITION TO the fantastic technical skill our players have and will always possess.

    Personally, I don’t think guys like Coric and Halilovic can play like this with their weak slender builds and short stature.

    They’re not like Luka Modric (who may be short, but is strong like an ox). These guys are easily neutralized with a slight hip-check to their bodies. You can’t do things like that to stop guys like Rebic or Modric.

    Everyone is looking for tall, strong, box-to-box midfielders like Paul Pogba. It’s the reason why Milinkovic-Savic was priced at over 100 million Euros last year (despite him being very beta-minded like Kovacic). People just fall in love with someone who is very tall, yet can dribble like a South American.

    This is also why guys like Nikola Vlasic are Toma Basic are intriguing to me.
    Toma is a highly skilled midfielder who is also 6’2″ tall and managed to crack it into the starting lineup of a Liga Petica team. Vlasic was always going to be well conditioned due to who his father was, and even on the highlight goal posted above, you can see that he just waltzes through a crowd without ever looking like he is going to get knocked down (despite that one dude lunging right into him).

    If that were Halilovic, he would probably get tripped up by that play, fall down, then look at the ref with his arms up (while slowly getting up during a counter attack by the other team). I always hated Srna for his flop-fest, despite him being great at times. I am VERY glad that it looks like we are moving away from this type of playing. We didn’t flop at ALL during this past World Cup and ran through defenders like they were bowling pins.

  33. Razbijač says:

    @ Maminjo

    Well said regarding Balic, Coric, and Halilovic, their frames are light.

    And IF there gonna get anywhere there gonna have to spend less time with the video games, and more time eating meso and doing Squats and Deadlifts.

    Modric is small, yet possesses a strong center of gravity combined with powerful lower body strength. Diego Maradona was another example of this. So you CAN be small yet powerful. It’s all on how the player is conditioned.

    Yes, Vlasic is not tall at 5’10, but his father has conditioned his physique to be able withstand the demands of professional football.

  34. Casual fan says:

    Antoine Griezmann is another short guy with a big but that plays well although he is a gutless snake.

  35. Maminjo says:

    Vlašić looks like a guy who is no stranger to the gym.

    9 out of 10 footballers take a dive in the box on that play. He didn’t, and he scored.

    Don’t necessarily have to be tall (although it helps with headers) but just being strong enough to withstand players trying to get physical with you.

    Vlašić loves to hover around in the opponent’s third. He is essentially the anti-Kovačić in this regard. He should be ahead of Kovačić in the pecking order.

    I’m not entirely against smaller, slender players (it’s not like Kramarić is physical), but so long as they make up for it with their technical skill and don’t rely on the flop.
    Krama is our best finisher and he doesn’t flop when pressured (he can hold his own).

    If Halilović becomes a David Silva, then sure, he will have a role to play… But I don’t have too much faith. It’s no big deal since we already have younger players who are better than him already.

  36. Iberico jamon says:

    Maminjo you forgot to mention your thoughts on Brozovic-which is to be expected because he’s a tourist on the pitch. All of those passes from the midfield last game against Hungary did nothing.

    It’s time to scout young players. The game has changed. First England dumped their veterans, then Germany. It appears to have benefited them both. Posession is useless if there’s no attack. Mandzukic always managed to score against the best defenders and defensive teams. If the strikers can’t get the job done, why don’t the midfielders blast shots on goal?

  37. Maminjo says:

    Brozović is a tireless runner who throws shots onto goal more than any of our midfielders. He scored twice on Iceland during our qualifiers because of this. They weren’t even great shots, which shows how important it is to just shoot it on target (rather than look for the perfect pass).

    He’s also a player who doesn’t shy away from the physical element (despite being a scrawny guy).

    He’s good… But I wouldn’t base our qualification chances on him. Moreso on those above five players I mentioned before.

  38. Medo says:


    “Remember when some guys didn’t think Vrsaljko was World Class, give Soul credit for arguing that point with me when nobody else would.”

    Idemo was the main guy that was saying Vrsaljko wasn’t world class.

  39. Anonymous says:


    I don’t believe you and Soul Champ deserve any credit lol. You made feeble and homerish arguments and I remember giving Idemo the victory at that time of the great Vrsaljko debate.

    Why did Atletico Madrid loan out a world class RB?

    Does Inter have an option to buy world class RB Vrsaljko?

    Which team wouldn’t want a world class RB?

    Who is Atletico Madrid’s world class RB when Vrsaljko was loaned out to Inter?

    I seem to recall Juanfran was the RB keeping Vrsaljko out at times and he is still at Atletico Madrid?

    Vrsaljko is a good player, but some people to make themselves the biggest Vrsaljko fans in the world have to take it further by saying he is world class, and that’s their opinion, but that doesn’t make the opposing opinion wrong because it disagree’s with you and Soul Champ.

    Soul Champ is self admitted homer as well, and you shouldn’t take everything he says seriously, you can have your own opinion you know?

    Give you guys credit lol, that’s some funny shit.

  40. Medo says:

    Maminjo some original thoughts on Savic and his lofty price tag which seems outrageous.
    A bit of plagiarism on basic …I was the first who mentioned 2 months ago how his size at 6’2” and physical style of play differs from the munchkins we have in serie A,and he’s a better hope at succeeding for us.
    I also posted vlasic’s father has conditioned and trained his son to succeed thru sheer will,and unorthodox training regimens conceiving his balance,core flexibility and strength.
    You’re a smart guy with some good thoughts …just make them your own or original.

  41. Anonymous says:

    I was the first one that said Modric shouldn’t play the role he was playing at Real Madrid for Croatia and instead should be playing a more attacking midfield role. And I was the only one saying it, and I said it well before Dalic actually did it.

  42. BZ says:

    @Lti- your kidding right?

    @Laknat-tell your boy Halilovic to write a love letter to Dslic stating the following:
    1) I am willing to do ANYTHING to get time in the NT.
    2) I know I will never be better overall than Rebic/Perisic so I’d love to try LB. If Brekalo can play RB, I can play LB. Let us play LB and RB against these scrubby teams, and see if we can start scoring goals.

  43. Honest man says:


    “racism, political tribalism, religious hatred, identity politics generally…these things are put in our heads, to turn the worlds population on each other.”

    Being a theologian and Biblical scholar I can tell you “religious hatred” is something these elites you speak of don’t put into peoples heads at all, you are so wrong on that front.

    Now, to prove it.

    Freedom of religion is law in most countries, who do you think is behind those laws?

    Now, let’s say some person has converted from one religion to say, Islam, surley this person has discriminated between what he believes to be true and false.

    Play along now!

    Do you hate falsehood?

    It’s ok to hate religions other than your own, like I hate heroin addiction, but I wish the best for the drug addict, that he can become clean. It’s called caring where I’m from.

    Are you an atheist?

  44. American idiot says:

    Keep an eye on Toni Borevkovic (21 yrs old) and Nikola Jambor (23) from Rio Ave in the Portugese league, I’ve never seen them play, but they’re playing regularly. I believe I’m the first person to mention them here!

  45. Crnkovic says:

    @honest man. Yes freedom of religion is enshrined in law but religious people are painted according to damaging stereotypes in the media. The media is the instrument of propaganda which divides people. And the intellectuals play their part in this. For example ‘the god delusion’ by richard dawkins. Ridiculed and painted believers as barbaric idiots. The timing of the book is no coincidence as it comes at a time when aggresive wars in the middle east need to be justified to the tax payer. By painting islam as a barbaric belief system it creates a convenient way to side step the real issues at play and allow the gravy train to role right through into the pockets of who profits. Isis and others groups in the middle east play the same game conjuring up a ‘war of civilisations’ to recruit ignorant kids into doing terrible things for a cause which once again only contributes to the agony of normal people and the wealth of the big guys behind the scenes. No i’m not an atheist. Im a firm believer in God. I pray daily

  46. vuki says:

    It seems that Olmo CAN play for Croatia as I assume Dalic and Croatia know the eligibility rules. I’ve mentioned before that his Wikipedia page says he can’t, but of course anyone can edit Wikipedia. I know some people are against him playing for us, but I’ve always said, as long as we are not his backup option and he sees himself as Croatian not just playing for us because he thinks it is better for his career, then I’m all for it. However, I’m not convinced he will choose to play with us. I definitely think he’s teetering between the two, but I’m not going to be mad if he chooses Spain as that just says to me that he does not feel like he is Croatian/thinks Spain is the better team.

    On a side note, this must be a super difficult decision for him. While we haven’t been quite the same team since the World Cup, we are a team that can beat any team on any given day (as well as lose to any team if we’re not up for it). Spain on the other hand, they are definitely a very good team there is no denying that, but they just haven’t been able to figure it out since their terrible 2014 World Cup. A lot of the Spanish talents have not panned out, but the same can be said for some of our talents. Also, he will become hated in Spain and blasted by the Spanish media. Maybe even some of his friends will push him aside because of it. Who knows. I don’t envy someone that has to make tough decisions.

    BTW I have seen posts before being mad that Pulisic didn’t choose to play for Croatia. I don’t see the point of it as he was literally never considering that. He probably didn’t even know or care that he was Croatian until he was at least 10 years old. I was born in the US and have lived here all my life, but I’ve been raised in Croatian culture. He was raised in American culture even though he was born only about 15 minutes away from where I’m from. My point in saying that is that if Olmo doesn’t choose Croatia, don’t waste time posting here about how you hate him because of it. If he doesn’t choose to play for us then he simply has nothing to do with us.

  47. Maminjo says:

    Nobody hates on Pulisic for picking the US. There were zero negative comments/articles in Cro media. Even on this website, there are maybe like 2-3 guys who are upset.

    Same goes for Olmo. He’s Spanish and that’s that. If he wants to really play for us, then fine, I’m not against it. He’s been living in Zagreb for five years, so he can probably apply for citizenship and has every right to play. But if it’s one of those situations where we are trying to pressure him into playing for us…then I’d rather he does not. He already plays for Spain’s U21 squad, so all this talk about Dalic wanting him and talking to Kolinda sounds a lot like tabloid news.

    The Spanish media would tear him apart if he chose Cro anyway, lol. They are ruthless. However, the Olmos are Catalonians, so who knows. Maybe they don’t give a shit about Spain.

    As talented as he is, he’s a player who likes to play out wide…and with Brekalo in his favorite spot, I don’t even know if we can promise him a future starting role on our National Team anyway.

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