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Dinamo Are Headed To The Champions League!, 12.5% They Draw Red Star

August 26, 2019




Dinamo Zagreb are headed back to the promised land: the Champions League Group stage!



After a 2-0 win in Zagreb last week against Norwegian champions Rosenborg, Dinamo had a small scare Tuesday night as they conceded the first goal of the game inside 12 minutes. Rosenborg had a free man come down the backside of goal – and even though Dominik Livaković did his best to block the initial shot – Rosenborg got their early goal. A 2-0 Rosenborg win would have sent the tie into extra time – and with the game 1-0 at halftime – it had to be in the back of Dinamo minds heading into the second half. An all-important away goal would have put Dinamo in the driver’s seat with one foot in the Champions League group stage; and it came from Amer Gojak in the 71st minute after a thus far poor match. Gojak pulled back from 22 yards out and rifled a shot into the top-left corner of the goal. The goal would cement Dinamo’s CL Group Stage berth with he match ending 1-1; 3-1 on aggregate.





With Dinamo’s berth into the 32-team Champions League group stage; perks come along with the entry. Not only will Dinamo receive €15 million from UEFA – but because of their run to the Europa League Round of 16 last year, which lifted their club coefficient score – Dinamo will be seeded in Pot 3 for this Thursday’s Champions League group stage draw.



There’s a possibility that Liverpool, Barcelona, Bayern Munich or Juventus visit Maksimir this season from Pot 1 and Real Madrid, Borussia Dortmund, Napoli, or Tottenham from Pot 2. It will be near impossible for Dinamo to make it to the CL Round of 16 unless they can draw Benfica or Shakhtar out of Pot 2. Drawing Genk out of Pot 4 is the path of least resistance to keeping Dinamo’s European season alive the longest as the eight third-place CL group finishers move to Europa League in February.



But here is what all Croatian eyes will be on during the CL draw: there is a 12.5% chance that Dinamo Zagreb and Red Star Belgrade are grouped together. The clubs have not played since the break up of Yugoslavia but we’ve all known the two storied Balkan clubs could meet sometime down the road.


It was the “Zvonimir Boban kick heard around Yugoslavia” that some say started the war in 1990. Who was Dinamo playing that fateful day at Maksimir? Red Star. The two clubs have not played since.



Is it time for the two to rekindle their thick history?



Screen Shot 2019-08-27 at 10.56.50 PM



Ante Kvartuč
Posted By: Ante Kvartuč 111 comments

  1. Marko says:

    Hey guys, I’m new to the site ! Been following for over 8 years as I very much appreciate the Croatian news of all kind (soccer, politics) not to mention the laughs brought on by off topic conversations sometimes hehe and I finally decided to join lol better late then never I guess. With regards to the report on Luka the magician and his trophy case at Madrid …I’ll never forget sitting beside a Madrid spick on the way back from Cro for the summer and discussing the upcoming transfer that was days away with Luka arriving and he shit talked him saying he would do nothin blah blah blah they shouldn’t of bought him and so on…suck it now bud ! same old spick BS (got lucky euro 12 if raketa finished that sitter of a header and we showed em with half second stringers at euro 16…kept goin off saying he’s gonna amount to nothing and then all it takes after apparently flop of the year half way through is a late substitute in champions league against man utd with a similar rocket shot like he did against Argentina this past summer and well the rest is history but I’d sure love to see that spick moron chew on his lame wrong perspective now – never judge a book by its cover especially the Magician

  2. Marko says:

    I remember and agree your right ;) my apologies as they had no business winning that game …that shirt pull on corluka in the box (the internet pic of it is actually hilarious how much of a joke it is ) one of the worst ever – I guess I meant to say as we all know – always getting fucked cause FIFA / Uefa is always against us…nothing new to anyone …sooner or later they can’t stop the train now that the world knows our capabilities even if some of our golden generation players are on there way out – pipeline looks good and brekalo and vlasic are the goods that will keep the engine goin….hopefully a high press mandzo type striker can evolve …pork chop Sanchez stomping on modric euro 16…pogba or one of those African all stars offside with mandzo getting shoved in back and free kick shouldn’t of been one in first place diver greaseman and that dumb fuckin Argentinian ref calling that hand ball – shoulda never had him ref that game – we humiliated them at WC -maybe woulda been better off with a Cetnik ref lol although the fix was in I’m sure long before ..we’ve been screwed many times as everyone knows but we’ll look to the future as it looks bright.. let’s go Dinamo bring the noise today boys- I bought like half the dinamo gear from the BBB store for like 1000 kunas ! Volim te hrvatska :)

  3. BZ says:

    @Marko, Luka is great. Not sure what a “spick” is, but if it is at all derogatory, then that is not cool. Past trolling/sarcasm aside, let’s tone down the rhetoric. Like the sign says, ‘Say No to Racism.’

  4. Marko says:

    I apologize and will definitely do so ;) – that Spanish guy was talking as if Luka wasn’t worthy(no one knew he’d blossom into Legend..I get it….i seen him at dinamo when I was a kid and thought he would be great but who woulda knew that great) – I took it too personal and I shouldn’t of – his arrogance on anyone not Spanish Brazilian or Portuguese on Madrid wasnt right but his ego came from them winning 3 major tourneys In a row…if it was Croatia Spain final and not Italy it wouldn’t of been 4-0 final I’m sure we could all guarantee …no excuses though! You are right! I should know better, won’t happen again as I want and should be a positive exemplar – my apologies

  5. Marko says:

    Lol ! Thanks Elvis and I appreciate and respect both you and BZ as I know your seasoned CSR veterans ! Maradona what a scumbag in his actions ! Lay off the Bolivian agreement powder pal it’s not agreeing with u

  6. Miloš Hvar says:

    Damn I am so excited for these upcoming qualifiers, I think we crush it. Very intrigued with no Kramaric

    Brekalo is quickly becoming a player we need on the pitch as much as possible. Vlasic comes on in the second for rakitic

  7. Elvis says:

    Does Rakitic play or does he pull out last minute? I swear this guys love affair with Spain gets old. Did he play againist Whales? Never saw him in Nations league.

  8. Marko says:

    @Miloš Hvar …that’s a nice formation hoping jedvaj matures being at Augsburg should give him the consistent playing time which is what we want with all our young cros never mind these Coric types rotting on bench at roma and other cros goin to top 5 clubs in these top 4-5 leagues riding the pine – staying back another year or so could in HNL or lower club aids there confidence and progression as cros naturally have great talent in just about all sports.. hopefully no brain fart moves like lovren has been known to produce..when Dejan does show up (never know) he can be beast at the back England semi final put his heart on the line for Repka robbed Kane a few times..Rebic is beast mode the way he chases down defenders like Mandzo and big shoes to fill up front by himself as Mandzo was definitely one of the best if not thee best with his headers in all of Europe over past few years but they both didn’t have the best feet… Both run and press defenders like no ones business and wasn’t rebic one of the fastest in bundesliga I believe ? Like olic was at euro 2008 lol – let’s hope he can finish better up top alone if that’s the case

  9. BZ says:

    Best non-Mandzo non-kramaric non-Vrsaljko lineup might be:


    I’d give it a try.

  10. Marko says:

    That seems very legit especially cdm onwards – haven’t seen vlasic up top alone but I don’t watch the Russian league minus his highlights I catch and what you guys post :) judging by his skills I say why not throw him in there against Azerbaijan or in training…olic was a tap in ruud van nistelrooy type right place right time we all know but I doubt ruud scored one outside the 18 like this ever lol

  11. The truth says:

    @ Marko
    Welcome to the post world

    I’m kind of a legend/hero to most on the most. And most heavily rely on me to understand the game better, temper expectations for overhyped youth, and if your American diaspora… How to order a drink at the bar in Croatian

    The first tip would definitely be on political correctness. We try to stay away from derogatory terms here. When addressing certain people, it is proper to ask them what pronoun they prefer… Like this guy mile preferred being called “she”rather than the expected “he”… Haven’t seen “her” post in a while though….. We are also considering a petition to ban brekalo from the national team for homophobia and also fascism for going to a Thompson concert when he was seven. Let us know if we can add your signature

  12. CroatiaU14 says:

    @BZ I like the idea of having Vlašić up top. He’d be a good striker. But I’d switch him and Rebić because Rebić is a natural striker and Vlašić is a natural outside CAM.

    Apparently Brozović recorded the highest match rating out of everyone in the Serie A during the weekend. Forgot the site that the rating was from.

    Brekalo made it into WhoScored’s U21 starting 11 from the top 5 leagues this past weekend. WhoScored states “Josip Brekalo only featured in 13 minutes of Wolfsburg’s 3-0 win away to Hertha Berlin but the 21-year-old had a devastating impact from the bench. Brekalo scored and assisted in that time to help Wolfsburg wrap up all three points. He was also fouled twice in that time and completed two tackles and interceptions combined“. I hope he starts in September for us. He was one of our best players vs. Wales.

  13. Stipe says:

    @ Marko

    Once a year we do a Croatian pool party like the guys did in the Eurocup. We get naked talk formations and tactics. We also make fun of truths micro Kurac ans whether an anus is an exit or entrance.

  14. Marko says:

    Omg I got a post from Ziva Istina to me specifically lmao ! I feel honored lol really ! I will work on the necessary corrections ! I’ve followed your posts for years and always found them insightful and knowledgeable even though some don’t agree (modric bust years ago lol) but that’s what makes forums great and I will work on that and I apologize again. You always had/have valid legit points most of the time and I do like calling things as they are as you do. I’m a 2nd generation cro and no I’m never gonna put one of my Repka heroes on the back of my jersey hehe just because I don’t feel like I need too…God blessed me with excellent athletic genes like most to all cros who have the luck of being healthy from childhood… I don’t feel the need to put a name on but no judgement to ones who do as to each there own ! – djokovic mother example as if he was full Serb he wouldn’t be as prolific as he is today…cro heart drives like no other with there passion …I’m born Canadian not American which is what I told all the haters as when we were kicking ass when I was in makarska! As you know Canada is quite multicultural like the US … Cro has the population of the largest city in Canada Toronto and they get greatness out of there athletes like no country but can be amplified even more with proper guidance as I’m sure you know ! The brekalo armband situation I’m well aware of and I don’t agree with him and I would definitely put my signature on there as there’s no place for that in the savez ..but as you said about tattoo livaja some time ago (even though he didn’t pan out and was a bit of a donkey (no Dalmatia pun intended) some cros choose to live there own way unfortunately … I will support you guys as what’s right and add my signature.

  15. Marko says:

    Dinamo under pressure DAZN only way to watch without shitty feeds cutting out.. it’s worth it especially if they make group stage

  16. CroatiaU14 says:

    We’re still up in aggregate 2-1. If the score holds we go thru. A goal for us would be great though since we are the away side.

  17. Dannyj says:

    Just found a link
    Nice save by Livakovic just now
    Even that goal he made a great reaction save

    He Should Be our guy for a while that’s for sure
    Unless some young dude really steps up

  18. Dannyj says:

    I agree that Petkovic play was real nice then the pass to pay it off was nice as well
    Can he go play in the big leagues??

  19. Mixed grill says:

    Truth and Marko are the same.Truth equals Ziva Istina. An Istina spent on some brutish cousin’s farm during which no women appeared, trust me. Marko, if you are not him stop kissing ass, it’s nauseating.

  20. Slavonac from Canada says:

    I crumbled and paid a 1 year subscription for DAZN…damn Canadian TV channels didn’t buy any soccer for the next 3 years!

  21. Marko says:

    @mixed grill- please don’t open your trap if you don’t know what your talking about – u don’t know me so don’t assume I’m him cause I’m not – I’ll give u my personal address in Canada if u wanna settle like a man come by any time …if not don’t judge or assume – assumptions are the mother of all fuck ups and I wouldn’t call someone out or assume there someone because they have valid points even if it’s not the mainstream of what u believe – man up and take your panties off- my comments we’re somehwat sarcastic but true – I love tough guys who are supposed to be brothers bleeding the same checkers but have Ignorance like that -I kiss no ones ass as when I fought the Turks in euro 2008 downtown Vienna mixed grillman ! my good friend Steve Mesic a great cro who got shot multiple times by douchebag hamilton police who judged him before they thought cause they we’re scared he was a beast 2Nd in Mr Canada for bodybuilding and no pussy…I respect everyones point of view and learn to live and grow with being a better person instead of judging what u don’t know kid – everyone has there own POV and I listen to everyone’s – learn to take sarcasm as it is also

    @ Slavonac – Canada is a joke for soccer feeds on TV unfortunately- it’s sad – already checked and looks like 2 weeks from today on TSN Germany – Netherlands get both slots on TSN feeds

  22. Medo says:

    Marko …love the enthusiasm,but come up for air!its only been a day since you started posting and I think you might run out of data at this pace!

  23. Slavonac from Canada says:

    Yeah, I hear ya Marko! I’m getting tired of looking for all the feeds from Reddit and ATDHE…there are some good ones but often times they are choppy. I have TLN for Italian soccer and I guess now I’ll be able to watch all Champions League and the odd EPL game I might be interested in.

    BTW – dobro došao Marko!

  24. Crnkovic says:

    lmao. this thread has me in tears. truth stop it, im dying here. ban brekalo for going to a thompson gig aged 7 ….haha, for sure, its got to be done. for the motherland

  25. CroatiaU14 says:

    Let’s gooooo boys!!! Not only 15M but also a chance for us to see Dinamo in CL action!! Ajmooooo

  26. Marko says:

    @Medo – I understand and thank you …I go off on tangents as seen but I gotta make up for lost time hehe- get busy living or get busy dying as Red would say lol I’m a kinesiology teacher so forgive me If i go off on spurts …teachers do that and I’ll keep it shorter in the future/dial it down a notch-I’ve agreed and disagreed with Ziva/the truths many comments but everyone’s opinion is there own and I’m no one to judge only God is. @Mixed grill my life is open book you wanna know the details nema problema just ask but don’t assume I’m something I’m not – maybe your Slobodan’s nephew ?…i joined this forum to talk kick as I know my knowledge like most of you veterans I respect as I’ve seen almost every cro game since euro 96 and constantly follow HNL and our players and enough of this BS – Dinamooooooo !!!! Let’s get the young guns some experience !!! Bring on the big boys !!!

  27. Slavonac from Canada says:

    Pretty good of Dinamo to qualify for this. It doesn’t matter how they do going forward, the goal was to qualify and 3rd place would be a major achievement!

    They made 23 mill Euro for qualifying and close to another 2 mill for marketing (total of 25 mill Euro)…not bad for a team that has a horrible stadium and few fans at their local games.

    I’d love to see more of our teams compete in Europe…at Champions League or Europa League.

  28. Dannyj says:

    Plus they sell olmo
    Dinamo got some cash to play with
    Develop the youth baby!
    Give some money to the poor teams
    All about developing the kids
    There are more kids in cro in some selo waiting for a chance

  29. Slavonac from Canada says:

    I can understand Olmo wanting to go and I think now that Dinamo are in…they’ll let him!

  30. CroatiaU14 says:

    Wow…Ante Ćorić signs with UD Almeria….that came outta no where.

    @Marko yessss time to give the young guys a shot. Dinamo is stacked right now with their youth. A lineup with Marin Moro Ivanušec and Majer would be a dream.

  31. Medo says:

    Great for Coric but where is that team …2nd division Algeria ?
    Curious as to what would be an estimated point total for the group stage for dynamo …4 points would be my bet in Vegas.

  32. Marko says:

    @slavonac / totally agree ! We should shoot for the stars but third place is definitely doable – had there chances against benfica last year which is a high quality side whether I’m a fan of them or not

    Lićan ..I used to live to right in the core then moved a few years ago to Burlington/Oakvile area brate ! Less BS all the way around – the women are amazing still lol although less prevalent as TO but I make due with the mlado meso hehe is it me or does cro women have major lubenice compared to Canadian chicks lol must be the farmers milk or something hehe

    @Croatia u14 – you have excellent updates on the young guns comin up like Mr. Black with his Belgian league and other less covered cro players around Europe ! Keep it up boys !

  33. Dannyj says:

    Still rumors going round Livakovic to Man U

    I don’t know
    Maybe another year in Zagreb. Jsut thinking he may get chewed up by the English press and Man U fans

    But at same time Dinamo prob cash in well on him


  34. Marko says:

    Dinamo didn’t look too bad at all ! A lil shaky to start but they settled well …question is do we want big guns like Madrid/Barca/City/Bayern for the exposure/experience or better opportunity to progress with good quality teams but less challenging opposition in terms of beat down? – our league should be closer on par to our national team somewhat -I know the main question revolves around money/ mamic brothers as my cousins don’t shut up about it as they’re die hard BBB fans and like most they despise them (that’s an entirely different story) as they’ve done good and bad I’m sure but club wise we shouldn’t hover around 15th -20th in world as national team is top 5-10 In world but dinamo still and will always produce world
    class talent but we should at least have one team semi competitive for at least 3rd in the group not dead last in champs league -the chops always produce with decent champ league results from benfica and Porto. Yes, we’re not them with infrastructure but Ludogrets Razgrad from Bulgaria and APOEL from Cyprus make groups stage ahead of us and that ain’t right. Infrastructure and funding is problematic as we know but in terms of talent the dinamo academy is pretty solid ! I could only imagine if in there twighlight years (2 to 3 from now) Mandzo modric went back to dinamo lol pipe dream it is but they would no doubt make round of 16 or quarters lol as well as bring kovacic back to rejuvenate himself if this franky Lamps Chelsea experiment doesn’t work – go back to your roots ! I know they can’t afford them ever unfortunately:( but would be nice as we all know the difference those 3 could make sorta like b-ball all u need is a few big game changers/ Kawhi Leonard. Raptors NBA Champs organization was born 1/2 years after Croatian independence and we already achieved international 2nd and 3rd place WC finishes. Portugal with there Eusebio, figo, rui Costa, Ronaldo never made a WC final and what does that say about talent period. Someone posted earlier in article Croats are best pound for pound athletes in the world and I truly believe that we’re contenders.

    pS…sorry for the novel boys when I get some sljivovica in me I go off especially if it’s from Slavonia – there’s packs a special punch and donkey kick – ubi tovara lol just joking my cousins said that would get me fucked up down on the coast …I love all my Dalmatia/Cro brothers :))

  35. Seljak says:

    Hey Kvartuc, when you gonna make an article about the upcoming Cro soccer tourney in Norval? I hope you will be there!

  36. Seljak says:

    Marko, I met Steve Mesic once years ago at a club in Hamilton. I think 2005. He was a huge, intimidating looking guy, but very nice and friendly. Shitty what the fucking cops did him! RIP. Also I met his brother Nick, who is also a good guy. He actually played linebacker in the states on a football scholarship. ZDS!!

  37. Maminjo says:

    Apparently, Dinamo and Montpelier agreed to a 9.5 million Euro transfer for Livaković… But Montpelier didn’t want to wait for this Rosenborg tie (which is what Dinamo wanted them to do).

    I really hope Dinamo doesn’t pull some sort of fire sale before the Champions League.

  38. Marko says:

    @ Seljak- Steve was a solid man and Niko is quite the man also. My brother and I were quite close with them. Steve and I went to the Glasgow Rangers Dinamo Zagreb game in Toronto at the Rogers Centre 05…he ripped his shirt off aka Hulk Hogan style and everyone was in awe of his physique…was the biggest dude there! Bodybuilding legend. Dado Prso was there as well as Modric…never forget Modric ripping the crossbar with a screamer from 25 yards out. Prso didn’t dress but It was nice to meet him and thank him for that rocket when he almost took Barthez head off at euro 2004 hehe…another game we got
    screwed – Trezeguet hand ball for the 2nd goal…that attempted clearance by Desailly ended his career for the national team I believe. My baka coulda made a better clearance God rest her soul or even me after a 40 oz of sjlivovica.

    Dinamo has to get some sort of positive results boys…yes, were outmatched/outfinanced but we can’t be the worst team out of the 32 in group stage. I’d love to draw Zvezda – slow Joe should show up and lay out the elbow like he did years ago to that Serb goin on the breakaway haha classic

    Za Dom Spremni !!!

  39. Elvis says:


    Remember the tank graveyard when Croats made swiss cheese out of that Russian Junk. Give me an Abrams or Leopard tank any day.

  40. Miloš Hvar says:

    Rakitic approves a move to PSG in Neymar deal. Tbh I would’ve liked to see him go to Juventus.

    Playing Red Star would be awesome. I’d strongly consider making a trip to Zagreb for it

  41. Dannyj says:

    There was this article online in German saying Rebic isn’t too likes by His teammates. Selfish

    So maybe he gets moved soon

    Don’t really want rakitic to go to France but better then wasting away on bench
    If only he wasn’t so expensive and can just go back to Seville or something

  42. Poglavnik says:

    Screw Barca.
    I’ve always had a problem cheering for them.
    Neymar and Griezmann are enough to make a billy goat sick.

  43. Marko says:

    @milos/tomas – I’m down for trip to Zagreb If draw works out that way…I’ll wear my Boban karate kick shirt on that infamous day I got from BBB store gornji grad

    @danny j- sadly I could see that although he made most to all his selfish chances account for something in WC (minus the wasted chance when modric gave him that great low cross through ball before half time against Arg. He also shoulda been red carded as we know he went in studs up but he does that with his challenges sometimes…can’t change his agessive play he’s like a bull in a china shop aha everyone on the team wasn’t happy with the wasted chance and perisic let him
    know he was pissed charging in..luckily Dalić didn’t sub him as his finish off caballero blunder was world class…his speed/constant high pressure when he plays for Repka is all that matters I believe – he gets in another groove mostly which I like and what separates cros from Serbs and many other countries-Heart !

    As long as our cros can stay away from the constant grinding playing time of the premier league to stay fresh for the euros and beyond (hate man utd as they Serb lovers anyway) would be better for the savez in the long run.

    @poglavnik – hahaha hilarious I totally agree- both overrated cunts as I’m sure iggy would agree that terminology lol

    @Dannyj ..would be nice if he went to inter with brozo…how close is this PSG trade with dembele ? Just rumors so far? As long as he doesn’t waste away on the bench as you said – too many youngsters have gone that road

  44. Dannyj says:

    Apparently mandzo close to going to PSG as well
    But believe it when I see it
    Juve fans being hard on mandzo
    Guy gave his heart out to that team
    But what u expect from Italians

  45. Slavonac from Canada says:

    Rebic’s attitude scares me and I hope this isn’t the beginning of the end for him. It took Kovac a while to get him back on track so this attitude he has really needs to be brought into check. Many young guys that have talent end up screwed because they think the feeling they have lasts forever…but no, you can go from hero to zero in a hurry!

  46. Slavonac from Canada says:

    I just read that Mandzo declined the PSG offer. If he goes there, I think his career will quickly decline and be done…he may as well go to Dinamo and help them out.

  47. Dannyj says:

    Thought maybe kovac would try to push for Rebic to come to Bayern in off season
    Let’s hope Rebic keeps it up
    Like we all say as long as they show up for cro!

  48. Dannyj says:

    I agree mandzo should go to Dinamo when they sell Petkovic and come sub for cro
    Most unselfish move ever!

  49. Slavonac from Canada says:

    Rebic really isn’t consistent OR mentally strong enough to be at a club like Bayern…at least thats not what he’s demonstrating. When he is fully concentrated and on his game, he’s comparable to many of the top players in the world BUT he’s not usually consistent so I don’t think he’d succeed at a BIG club like Bayern. They’d lose patience with him.

    I remember when Mandzo went from Wolfsburg to Bayern and he really had to make sure he controlled his attitude and emotions. It was then that he became a more consistent player.

  50. Marko says:

    LoL so true – they’re obviously jealous they haven’t produced any decent attacking forwards on top clubs in how many years now? I liked politanos energy and hook up play with perisic but other then that there defence/style as we all know has been there biggest strength always…don’t know too many young Italian attackers going foward that look promising and that D is just about aged out…theyre still decent but can’t score goals at all..they should consider bringing baggio or signori back out of retirement lol – my Italian friends think pirlo In his prime was better then modric lol u can bring up the World Cup in 06 as big argument but that was a complete team effort for once as they had production from defenders mid and forwards and gattuso the bull in support of Andrea was like a Niko Kovac…World Cup winner or not Modric Maesteo Magician Ballon d’or winner while Italy’s was Cannavaro (obvi defender) who won it for them and deserved- Pirlo was great but Luka has him theory is Italians wanna buy our young guns and let em rot on the bench …anyone know what happen to radošević as a flop and why he went to danish league not heard of really anymore …was it stimać fault as changing the lineup every game with no clue what he was doin (our worst coach ever) possibly baric deserves mention – we can say what we want about Bilic but he had more consistentcy in his lineups and produced some good results – who would u guys say is best coach of Repka ever so far – Dalic or Blazevic ?

  51. Slavonac from Canada says:

    well, Radosevic hasn’t proven a damn thing in years and in my opinion, I think most Croatian kids that end up in Italy young are very dumb. Italy is probably the hardest country to get a chance in. they complain that their own youth aren’t getting chances, why would anyone believe a foreigner would? their soccer is so tactical and every week there’s soo much at risk…its unbelievable to think that signing there is a decent idea.

  52. Marko says:

    @Slavonac – hit the nail on the head couldn’t of put it better with your comments- I totally agree

    @DannyJ- takodjer – we all know Niko kickstarted Ante’s career back on track – only issue I ever had with Niko was seeing that lineup for Cro Mexico game WC14- he totally got it wrong in that do or die match I remember looking at the lineup pre game and cursing what the fuck is he smoking jebi te/me

  53. Marko says:

    @Slavonac ..Very well stated- you guys are spot on often ! It seems like Danish/Belgian/Ukrainian and the lower leagues work out better for most as I guess they don’t care about youth development on certain teams – weren’t perica and pasalic both bought by Chelsea and then sent off and now not really heard of although I remember pasalic bagging a few olic type sitters for Atalanta last year but that ain’t worthy of call up to our senior squad – especially in our strongest position -mid

  54. Slavonac from Canada says:

    in 2014, we didn’t have a single leader in our lineup. Srna was the so-called leader but on the field, we were spineless. on the other hand Mexico had Rafa Marquez who dominated our forwards and physically shit kicked them without any of our guys taking a run at him or any other Mexican.

    I was really depressed after that game. our lineup seemed decent but the performance was really bad!

    if we compare the leadership in 2018 vs 2014 there was a massive and obvious difference.

    Kovac lost the respect of his players in the training camp, leading up to the tournament. I’m not sure his mentality is for a Croatian team, it seems more like a German mentality.

  55. Slavonac from Canada says:

    … Andrija Balic, Ante Coric, Tin Jedvaj, Josip Radosevic, Marko Rog and I’m probably forgetting some others…have all signed for Italian teams and played little to zero minutes.

    Pasalic, in my opinion, will only ever be average at best. He really doesn’t have much special, although he’s young enough and could surprise me. I have never seen much that impresses me from him…so far he seems like a professional sub, that fills a void. lets hope I’m wrong.

    I was really hopeful for Rog…lets see if he gets the nod this weekend.

  56. CroatiaU14 says:

    Bradarić recorded an assist today for Lille. Hope he can keep playing and improving. He’s really young and has a lot of potential

  57. Marko says:

    @Slavonac – agree on the leadership and spineless performance but I just re chexked tthe starting line up and it went like this – D I agree with but the mid he tottally fuxked I believe 4-2-3–1 but got the 2-3 wrong big time


    Rakitic – pranjic ???

    Pranjic there I remember saying wtf that guy can’t even play his natural position correctly and Nikos favoritism/hard on for him cause they were teammates euro 08 and then some but was ridiculous – Sammir might’ve been better option lol kovacic brozocic badelj all better options even if they weren’t peaking …his favoritism cost us I believe

    Modric-perisic-olic lOL

    why is perisic in the middle – I know they can interchange but that’s just wrong especially after Ivan running the wing against Cameroon match before and Mandzo up too whic is fine but Ivan I don’t think had ever started CAM- ridiculous – its ok as at least the world knows there talents now but wanted opportunity in that game – olic too needed to be up top with Mandzo as he’s pippo inzaghi , ruud can nistelrooy 6 yard box finisher

  58. Slavonac from Canada says:

    yeah good points Marko. I honestly don’t remember the exact lineup or formation for that game but Pranjic was a one dimensional player….definitely not suited for that role. Perisic is most dangerous when he has space to run into…weird strategy from Kovac but then again, he really has his ideas and sometimes doesn’t realize not everyone has his mentality.

  59. Marko says:

    Is pjaca a write off now after latest injury? – had high hopes for him and rog /they had excellent game against Spain euro 16 – pjaca has a few good games for juve before injury- hopefully they rebound

    @Croatiau14–keep up the young gun Info ;) another Domagoj on the back line aha

  60. Slavonac from Canada says:

    Pjaca’s injury was pretty vicious so I think his career is on stand-by. never sure how well a player can perform after terrible injuries like what he’s had.

    Rog was a beast against Spain.

  61. Croat Canadian says:

    Unrelated subject..but can anyone find qualifiers games upcoming in September against Slovakia & Azerbaijan.

  62. Dannyj says:

    Thanks for bringing up that shit Mexico game guys lol

    I’m pissed as will be in cro for these two qualifiers and I’ve never been to a game and course they both away

  63. Marko says:

    @ Croat Canadian-TSN currently has schedule showing Netherlands – Germany on 2 of there stations but I’m quite sure they will play another game instead of both on 2 channels and Cro game should be next in pecking order as long as chirper English ain’t playing which they’re not – they usually play the strongest teams and were next after Dutch-Germans…but it will update soon and I’ll keep u posted – Scotland – Russia and San Marino – Belgium are only really viable options which should be down the pecking order compared to us World Cup finalists and Slovakia which is mediocre but who knows Canada’s feeds has been a joke at many times – redneck nascar and curling/baseball/golf seem to take precedence. I’m proud being a Canadian but our sports channels are jokes..Fuxkin curling give me a break – if that’s a sport then so is bowling. Some
    skill/technique is involved but as an athlete that ain’t a sport to me. Golf is a lil similar in a way – sorry but John Daly aka Butterbean and Tom Watson who was 60 when he lost a major in a playoff are not true sports to me. Tiger and others are legends and I watch some of the majors and respect the skill/swing/technique but anyone who’s 60 has no business winning a major sports trophy when they can’t run down or up a hill or get a boner without viagra is not considered sport to me. Technical and skillful yes of course! I’ll get some haters as everyone’s opinions vary but I will stand by that as true sport requires movement. I’ll take up golf when I’m older and retired as a hobby. Sorry to major golf fans but that’s my opinion on golf- technique for the swing and sport In general I do respect hands down but to me true sports require physical literacy of movement and I don’t consider curling/golf a true sport. Water polo I tried in Dubrovnik and that blows those 2 out of the water like European handball and many other sports that require a lot of physical literacy/movement. Marko on his tangent novels again and I’m only a rookie- oprosti

  64. Maminjo says:


    Rakitic to PSG can be seen as a good thing.

    He will get plenty of rest, since the French league is largely a bush league that is only propped up high in the rankings due to PSG.

    There was a recent article showing how many minutes Rakitic has played throughout his career, and it was astronomical when compared to athletes at the same point in his career.

    Getting out of La Liga (especially a high pressure team like Barca) is probably the best thing for him if he intends on playing for several more years.

  65. Maminjo says:

    @ Slavonac

    I agree entirely with your misfit cast of players who have signed for Italian clubs (Andrija Balic, Ante Coric, Tin Jedvaj, Josip Radosevic, Marko Rog)

    I don’t like any of them really, except for maybe Tin Jedvaj who I think could just be a decent sub for us (in case of injury).

    I agree entirely with Pasalic. He seems to always win a starting spot on every single team he plays on (which is impressive) but every time I see him play, he’s borderline invisible.
    I can see him having “Milan Badelj value” for us, but nothing more.

    I don’t think it’s Serie A that stunted these guys’ growth. I don’t think any of them were good enough in the first place. They showed signs of being good, but it is hard to gauge how it will translate and develop as they get older.

    Croatians are pretty good at evaluating talent, and they generally “sell early” when they have a hyped player who they’re not too high on.

    I think this is what happened with Ante Coric.
    I think Dinamo realized that this kid is talented, but he’s not an Alpha and doesn’t have the mindset and work ethic to become something special. It made no sense for them to sell him that early to Roma for solid (but not big) money…but it looks like it was a great transaction for them.

  66. nepoznat nepoznat says:

    CL Draw tomorrow 18:00 CET so 12:00 EDT

    Pot 1: Liverpool (Lovren), Chelsea (Kovačić, Pulišić), Barcelona (Rakitić), Manchester City, Juventus (Mandžukić), Bayern Munich (Perišić), Paris St. Germain, Zenit St. Petersburg
    Pot 2: Real Madrid (Modrić), Atletico Madrid (Vršaliko, Kalinić), Borussia Dortmund, Napoli, Shakhtar Donetsk, Tottenham, Ajax (Kotarski), Benfica
    Pot 3: Lyon, Bayer Leverkusen, Red Bull Salzburg (Pongračić), Olympiakos, Club Brugge (Mitrović), Valencia, Inter Milan (Brozović), DINAMO ZAGREB
    Pot 4: Lokomotiv Moscow (Ćorluka), Racing Genk, Galatasaray, RB Leipzig, Slavia Prague, Crvena Zvezda, Atalanta (Pašalić, Iličić), Lille (Bradarić)

    Did I miss anyone? we have a Croat representing at least 15 teams in the CL this season! Ajmo dečki!!!

  67. Slavonac from Canada says:

    Great comment Marko!

    I actually thought Rog and Jedvaj had that extra something. A few years ago, Simic came here for a soccer camp and he told me Jedvaj is the real deal. Rog had some excellent flashes of brilliance offensively and defensively but playing on the bench doesn’t allow him much.

  68. Maminjo says:

    Pot 2 is key.

    Would be nice to draw Benfica again…though we’d probably have a better shot against Shaktar.

  69. Dannyj says:

    If olmo is gone will we pretty much kiss any chance at any points away?
    Like some of you were saying throw in the young guns

  70. Croat Canadian says:

    Marko Thanks for the updates. I’m with bell and just checked TSN and saw Croatia only one game against Azerbaijan. Canadian networks are fucking garbage. Sportsnet ratings are going down. Nobody watches them because they report on boring sports like golf, baseball and poker and the league CFL. I can’t comprehend on airing curling and people watching that shit but not showing big football names.. Not to mention the Jays are absolute shit this year. I don’t know why they don’t televise Euro qualifiers. I know Sportsnet ended their contract with UEFA but at least TSN is going to have them. Besides hockey and basketball. I have no interest following sportsnet whatsoever. Our sportscasters need to report more on UFC

  71. Marko says:

    Wow you boys see the draw!! Not too bad…City, Shakhtar, Dinamo, Atalanta

    We knew Pot 1 was gonna be brutal but coulda been worse..Zenit woulda been preffered but there are many more difficult teams then City though/they have been killing teams goal machine but Aguero has been shut out by Cros before- circa WC lol let’s hope we keep score somewhat respectable.

    Pot 2- I think we got one of if not best option as Maminjo said would be key and Shakhtar are doable. Entire team of Brazilians and Ukrainians lol I don’t theyre as good as they’ve been many years ago even though they always had decent results. No Srna in his prime in swingers aha and hes Assistant Coach? Maybe he could give Bjelica some tips lol

    Pot 4- Atalanta – other the Genk, Slavia, or the Serbs (woulda been great) I think we got good choice/chance…fought through weak Serie A to hang onto 4th last year – one cro to go against at least. Let’s see what Pasalic can do in Champs league.

    Can’t wait !!! Idemooooo Dinamoooooooo

  72. Marko says:

    Group A: Paris Saint-Germain, Real Madrid, Club Brugge, Galatasaray.
    Group B: Bayern Munich, Tottenham Hotspur, Olympiakos, Red Star Belgrade.
    Group C: Manchester City, Shakhtar Donetsk, Dinamo Zagreb, Atalanta.
    Group D: Juventus, Atletico Madrid, Bayer Leverkusen, Lokomotiv Moscow.
    Group E: Liverpool, Napoli, Salzburg, Genk.
    Group F: Barcelona, Borussia Dortmund, Inter Milan, Slavia Prague.
    Group G: Zenit St. Petersburg, Benfica, Lyon, RB Leipzig.
    Group H: Chelsea, Ajax, Valencia, Lille.

  73. Marko says:

    @Croat Canadian – very well put and totally agree. Thanks for adding in baseball, poker and CFL as they’re always on. Let’s not forget about Darts and redneck NASCAR (that be should be left to American stations) we already have enough garbage on our sports channels and I’m sure the American networks are smart enough to not show curling. Canadian networks only recently added more tennis (great sport) only cause more Canadians are improving with young talent getting more competitive. Soccer is biggest sport in world and euro qualifiers should take precedence over the garabge they show. Maybe that’s a very small part of why our very multicultural Country with lots of great young athletes don’t pay as much attention while focusing on other sports as I grew up mainly a hockey player as Canadian being our main bread and butter. Yes we’re more of a winter country some people say but Its BS excuse tell that to Russia/Ukraine and other countries who put more funding (and some have none, less then Canada) in the actual sport and televise top quality soccer.. no excuse for a large country like ours sitting 78th in the world in soccer – sandwiched in between Iraq and Curacao who most people don’t know which continent it’s on and I don’t blame them lol we can’t even come close to making a World Cup. Sad but true as Metallica song goes :/…exposure needs to be embedded more period. Perhaps and hopefully this CSL is a start.

  74. Croat Canadian says:

    @Marko You’re absolutely right. Canada only succeeds at one sport that interests me. I myself grew up playing AAA and loved it but tend to follow other sports now. It was a shame hockey wasn’t in the last winter Olympics. Besides hockey, were’re pretty much shit at every sport lol. You’re right about upcoming stars in tennis and don’t forget basketball. I’ll watch the odd U.S Open or any major tennis tournament match. American news networks don’t have any concern for the sports we show. Hockey isn’t even in their top three. Football will always be number one followed by baseball and basketball. You look at the thousands of Italians, Croatians, Portuguese, Spanish, Germans and South Americans we have and yet we can’t make a fucking World Cup lol so pathetic. Not a lot of parents invested in soccer for their kids as they do as much for hockey/lacrosse. Especially now with the new immigrants coming mostly from India, China and the Middle East. Not a lot of sports talent coming from those regions. Perhaps we have to recruit some Africans or Brazilians to make the team better. Don’t even get me started on bs NASCAR (Only object of the sport is to turn left). If we can get viewers for TFC then we should be able to broadcast ANY football matches; qualifiers, champions league, euro leagues.. anything. Yeah getting sick of hearing about that excuse too..were only a winter sport country. Check out Sweden, Denmark, Finland too. They don’t do half bad for football and produce many legends in hockey.

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