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Dinamo Disappointed In 1-1 Draw vs. Ferencvaros

August 7, 2019


Did David Siger’s goal go completely over the line Tuesday night at Maksimir?



In Dinamo Zagreb’s 1st leg Champions League Third Round qualifying match against Hungarian champions Ferencvaros, the reigning Croatian champs opened up the scoring in the seventh minute of play through a Daniel Olmo strike. Olmo ‘nutmegged’ his defender in the box and then sent a beautiful left-footed strike into the far side of the net. Dinamo held their own the rest of the first half and went into halftime 1-0; with the main concern after the break being that Ferencvaros do not score an all-important away goal.



Dinamo could have easily scored another two or three goals in the second half, but the 45-minute stretch will be remembered for David Siger’s header which may or may not have crossed the Dinamo Zagreb goal line. The referee had absolutely zero angle on the play – but with no goal line technology or VAR in Champions League qualifying – the goal stood. Dinamo would rattle the ball off the cross bar minutes later but the match would end in a 1-1 draw.



Dinamo will now have to win in Hungary next week or draw 2-2, 3-3 etc to move onto the Champions League playoff round and ensure they will play in Champions League or Europa League this season. If they were to get past Ferencvaros, they would play the winner of the Maribor/Rosenborg tie with a spot in the Champions League group stage on the line.





Ante Kvartuč
Posted By: Ante Kvartuč 10 comments

  1. Gospodin Gurovic says:

    Lets be honest here Dinamo Zagreb just had one good season in years and that was last season.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Dinamo does poorly in European competitions, but they usually qualify pretty easily and regularly. But they’ve been getting better.

    Rijeka on the other hand, seems to be the complete opposite, where they struggle to qualify, but when they do, they play teams like Sevilla, AC Milan and all those other teams pretty good.

  3. CroatiaU14 says:

    Yeah that Hajrović miss was tough. Also there was a play when Gavranović (I think) missed the ball right in front of the net.

    Majer and Moro should start in front of Gojak and Ademi, and I’m not saying that because their young and Croatian, they’re just better. Instead of playing a flat midfield in their 4-3-3 lineup, they should play with one CDM, and two CMs. That would allow Moro to play his natural position at CDM and allow Majer and Olmo to play CM, where they can have some freedom to drift wide and dribble with the ball knowing that they have quite a lot of support behind them with the defense, of course, and Moro.

  4. Suba says:

    Far out I have never seen a time when Raketa has been fired up

    Trying really hard to stay at Barca

    However if the little midget does not want him there he’s gone

  5. Black man says:

    Brilliant goal!
    Kids could learn from that. When you shoot against the grain like that, the keepers barely have a chance…

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