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2019/2020 Fantasy Premiership Registration

July 29, 2019




Fantasy Premiership returns for yet another season. CroatianSports has hosted it’s own fantasy league for 10 seasons and we’re at it again. Pick your best XI English Premier League players for the weekend and let the bragging begin.



Eddy Blažina of NK Vrlovka won it with 2340 points last season, edging out Zach Gilfix’s Crottenham FC by a measly two points.



This season, Mateo Kovačić begins his first permanent season at Chelsea while Dejan Lovren and reigning European champions Liverpool aim for an English Premiership title. Croatian #1 goalie Lovre Kalinić will try to regain his starting spot at Aston Villa after being promoted from the English 2nd division last season while 22 year-old center-back Filip Benković joins parent club Leicester City from a season-long loan at Celtic.



To register, go to the official Fantasy Premiership website, create a username & password, pick a team and then join the CroatianSports private league with the code below. Simple as that!



Screen Shot 2019-07-29 at 7.20.44 PM Private League Code: 3neoo7




Ante Kvartuč
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