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Frankfurt Draw Chelsea 1-1 Without Suspended Rebić In Europa Semi 1st Leg

May 2, 2019




Although Eintracht Frankfurt may get into next year’s Champions League group stage all by themselves – as they currently sit in fourth place in the Bundesliga – winning the Europa League crowd wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world.



In their way – Chelsea – who may have to win the Europa League crown outright in order to qualify for CL; as they may finish out of the top-four in England.



Ante Rebić is suspended for the first leg due to a yellow card suspension but will be available next week in London for the return leg.



Rebić was a pitbull for Croatia at the World Cup last summer and has now helped his Frankfurt side to get within striking distance of a Champions League berth. Remember, the Europa League champion gets an automatic berth into the group stage.



But at only 25 years old, a solid performance against Chelsea could see Rebić cashing in this summer. Although it’s only Europa League – the Champions League step-brother – with Frankfurt playing Chelsea and the tournament currently heading into the semifinal round – people will be watching.



Rebić signed an extension to stay in Frankfurt until 2022 but been linked with Manchester United, Bayern Munich and Sevilla before putting ink to paper.




Ante Kvartuč
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  1. Bilo says:

    I’m in Frankfurt At their airport waiting for Zagreb connection. Does anyone have any links beside bleacher report they won’t stream in Germany

  2. kjkhfhgkhl says:

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  4. CroatianPerson85 says:

    @ Drek – Good call re kjkhfhgkhl’s posts. Was thinking the same thing.

  5. Rakuten_Rakitic says:

    Serbia might continue to make tournaments and go out in the Group Stages thats about it.

  6. Canuckcro says:

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