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Mali Vatreni Fall 1-0 To France, Olympic Dream Over

June 20, 2019



Croatia Starting XI: Posavec – Uremović, Borevković, Katić, Sosa – Šunjić, Moro, Ivanušec, Vlašić, Murić – Jakoliš



There is tons of individual talent on this Croatia U-21 side, however, the team never came together at Euro 2019 to win the group and book Croatia’s first ever berth to the Olympics. France showed to be the better team Friday night on the scoresheet but the Mali Vatreni put up a decent fight without Wolfsburg stud Josip Brekalo getting the start (knock) and Alen Halilović; who captained the team vs. Romania, but was benched against France.



Here’s what’s U-21 correspondent had to say after the match:



“Not a bad game from us at all. We played better than France in the second half. Two French handballs, none called because FIFA loves France. A missed breakaway from the Vatreni. And Croatia hit the post through a Kulenović strike, who really impressed me on the day. Brekalo, Vlašić, Moro, Šunjic and Ivanušec all played a strong game. Vlašić dominated the French midfield. Jakoliš and Sosa did not show up to the occasion.”



The Mali Vatreni will not be moving forward but they will wrap up their final group stage match against England on Monday. Hopefully they can save face and grab some points before their summer vacation begins.



Positive: Vlašić came to play and will be an extremely valuable asset to the Croatian senior side.



Negative: No matter what kit Alen Halilović wears, it’s always a disappointing performance.






Ante Kvartuč
Posted By: Ante Kvartuč 91 comments

  1. Dannyj says:

    This is the gods chance!
    I know he still young but has been given plenty of opportunities
    They are running thin now I’m sure

    Ajmo Vatreni pups!

  2. Iggy says:

    If we got absolutely smashed by Romania how are we gonna beat France or England for that matter?

    Disappointing cos i thought we had a good young team?? Guess not?

  3. Suba says:

    Don’t give up on them it seemed just to be a slow start against Romania

    We will do better especially against the bigger teams

    It’s our way

  4. Eric says:

    Mladi Vatreni are talented individually, however as a team they were pretty bad. There were some good moments in the last game, but overall too many turnovers and stupid mistakes.

  5. Dannyj says:

    There was that skill I believe by Bradaric when he nutmegs the dude in the corner. Ya was just one skill but obviously there is something there

    Halilovic looks a lot in the face like prosinecki
    If only he can play like him
    If only we found out Halilovic was too busy partying all this time….

  6. CroatiaU14 says:

    We have an interesting starting 11:

    LW: Murić
    ST: Jakoliš
    RW: Luka Ivanušeć
    CM: Vlašić
    CM: Sunjić (c)
    CM: Moro
    LB: Sosa
    CB: Katić
    CB: Uremović
    RB: Boreković
    GK: Posavec

    No Halilović, Benković, and Brekalo is out

  7. CroatiaU14 says:

    Final: Romania 4 England 2

    76’ Romania
    79’ England
    85’ Romania
    87’ England
    89’ Romania
    93’ Romania

  8. The truth says:

    Halilovic out for injury or poor performance.?
    Sad if for performance. Yet another team thinking he doesn’t help them being on the pitch

  9. CroatiaU14 says:

    Poor performance. I want to see Kulenović at least come on from the bench. I feel he should be starting.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Trevor Noah, a black man who is liberal said after the WC, “France didn’t win the WC, Africa did”. Okay that’s not entirely true as the blacks on France benefit from living in a White/1st world country w/ superior training, etc., but you get his point; a black man who complains about whites all the time said it’s about race.

    So many liberals and every respectable conservative got upset but only the conservatives called for his job knowing full well a liberal and/or black would not lose his job but if they said what he said they wouldn’t have a career in the media anymore. Yet they claim to be the left’s “opposition” and people believe them! Obviously, these fox news cuckservative types are not the left’s opposition, they are the left’s BITCHES.

  11. BZ says:

    I just hope this game shuts up all the overly optimistic ppl in Croatian media. They chased Mandzukic into retirement by ridiculing him after every game he didn’t score, and now we are left with jack shit up top, and nothing coming in the pipeline.
    Jakolis sucks.

  12. CroatiaU14 says:

    Yup, like I said Kulenović should be starting. We had a really bad start, but we are starting to look better.

  13. BZ says:

    cu14-we are looking better, but it is losing soccer (ugly too.)

    This France team is not that good, but they will win bc they are all so damn big.

    As always, rather lose with our Croatian blood team than win with that “French” team.

  14. Poglavnik says:

    Why put the armband on a volatile talent like Halilovic? His attitudes been questioned before and his talent is not consistent. Dumb choice. As usual we need leadership. 2018 WC had some strong characters for us outside of our most talented players.

  15. Poglavnik says:

    Good for Romania.
    Not many would have them on 6 points after 2 games.
    Rather them and their deeply Romanian team than England or France and their massive pools of talent.

  16. BZ says:

    Good news: this french team is unskilled
    bad news:except Vlasic, so are we

    Hopefully Brekalo can man up and play thru that bruise

  17. Poglavnik says:

    Wow. Romania had only 27% posession against England yet scored 4 from 15 shots, 9 on target. That’s a very efficient 27%!
    And another typical match from the Serbs.
    Drubbed by the Germans 6-1.
    Nothing new there..

  18. Dannyj says:

    Haven’t got to watch anything yet
    Try to catch last little bit
    Breakalo has some tendon or ligament issue?
    Is he on the bench?
    Hopefully can come in

    Say what u want about Mandzukic but he ain’t no pussy out there
    The boys last year would brawl it out if they needed to
    Vida Mandzo Lovren Perisic would Throw fists if necessary
    Doesn’t mean anything but as we know we need warriors out there
    Is France mini Africa out there?

    Good for Romania
    We still in this…

  19. BZ says:

    Brekalo mans up
    France hands the ball in penalty area, as usual that call only goes against us.

  20. BZ says:

    umm, someone want to tell these kids that anything other than a win is certain elimination. A little hustle please

  21. Dannyj says:

    If he lays off that pass it’s in but I guess he was still in great shooting position

    Yup I don’t think that should be called a handball but going by their fuck us at World Cup rules that’s got to be called

    We will be ok in the next few years
    A couple of these guys will step up with the older guys and we be ok
    Maybe a while before a tourney run but should be competitive

  22. CroatiaU14 says:

    @DannyJ agreed. In 8 years, maybe less, we will have a strong squad. Like I said yesterday. There are guys like Marin, Sučić, Ćuže, Šipoš, Palaversa, etc. that aren’t even on the u21 squad. We played better than France in the second half. Once Brekalo and Kulenović entered the game, we had a sudden boost. Kulenović is a lot like Mandžo. Maybe he can improve his pace a little. Vlašić, Šunjić, and Moro all played great. Uremović and Katić didn’t play bad either. I liked Ivanušec too.

  23. Anonymous says:

    Time to rebuild. We are going to go through some difficult times. Everyone does. Ie. Italy. Looks like they’re ready to fire up again. We will be back but it’s going to take awhile. Buckle up for a rough few years. Took us awhile from 1998 same is happening now. It’s ok though we will be back with a vengeance!

  24. Dannyj says:

    Nice. Hopefully we get a strong showing at euro… then another 4-6 years we pretty strong again.. all we can ask for
    All we can ask for is when they put on the grb they play their asses off. We have enough talent normally that hard work can put us on that higher level. I guess the god of haillovic needs a miracle to be resurrected
    our current group didn’t do much at youth level either I believe
    There are some positives for sure

    If we didn’t have that rough start with Romania it may have played out diff

  25. Mile says:

    It was just like the World Cup final – Croatia outchanced an overrated “France” with only a few actual French players and they needed the refs help to win. That’s a penalty, plus the foul in injury time on the French right back is a 100% yellow card. But nothing. I don’t know how many more Croatia games I can sit through before I have enough of this bs.

  26. Dannyj says:

    How much longer u guys think Perisic has?
    Maybe to hopefully qualify for 2022?
    Brekalo/Vlasic def ready to be put in regularly

    Sosa looked better today from what I saw and is maybe what two years away from potentially being a regular?

  27. CroatiaU14 says:

    DannyJ, I normally agree with pretty much everything you say when it comes to soccer, but I don’t think Sosa played much better today. He was sloppy in the first half.

    Vlašić and Brekalo are definitely ready to be regulars. I agree with you about the 4-6 year thing. I’m definitely okay with waiting that long for our next good run. I can’t wait for this lineup:


    Other notable players: Sučić (16) (supposed to be wonderful), Bulat (17), Ćuže (18), Baturina (18), Katić, Sosa, Majer, etc.

  28. NK Susak says:

    I think Sosa has taken a huge step backwards in this tournament. Was hoping for much more from him. Brekalo, Vlasic, and a few moments from Moro have stood out. Would like to see Kulenovic start a game. Much more of an imposing figure than any of our other forwards. Romania and France outmuscled us all over the field. Was it just me, or did all French players look like they were in their thirties?

  29. Pero says:

    SRPSKI I didn’t catch the final score of you gypsies and the Germans it was 5-0 last time I checked …do you happen to know the final result ??

  30. BZ says:

    1) Last 2 major tournaments, we lost to the champion.

    After placing 2nd in the World Cup, you do not rebuild until the core has failed two major tournaments…Euro 2020, Wc 2022

    We lost 2 key players, Mandzukic & Vrsaljko.
    Dalic has got to find a way to get Brekalo/Rebic/Perisic all on the field at the same time. RB would do until Vrsaljko comes back.

  31. Suba says:

    Srpskilnat can you please fuck off u Cedo

    You are not welcome go onto Serbian sports com to analyse why the fuck Serbs can’t play football u fuckin loser

    On a side note I think the results come down to coaching and tactics the talents there I am afraid

  32. Anonymous says:


    Croatia is shit and only ever beat big teams because the big teams play down to Croatia’s level.

  33. Suba says:

    How can you claim Croatia is shit

    For a country of only 4 million our achievements in football has been extroadinary while france has won 2 wc at the expense of Croatia and Brazil with a Ronaldo having a fit just before final and use of var assisted by Argentinian ref of French origin in the other final with both French teams stacked with immigrants who actually have no French blood in them

    Every Croat who played in the final had pure Croatian blood running through them

    So yeah go France woopie

  34. Dannyj says:

    Do u guys think Brekalo is actually suitable for us at RB going forward during qualifiers
    I can’t assess like some of u guys can

  35. vuki says:

    I’m not worried about our future after these results. I said it after the Romania game and I’ll say it again. There are some very good individuals on the team, but soccer is a team sport and they were not up to it as a team. Gracan reminds me of Ante Cacic in the fact that he will play certain players like Jakolis just because they’ve played on the team for a while and then lets players that are playing badly try to play their way out of it way too long. I was complaining about Jakolis during and after the Romania game. He hardly does anything for a mid-table Austrian team and provides nothing for this team other than the odd decent run. Look what happened when Kulenovic came onto the field. The attack looked so much more dangerous and he out muscled one of the highly rated and most physically strong young CBs in the world in Dayot Upamecano and really should have scored. Probably should have passed it off to the open man for an easier shot, but still had a very good chance himself. Also, the ‘serb’ is just a troll, just ignore him.

    Realistically, right now the players who I currently definitely see featuring regularly for the main team from this u21 team are: Vlasic, Brekalo, Benkovic, Sunjic, Sosa, Caleta-Car (even though he wasn’t there), and Moro.

    Jury is still out on Kulenovic, Bradaric, Semper, Katic, Uremovic, Bistrovic, Basic, Majer, and Ivanusec

    Halilovic and maybe less so Muric can still revitalize their careers, but I just haven’t seen anything from them in a couple years now really. The only reason Halilovic gets so much hype is because his dribbling is really good, fits a position that has often been where we need another good player, and he cracks off the occasional long goal. He just doesn’t have the right mentality or soccer iq for me. He honestly was not horrible in the Romania game, but just got really lazy quite often.

  36. vuki says:

    Also, Dannyj I see no reason to play Brekalo at RB. Yes he provide some speed and attack from the position, but his defending is subpar at best. I’d rather he play higher up the pitch. I’m hearing Perisic could end up playing wing back for Inter if he isn’t sold this summer. I would rather play Perisic at RB than Brekalo at this time. Maybe Brekalo develops some defensive skills over the years, but I’d rather we just develop someone in that position that can defend well as their strongest asset and can attack at least decently.

  37. Suba says:

    Brekalo and Perisic are too classy to right back it would be wasted. I would still hold the position for Vrsaljko

    Is sunjic the real deal any thoughts on this would be good because if him and Moro and Brekalo with vlasic our future is pretty much secured

    We need to stop trying cloning the next Messi or Modric our future will not and can not be reliant on Halilovic

    Was the failure for the under 21s May have been the lack of physical presence if it was then that’s the main concern for me

    It is going to be an interesting transition for Croatia over the next five years must be handled expertly and with reports that Dalic is getting exhausted who’s going to guide that process

  38. Soul Champ says:

    Olympics would have been cool but core young talent in Euro 2020 is better for us probably.

    Halilovic bumming it up against Romania aside, what is up with Nenad Gracan?

    This team plays like they just got together last week?

    I would think team chemistry would be a strong suit for us?

    Romania play to their strengths and bum rushed us and England.

    Our young pros need a quality coach.

    World Cup run was magical but still has not transformed the HNS and Šuker.

    I feel bad for the boys as they had enough talent to make a collective run.

    Dalić out of necessity needs to refresh the squad for September.

    Look at the young core who actually get to play for their clubs and call them up.

    Ante Coric was needed for this team.

    We needed more quality in the midfield.

    Hope to see hunger to compete against England.

    Go out and express yourself and score a couple of goals for shits and giggles.

  39. NK Susak says:

    Interesting idea, but Brekalo has way too much offensive explosiveness to waste at RB. You need a guy that can run right at and dribble to keep the opponents back on their heels a bit. A couple of those runs here and there can flip momentum in a game, especially when soaking up pressure. Also, his size is a huge problem when it comes to defending. You can get away with lack of size up the field, but good teams will exploit that in your own half. It has that “Pranjic” feel to it, where against the lesser teams where you know you will dominate possession looks great, but when it’s time to play a team that dictates tempo, you’re screwed.

  40. Maminjo says:

    Jedvaj at RB is fine, until Vrsaljko comes back.

    Not sure why Dalić is fucking around so much with the lineups. At this point, it’s just hurting our chemistry and confidence with all these losses piling up.

    It will cost him if he screws around again in September.

  41. . .Crnkovic says:

    I just want to let all my brother’s know on this site. That I am at my big brothers birthday party. Family is best zds

  42. The truth says:

    If our midfield future is sunjic we’re in trouble. I didn’t see any midfield creativity and offensive capabilities from him. Couldn’t watch closely enough to see if maybe be he was just playing a good defensive game.

    Interesting Croatian youth hype used to be all about the midfielders. Now it seems those are not the hyped players. Instead its these wing players like halilovic,pjaca, brekalo, Marin that get the hype

    Coric was the last modric, rakitic, kovacic esque midfield prospect to come through that was highly rated. Only problem is he sucks

  43. Anonymous says:

    ‘BZ’ said: “As always, rather lose with our Croatian blood team than win with that “French” team.”

    With that kind of attitude we can’t lose the REAL game. Napoleon’s army won victory after victory in Russia yet wound up staggering back to France with a tenth of their army and their tails between their legs for one simple reason: the Russians never even considered sacrificing their nationhood. So what if the French army occupies a particular piece of Russian territory at any given time, how is that going to conquer the Russian PEOPLE?

    Now imagine someone like “Crnkovic” as a Russian living in Russia at that time, he would have said “what does it matter if Napoleon is Russian or not, he has the right ideas” -after all, the French were making the Russian military look silly, right? That’s exactly what “Crnkovic” said “What does it matter if a negro rules Croatia, so long as he has the right ideas” – meaning whatever words “Crnkovic” is loyal to at the moment.

    And ‘Elvis” wants to have dinner with these fucking TRAITORS who’d quit and stab you in the back at the drop of hat in the name of “anti-racism”. The only way I’d have dinner with these fucking TRAITORS is if I played the role of Al Capone and bashed their fucking shit for brains in.

  44. Maminjo says:


    Re: this comment of yours:

    “Interesting Croatian youth hype used to be all about the midfielders. Now it seems those are not the hyped players. Instead its these wing players like halilovic,pjaca, brekalo, Marin that get the hype

    Coric was the last modric, rakitic, kovacic esque midfield prospect to come through that was highly rated. Only problem is he sucks”

    Croatian hype is still there for central midfield players.

    Moro, Ivanusec, Majer, Palaversa, Vlasic… are all central midfielders who are getting hype. Vlasic was already sold for A LOT of money, and so was Palaversa. Moro will be sold soon too. Not sure why you chose to focus on Sunjic, who was pretty much a CB in his youth who was re-purposed as a CDM.

    Croats are late bloomers (Modric’s first callup was at 21) so I’m not worried about our central midfielders not being world class in their early 20s. Obviously, most of these guys won’t be anything special, but you only need a couple to pan out.

    The reason why our wingers got a lot of hype, is because the hype was REAL. Pjaca was excellent at Euro2016 and was well on his way to a fantastic career. Juventus has excellent scouts, so they know what they are doing. It’s just bad that he sustained such terrible injuries, ruining his career.

    Brekalo is legit too. He will be very, very good. Already one of our most impactful players on the senior squad (and still only 20 years old). He will AT LEAST be as good as Ivan Perisic (but probably better).

    Antonio Marin is carrying his junior teams right now, and has all the tools to be another Brekalo-caliber player.

    It’s odd, but for some reason we are experiencing a sudden spike in winger talent (after many years of struggling to find good wingers). But just because we have a lot of talent on the wings, doesn’t mean that our central midfield talent is not there. It’s present, as it always has been.

  45. The truth says:

    Vlasic is not a ball and tempo control type of midfielder like the modtic, rakitic, kovacic type. He’s more cam.

    I don’t see anything special in Moro. Ditto for ivanusevic.

    Haven’t seen much palvaresa

  46. BZ says:

    With you The Truth.

    Funny how Murinho wanted Perisic at LW & LB for Man U, but front office wouldn’t pull the trigger at 52 million.
    Now Inter considering Perisic at wingback if they sign Conte or some other talents.

    How come none of the soccer geniuses on this site wanted Perisic at LB too?

    Vrsaljko at RB and Perisic at LB with Rebic/Mandzukic/Brekalo up top, we would be reigning World Cup champs. Count it.

    Anybody who thinks Perisic and Brekalo would be wasted at wingbacks has literally not “critically” watched a modern soccer game since 1990. Even play at local club level has shown that it is a good strategy to put great talents as wingbacks.

    That said, Brekalo might not be good enough defensively to be successful at RB, but its worthwhile during these qualifiers to continue that experiment while Vrsaljko is out and Perisic/Kramaric/Rebic playing up top. Brekalo has more room at RB than he ever will at RW. Just do it Dalic.

  47. Maminjo says:


    You’ve probably seen very little Moro and Ivanusec…just as you probably saw very little of Modric when he was 18-20 years of age.

    There has also been Coric and Balic as these ‘tempo control’ types of talent in recent years…but the two of them are lazy, so they are not panning out.

    Either way, the argument here is that Croatia is NOT dropping off in any central midfield talent (as you suggest). The talent is there, it’s just a matter of whether or not one of them will pan out.

    The important thing is, that we regularly have these talents coming up the pipeline…and it’s only a matter of time until the one with the right work ethic and mindset pans out and turns into another Modric or Rakitic.

  48. Anonymous says:

    Vive la France 2× world cup champions, you Croats should stick to waterpolo, forget about Basketball, Handball and Soccer lol, you got nothing for us in those sports.

  49. Anonymous says:

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  50. Anonymous says:

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  57. Anonymous says:

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