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The World Cup Final

July 15, 2019




One year ago today, the Vatreni played in the World Cup Final.



Yes, the WORLD CUP FINAL. The single greatest sporting event in history. And you know what? Our little nation of 4 million people belonged in the Final and gained the support of the entire world along the way.



After going a perfect 3-0 in group stage – beating Lionel Messi and Argentina 3-0 in the process – Luka Modrić and company had to come from behind in three straight knockout round matches to make the Final.



And in the Final, the magic finally ran out against France as everything that could go wrong for Croatia, did go wrong.



An Antoine Griezmann flop was called a foul, leading to a free kick and eventual Mario Mandžukić own goal. Nothing was originally called on Ivan Perišić’s handball in the box but a long, long, long VAR review gifted the French a penalty kick; giving them a 2-1 lead heading into halftime.



The Vatreni played one hell of a game but unwound in the second half, falling 45 minutes short of a historic World Cup victory.



At the end of the day, it was a dream run that pulled every Croatian on this planet together. July 15th should go down in the record books as not just one of the greatest days in Croatian sports history – but Croatian history. PERIOD.





Ante Kvartuč
Posted By: Ante Kvartuč 103 comments

  1. Bobby V says:

    If Neymar joins Griezmann, at least 30 minutes of every Barcelona game will be wasted waiting for these two divers to get up.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Good call bobby Barça will be a joke next season

    Welcome back Ante really missed you

    Sorry ante but the 10 of April 1941 is the greatest day in Croatian history

  3. Red star says:

    Me and my buddies had a blast watching this game. A real reality check. Croatia was lucky not to lose by more. The two fouls were legit

  4. Elvis says:

    Blah blah the final was pushed Frances way.
    Keep thinking FIFA would let Croatia win.
    France was given it in the name of
    Conhesion and multi cultural bull shit.
    Financial considerations to.

    Remember they made this a racial World Cup
    Not us. We were playing for love of our country.
    The EU bots made it a multi cultural battle.

    Fuck FIFA, EU, France and all you
    Self hating Europeans. ZDS!

  5. Croat Canadian says:

    Red Star Are you blind? Greizmann dove for that freekick and Perisic’s hand was in a natural position. France has been cheating years. Their in cahoots with FIFA.

  6. Tomas says:

    Wasn’t there two balls on the field
    Before the Mario own goal? Play
    Should have been stopped and redone.
    Was pushing Mario in the back a legal
    Play and wasn’t what his name clearly offside?

    There was clearly an invisible hand at play.

    Red star- today you are a Serb, yesterday Spanish
    And last month Turkish, what’s next Balkan gay?

  7. Red star says:

    Greizman did not dive. He was clearly lunging forward and was clipped. Perisic hands were flailing and he stopped the balls progress

  8. Elvis says:

    Anywho I’m getting ready to head out,
    Putting the jersey on today. ZDS

    BTW Red just google neutrals
    Feel Croatia was robbed to not just us,
    Plenty of articles.

  9. Red star says:

    Me and some of the buddies are going to get together today and rewatch the world cup finals. I’m bringing the popcorn. Another buddy is bringing the beers. Then we might rewatch djokovic Wimbledon win from this weekend and then maybe Serbia’s basketball golf medal game. Are you guys going to rewatch when your guys win in a big sports? Oh wait. Never happened. You just embarrass yourself celebrating second place in a tournament like you cured cancer. The world got a got chuckle watching you guys, but felt a little bad laughing

  10. vuki says:

    @Red star

    Even though we all know you’re not actually a serb, you’re just the person that trolls as a new name on every thread.

    If Serbia is so dominant, why does Croatia have more gold medals in the Olympics as well as total medals? You can argue that some were won as Yugoslavia, but that is just a terrible argument considering there was maybe 1 or 2 Olympic games as Yugoslavia without Croatians involved. If you’re gonna troll at least use a valid argument.

  11. Red star says:

    Terrible argument. No one cares about shot put or rowing or water polo. They care about the big sports like basketball and tennis. That’s where Serbia gets gold

  12. Medo says:

    I felt bad for Djokovic being boo’d at Wimbledon…he even tried to increase his popularity by bringing goran on board…one of the most beloved tennis players of all time!
    It must be difficult for a good guy like Novak to be despised due to the horrific crimes and terrible rep the Serbs have world wide.
    You ever notice the last decade when you need a slimy evil henchman in the movies it’s a Serb.
    It used to be a Russian or a Turk…it’s not like the Serbs could get acting bits based on talent or their looks so they have made progress in that regard!

  13. Canuckcro says:

    redstar is a true evil cetnik the type that kill a family ,heartless cruel troll.Karma will get you and remember souless fucks like you are as worthless as a piece of shit even though shit is a good fertilizer,your jealousy hatred smells like a bag o shit you must be some ugly cuck drug dependent loser with no job trying to bug us respectable go repent you judas,you ugly motherfucker,you govno,love ta see crocop cave yur ugly turk head in the ring.

  14. Vive la France says:

    “Fuck FIFA, EU, France and all you
    Self hating Europeans. ZDS!”

    Lol, this muppet says “Fuck the EU.” Dumb cunt self styled Croat doesn’t realise that means fuck the white Croatian muppet.

    “You just embarrass yourself celebrating second place in a tournament like you cured cancer.”

    Lol! That’s Croats for ya, they “win” wars to join the EU also.

  15. Billy Stemhovilichski says:

    Voditelj emisije pitao je Dalića što bi promijenio u finalu.

    “Lako je s ove distance govoriti, Subašić je bio ozlijeđen, ali rekao je da može, tko bi maknuo golmana koji nas je doveo do finala i da mu kažeš da neće braniti finale. Promijenio bih samo suca utakmice.”

  16. Serbian Croat from Vukovar says:

    Croats love acting like they’re tough guys.

    Come to Vukovar, to my Borovo Selo in particular, you pussies wouldn’t be acting so tough then.

  17. Anonymous says:

    “Mi Hrvati imamo dvije mane, iz kojih izvire sva naša narodna nesreća: mi svakome vjerujemo bez da premišljamo i lako zaboravljamo krivice koje nam drugi učine.”
    – Ante Starcevic

    Lol, that’s so true of the stupidest people in Europe, Franjo Sranjo was a communist, and communists committed no crimes against Croats.

    Stipe Mesic, lol a communist.

    Ivo Josipovic, lol another communist.

    Kobila Grubby Kitarovic, a globalist whore.

    The curse of King Zvonimir is real!

  18. Elvish says:

    @ Viva

    Fuck your Aryan Brotherhood
    Meth heads to. Western Europe
    Has choosen suicide. You want us
    To fight their battles? When did they fight

    We don’t celebrate second place.
    We celebrate ourselves that’s why
    We had The worlds greatest parade
    And party.

    BTW fuck communist apologists.

  19. Vive la France says:


    You’re a funny cunt, “We celebrate ourselves.”
    And you dumb motherfuckers are communists you idiot, you couldn’t celebrate shit moron if it wasn’t for commie anti-facist Franjo Sranjo.

    Remember that you dumb cunt, you can’t spit on communism without spitting on the Croatian people.

  20. Boris says:

    Why do Serbs like to have their sheep graze close to the edge of a cliff…they push back harder!

  21. Iggy says:

    Lately there’s been a whole heap of new comments and views on the Hrvatska world cup vids i have on YouTube so i guess as this anniversary rolls around people have been reminiscing and celebrating.

    I wonder what serbcunts have to fondly reminisce about? Oh that’s right, nothing : )

  22. Croats are losers says:

    “I wonder what serbcunts have to fondly reminisce about?”

    Wonder no more, they’re still celebrating getting the cowardly Croats to flee to the EU from fear of the Serb, rendering the Yugoslavian civil war a war for dependence for you mentally challenged Croats lol!
    You wouldn’t act so tough in Borovo Selo ya pussy.

    Watch this,

    Hey @Elvis, celebrate yourselves ya loser.

  23. Anonymous says:

    Just like gojko susak I’d be very happy to fire a missile into Borovo selo
    There will come another time and hopefully soon so we can sort u Serbs once and for all

  24. Anonymous says:

    Mi Hrvati imamo dvije mane, iz kojih izvire sva naša narodna nesreća: mi svakome vjerujemo bez da premišljamo i lako zaboravljamo krivice koje nam drugi učine.
    – Ante Starcevic

    That quote above tells you a bit about Gojko Susak, good buddy of anti-facist communist Franjo Sranjo.

    Now Susak’s father and brother fought in the NDH forces, both disappeared at the end of wwii, how did they disappear, is anyone guilty of their disappearance? Maybe they ran away from home because Gojko stank?

    Celebrate yourselves lol!

  25. Mali Ante says:

    Ante, is there anyway that you can verify people before being able to post on the site? The number of trolls and crazies are getting worse.

    As for you trolls, especially you Turkey, Red Star or whatever you call yourself…get a life. It’s sad and pathetic when you spend your free time trolling.

  26. Stef T.O says:

    I’ll take a World Cup Final, UFC Champion and The Ballon d’Or over tennis and basketball. Enjoy your small defeats leave the big stuff for us. Oh and isn’t Djokovic half Croatian? Even more proof that having half Croatian blood can turn shit into gold ;)

  27. Anonymous says:


    World Cup final you only made because of half Serb Subasic.

    Balon d’Or, half Serb Modric.

  28. Croat Canadian says:

    Hey redstar Tell me your accomplishments in football, UFC, boxing, and hockey. Croatia has done a lot more than Serbia by miles in sports. Make it out of the group stage then talk smack. I was so pleased to see Switzerland beat you chetkins last year.

  29. vuki says:

    Looks like Domagoj Bradaric is going to Lille and David Colina is ending his one year stay in Monaco’s youth teams to replace him. Seems like both moves could work out. Hopefully Lille actually plan on using Bradaric.

    I’m saw a rumor about Modric going to AC Milan if Madrid decides to sell him. I would love Luka in the Serie A. He could have a long career there in the same way that Pirlo did as a deep lying playmaker. I’ve also seen Moro and Kramaric linked to them. Moro is overdue for a move, but hopefully he makes the right one and doesn’t turn into another one of our young players who just sits on the bench all season.

  30. Red star says:

    First, you did not win anything in ufc. Miocic is American and a product of America. Your real fighter crocop was embarrassed in the ring and needed to go back to Japan proving that he was never that good ever and he just faced weak competition.

  31. Anonymous says:
    Look you chetniks what big nice catholic black man did to yur tuff guy from gay belgrade and miocic easily defeated this what a beating that all you can do redstar,yu should fight miocic.

  32. Croat Canadian says:

    Red Star Miocic has a tattoo of the Croatian coat of arms tattoo on his foot. Why doesn’t he have an american tattoo? He’s always wearing Croatia jerseys and supporting us. I’ve never seen him talk about American pride and such. He is of Croatia heritage and that counts. Mirko has won world championships in MMA and kickboxing. Pat Miletich won a title Croatia produces better athletes and you know it. Talk to me when Serbia goes far in a major tournament for football. They still take credit for Yugoslavia accomplishment in football lol. Get out of here man, your on a Croatian sports website. Your’re opinions are invalid and meaningless. Name a Serbian who has won a golden shoe, ballon d’or, golden balls, made a world cup final.Tell me a Serbian that’s won a champions league in the last 7 years. You laugh at us for losing to Africa in finals. I laugh at Serbia getting beat by Switzerland and going nowhere in Euro’s or in the World Cup. We don’t excel in basketball as much but we still produce good players.Just shut your mouth and realize both sides succeed at different sports.

  33. Red star says:

    When miocic defends his ufc belt, did he chant cro? No. He shouted o h i o into the crowd. Hrs barely been to Croatia and doesn’t speak the language. He tried to embarrass Croatia by putting the Croatian coat of arms on his crotch for a while

  34. Anonymous says:

    Miocic a fighter who owns the most consecutive successful heavyweight title defenses (3) in UFC history.
    August 17 anaheim,he will be goat,,best strongest fighter the world has ever seen.!!!

  35. Croat Canadian says:

    Red Star Can I ask why are you even on this comment section? Got nothing better to do in your life than troll lol

  36. Elvis says:

    Red Star is using Yugo UDBA technics to seperate us. Miocic is Croatian. Blood tells you where a person is form not language.
    He can shout “the South will rise again” as far as I am concerned but he still is Croatian. Also you can’t pick who or what you are. Its not a choice even if you try to deny it.

  37. Croat Canadian says:

    Red Star I bet you think those “Frenchman” that stole the world cup are truly French. Nationality is meaningless. A German could be born in Jamaica. Does it make him Jamaican by blood? As a Canadian and speaking on behalf of Americans. We and our ancestors all come from different countries and live in multiracial countries and communities. No one is truly American or Canadian unless their from a native american tribe. I’m only Canadian by nationality, not by heritage. None of those black French are truly French. French by nationality? Yes French by ancestry? No Therefore not French.

  38. Anonymous says:

    Can we block out red star the dude is a tool
    Knows a little too much about Croatia than his own country

    When u become obsessed with your enemy u know u end up becoming like them

    Time to move on red star find some Serbian friends to talk too

  39. Jakov says:

    Red star jealousy is a wasted emotion…all this time and energy you waste on here and what exactly is your point?
    You diminish anything a Croat does and elevate what a Serb accomplished.
    To even come on here anonymously and throw your childish jabs is what little girls do in high school.
    Show me a Serb site where Croats pull this crap and immature baiting?
    In the end how different are we really?
    You do seem to be somewhat intelligent…instead of insults maybe bring something constructive here.
    Perhaps the reason Djokovic brought Goran on board…why Serbs under achieve at soccer,you guys do have some talented players but as a team no mental fortitude.
    How do Serbs feel now that the entire world is visiting,and loving our beautiful coastline and it used to be under Serb control?
    The final one …what motivates you to come on here and start trouble hiding behind a keyboard?

  40. Aussie Croat says:

    This gedo says that tennis is where it counts?

    For fuck sake we won the Davis Cup (the world Cup of tennis) twice too!!!!

  41. Red star says:

    First off, the reason djokovic brought on ivanesevic is because he wanted him to finally experience winning. And with a Croat leaning on a Serb to experience winning as usual, it can bring back nostalgia for Yugoslavia and it’s previous greatness. Without the serbs to guide them, Croatia has fallen apart. Worst economy in Europe arguably

  42. Lika Joey says:

    Red star comparing Serbia and Croatia is like comparing a jetta and a Porsche. Dude your not on the Same level and class. Enjoy your final watch! I will enjoy my dinner in Kosovo. You pricks are to stubborn and proud to see reality.

  43. Lika Joey says:

    Red star, Croatia has had success in all sports…skiing…tennis…boxing…kickboxing…mma…basketball…waterpolo…I can go on. Djokovic is Absolute class. Croatians would be still celebrating Janica Kostelic if that’s all we had. How many Davis cups have you guys one? Dude your not on our level. We worked hard to show the world that not all Balkan countries are shit holes…Djokovic get booed like a leper… I feel bad for Novak if he was Croatian he would be loved like Federer.

  44. Lika Joey says:

    Croatia has a terrible economy now…but it will definitely get better after the Yugoslavian scum under the table tradition dies out. Serbia will be come a Balkan China cheap labor…with great prostitution….the Albanians will do very well there. I think it’s time for a big Croatian embassy in Kosovo.

  45. Lika Joey says:

    Redstar, at least we are a part of Europe. Serbia has the global appeal and respect of Moldova.

  46. Lika Joey says:

    Tennis is for women. Filip Hrgovic will be a bigger global star in four years than Djokovic could dream of. One more thing Goran has a Wimbledon title. We might not have as many….but we have achievements in all sports. Modric has accomplished more in one year than you pricks can in 100 lifetime’s. Modric won the holy grail of sports awards.

  47. CroatiaU14 says:

    For those here who actually care about soccer – Čolina to Hajduk and Bradarić to Lille both look very close to official. Čolina is being brought in by Hajduk as a replacement for Čolina, and is expected to start. This is actually great news.

  48. Maminjo says:

    I guess that Čolina moron decided it’s better to stay in the HNL as a teenager (which is known to develop high caliber players) than to rot on the bench on Monaco’s garbage U19 squad that has never produced a single talent.

    I can’t help but shake my head at whoever the hell makes these decisions for these kids.

  49. BZ says:

    or I commend whomever makes the decisions for these obviously overrated hnl players. Like Frank Sinatra said, if you can’t make it there, you can’t make it ANYWHERE.

    Dear Croatian Kids, take the best offer you can get, especially when your stock is hot. You may never get another chance to cash in again (if you are good enough you can parlay every opportunity.) This goes for all things, including:
    Women (or men)

  50. CroatiaU14 says:

    @Maminjo absolutely pathetic decision making sometimes from either the players’ families or agents. And a lot of the guys’ agents are family members.

    All young Croatian soccer players should learn from the mistakes made by Halilović. You can’t leave the HNL before at least age 20 MAYBE 19 for most of these guys. I’m so glad Antonio Marin and the whole Dinamo U19’s decided to stick around. Our other wunderkid Luka Sučić (16) plays out of the country, but he’s at RB Salzburg, a great development club, and just signed a long term contract with them. I’ve been looking into him a lot lately and saw things that said he may have a chance with the first team soon. He plays with the youth team but is their star players. He’s a machine.

  51. Anonymous says:

    Novak is a real Serb meaning a two faced cunt

    He only took on Goran to play politics

    Goran should have said no thank you and not diminish his standing

    Novak you are not fooling you only wish you had the charisma of Goran

    His one Wimbledon will be cherished than all of the Wimbledon’s the fake Yugoslav the djoker is

    Someone needs to remind the prick that juga does not exist anymore

    Too bad the NATO bombs in 99 didn’t wipe him out and his fuck wit father

    As for you red star you Serbs will be begging for mercy at the hands of Croats once more not if the Albanians get to you first

  52. vuki says:

    Actually, Monaco is a good team for young players. Their teams that won the league a few years ago was filled with young talent. And then they sold them all for big profit. But I do agree that these players shouldn’t be leaving unless they have assurances that they’re at least going to get the chance to play for the main team and prove themselves. Not just rot on the bench for a year and a half like Balic did at Udinese before he got his chance.

  53. Razbijač says:

    Finally Hajduk doing some good business!

    The deal is reported to be EUR 7million plus 1.5million in bonuses. It’s about time Hajduk started selling its players for a decent sum.

    Bringing back Colina should be interesting. This kid is talented, and has the potential to develop into something.

  54. Razbijač says:

    World Cup final–amazing achievement….

    If a coupla things didn’t go our way, we coulda easily won it. We will be back!

    By making a World Cup final, Croatia has joined the footballing elite! It makes the statement that we ARE a force to be reckoned with. Not too many nations can make that claim…

  55. Eric says:

    Hajduk sucks. I just wasted 90+ minutes of my life watching.
    Can’t defend a 2 goal lead at home to malta team.

  56. Vugrinec says:

    Hajduk, wow that’s bad losing to a Maltese team at home and get kicked out of Europa…

  57. Boris says:

    Cro14 keep up the good work…those who love the game hate the ignorant players AKA anonymous

  58. Anonymous says:

    “Our little nation of 4 million people belonged in the Final and gained the support of the entire world along the way.”

    The second part of that sentence is bullshit, a neighbor of mine here in the U.S. teaches kids of 3rd world descent and they were all rooting for “france”. Gee, I wonder why?

    Every black in the entire world rooted for “france”.

    I of course being a normal white man who’s naturally loyal to my own kind understands this, has no problem with this, and I don’t need a God damn soccer tournament to “unite” me with Croatians or Aryans, I was born Croatian/Aryan.

  59. Anonymous says:

    To the anonymous who uses the C word like “Iggy” does all the time but never actually PROVES the person they are calling that deserve any kind of epitaph, let alone that one; you are only proving that you’re the only one who deserves that epitaph.

    Also, only a cowardly moron expects “nato” or any other foreigners to save them; only a cowardly moron wants to be a military welfare state of America. Politics are changing, general Clarke who said Americans should go fight and die to make sure NO european country (including Croatia) remains ethnically pure might be prosecuted as a genocidal criminal before he dies.

  60. Anonymous says:

    “Croatia is a NATO member and everyone has the right to take care of their own security.”
    – Alexander Vucic

    Croatia took care of their security by joining NATO.

    “NATO is big and powerful.”
    – Alexander Vucic

    Croatia is big and powerful because they joined NATO. Without NATO Croatia is small and weak.

    “Also, only a cowardly moron expects “nato” or any other foreigners to save them.”
    – Anonymous

    Serbs don’t expect NATO to save them.

    So the Croats are the cowardly morons?

  61. Alcoholics Anonymous says:

    Fuk da zerbs and u homoz Talkin politix n nato give me jizz and sum gud rakija n I gonna b ok but lizzening to u idiotz is Olmo enuff to Mek me stup drinking but not jizz GULP

  62. Poglavnik says:

    If Haller was transfered for 50 million Euros what does Rebic go for?
    Eintracht is cashing in on those two.

  63. . .Crnkovic says:

    The black people who supported France ..their memory have been shortened. Wake the fuck up people. You have your enemy. The Muslims call him shaitan

  64. . .Crnkovic says:

    Nato Is scum. Truth is truth. Being a Croat doesn’t change the truth. That’s called courage

  65. . .Crnkovic says:

    Fuck the BBC. Fuck off the thieves. Know that you are strong…and quit whining about the shit they feed you

  66. Lika Joey says:

    The srebs lost three wars…the Serbs are taking it in the ass over Kosovo… the Serbs are a bunch of broke dead dummies talking about the old days. We need NATO? Retard you need NATO!!! And a miracle!

  67. Maminjo says:

    Domagoj Bradarić to Lille?

    This guy barely played for our youth teams.

    I guess these French teams are starting to poach our players, after seeing all the Serie A clubs poach a ton.

    Either that, or they saw Toma Bašić play well for Bordeaux, and want a Croat for themselves.

  68. Gzira United says:

    I was impressed by Hajduk Splits fighting spirit, you guys were tougher than I thought you would be.
    We wont be taking you guys lightly next time.

    I hope Hajduk can win the Croatian league this season, I have a bit of a soft spot for Hajduk now.

  69. CroatiaU14 says:

    Glad to see the site is back up and running. Quite a few things happened during the down time.

    Krovinović scores on his West Bromwich debut. Vlašić scores, gets an 8.9 rating, and earns himself a man of the match award. Rakitić scores vs. Chelsea. Kulenović scores in what I think was the first league game in Poland.

  70. Anonymous says:

    Did the site shut down because there was too much hate going towards nato and the Serbs and Goran hanging out with Novak

    Was it hurting the too many yugo nostalgic Croats who attend this site or maybe someone critisied Croatia u14 which caused a cataclysmic end to his world

    Has anyone seen the new gotovina movie any good

  71. Razbijač says:

    With Hajduk’s loss to a Maltese club….Croatia loses an opportunity to increase their UEFA club coefficient! Thanks a lot Hajduk!

  72. Dannyj says:

    Good site is back
    Krovinovic still my pick to have breakout season even with this recovery from injury

    Robert muric with couple dandies a few days ago as well
    Hopefully gets his career going back in cro

    One or two guys gonna break out this year as Iggy says I can feel it in my cunt or loins or whatever;)

  73. Dannyj says:

    Hajduk doing its best impression as a Serb and letting Dinamo as a Croat carry it’s useless ass
    Relax I’m a Hajduk fan as well but come on that club needs some help

  74. vuki says:

    Would anyone be interested in working on a subreddit for Croatian Soccer with me? I’m kind of trying to get the current one revived, but it doesn’t seem like the current mods of it are active on reddit. My intention is not to take away traffic from this site, but to have another place where there is more freedom in the format of posts and we don’t have to put so much responsibility on one person to create new posts to comment on. Just a thought.

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