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Kovačić: Stay At Chelsea Or Go Back To Inter Milan?

May 15, 2019




It’s no secret that Belgian superstar Eden Hazard will be leaving Stamford Bridge for Real Madrid this summer. It’s all but a done deal.


But what does that mean for Chelsea’s midfield next season?



Mateo Kovačić was on a season-long loan in London and helped Chelsea finish top-four to secure a Champions League berth and a spot in the Europa League Final. Although Kovačić did not score this season and only had two assists to his name, manager Maurizio Sarri is a big fan of Kovačić and is planning on making him a permanent Chelsea player.



“This season has had many ups and downs,’ said Kovačić. ‘It was a bad season in one situation, now it’s a good season. We achieved the Champions League qualification, it was the main target for us, and now we are in another final this year. It could obviously be better but I think we have to be happy and enjoy these days. I thought we could fight for the Premier League in the beginning but the Premier League is so difficult, if you lose one or two games you are out of the race. We had some games where we lost some stupid points, but it’s normal because we had a new coach, some new players came in, it’s our first season together. I think in the end we did a good job.” is reporting that Inter Milan may also be a move Kovačić makes, as he spent 2 1/2 years there before moving to Real Madrid.



I don’t think Kovačić’s season at Chelsea was successful at all. He was never on the scoresheet and for a majority of the season, he was coming off the bench.



But I would love to see him have one more go in a Chelsea shirt with a season in the Premiership already under his belt.



Ante Kvartuč
Posted By: Ante Kvartuč 36 comments

  1. zlatna dolina says:

    Kovacic is too passive of a midfielder to be on the bigger clubs anymore and i feel they have learned that during this season at Chelsea where Kovacic passed the ball backwards or sideways pretty much everytime. I was expecting so much more from him this season but after watching him i realised he shouldn’t ever be called to the Vatreni ever again. Let our younger midfielders get the invite and the experience…not Mateo.

  2. Miloš Hvar says:

    Inter Milan. Play with Brozo and possibly Rakitic and Sime. Maybe perisic would also want to stay. Would be fun!

  3. Torin says:

    A film is coming out on gotovina in the pula film festival. I wonder if it’s going to cover how he was a criminal in France and arrested before becoming a war criminal eventually. Sad to think about how gotovina hid for so long and let the bipartisan people suffer the consequences. Whether he was guilty or not he should’ve turned himself in and gone to trial so the Croatian people would not have to suffer

  4. CroatiaU14 says:

    Rumor has it that he is staying arbor Chelsea…he’s gotta start producing more offensively though if he wants to be valuable to us. Luckily, we have young CM/CDMs like Moro (scored today) Palaversa, Ivanušeć and Sunjić that can play great defensively and score and assist.

  5. CroatianPerson85 says:

    @ Torin – where in Serbia are you from? Or are you Serbian from Rijeka or Pula? I know you guys like it there.

  6. Torin says:

    I’m from Zagreb. Hardcore sdp and pro Croatian. I realize who gotovina is and was. And how he put himself ahead of Croatia

  7. Miloš Hvar says:

    Chetnik Jovic to Real Madrid. Hope rebic moves this summer, hearing Kovac wants him at Bayern

  8. Maminjo says:

    I still don’t understand what Gotovina did that was so bad.

    There is plenty of documented evidence of the SAO Krajina Serbian Leadership of being responsible for the displacement of all those Serbian civilians and video evidence of Gotovina trying to ensure that any large takeover is managed professionally without casualties. He did what he was supposed to do, and under heavy monitoring from the International Community.

    This has just become another stupid left wing vs right wing argument, where each side MUST ignore all facts and just argue against anyone who is deemed right wing or left wing.

    TORIN labeling himself left wing (SDP) now means that he simply MUST go anything that has been labeled as right wing (i.e. Gotovina).

    For example…The SDP wanted to sell oil drilling rights to random foreign companies for peanuts, which would have been an environmental disaster for the entire Jadransko More…but I guess since it’s a left wing group that advocates it, then it means that Torin is fine with it…but if Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic endorsed this, then Torin MUST be against it because she is a right winger. etc etc.

    Another example is Plenkovic and the HDZ passing the Lex-Agrokor law that prevented a private restructuring firm from taking over Agrokor as part of its restructuring process.
    Seems like a very ‘left’ thing of HDZ to do in order to protect all those jobs and other Croatian businesses, but Torin simply MUST be against what they did because Plenky and HDZ are right wing, so Torin MUST be against them.

    It’s idiotic…but sadly this is how people think nowadays.

    Too stupid to choose their own food from a menu, so they need a prix fixe menu with all the selections made for them in advance.

    You are literally told what your views must be, and then you go on and fight to the death on your masters behalf. lol.

  9. Maminjo says:

    Luka Jović going to Real Madrid is big news for Serbia.

    I don’t remember the last time Serbia has had an elite level offensive player who actually played on an elite Liga Petica team.

    Somehow I have a feeling that Jović (like most offensively gifted Serbs) will fail the same way Kezman, Zigic, Sulejmani, Krasic, Ljajic, Tosic, Krkic, and Grujic have. They just don’t seem to be able to produce elite level offensive players.

  10. Torin says:

    Assume gotovina did not commit mass war crimes (which he did). His true fault is in not turning himself in. He placed himself above the people of Croatia. This is a common hdz move. Drum nationalism and pride in the people with your right hand, while you Rob them with the left

  11. Ante says:

    @Maminjo-Well said as usual.Torin is a simple fellow.His tata said Gotovina is bad,so Torin follows suit.His tata said Tito was good,Torin follows suit.His choice I guess.He just shouldnt call himself pro Croatian,though i think he means some type of warped version of it.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Obviously as long as Gotovina was on the run he was a stumbling block for Croatia’s entrance into the EU.

    So what @Torin meant to say is that he is pro-Europeanism like his SDP party, that’s why he dislikes Gotovina, because Gotovina was pro-Croatian while he was on the run. Now, I don’t think Gotovina gives a fuck about Croatia, he knows what the “Homeland war” was all about.

    Like cetnik Vucic said about Croatia, “Croatia are not their own masters because they are EU members.” Vucic also said that “Croatians don’t enjoy freedom, but prefer to be slaves to the EU.” And he had the balls to say that in Croatia when lol “right wing” Kobila Grubby Kitarovic invited him to Croatia. What did Kobila do when Vucic said that? She just stood their like a dumb cunt lol!

    Lol at Croats when a cetnik Serb tells it like it is, it’s like the “Homeland war” should be called “the war to find out who Croatia’s masters are going to be.” Vucic answers for Croatia, “the EU, unfortunately not Serbia.”

  13. Bobby V says:

    I grew up with Luka Misetic (Ante Gotovina’s lawyer) in Chicago. Our fathers were both original board members of RWB Adria soccer club in the early 60’s.

    We spoke at great length after the trial.

    Without getting into everything, I can assure you that most of the comments written about Gotovina on this thread is misleading or flat out wrong.

  14. Torin says:

    You guys have false logic. Because you don’t want to join the eu, in your eyes it was ok for gotovina to stay on the run and impede Croatias entry. But what if the world said they would give Croatia free healthcare for the next 100 years in exchange for gotovina? He wouldve still stayed on the run because he cares about himself first and not Croatia. Also, do you ever wonder how he afforded to stay on the run?. Travel to Tahiti. Sip wine in the canary islands?. Sounds like some shady acquisition of finances during the war. Or who knows, maybe he just got rich beforehand working for the French foreign legion and sitting in prison

  15. Anonymous says:


    “But what if the world said they would give Croatia free healthcare for the next 100 years in exchange for gotovina?”

    What about if your mum had balls, wouldn’t she then be your dad?

  16. Maminjo says:


    Word of advice for you…

    Don’t ever be a “hardcore” [insert political group]

    Political groups are not an identity, nor are they anything that people should be ‘loyal’ to because they change like the wind (as their sole purpose is to gain power for themselves).

    You’re pretty much boasting about being a hardcore pawn.

    That’s nothing to be proud of.

  17. Milan says:

    Torin you strike me as a person who blames everyone else for your lack of achievements/success.

    Be your own man. You’ll be surprised at the results.

    On a side note I can’t wait for the movie. Full respect for General Ante Gotovina.

  18. Torin says:

    Us in the sdp have achieved great things to benefit the Croatian people. We battle the corrupt powers of the rich and influential, corporations, and lobbyists who would rob the basic goods of the people. Progressivism and pan Europeanism I’d the future. There is no choice but to partake

  19. Ante Kvardouche says:

    Gotovina is a genius. He flushed out the chetniks from Hrvatska with ease. He masterminded operation storm. He’s a free man because he was proven to be a professional soldier. He didn’t butcher unarmed civilians like the coward serbs. The macho chetniks fled like rats. It was hilarious.

    Allegri is out of Juve. No surprise. They need good yound defenders and someone like that bastard Capello.

  20. CroatianPerson85 says:

    @ Torin – What do you think would have happened in Croatia if there was no Gotovina during the war?

    To Ante! Back to soccer/sports talk. Juve needs a top top coach for Champions League success although Allegri did take them to 2 finals, a semi and a quarter if I am not mistaken.

  21. Torin says:

    I remind you of the truth?. Does that mean you agree with what with me? Glad to have another supporter on board

  22. Anonymous says:


    You haven’t given me your thoughts on the “Hod za život”?
    It seems to have divided your little SDP party lol!

    On HDZ, they’re all crveni Hrvati like you, so what problem could you have with them?

  23. tomo says:

    Croatia has lost about 350000 people since independence. They’ve all gone to “socialist pastures” in europe.
    Can only hope they’re all traitors – partisan ex yugo scum like
    So Torin – what are you doing in Zagreb – FUCK OFF!

  24. Aussie Croat says:

    @ Torin
    You’re a disgrace.
    Hang your head in shame. Or even better, hang yourself.

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