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Croatians Around Europe *II*

August 25, 2019


Brekalo (7) celebrates goal with Wolfsburg teammates



Josip Brekalo was the star for Wolfsburg on Sunday in a 3-0 win over Hertha Berlin. With the game already 1-0 in the 82nd minute, Brekalo gathered the ball at midfield, dribbled down the pitch, got separation from his defender and slotted home a shot from 18 yards out. Minutes later, Brekalo got the assist on Wolfsburg’s third goal sending a cross-field pass to Jerome Roussillon who banged in an injury time goal for the 3-0 win. So far, so good for the young Brekalo early in the season.


Brekalo Goal @ 2:30



Vlašić Goal @ 2:45



Nikola Vlašić scored an easy insurance tap-in goal and was voted ‘Man of the Match’ for CSKA Moscow in a 3-0 victory over Republican Grozny Sunday. Vlašić and Brekalo are both the future of the Croatian midfield and solid starts to the season in big leagues will only boost their confidence moving forward.



Norwich City v Chelsea FC - Premier League

Mateo Kovačić in action vs. Norwich City


Mateo Kovačić had a solid game against Norwich City on Saturday in a 3-2 Chelsea victory. It was Chelsea’s first win of the season as Kovačić assisted on the game-winning goal. If he and Chelsea can put it together this season with the departure of Eden Hazrd, it will be a a huge step for Croatian soccer as Luka Modrić’s replacement in the middle of the Vatreni midfield will come sooner than later.



Ante Kvartuč
Posted By: Ante Kvartuč 79 comments

  1. Suba says:

    It will be a cracker season for all Croats involved

    Marcelo will be fine without Ivan only would wish he would play higher up in the field where he belongs but I’m sure cunte will hold him back

    Rakitic should have left by now he’s hanging around a bunch of gubers

    My tip Chelsea will be a major flop under frank Lampard too bad for Kovacic

    Perisic does not need to start he’s too good for Bayern and he knows it

  2. Dannyj says:

    I hope Perisic just plays a moderate amount of games stays fresh nuff for us
    Same with luka and Ivan

    Let Kovacic play a lot to help find His groove
    And hopefully Marcelo is not worked like a rented mule

  3. Dannyj says:

    Where is benkovic right now?
    Hopefully he gives us another look at cb soon

    How much time will Lovren get at Liverpool? We need him to play

    He is fourth in pecking order I read

  4. Maminjo says:

    This is Kovačić’s do or die season.

    Vlašić is already more effective than him, and Dinamo has three central midfielders in Moro, Majer and Ivanušec who are making serious strides. They will be call up worthy within two years.

    Kovačić has these Euro2020 qualifiers and tournament to really show us he is capable of starting for us… Otherwise, there are at least four players younger than him who will be ahead of him in the pecking order.

  5. vuki says:

    Benkovic played with Leicester’s U23s today. I think he’s coming off an injury. Lovren should have left Liverpool, Roma wanted him but his wage demands are too high. Read Leverkusen is interested too but probably won’t pay the wages either. Nikola Katic has been solid for Rangers though.

  6. CroatiaU14 says:

    I don’t think anyone mentioned this sorry if someone did.

    Jedvaj went to Augsburg on loan. Hopefully he will get a lot of playing time there and develop.

  7. Dannyj says:

    Ya good for Jedvaj get a lot of playing time

    I agree Kovacic time to shit or get off the pot no doubt
    Let’s hope he shits this time!

    Ya crappy bout Lovren
    Tho I guess he will get some playing time with all the matches Liverpool will have to play

    I hope benkovic isn’t injury proned… didn’t he have one last year as well??

  8. The truth says:

    Once modric and rakitic retire, kovacic will have his spot still. Kovacic has not developed as we have hoped but he’s been a good enough player to see time at both Chelsea and real Madrid. That is something that will likely not be true for any of those youngsters

  9. Medo says:

    Mateo’s second half was probably the best half of football I’ve ever seen him play…maybe lampard is finally the guy to inspire him to play to his untapped potential.
    If only frank could teach him to shoot!

  10. Stipe says:

    I REALLY HOPE I AM WRONG. But I don’t think we are going to qualify for the 2020 Euros. I love how everyone thinks that we automatically going to beat Azerbaijan. No matter how bad they are, they always play well against us. Modric, Raketa, and Perisic know deep down that their “The Golden Generation is Over”. Mandzukic knew that, that’s why he retired from the national team.

    Modric, Raketa, and Perisic are just gonna going through the motions when they play for Croatia.. Perisic is not going to give 100% Because he just got to Bayern and he’s not gonna want to get hurt.

    We were very unlucky in the final against those French Cocksuckers. We gave it out all against France until that penalty. Fifa wasn’t going to let Us win the World Cup and our players knew that as soon as the referee pointed to the penalty spot. Not with the way our fans be acting with all the suspensions we receive.

    All in all I am proud that we played in a World Cup final. It’s Extraordinary. And I am also lucky and we should also be grateful that we were able to watch it. But what’s done is done, it’s going to be a very long time until we have a generation like we just had.

  11. vuki says:

    I’m not saying it’s a given we qualify, but it SHOULD be just about a given. We don’t need to top our group to qualify and we also can get into the playoffs I believe even if we end up somehow getting 3rd in the group. If so, it would be pretty disgraceful not to qualify.

  12. Soul Champ says:

    CM: Mateo Kovacic – 8

    One of his best performances in a Chelsea shirt, covering his defenders well with some snappy tackling and providing plenty of impetus with dynamic carries and incisive forward passes – including the assist for Abraham’s second.

  13. Dannyj says:

    We will be fine
    It will be tight to qualify but I think the boys wake up now
    U got to know Modric will prob play to prove something again
    We will be ok… maybe they aren’t in their primes but there is still fire there

    ZDS and that’s the only way!

  14. Dannyj says:

    Shit or get off the pot
    Makes perfect sense
    Give us an Aussie saying that doesn’t involve cunt;)

  15. Soul Champ says:

    @ Iggy

    I too would be interested in seeing some cool Aussie phrases that do not involve cunt.

    @ Svima

    Someone here made a great point about comparing Kovačić to Modrić and Rakitic (still under rated).

    Modrić is the best nogometaš ever and happens to play his position, that’s just insurmountable.

    Rakitic is simply bigger with more power and presence on the pitch. He also has striking ability for goals that has been dormant when you serve Messi all game.

    Kovačić is faster than both of them and can advance the play with dribble slalom runs as well as find the simple forward pass.

    He has been consistently good for Chelsea.

    Yes he has another gear to kick into but at least he is on the pitch.

    Pray Lampard teaches him how to be a goal scoring #8.

    I have seen signs of him being more aggressive in the final third.

    When you have Ronaldo and Hazard to take care of its a bit of challenge to think about yourself.

    Now with all the youngsters in front maybe his conference grows?

    Kante playing his natural role helps Kovačić play further up the pitch as well.

    This year is definitely it for Kovačić Lampard could be done by Spring and a new manager may not fancy him.

    He needs to be hungry and motivated for a big September for club and Croatia.

  16. CroatiaU14 says:

    Vlašić and Barišić both with goals today. Always nice to see Vlašić on the scoresheet. I think it was a good idea for him to stay in Russia for this season, but he should try to leave after it’s done.

  17. Dannyj says:

    Ya I wasn’t too thrilled with him staying in Russia but better to light it up there then sit on bench somewhere else

    Let’s hope Brekalo gets to play more or leaves

    Him and Vlasic already at a young age showing they can be game changers
    Who in recent memory could influence a game like we have seen Brekalo do at a young age for the repka?
    Eduardo? Took luka a while I believe Perisic?

  18. CroatiaU14 says:

    Vlašić also won man of the match today with a 8.6 rating.

    What I like about Vlašić is that he plays with a lot of heart. That trait of his reminds me of Mandžo a lot.

  19. CroatiaU14 says:

    Luka Sučić scored twice yesterday for the Salzburg u18’s. He’s only 16 years old. Absolute beast from what he’s shown so far.

    Pašalić played the full game today for Atalanta in their win.

  20. Maminjo says:

    The funny thing is that there are TWO different Filip Brekalos that currently play for Croatia’s U17 team.

    If they continue to develop, we could have three completely unrelated guys named Filip Brekalo playing for the National Team in the future.

    If this actually happens, we can no longer make fun of Koreans and Chinese teams for having identical names to one another.

  21. Razbijač says:

    Who needs Pulisic and Olmo when ya got Vlasic and Brekalo???

    With Vlasic and Brekalo we have two up and coming game changers.

    Borna Barisic scores the game winner for Rangers…

  22. The truth says:

    Brekalo has some real nerve

    I watched an interview withv him recently for Wolfsburg where they try to get to the know the player and they ask what his first concert was

    And the guy had the naivety and audacity in a public forum to say Thompson! And says he saw the concert as a 7yr old!

    The guy already has the homophobe label, now he wants to add on fascist?!. And a fascist indoctrinated at youth?! Looking really good for Croatia huh?

    It still gives a lot of people sadness and anger when they think about how the national team turned a moment of pride and unity into global shame and fighting when they brought along Thompson to sing for them on their second place parade. I know a lot of the players didn’t like it. I remember seeing the video of thousands of people fleeing the square in protest and disgust when they began singing geni kameni… Thank goodness they cut the mikes

  23. Medo says:

    Off topic but Ante how about an article on Franko grgic the 16 yr old swimmer who set a world record this weekend,and people are saying he’s a future star in the pool.

  24. The truth says:

    That link is an embarrassment. Nothing but the same looking white females.. The pageant should represent new Croatia which becomes ever more diverse with open borders and migrant flows. I would like to see a recent middle East refugee up for nomination. As Croats who dealt with beyond refugees we can be sympathetic to their plight. It would say loudly that we are all one

  25. The truth says:

    Also,. I’m not positive but i doubt that picture features any women previously labeled men as society but who identify as female. If we could include someone who has experienced that journey, it would further become a better representation

  26. Medo says:

    Truth you have a very clever insidious way of poking the hornets nest.
    Let’s see who takes the bait.
    In footy news there are rumors MAN U is looking at Livakovic…I think that would be a horrible move for the future of this kid,and the repka…imagine Dominic letting in a howler or 2 and what the imminent abuse would do for his psyche.

  27. CroatiaU14 says:

    @Medo it looks like it is close to happening too. Daily Mail, The Sun, and 90min all have reports about Livaković becoming the replacement for De Gea.

    I mean, if he plays then that would be great, but if he’s gonna go to the Prem and sit on the bench, don’t do it.

  28. Suba says:

    What was wrong with Thompson turning up to sing a couple of songs

    Modric had no problem with it and he’s our captain

    The ones that left along with you the truth are not real Croatians but bandwagon Croats

  29. The truth says:

    @ suba

    What’s wrong with Thompson singing with the team?!

    He’s a known fascist banned in several countries who nearly half the country dislikes and 95 percent of the world does

    Croatia is trying to quell it’s fascist sympathizer rep and in their biggest moment of world notice, they bring this guy up?! You can’t make this stuff up

    And then the next great hope of Croatia says on German media that this was his first concert at 7yrs old after he was already under fire for homophobic actions?!. How about in his next interview he just tells them about his time in Hitler youth camp

    They turned a moment of national unity back into the usual legacy of partisanship. The day of shame as many refer to it as

    Then on the split riva, you get bench warmer bradaric come on angry that they cut the mike on geni kameni and he sings it himself as the crowd groans and begins to pile out

  30. Elvis says:

    Thompson is a folk singer nothing more. Croatian Dylan with a metal flare. The WC was our moment and not the worlds. It belongs to us. What homophobic actions? He doesn’t have to agree to that sexual disfunction. What Germans? Merkel and the lying media?? Fuck them. I know Germans who are so sick of their governemnt.

  31. Dannyj says:

    Rumors online rakitic linked with juve

    Brekalo going to thompson fine with me

    Stop being so lefty truth. We know ure just trying to make convo

    He has a right to not support homosexuality

    My saying I always go with if u want another Guys poop on your penis go ahead just don’t jam it down my throat
    Lol that’s the pg version.
    Let Brekalo do his thing. He gonna be a leader for us

  32. Dannyj says:

    Brozo still gonna be plenty serviceable going forward
    He really is pretty underrated. With his work rate and good skill level

  33. Dannyj says:

    Vlasic and Brekalo gonna bridge our “rebuild” lot quicker

    This is an honest question who was as exciting as Brekalo at this age? Perisic I don’t believe was even tho he showed glimpses
    Rebic had glimpses

  34. Dannyj says:

    Halilovic had some brilliant signs
    I know some of u had said Brekalo doesn’t have that defense
    But maybe that’s something he will learn

  35. The truth says:

    Who cares about your left winger playing defense. Messi walks half the time he doesn’t have the ball

  36. Horvat says:

    The last time we had someone as good as Brekalo at the same age must have been Prosinecki.

    Is there someone I’m forgetting about?

  37. Dannyj says:

    I agree if he brings his offensive flair is plenty but we aren’t that skilled to just steam roll teams with goals
    We need that hard work pressure like mandzo,Rebic.

  38. Dannyj says:

    Who is going to play striker in September if no Kramaric?
    Petkovic? Maybe Rebic or Perisic somehow slide in there?
    Any idea how we line up

  39. CroatiaU14 says:

    @DannyJ I say we go like this


    And then whoever plays in the back.

  40. Maminjo says:

    Ante Čović?

    Wow. That is a name I haven’t heard in a long time.

    I remember when he was playing for Hertha Berlin in the 90s. Never good enough for out National Team, but I recall him scoring two goals in a big win against Bayern.

    He’s from around where Rebić, Brekalo and all the other die-hard Croats are from in Dalmacija.

    Good to see we have another coaching option in the future. The more the merrier.

  41. Medo says:

    @maminjo I saw something yesterday where they said Covic and Kovac were both Croats born in Berlin but I could be mistaken?

  42. Kyle D Picinic says:

    Brozovic with an absolute masterclass today.. ran the mid field, scored a stunner from outside the box…Brozo needs to start in the qualifies

  43. Maminjo says:

    @Medo and Dannyj

    Yea, but his family is from the Dalmatian hinterland.

    I think he might have been raised in Cro though.

  44. Razbijač says:

    Yeah, Perisic is probably still moving stuff from Italy…and having a yard sale for stuff he doesn’t want…

    This could be the year Brozovic takes his game to another level…Kovacic also played well.

    With these two, we should still be in a good position after Rakitic and Modric retire from the national side. Plus with Brekalo, Vlasic, Rebic, and Kramaric in the wings and attack. We should have enough juice to qualify for the next coupla of tournements..

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