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August 18, 2019


Luka Modrić sees straight red



In Real Madrid’s La Liga opener against Celta Vigo Saturday – which they won 3-1 – current Ballon d’Or holder Luka Modrić was given a straight red card for the faintest of touches in the 56th minute. And it all went down after a VAR review. Modrić clipped the ankle of Denis Suarez and the referees deemed it to be a blatant stomp.



1. It was a yellow card at worst 2. This is Luka Modrić, the current Ballon d’Or holder. You cannot be sending off star players in the first league match of the year. It sets the wrong precedence.



VAR was supposed to make the game better. Cleaner. With this Luka Modrić red card decision and how Manchester City was robbed of their injury time winner against Tottenham on Saturday, a correction must be made.


Luka Modrić Red Card



Rog Goes Upper-V For The Win



Marko Rog – who is currently on loan at Cagliari from Napoli – scored the game winner against Chievo Saturday as the two sides battled it out in early season Copa Italia action. In the 17th minute, the 24 year-old Rog sent a blistering shot from inside the box into the near high-corner of the frame for the goal. It would be nice to see Rog have a solid season so he could find a permanent home. He was on loan at Sevilla last season.



Ivan Rakitić came on at halftime for Barcelona as they lost 1-0 to Athletic Bilbao on Saturday in their La Liga opener without the services of Lionel Messi. Mateo Kovačić came on for Chelsea in the 71st minute in a 1-1 draw against Leicester City. Dejan Lovren’s move to Roma has been called off for the time being.




Ante Kvartuč
Posted By: Ante Kvartuč 56 comments

  1. CroatiaU14 says:

    Water Cooler is back!

    I’m guessing that this will be Modrić’s last year in Madrid, sadly…let’s enjoy him while we can. Maybe Ivan’s last year playing in Spain too. I’m excited to see Perišić bring his magic to Munich.

  2. BZ says:

    Would be fun to watch Barcelona struggle this year if they decide to bench Rakitic. I personally like our mature guys sitting and staying healthy (and angry) for the National Team.

  3. Dannyj says:

    Raketa would have something to prove perhaps in national stuff again
    Prove that World Cup wasn’t by accident
    He is obviously a competitor No one plays as much as he does unless it’s true passion

    Another big run would be magical. We can only hope

    Maybe they will move him in winter transfer time tho??

  4. Mile says:

    Used to cheer for Barcelona with Rakitic and Messi. But now with that scumbag Greizemann, I hope Barcelona sucks. They just lost to Athletico. Greizemann has to be one of the most overrated players in football.

  5. vuki says:

    Ok so, CroatiaU14 have been working on a project for a few weeks now and we’ve been waiting about a week for a proper post to display it. We made two separate documents regarding young or non-established Croatian players. The first document was done mainly by CroatiaU14. It shows a player’s basic info and he wrote a little review on each player and rated their potential for the national team on a scale of 1-100. The summary at the beginning explains it in a bit more detail. Here is that document:

    The other document was pretty much my work but CroatiaU14 definitely came up with some great ideas for it so I cannot take all of the credit. It basically is a spreadsheet of all of the players’ stats as well as their basic information. The last update on stats was on Monday morning so they aren’t fully accurate right now. I’ll update it as often as I can, especially if people are interested. Here is the spreadsheet:

  6. BZ says:

    I have no prediction regarding Stipe’s match, but I will be cheering with the cousins at our 2nd choice UFC joint on Route 22.

    Not going to Smithfield anymore, cause last time, we got into a brawl with a bunch of Puerto Ricans that asked one of the girls in our group to “come over and suck a Rican hot dog.”

    When we asked the guys to show some respect, one of em sucker punched Cousin Danny…all hell broke loose. I hate fighting, but I hate sucker punches more.

  7. . .Crnkovic says:

    I got no place to watch the fight tonight. If someone could post a link for it I’d be grateful. Come on stipe. Big man

  8. CroatiaU14 says:

    Luka’s red was bs, he’s got so many haters now that he had won a Balon d’ or. So much jealousy towards Luka.

  9. Rican hot dog says:

    You never showed your face there again BZ with your buddies. And then your girl called me the next week. Smithfield now belongs to us. Nothing me and my buddies like more than bullying some Croats. Easy pickings

  10. gbvh says:


    Yep. Don’t believe social media BS though. Cesspool of morons. From “king of underrated” to “fuck this guy” pretty much overnight. Idiots.

  11. gbvh says:

    Also, the fact he won Ballon means some of these idiots have now actually heard of him. Neanderthals.

  12. CroatiaU14 says:

    “From king of underrated to fuck this guy”

    Love that line, 100% true. That’s been Luka’s story the past year. He’s been underrated ever since his move to Real until now.

    On another note: Ćuže assists today for Istra in their 3-2 loss.

  13. Elvis says:

    If Luka stayed in the EPL and performed
    He would be legend at whatever club he was at.
    In La Liga unless you are a spic
    You will be regarded as second class.

  14. Horvat says:

    I’m sure Rog would have been a great player by now had he not wasted these years trying to break into Napoli’s starting XI.

    Not only does he have talent, he’s a warrior!

  15. Dannyj says:

    Well let’s hope he finds his pace and can make an impact for us. Seems to me Rog was always solid defensively
    Could we make him the DM we have been talking bout past few years? Do we even need one these days?

  16. The truth says:

    Stipe has heavily turned down the Croatian dial lately. Used to wear the grb on his uniform and always shout out Croatia. Now it’s all and only about Cleveland. I think he’s realized that playing a foreign allegiance card was not the way to go in terms of fame and money. He’s gotta sway forward the working class Midwest American angle.

  17. Elvis says:

    @ The truth

    At the weigh in his wife and kid were in our jerseys and there was a Croatian flag behind them. The Cleveland board of Tourism probably cut him a check.

  18. CroatiaU14 says:

    @anon I’m pretty sure it’s because of injury. Krama also wasn’t in the squad for Hoffenheim’s season opener

  19. Anonymous says:

    I swear no other group has such an enemy from within than us.
    UBDA agents spreading their division. Stipe is Croatian period.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Not all Jews are fluent in Hebrew but noone would dare not call them jews. Thank God we have Thompson to sing songs of unity to keep it real.

  21. Miloš Hvar says:

    @Pog not necessarily true. Pulisic can’t speak the language but did that stop any of us wanting him on the team? no. I understand the sentiment of being able to speak the language but I don’t think we should pick and choose how much of a Hrvat someone is when it is convenient to us. In my book if you are eligible to get citizenship (which i believe you can go back as far as grandparents) it is good enough for me, hell they are even getting rid of the language requirement. Also how many of you would’ve actually known the answer to some of those citizenship questions without having the answers beforehand haha. long story short we would’ve all taken Pulisic regardless of his speaking abilities.

  22. Hrmic says:

    Great job vuki and CroatiaU14 on the info on all of the young Hrvat players. I have heard of many of these players but I have learned of some good players through your work. Well done! I am looking forward to watching some of these players now that I am more aware of them.

  23. Poglavnik says:

    Being Canadian I couldn’t give a fuck about Pulisic. Down in the States u guys seem to think he’s something special. Maybe by American standards but not by Croatian.

  24. Miloš Hvar says:

    @Pog are you the model diaspora or something? Unit number 1? Idk maybe it is a Canadian thing but here in LA if someone’s parents or grandparents were born in Hrvatska and they are proud of it but can’t speak myself and others who can don’t judge. I have friends who have been in the Croatian community here forever and can’t really speak the language and they love Hrvatska as much as you or me. Are they less Croatian? I don’t think of them as less Croatian. Stipe’s parents were born there and he’s proud of that. Maybe If you didn’t think of yourself as so much higher than everyone else you wouldn’t be so miserable.

  25. Vuk says:

    Vuki and CroatiaU14, great job with the docs! That is very informative and helpful for tracking the progress of the youth.

  26. The truth says:

    At the end of the day stipe can do whatever he wants. I’m not a huge back yard fight club fan but I’ve come to respect the character of that guy

    As a former athlete i know this and many non athletes don’t… Fatigue can destroy your spirits… Steal your conviction… Turn you into a coward…. Suddenly the things you said you wanted so bad, you’re willing to give them up to return your body to a normal state

    Stipe goes through a next level of that… Not simply fatigue… But getting physically punished…. But somehow he manages to keep fighting and also keeps his wits about him as shown by his fourth round adjustment

    One of the most memorable moments of the world cup for me remains when modric in the second overtime as everyone else is slowing and exhausted, he sprints cross field all the way to the corner to keep the ball in play… You could tell where the guys heart was

  27. Poglavnik says:

    @Milos Hvar
    Just a Canadian kid born to Hercegovci that was actually raised Croatian.
    In fact I’d argue a person trying to be someone they’re not is someone that’s miserable. I’m pretty content with who I am.

  28. Pršut says:


    Croatian means being born in Croatia. Croat means having Croatian blood and genetics. You are born in Canada, you’re not Croatian.. However, you are a Croat because your parents were born there.. You have Croatian blood and genes..
    Stipe has that same blood running through his veins. Sad to see a fellow Croat not support another.

  29. Miloš Hvar says:

    ^agreed @Pršut

    @pog if Stipe took the next year off and only studied Croatian what would you say then?

  30. BZ says:

    My early prediction of Rog being overrated still stands. Prove me wrong Marko. Not good enough to lead our next generation midfield anywhere.

    Stipe v Cormier 3 will turn my insides. Both fighters are awesome, and Cormier was winning the fight up until the beautiful end. Cormier will go for wrestling ground and pound next time, which he is really good at.

    Stipe take a different fight first. Perhaps a big payday fight vs Jon Jones at Heavyweight. Make Cormier wait, like he made you wait. Get your money, Stipe, you deserve it.

    PS-vs Jones, put on 20 lbs, and let JJ know what a big boy feels like. Make that cheater regret all his PED and cocaine choices.

  31. Poglavnik says:

    Some people’s families were hijacking planes for the cause or going back to fight when they were well into their 50’s.
    Other people’s families were putting h’s on their names or not teaching their children their own language.
    Some cling to shit like half Serb athletes or Americans who couldn’t give a fuck about us.
    Big difference. I don’t like to label everyone a Hrvat.

  32. Pršut says:

    I’m assuming your parents and you left Canada to go fight?
    Yes we all have family that fought over there at one point or another

  33. Anonymous says:

    Wtf u talking about, city was robbed, my ass, clearly the new rule states any handball, deliberate or not which leads to a goal will be disallowed, this decision was far, VAR is the best thing that’s happened to the game, sure sometimes it will be wrong but generally they bring excitement & a sense of justice

  34. Soul Champ says:

    Ah .. the veliki Hrvati !!

    Never change narrow minded nimrods.

    As our beloved Croatia continues to be broke and dropping to poorest country in Europe.

    Stipe Miočić not Croatian?

    Just curious for the anal retentive..

    What level of language passes as Croatian because my Croatian grammar sucks!

    Croatian language is in all Croatians round the world. They just need to access it.

    4 million in Croatia and dropping, maybe another 2 million outside.

    ~6 million out 7 BILLION.

    But let’s make it smaller because it makes your anus feel better?

    ALL of us who LOVE Croatia and have roots in Croatia ARE Croatian.

    Christian MATE Pulisic is Croatian.

    Miocic is Croatian.

    Self hating Hrvati .. yes .. also Croatian!

    Need to jump in the Jadran to relax and realize who we are in the world.

  35. Elvis says:


    Well said. Some of these guys have
    Stricter standards than the SS.

    Unless you can really immerse yourself
    In the language you will have problems.
    We need to Harrness every drop of blood
    We can. Importing a black miss Croatia is
    Unacceptable. Maybe one of you
    Guys can throw out a Croatian word of the day
    After a year you will have learned 365 words.
    Soul and I have brought children into the flock
    Have any of you? Multiply!!!!!

  36. Maminjo says:

    It’s funny that the Canadian is dictating what language skills qualifies someone for being Croatian, when a massive chunk of Canadians cannot even speak English (and almost none speak French).

  37. The truth says:

    Word of the day 1:
    Hrvat = Croatian

    Bonus word of the day for diaspora traveling in Croatia.
    Sladoled = ice cream

    Now put it all together

    Volim sladoled. Ja sam Steve “fill-in-blank”-ich iz new yorka. Ja sam veliki hrvat.

  38. Elvis says:

    Good work truth. I love Sladoled. Rum raisin is my favorite.
    However, let’s keep it simple in the beginning.

    Left = lijevo
    Right = desnica

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