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Dinamo Thrash Ferencvaros 4-0 To Reach Champions League Playoff Round

August 12, 2019




After a 1-1 draw in Zagreb last week in their Champions League third qualifying round first leg tie against Hungarian champs Ferencvaros, the reigning Croatian champions demolished their Hungarian neighbors 4-0 in the return leg.



Arijan Ademi got Dinamo’s all-important away goal in the 16th minute and the Modri never looked back. Dinamo went into halftime up 1-0 but the floodgates would break open shortly after as Bruno Petković found the back of the net in the 47′ and Daniel Olmo sealed the deal in the 55th. Amer Gojak would add another insurance goal in the 79′ to secure a 4-0 victory for Dinamo which will see them play in the Champions League playoff round.


Dinamo Zagreb will now face Norwegian champs Rosenborg in the Champions League Playoff Round – which means both clubs are two matches away from the Champions League Group Stage. Dinamo will host the first leg in Zagreb on August 21st with the return leg in Norway six days later.



Rosenborg defeated Slovenian champions Maribor 6-2 (on aggregate) in the previous round but will find a much tougher test in Dinamo. Dinamo will be the favorites to move onto the the CL Group Stage. Should they fail, they will play in the Europa League Group Stage instead – where they made it all the way to the Round of 16 last season.


The perennial question must be asked:



Is it better for Dinamo to play against the big boys of Europe and get smashed 5-0 every match or play in a lesser tournament where they can be competitive?






Ante Kvartuč
Posted By: Ante Kvartuč 53 comments

  1. Razbijač says:

    BBB is out in full-force in Budapest….

    ….I get the funny feeling win or lose, all hell will break loose!

  2. Razbijač says:

    Brillant pass by Olmo, and a nice goal by Ademi….

    The way he wraps his foot around it and volleys it home kinda reminds me of Mandzukic vs England.

  3. Razbijač says:

    The real Dinamo FINALLY showed up today!

    (..Had me worried there for a second after the first leg)

  4. Horvat says:

    I’m impressed with the little I have seen of Lovro Majer. He’s just the kind of player the repka needs. He’s potent in the final third with accurat through balls and shots on net. Let’s hope he becomes a great player. The talent is there.

  5. Razbijač says:

    @ Dannyj

    They’re holdin’ on to the goods until they qualify for the Champions League…on top of that, word has it there holdin’ out for 40 million for Olmo.

    Anyone see how Orisic just blew past the defender–like he wasn’t there–to set up Petkovic? If continues to play like this, he might earn a call up (competition is tight in the wings though).

  6. Miloš Hvar says:

    this Dinamo team will be really fun to watch in the group stages, can definitely knock off some of the big boys. really hope we can see them in that stage and it sure looks like it is going that way

  7. Maminjo says:


    Gotta beat one more team…and it’s a very beatable team. Dinamo should be in the CL this year.

    Also, Man United already made a 25 million Euro offer for Olmo, but Dinamo rejected it because they need him for Champions League qualifying, and can sell him right after they qualify.

    Prize money just to qualify for Champions League is €15,250,000. Plus, you get about a million Euro for every point you win in the group stage alone.

    I hope they qualify and still keep Olmo, but it’s unlikely since they can literally make 40-50 million Euro over the next two weeks.

  8. Maminjo says:


    Oršić is definitely National Team caliber.

    He doesn’t start on a full strength Croatia team… But with injuries and friendlies, he can definitely get his minutes.

    It’s ridiculous that Dalić is experimenting with bum wingers like Meljnak, but Oršić doesn’t even get a call up.

  9. Dannyj says:

    Orsic is 26
    I guess getting a bit older but still got plenty left in the tank

    Wow Dinamo gonna hit the lotto now
    Good for them and good for the repka in long term

  10. Miloš Hvar says:

    Hahaha classic Serbs overrated. I’d be a very rich man if I got a quarter for each of them who washed out. Not so easy bagging goals without Rebic being the workhorse huh? Man U caught a break not signing Jovic buddy Milinkovic-Savic, he’s overrated too. Know your place, in the shadow of the mighty Vatreni!

  11. Razbijač says:

    Holy Cow! They just bought the guy for 60million last month, and now they thinking of loaning him out….that’s Insane! The season hasn’t even started….

    …Meanwhile, Frankfurt are laughin’ all the way to the bank!

    Just because Jovic had one good season at Frankfurt, doesn’t mean Real shoulda paid 60million for him. To big of a risk.

    Jovic needs to have a few good seasons in top flight, scoring tons fo goals, before Real Madrid buy him.

    @ Miloš Hvar

    That’s right, our football is the envy of the entire region!

    Since the break up of Yug, we made it to the World Cup Finals and produced a Balon D’Or winner. In science and technology terms, that’s the equivalent to harnessing the power of the atom and going to the moon……..Our neighbors, the Slovenes, Serbs, and Bosniaks are still scratching their heads trying to figure out how to get a camp fire going!

  12. Slavonac from Canada says:

    Perisic will be in charge of his own destiny. He’s very capable of starting most games and being incredibly effective OR, he’s also capable of disappearing for long periods during games, hanging his head and looking like he’s some victim. I truly love the guy when he’s on but can’t stand him when he seems to sulk and disappear. I clearly remember me stating that “we go how Perisic goes” during the World Cup and I said that for a reason. I’ve been watching him for several years now and he’s one of the most dangerous players on every team he plays for. The guy can change the outcome of a game in a heartbeat…more than any Croatian player I know of…but I think the guy battles mental lapses.

    As per this Jovic kid. He made a wrong decision to go to Real but I understand why he did. He’s not ready for that…at least not yet!

  13. CroatiaU14 says:

    Hahahaha. I bet a bunch of you agree with me on this…Rebić was the real one behind Frankfurt’s success, and even though Jović put the ball in the back of the net. Rebić would dribble past 3 guys, lay it off inside the 6’ for Jović, Jović would tap it in and then Jovic’s market value would go up 5M while Rebić remained unrecognized and underrated.

  14. Canuckcro says:

    A few hours ago zidane not impressed with jovic ,jovic threatens to resign ..chetniks cant handle the big leagues like our big stigma players from srb face after their sick leaders orchestrated in tbe 90s ..i would be embarrassed to play for the srb flag internationally ..if i were a total cetnik,srb,yugo whatever just an opinion.

  15. Elvis says:

    Mateo Kovacic almost scored but block by keeper. He is going to do it this year. Chelsea impressive so far today.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Ha, the super cup coverage spelled Pulišić using proper Croatian characters. “Pulisic” himself doesn’t know how to do that

  17. Dannyj says:

    Who knows about Jovic
    Remember luka was considered a bust
    But with that being said Rebic is at least a freaking warrior out there
    Heart like how is hard to buy

    Let’s hope Rebic keeps doing his thing in Frankfurt
    Maybe Perisic convinces Mandzukic to come Back now that if he gets kicked to the curb by juve

  18. BZ says:

    DannyJ-Modric was a proven commodity by the time he got to Real. He was incredible at Tottenham, and had some huge games internationally for us.

    Never compare Jovic to Modric. Like most on this site, I haven’t watched Jovic play much, but from what I’ve seen, I was very surprised Real chose him.

    Really wanted Real to make a better value signing than Jovic, in hopes Modric can leave as an even bigger legend than he already is.

  19. Maminjo says:

    People are dumb though.

    If Luka Jović didn’t kinda sound like Luka Modrić… Then Real doesn’t buy him.

    Half of Real’s fans probably think they come from the same country, or play the same position.

    I know it sounds ridiculous, but human beings are more simple minded than you think and base their judgment on impulse and the most stupidest things. If Jović’s name was Andy Carroll, they wouldn’t have even looked at him.

  20. Dannyj says:

    Don’t get me wrong I still say screw Jovic and the horse he rode in on

    Rebic worth 100 mill if he is 60

  21. Suba says:

    Look Jovic is not that bad so not sure what zinedines problem is however why they spent 60 mill on him is beyond me

    Also I don’t think Perisic would Mandzo to join him at bayern he barely tolerated him during the representative days for the greater cause of Croatia

    Mandzo should stay where he is or play in the premier league especially now that he walked away playing for Croatia

    Man U would be interesting although he would learn anything from solskaer

  22. Eric says:

    If Dinamo makes it to the group stage they will be in “pot 3″ for the draw (first time ever). They will avoid playing teams like Inter, Leverkusen, Lyon, etc.

  23. Slavonac from Canada says:

    Suba, what you talking about “barely tolerated him”?

    Also….”walking away” is probably something he did for his personal career while allowing a newer generation the opportunity to play on the National Team! Often times we see complaints that older players don’t leave and now Mandzukic leaves while openly stating a younger generation deserves a shot and we should appreciate that!

    On a side note. I can imagine the things that went through his head when most of dalmacija were openly opting for Nikola Kalinic to get the starting position over Mandzukic. On what planet is Kalinic even a decent player and yet soo many narrow minded people were all for it. I’m guessing Kalinic’s attitude caused some turbulence in the dressing room and could have destroyed the mood of the team. Wouldn’t surprise me if that entire fiasco had something to do with Mandzukic leaving.

    Perisic should just play and zip it! He’s a great player when his head is in the game. No reason why Mandzukic being at Bayern or not should affect him.

  24. Dannyj says:

    If they do have any ego put it aside
    U know kovac is gonna favor his boys

    They have playing chemistry and do your thing on the field boys if indeed they get put together

    We know they both can greatly help Bayern win champions league Maybe others don’t but we know….

  25. Suba says:

    Ok yeah but didn’t Mandzo leave Bayern on very bad terms and don’t say it was because of guardiola everyone at the club backed him to get lewandowski

    It really screwed up Mandzo projectorary as a player at the time as his career stalled at atletico and luckily juve resurrected his career

    Bayern used to be my favourite club after Hajduk but the whole mandzo left a very bitter taste in my mouth

    They burn a Croat before now they could burn three this year if they go shit and Mandzo was burned when firing on all cyclinders

  26. Slavonac from Canada says:

    Suba, I’m not defending Mandzukic, I’m just stating facts.

    Mandzukic came into Bayern as a fill in while there were injuries. The “star” players couldn’t win their spots back and in fact Mandzukic was instrumental in Bayern’s triple crown.

    The next year, like so many times in Peps history, he singled out Mandzukic as not his type of player. Mandzukic was leading Bayern and the entire league until Pep benched him the last 6 games of the season while Lewandowski, under Klopp at Borussia, played every minute and took every penalty shot in order to secure him winning the league scoring title.

    Have you ever paid attention to Mandzukic’s time at Juve? He was supposed to be a sub but through his hard work and timely goals, the fans and coaches adored him. Not sure what you mean by Juve resurrecting his career….he did it on his own!

  27. Slavonac from Canada says:

    When a player performs/produces, they deserve to play! You can’t have a system where a coach just buys the best players for every position and then think that coach has done well…that’s a bullshit style of coaching.

  28. Slavonac from Canada says:

    He had to call him up. The team wasn’t productive in scoring BUT he should have not squabbled when he was put as a reserve.

  29. Hrvat says:

    This was not the first time Kalinic did this move where he refused to come on. He had a history. This was bound to happen again. Hopefully he never plays again for the National team.

  30. Suba says:

    Bayern signed cause he ripped it up at euro 2012 just ask Dario srna

    Juve was never going to play him as a sub

    Buffon and chiellini would had first hand knowledge how much of a handfull he is

    Mandzo please come back you are a champion

    I would have played both Mandzo and Kalinic they both would have destroyed defences

    Don’t know why it ever had to be one over the over that was our managements fault

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