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Croatians Around Europe XXXIII

May 4, 2019


Dejan Lovren



It was another quiet week for Croatians as Ivan Rakitić and Barcelona highlighted all things Croatian football with their 3-0 first leg win over Liverpool in the Champions League semifinals. Dejan Lovren did not feature for Liverpool against Barcelona but he did get the start for the Reds on Saturday in a must-win game against Newcastle United to keep their Premiership title hopes alive. Lovren played 83 minutes and came off just before Divock Origi’s game winning header in the 86th minute to win the game 3-2 for Liverpool. Now, with Liverpool currently leading the title race by two points, they will have to wait for Manchester City’s result Monday night before going into the final match day of the season on Sunday.




Ante Rebić (left)



With a Champions League berth on the brink for Eintracht Frankfurt, Ante Rebić and company were embarrassed in Leverkusen Sunday; conceding six first half goals in a 6-1 loss to Bayer. Rebić played the full 90 minutes but was not able to get on the scoresheet. With their second leg Europa League semifinal against Chelsea coming up this Thursday, was Frankfurt looking ahead? With the loss, Eintracht Frankfurt and Bayer Leverkusen are now tied for fourth in Germany for the last Champions League berth with only two matches remaining in the season.



There was no action in Spain as both Ivan Rakitić and Luka Modrić got the weekend off. Barcelona have already locked up the La Liga title and have Champions League to think about later this week while Real Madrid have nothing left to fight for this season. It will be an interesting summer for both Croatians as they may not stay in Spain past this season.



Ante Kvartuč
Posted By: Ante Kvartuč 22 comments

  1. BZ says:

    surprised nobody mentioned that Rog got the start for Sevilla at home vs lowly Leganes.
    Sevilla suffered an embarassing 3-0 shutout at home, but the fact Rog got the start might make some of his fans, on this site, happy.

    Just here to drum up activity.

  2. Jamon Iberico says:

    Frankfurt has really disappointed since they beat Porto in the Europa cup. It’s almost like they exhausted themselves from that comeback. They’re a disgrace.

    Luka has had a falling out with Zidane and was left out along with Bale. The RM management has lost their minds shopping around for players except for strikers. It’s become a revolving door of a club.

    Zidane has become less disposable than the players.

    RM will not win trophies for a while with the internal cancer they have going on.

  3. Dannyj says:

    So realistically where you guys think Luka ends up this summer?
    Doesn’t seem likely he will stay there
    Some reports say he is injured tho
    It feels personally tho Luka will be gone

    Would be sweet if him and rakitic end up somewhere together
    Tho I’m sure both would be too expensive

  4. Dannyj says:

    Who do you guys think make moves to other clubs this summer?
    Rebic? I think moves. Unless maybe they stay in champions league?
    Rakitic? I think moves
    Luka? I think moves
    Livakovic? I think moves
    Perisic? Prob moves
    Brozo? Vrsaljko?
    Vida I guess stays in Turkey. He performs well there
    What u guys think who and where?

  5. BZ says:

    Real’s “brilliant” strategy, get Serb Jovic and drop Modric. They better hope they get some other big signings, otherwise they are going to suck.

  6. Jamon Iberico says:

    Pogba should have stayed at Juve. Kovacic should have stayed at Inter. The english league sucks and only benefits the british pirates.

  7. Anonymous says:

    @jamom. I like
    Rebic but speed isn’t everything. Srna at the previous WC was the fastest too. 2014.

  8. CroatiaU14 says:

    @DannyJ…Vida may move to Roma in the summer…Livaković has had a really good season and will probs move to a bigger club too…maybe Rakitić will move too because of de Jong.

  9. Miloš Hvar says:

    If Brekalo isn’t going to be getting minutes at Wolfsburg he should move this summer. Every time he has been in the checkers he has made an impact on the game. He need to be in someone’s starting XI. I haven’t been this excited for a youngster in a long time. Really no point in Livaković leaving, he has a good thing going on at Dinamo.

  10. BZ says:

    Or Brekalo can stay in Wolfsburg and learn to play soccer like a man (ie Hustle and play some aggressive D.)

    Can’t keep running from your deficiencies in life. This benching is exactly what Brekalo needs. Step it up, whether that means he needs to work on his cardio or just his mindset.

    You see it all the time at the youth level. Kids amazing with the ball at their feet, that expect the ball delivered to their feet, rather than helping track it down.

  11. Miloš Hvar says:

    Fair but sometimes it’s not that simple. Look at how much better it was for Vlasic to leave go to CSKA instead of being buried on Evertons bench

  12. The truth says:

    Brekalo might be getting punished for not wearing the rainbow armband, and that punishment is well deserved

    If i owned a team and one of my players pulled that kind of stunt, they’d be on the street rather than the bench

  13. Medo says:

    You are wrong truth.He knew he would receive plenty of flack for his stance,but as a young catholic he stood strong for his beliefs.
    You have to respect him for that.

  14. Jamon Iberico says:

    Zidane is a chicken shit coward who quit RM after last season’s sketchy performance. If he held on like a real man he would have been sacked. He knew the ship was sinking. I knew it. Everyone knew it. He’s fooling the old geezers running the club. They should have overhauled the club before last season. The fact is, nothing has changed since he took over. I could do better running the club.

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