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Eddy Blažina Takes 2018/19 Fantasy Premiership Crown!

May 14, 2019

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2018/19 Final Standings



After leading the entire season, Eddy Blažina of NK Vrlovka held off Zach Gilfix of Crottenham FC by two points on the final day of the season to win the 2018/19 Premiership crown!



Blažina stayed hot for the entire season and could not be caught in a pool which consisted of 82 players. Zach Gilfix is a writer on and covers Handball and the Olympics when in season. No, the fix was not in.


Deni Doljac, Denis Kočina and Ante Krešo round out the top-five while the mighty brother-sister combo of Mijo Cotić and Marija Cotić – representing Toronto, Canada – both finish in the top-ten.



Eddy Blažina…the floor is yours.



Name your prize here at CroatianSports!



Ante Kvartuč
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