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Hrgović Wins By KO Again

August 24, 2019


Filip Hrgović has knocked out yet another opponent.



The 27 year-old Croatian boxer took care of business in the 3rd round Saturday night in Mexico against Mario Heredia. Hrgović is now a perfect 9-0 with seven of his fights ending in knockouts. He is very quickly moving up the heavyweight totem pole and should see more marquee fights once he can win another six fights or so and build on his name.



With Miocic taking back his UFC heavyweight title last weekend and Hrgović moving up the boxing ranks, alongside Croatia making the World Cup Final, the argument that Croatia has the best  pound-for-pound athletes on the planet is is only strengthened.





Ante Kvartuč
Posted By: Ante Kvartuč 16 comments

  1. Dannyj says:

    Hrgovic with another batina

    Where is turkey or whatever his name is come talking trash
    Give me one serb fighter or a fighter with Serb blood that’s ever done anything of worth

  2. Maminjo says:

    Hrgovic looks good, and will probably get a title shot within two years.

    My only complaint about Hrgovic is that he doesn’t go in for the kill.

    This fight lasted way longer than it should have. Heredia kept complaining (from the first round) that he was getting hit on the side of the head (which wasn’t true), and Hrgovic would stop punching every time Heredia complained. It allowed for Heredia to gather himself and continue fighting.

    If the ref doesn’t stop you…you keep going.
    Hrgovic seems like he’s too nice a guy, and would stop if his opponent feels like he’s doing something wrong. Heredia would not do the same for him, and even after Heredia complained a couple times, Hrgovic would stop the punches, then Heredia attempted to quickly sucker punch Hrgovic with a counter after that.

    If the ref allows it, you keep going. Don’t pay attention to your opponent’s complaints. They’ll say and do anything to get an advantage in the fight (don’t fall for the tricks).

    My only hope is that Hrgovic didn’t care about this fight and knew there was no chance this Hereida guy could beat him, so he gave him the benefit of the doubt with the complaints.

  3. Medo says:

    Serbs are BEASTS…in the fight game …when they are battling vastly under manned opponents or teen girls!!

  4. Dannyj says:

    I guess then he needs to hang out with cro cop to learn some of the right Kick hospital left kick cemetery!

  5. Canuckcro says:
    Heres the best chetnik fighter..beaten to a pulp by our black catholic brother ngannou..chets steal money use us ..then try to take us out..soft targets woman kids elderly they mow down with no concience..real world their weak creepy people with fucked up leaders.

  6. Tomas says:

    Croatians have a lot of Neanderthal DNA.
    We are Europe’s top Athletes. African
    Transplants are not Europeans.

  7. Canuckcro says:

    Just saying blacks and browns have never attacked our ancestors hrvat land ..maybe ghengis khan was close hungary ..well turks i forgot but what the sick serbos did..lets never forget ..just like the jewish who own the media always remind the world..look what our neighbors did to us.So ,i would rather respect any race nationality over blood thirsty greedy devils any day..!!!

  8. Canuckcro says:

    just looked fritzie the croat comet up. and his dads croat and mom is slovenian..full respect to the only 2 normal countrys existing now from the ex yugo..poor bosnia..fuck our ancient hrvats who were there longer than serbs and commy muzzies are getting screwed dont get me startex ..its a mess.Still our hrvats are the best all around people from that area dont even like the word yugoslavia..slovenes and macedonians are ok ..that i know in canada..thats all.

  9. Canuckcro says:

    And of course ..albanians helped our relative hrvats fight our evil entity from former 3rd generation cro .so i know ..i read ..thats the way it was..albanians fought hand on hand side by side and combat against chetnik from the 90s..statue honoring albanians is in croatia..always remember our cro history than we can play nogomet and relax ..!!

  10. Medo says:

    Let’s not forget George Chuvalo…Canadian born but 100% Croat blood…he took on ALI a few times and he could never knock george out …he was one tough SOB
    What happened later on in his family life was truly tragic and sad…I’m surprised he has survived it all.
    Watch a documentary on this guy…well worth it!

  11. Anonymous says:
    OMG let’s not forget cro cop..he destroyed would be opponents in the ring but nothing like what he left kick cemetery kick to silva the axe murderer..mirko almost killed him with vicious left kick.knocked him out bad guys look it up.

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