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Croatia To Play Hungary October 10th At Poljud

June 12, 2019




The HNS announced today that Croatia’s next home game on October 10th – a pivotal Euro 2020 qualifier vs. Hungary – will be played at Poljud in Split. Croatia hasn’t played in Split since 2015 due to the infamous “swastika on the field” incident.



Total News Croatia is reporting that the HNS and President Davor Šuker made the decision without contacting the front office at Hajduk Split and that club executives learned the news through social media.  Classic Croatian business.


With recent matches in Osijek, Varaždin, and now Spit, it really looks as if the HNS is spreading the wealth and not focusing on making Zagreb the Croatian capital of football.



Ante Kvartuč
Posted By: Ante Kvartuč 16 comments

  1. Maminjo says:

    We need to rock a team 3-0 or something.

    These games are becoming painful to watch.

    Just pretend you’re playing Argentina, and score already.

  2. Suba says:

    About bloody time it has been an absolute disgrace that there has not been games in Split

    Poljud should be a fortress and let’s hope a we have taken a positive corner in respect to this

    Just imagine Perisic and Rebic and Modric and the other dalmatinci ripping it up at Poljud so sad

  3. nepoznat nepoznat says:

    seems like an odd choice for a must win match… and Suba maybe it *should* be a fortress but it’s actually a graveyard for us… 8.3% win rate from only 1 win out of 12 matches! and that win required coming from behind vs Georgia

    1-1 vs Italia in 1995
    1-1 vs Denmark in 1997
    3-3 vs Slovenia in 1997
    0-1 vs Denmark in 1999 (friendly)
    0-0 vs Spain in 2000 (friendly)
    0-0 vs Poland in 2003 (friendly)
    1-2 vs Germany in 2004 (friendly)
    1-1 vs Brazil in 2005 (friendly)
    0-3 vs Netherlands in 2008 (friendly)
    2-1 vs Georgia in 2011
    2-4 vs Switzerland in 2012 (friendly)
    1-1 vs Italy in 2015

  4. Suba says:

    Pretty good opposition there and a lot of friendlies too which was my point in making a fresh new positive start

    I take it you are a Dinamo man nepoznat shove your stats man

    We dalmatinci just seeing it as taking orders from Zagreb however we are used to it since people have been trying to tell us for centuries without success from other so-called rulers from belgrade Napoleon Venice Austria Hungarians and the romans

    Naprid bili

  5. Iggy says:

    Our last 6 games or so have all been 2-1 either for or against us.

    What Croatian websites do you guys recommend for an elderly person to visit to get news and info about what;s going on back home? Trying to get something set up for my dad re internet usage. Are there any online services where Croatian tv channels can be streamed etc?


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