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Croatians Around Europe XXXIV

May 12, 2019


Manchester City celebrate 2018/19 Premiership title



Dejan Lovren watched from the bench as Liverpool did exactly what they needed to do at Anfield Sunday afternoon in the last match of the Premiership season – win. Liverpool defeated Wolverhampton 2-0 behind two Sadio Mane goals, but it wasn’t enough as Manchester City came from behind to defeat Brighton 4-1 to win the Premiership title by one point.



Liverpool only lost one match this season. ONE!



And they fell short of the title by that exact same margin. Dejan Lovren came back from the World Cup with an injury and was used sparingly throughout the season. He did not have the same impact on the team that he did last season. Liverpool face Tottenham in the Champions League Final on June 1st. Dejan Lovren will likely start the game on the bench.



Mateo Kovačić came off the bench in the 76th minute for Chelsea Sunday in a 0-0 draw at Leicester City. Kovačić will end his Premiership season without scoring one goal for Chelsea while on loan from Real Madrid. The latest rumors from London are saying that Chelsea are looking to make Kovačić a permanent player following a purchase this summer from Real Madrid.




Ante Rebić (center)


Ante Rebić and Eintracht Frankfurt may have blown their chance at Champions League ball next season as they lost to a mediocre Mainz side 2-0 on Sunday. Rebić played the entire 90 minutes but could not find the back of the net. Now Frankfurt trail fourth-place Borussia Monchengladbach by one point going into the final game of the season.



Ivan Santini scored in the 5th minute for Anderlecht on Sunday in a 1-1 draw against Royal Antwerp. Anderlecht is expected to finish 5th in Belgium and is not expected to book a European berth next season.



Ante Kvartuč
Posted By: Ante Kvartuč 27 comments

  1. Elcroato says:

    Wolfsburg is bringing in another LW, Joao Victor. Becausr he’s a “fighter” and “fast”. So much for Brekalo not playing because of the formation. He should get the f*** out of there.

  2. prince obambweh kakazulu bethobalashinga says:

    …this truth is now probably shattering your whole life and soccrballl universe existence, and the only way to save it is to make migrants into the new croatian soccerballing stars hope, only they can kick the ball filling the stands and stadiums.

  3. Razbijač says:

    Brekalo got 15 min of action yesterday, while Sosa was on the bench for Stuttgart.

    Halilovic got the full 90 in his team’s loss on Friday in the play off stage of the Belgium league. He’s been getting starts lately.

    I’m wondering how he’s been doing. Anyone in Belgium getta chance to watch ‘im?? (Mr. Black?)

  4. CroatiaU14 says:

    Also, Toma Bašić has been starting pretty much every game for Bordeaux…he’s playing good too

  5. CroatiaU14 says:

    @DannyJ…he’s actually pretty tall and is very good on the ball…maybe even as a sub he will be fine…he’s very consistent which is nice

  6. Maminjo says:

    Good to hear that Toma Bašić is playing well.
    He seems to be very intriguing as a tall box to box midfielder.

    Pašalić is also a pretty big box to box midfielder as well, and Atalanta will probably be in Champions League next year.

    Vlašić is pretty strong, and Palaversa is another big kid.

    It would be nice if we went with a physically imposing (yet still skilled) midfield lineup in the future.

  7. Ante Kvardouche says:

    Zidane has a hate boner for Bale. Zidane’s ego will ruin the team. Why does he care about losing though. He lost the league and is already in the next CL by a lot of points.

    He says he cares for the fans. All bullshit.

  8. Mr. Black says:


    After a few months Halilovic managed to make his way into the first team and showed some great class. He did some brilliant things on the pitch. Technically he’s one of the best Croatian players. And he turns faster away from a defender than any other Croatian player.

    He has the bad luck that his team (Standard Luik) is now falling apart. Some key players have to leave the club and the it’s not a team anymore. Halilovic goes down with the rest.

    I do believe that if Halilovic stays in Belgium, he could turn into their best and most important player. I really do hope he stays.

    I believe Halilovic’s weak point is that he’s not yet strong enough. He often gets pushed down or away. But if he works hard, he still could be huge.

  9. Dannyj says:

    Nice to hear On halilovic
    Read some stuff that rakitic made some homophobic/racist comments years ago and now are surfacing

    Funny cause didn’t ziva call him gay for years

  10. U boj says:

    Ziva was a failure. Back in 2010 failed business in Croatia. He is a bitter man. Funny how he is no longer on this site. :)

  11. Slavonac from Canada says:

    A letter to Kvartuc!

    I remember this site going back a few years. It was a place I’d come to for some balanced perspectives, healthy debates and even some unhealthy debates but overall, it was somewhat thriving on soccer, some politics and the amount of commentators was relatively diverse and balanced. I remember Svircic would often get on here and answer almost every question or at the very least, respond to questions/comments and try his best to be fair and just, regardless of if he was a Hajduk fan or a Croatia fan. We usually got some type of balanced view. He wasn’t divisive or “my way or highway” type of guy!

    Somewhere along the way this site decided to take a stance. The stance went from “Uniting Croatian Fans Around The World” to conspiracy theories and a FULL ON Hajduk Split Fanboy Club which included some ridiculous Twitter expert Zoric and a few others that took the opportunity to go with the “leave the field” during qualifying…and it carried on into the World Cup! Right up until the day of the World Cup me and several others on Twitter saw their (Zoric and co.) posting Holiga’s articles and similair articles to his about a divided Croatia and Anti-Modric articles. Is this someone we would call patriotic and pro-Croatia and dying for the grb…or is this a Hajduk interest, fanboy club that is looking for any reason to justify anything against anyone that doesn’t agree with or go along with the anti-Mamic/anti-Dinamo – poor Hajduk/poor Kalinic bullshit!?

    The overall identity of this site went from a great place to exchange comments, banter and actually learn some things…to impostors, anonymous comments and a bunch of clowns that change their name with every comment they make…basically making this site a garbage pit mixed with a few decent comments (Maminjo, DannyJ, CroatiaU14, Razbijac…and a few others).

    Ante Kvartuc, for the sake of making this a decent place to come to… I suggest you fully apoligize for the “walk off the field” narrative and constant pro-Hajduk slant while ignoring their irresponsible decision makers. You should try to bring back Svircic because you two together were great BUT without him, you lack balance and credibility!

  12. Slavonac from Canada says:

    to be fair to Ziva, he was very negative but the guy was also relatively smart in many of his comments. he knew the game better than most but his silliness got people to hate him. I didn’t appreciate his comments about the dead or about people that have personal problems but other than that, I was ok with many of his perspectives.

  13. CroatiaU14 says:

    Perišić with a goal, 8.8 match rating, and man of the match today…good for him. I’m always happy when he has a good day.

  14. Dannyj says:

    Ziva always was entertaining
    A chronic pessimist but at times could make us all chuckle

    I do miss the yesterday years myself
    It’s when we get the comments pretending to be a regular poster that suck and of course all the anon ones as well

    Still a decent place overall to get some info from the regulars and have some good banter

    After all we should all be here celebrating our beautiful ancestry and of course despite what others want to say our regular churn out of high quality players and sports in general

  15. Anonymous says:

    Ziva entertaining? You have to be kidding me. He just repeated the same crap over and over, and it wasn’t even funny the first time

  16. U boj says:

    I check this site for you SlavonAc. You call the bs on this site and you know the game of soccer.
    Ziva was a clown. Plain and simple. No need to sugarcoat it.

  17. vuki says:

    I’m not going to lie, I hardly ever read the actual articles. I usually just scroll straight down to the comments to see if anyone posted anything I’m interested in talking about. If I just see a bunch of political bs and no soccer talk I just exit out.

    As for Halilovic, it’s definitely been a good move to finally go back to a smaller league to get consistent minutes. I’ve seen some fans on Twitter basically considering him a key part of their team next season.

    I saw some people posting about Brekalo not playing the other day as well. Honestly, Wolfsburg has not really valued him much this season. He would start relatively often this season, but they decided to go with more experience and formation changes instead of playing him. If I was him, I’d have a chat with the manager to see where I stand and if he’s not going to be a consistent starter next season, go on loan or a transfer. He was a key player for Stuttgart last season when they were doing well and then Wolfsburg was struggling and brought him in for fresh legs. If I recall correctly, he was an important part of Wolfsburg avoiding relegation.

    I’d also like to mention Robert Muric. While he might not end up being a player that can be on the national team, he has finally got a team that has sees some value in him in Rijeka. He has 3 goals and 5 assists in 14 appearances since joining in February. I remember when he was seen as a possibly pretty good player and was even getting some hype while coming on as a sub for Ajax. Hopefully he can find a way to become a player that we talk about at least possibly getting call up. Like so many have mentioned here, our young guys seem to turn out around 24 and 25 years old. Here’s hoping another one does.

  18. Slavonac from Canada says:

    Thanks u boj!

    With regards to our younger players. I feel we should let time takes its course with many of them. Often times, a potential star like what we heard about Halilovic don’t have the maturity and/or the mental tools to deal with the many different variables that is required to keep developing and advancing in their career. We saw that a bit with Rebic, where he disappeared for a couple of years and thankfully it seemed like Kovac helped him get back on track. This happens to younger guys more than we think. More often than not, they lose their focus and direction…get side tracked or just aren’t fitting into a particular team program and they end up not progressing as a player.

    Sometimes these kids mature at an older age, sometimes younger…sometimes it takes one of their coaches to take extra attention to help them through a tough phase but then again, many don’t!

  19. Jim says:

    @Slavonac from Canada

    But Halilovic had a private coach hired by his father so how can you say he wasn’t coached or developed?

  20. Slavonac from Canada says:

    haha…thats part of his problem! He’s the only one that thinks he’s on another level!

  21. Dannyj says:

    I think it’s safe to say halilovic talent is probably above average
    They just thought he was already Messi
    Maybe now he realized this after all this moving around and not playing

    I’m sure he was butt hurt not being in Russia past summer and prob helped to light a fire under his ass

    If he can become that team player and get that work ethic I’m sure he can still do something great
    After all he is a the god of halilovic

  22. Dannyj says:

    So apparently hazard is going to Real?
    Do they work some package and kovacic stays in Chelsea?

  23. crnkovic says:

    i used to love when ziva would say something like: what’s more embarassing a) modric’s goal scoring record b) a man wearing another man’s name on his shirt or c) ante kvartuc ordering a beer in croatian…… haha tears

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