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Barcelona Through, Ajax Shock Juventus

April 15, 2019


Ivan Rakitić vs. Pogba


Ivan Rakitić played the full 90 minutes Tuesday night vs. Manchester United and kept Paul Pogba in check the entire match as Barcelona easily won 3-0 (4-0 on aggregate) to advance to the Champions League semifinals. Messi scored twice and Coutinho bent in a beautiful curler to end all hopes of an early United comeback. Although Rakitić did not get on the scoresheet during the two legs vs. United, he kept Pogba under control for 180 minutes – something Croatian fans wish we had during the World Cup Final. Barcelona will now join Ajax in the semifinal round after they defeated reigning Italian champions Juventus 2-1 in Torino Tuesday.



Mario Mandžukić did not make the Juventus squad Tuesday night as the best team in Italy were shocked by Dutch side Ajax 2-1 and will not move onto the semifinal round of Champions League – even with their acquisition of Cristiano Ronaldo this year. It will go down as a disappointment for Juventus, especially when they were up 1-0 early in the match.




Ante Kvartuč
Posted By: Ante Kvartuč 29 comments

  1. Suba says:

    Would really love to see Mandzo win it for Juve, it would be a great achievement for someone who’s worked really hard since being dumped from Bayern for no real reason.

    Although it would also be nice to see Raketa do it again for Barca as it could be his last season there or will it

  2. BZ says:

    It isn’t a “curse”. There is a simple answer to what occurred, but most people on this site are still in denial, Mandzukic greatness denial, that is.

    Without Mandzukic Juve goes from favorites to a bunch if duds.

    Without Mandzukic we go from 2nd place at the world cup to our worst National team defeat ever (6-0).

    We fall out of the Nations League
    We barely beat Azerbeijan at home
    We lose to Hungary
    Bayern goes from one of the greatest CL team’s I had ever seen, to perennial underachievers.

    No denying it now boys. Beg for his return.

    Game is easy when the other team is helplessly sending 50/50 balls to the midfield because of great pressure.

  3. Poglavnik says:

    Good for Ajax!
    Now that’s a team.
    Fuck those overpaid, unlikable Juve stars. If Mandza was Italian everyone here would hate him.

  4. Soul Champ says:

    @ BZ


    Break it down Brate.

    Full disclosure as I don’t know much about soccer .. but I know sport and competitive greatness when I see it.

    Funny how over the years we have written all the things MANdzukic can’t do .. but the BEAST mode big game hunting is seems to go unrecognized?

    Allegri is depressed right now.

    He knows he blew it not going to his MANdzukic.

  5. BZ says:

    Allegri knows how important Mandzukic is to the team. Mandzukic is injured (knee)

    Hopefully now that he has his extended contract, he’ll comeback to the National Team. Hoping he didn’t make any promises to Juve regarding staying retired from NT duties.

  6. Anonymous says:

    What about Mandzukic being invisible at Euro 2016? and the qualifiers that followed for wc2018? He was no where

  7. Anonymous says:


    In you’re opinion guys, are “Real Modric” bigger duds with Modric than Juventus are without Mandzukic?

  8. Anonymous says:


    “What about Mandzukic being invisible at Euro 2016? and the qualifiers that followed for wc2018? He was no where”

    Well, when I was talking about Mandzukic’s struggles during Euro 2016 qualifying and the final tournament itself BZ and Soul Champ among others were blaming Rakitic, Modric and Perisic for not providing Mandzukic with the service he needs, I was the only one at that point defending Rakitic, Modric and Perisic from their attacks.

  9. Suba says:

    Bring back the Mandzo and don’t forget to bring back me Suba

    I think with Mandzo we were let down by him at times because he expect so much of him i.e at Euro 2016 and 2014 WC BUT he’s come good man, he’s a fine bottle of wine getting better with age – that’s why Juve didn’t let him go.

    If Mandzo was Italian he’d be up there with the best Italian strikers for sure. Chellini and Buffon knew first hand how good he is when the national teams played

  10. Soul Champ says:

    Lovre Kalinic has thrown me for a loop?

    Suba has a solid run but needed to be subbed for final as he was planted to the ground all match.

    Wonder why we can’t produce a world class stopper?

    We are so tall and athletic?

    Is Rukamet stealing our lead guards for basketball and goalies for soccer?

    Probably some kids playing rukamet who can play striker and CB as well.

    HNS and HKS need to find their soul and invest in youth academies all across Hrvatska.

    I estimate we are at 60% of our elite athletic potential as a country.

    Rukamet clubs are clever as they get kids young ~5 years old and make sure they are not exposed to other sports.

    We are able to produce players at the highest level in all sports but we as a small nation we need to produce even more depth in our talent pool.

    We also need more elite coaches in all sports.

    Diaspora as been a support but needs to maximizes as well.

    Rakitic should get a special award for his process in choosing Croatia over Switzerland.

    Big Joe Šimunić award!

    Pulisic made a mistake in choosing US over Croatia.

    Queue the trolls .. but he has Croatia roots and his father trained him Croatian style.

    Wonder if HNS was more functional if that could have happened?

    You have to admit that he would have put us over the top.

    Pulisic would have benefited from our world class midfield.

    Now he has to spend years in CONCACAF oblivion instead of Euro glory.

  11. Suba says:

    Well that’s his dad fault if he knows nothing about Croatia

    Fuckin idiot could have been given the greatest gift on earth the feeling of being a Croat

  12. Anonymous says:

    Lol, talking about Pulisic again, haven’t we gone over this already?

    Let me say something that hasn’t been said before and bring some freshness to the Pulisic debate.

    It would of been nice if Pulisic chose Croatia, but you gotta understand that if you’re born in a multicultural cesspool like America, and, your own household is multicultural, the chances of kids like Pulisic choosing Croatia are less likely, but then again, that is one the effects that protestant America, protestant England and communist Russia were hoping for when they dumped the Catholic Croats into the cesspool called Yugoslavia.

    Get Croats to leave the Yugoslav cesspool for another cesspool (in Pulisic’s grandfather’s case America), in Pulisic’s father’s case marry a non-Croat (if they’re not Catholic even better), and become indifferent to your Croatian culture by embracing multiculturalism, and that plan has worked in the case of the Pulisic’s.

    Simunic and Rakitic, both born of Croatian parents in countries that are multicultural cesspools also, but not in multicultural households, and that’s the key, those types are more likely to choose Croatia.

  13. Anonymous says:


    Good for you, for now you’re doing a good job!

    But does your son care at all about your wife’s/his mum’s culture?

    Listen, when your son has a choice to make like Christian Pulisic, only then will you know if you’re a “wanker” also, till then you can talk all you want, but that’s all it is, talk.

  14. Selma's Brown tata's says:

    Christian Pulisic chose the US because he will make much more money if he turns out to be half way decent. He will be pushed as the face of US soccer. $$$$$$$$$$. Can you imagine if he is good? Mucho Dinero Amigo. He will be in Amazon commericals and will be a Kardasian soon.

  15. Selma's Brown tata's says:

    As long as they are European or very close i don’t have an issue with marrying a non Croat.

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