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29th Annual Croatian Independence Day Weekend in San Pedro, CA

April 1, 2019




29th Annual Croatian Independence Day Event Page


Join Croatian soccer teams from Los Angeles, San Pedro, New York, Phoenix, San Jose, and Montreal when they come together May 25th to compete in the San Pedro Small Goals Tournament. This year there will be a co-ed division for the first time as well as a children’s tournament. Come cheer on the team representing your city during Croatian Independence Day Weekend.



A Look Back at 2011



Take part in the San Pedro tradition from May 24th-26th. The Croatian-American Hall of San Pedro has been celebrating Croatia’s independence for the past 29 years. This is one of the greatest North American Croatian traditions that has cemented itself in North American-Croatian lore.



Live Croatian Music and Dancing

Modro Nebo from Edmonton, Canada will be performing for the first time at the block party. This party will be the grand finale of the weekend on Sunday night. Croatian-American Hall of San Pedro will block off the street for an entire day of celebration.

Traditional Food

Enjoy ćevapčići, lamb, mostaccoli, Karlovačko, and other Croatian favorites served throughout the day. The talented ladies of the Croatian community will bring delicious kolače for you to feast on as well.



Croatian Booze Cruise 

Spend your Saturday night on a boat cruising the LA harbor with great music and company. An accordian player will be performing all our favorite hits. There will be limited tickets so get yours ASAP!



Cultural Activities

Experience Kolo performances in the streets of LA. If you enjoyed going to the Croatian Cultural Extravaganza, this will be a chance for you to see your favorite dancers and performers.


Ante Kvartuč
Posted By: Ante Kvartuč 16 comments

  1. Dukic says:

    I want to thank Ante and for posting this article. My dream is that Prva Generacija bring a team to compete in the tournament, so let’s see what we can do!

    If anyone is interested in signing up a team you can e-mail me at

    Tournament consists of an A, CoEd, and over 40 division. Small goals 5+ GK rules. 15 minute halves. 2 non-Croatians permitted per each team. More info on event page.

    We currently have 8 teams in A division so should be competitive. The more the merrier.


  2. vuki says:

    Our Kolo group from Pennsylvania might be coming to this festival. We’re not really sure yet as far as I know. But if we do decide to go I was talking to some of the people in our group to see if we could get a co-ed team together as the last time my friends and I played in a men’s tournament we got demolished in every game since only two of us had played soccer in the last couple years. I figure the co-ed will be slightly more relaxed. I’ll let you know if we do end up going and wanting to make a team.

  3. Dukic says:

    Ok Vuki that would be great. We only have a few sign ups in CoEd division so that would be great. We want to get everyone involved. We look forward to hosting you!

  4. CroatiaU14 says:

    @anon let’s go. That’d be great. The Spaniards are probably starting to worry

  5. BZ says:

    I brought a team to this event back in the day. Had a blast, highly recommended. I’d say we had more fun than any Boonton event. Some decent teams too, although some were pretty bad.

    @all-Olmo is not Croatian by blood. This is not club football. We are the genetic Champions of the world. Revel in that fact, and embrace it. Olmo just taints our future accomplishments.

  6. American idiot says:


    So Olmo can come and live in Croatia, become a Croatian national, he can work in Croatia, but he can’t play soccer for the Croatian national team? Are you an American idiot as well?

  7. Maminjo says:

    @American Idiot

    There are new eligibility rules with players who play for one country’s U21, then try to switch to another country’s senior squad. Since Olmo doesn’t officially have Croatian citizenship (and already plays for the Spanish U21s) this might be a problem.

    Something similar happened when we tried to cap Gregory Sertic, but he was ineligible because he had already been capped by France’s U20 squad before he was granted Cro citizenship.

    However (unlike Sertic) Dani Olmo has actually been living in Zagreb with his dad since 2014, so this might change things.

    Either way, Dani Olmo is Spanish and that’s that. If he wants to really play for us, then fine, I’m not against it. He’s been living in Zagreb for five years, so he can probably apply for citizenship and has every right to play. But if it’s one of those situations where we are trying to pressure him into playing for us…then I’d rather he does not. All this talk about Dalic wanting him and talking to Kolinda sounds a lot like tabloid news.

    The Spanish media would tear him apart if he chose Cro anyway, lol. They are ruthless. However, the Olmos are Catalonians, so who knows. Maybe they don’t give a shit about Spain.

    As talented as he is, he’s a player who likes to play out wide…and with Brekalo in his favorite spot, I don’t even know if we can promise him a future starting role on our National Team anyway.

  8. Anonymous says:

    “Olmo is not Croatian by blood.”

    Americans aren’t Americans by blood, so what’s your point American?

  9. CRO Jersey King says:

    Whats the obsession with Olmo hes not a Hrvat. Whats happened to our players Coric Balic Halilovic they should be in the team not Olmo.

  10. BZ says:

    Blood Champions of the World! Revel in it!

  11. Maminjo says:

    Nobody is obsessed with Olmo.

    He’s a talented player who can possibly play for Croatia. That is all.

    None of Ćorić, Balić or Halilović should be on the team. They’re not playing well right now. They’re not even good enough to get a call up to our U21 squad.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Tickle my Olmo

  13. Full-blooded Croat says:


    Can the people that are half Croats, not full-blooded Croats like myself, celebrate the “blood champions of the world” title.

    I believe if both your parents aren’t Croatian you’re not a full-blooded Croat, so only half of the person can celebrate the “blood champions of the world” title.

    Most people here are not full-blooded Croats, you do know that? Are you a full-blooded Croat?
    Hands up who’s isn’t a full-blooded Croat?

  14. Dukic says:

    Even if Dani Olmo had Croatian citizenship he would still be considered a non Croat at the San Pedro Small Goals Tournament

  15. Jarac says:

    I think most are full blooded hrvati…by the time someone is half they probably have assimilated to the point of not caring about cro. Not always the case though. If you love croatia, understand the culture and speak the language then I got no problem with you as a hrvat…I would take this type over Many of the fake “Croats” in cro aka the communists…who hate Croatia….

    Lol @ Dukic

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