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Croatians Around Europe *VII*

October 6, 2019

Real Madrid CF v Granada CF  - La Liga

Modrić scores a beauty for Real Madrid



After a rough start to the Champions League season – where Real Madrid only have one point through the first two matches – Los Blancos got a 4-2 win against Granada on Saturday. Luka Modrić came off the bench in the 34th minute for Toni Kroos and made the game 3-0 in the 61′ with a wonderful strike from 24 yards out. The man doesn’t score many goals, but when he does, they are masterful. With the win, Real Madrid remain two points ahead of Barcelona for top spot in La Liga.


Modrić Rocket From 24 Yards Out




Barišić celebrates his free kick goal for Rangers



Borna Barišić scored a fantastic free kick from outside the box Sunday in a 5-0 Rangers win over Hamilton. The former Osijek left-back has been a regular in the Rangers starting XI as they currently sit atop the Scottish table. It’s good to see Barišić getting free kick opportunities as a defensive player. At 26 years old, Croatia could use him at left-back if he can keep up solid performances this year.



Barišić Free Kick



Josip Brekalo assisted the lone goal of the game in Wolfsburg’s 1-0 win over Union Berlin on Sunday. With the win, Wolfsburg move up to second place in the Bundesliga. Brekalo has been a pivotal part of the Wolfsburg offense this year and will be a hot commodity in the summer.



Dejan Lovren returned to the Liverpool starting XI on Saturday and played the full match in a 2-1 victory over Leicester City. Liverpool hold a perfect record this season and are currently eight points in front of Manchester City. Lovren was supposed to move to Roma in the summer but the deal fell through. It’s only a positive for the Vatreni if he’s getting regular minutes at his club.




Ante Kvartuč
Posted By: Ante Kvartuč 104 comments

  1. Suba says:

    Any thoughts about the potential of Ivan Sunjic for the future

    Not sure if he is the real deal looks a bit slow to me when he was out there playing for Birmingham

    Or is it just another Croat flopping in England

  2. vuki says:

    Sunjic definitely has a chance to be the starting defensive midfielder for the national team at some point, but he has a good amount of competition from the likes of Nikola Moro, Ante Palaversa, Kristijan Bistrovic, Marko Gjira, Darko Nejasmic, and whoever else comes up in the next few years. Remember Brozovic is only 26 and has been very good since he started to play defensive midfield rather than attacking midfield.

    And since I know someone might be thinking Kovacic, I honestly think Kovacic should never be played at defensive midfield. His defending is pretty decent, but his dribbling is way too valuable. The only real thing Kovacic needs to do to become better is lose that always play it safe mentality. Yes, he will lose the ball a couple times a game, but if he creating more chances for himself and his teammates, he will be so much more valuable.

  3. Slavonac from Canada says:

    Vuki, Kovacic is definitely a great dribbler but he seems to shoot a lot of blanks in the final 3rd of the field. I truly love the guy but I’m not convinced he’s a good offensive option.

  4. Suba says:

    In the future Brozovic would need to be moved up higher on the pitch so there definitely would be an opening for on those defensive midfielder young guns mentioned above

    What the hell was going on with the other thread everybody was turning a bit nasty

    There was never going to be a walk off how could you walk away from the national team ridiculous no matter how corrupt the upper echelons could be

    Further that moment was clearly a low and we came out much stronger and now more united the only way to be in moving forward

  5. Maminjo says:


    Šunjić isn’t a flop. He was never considered National Team caliber. He seems like a hard worker and will likely make a solid career for himself.

    He might make the National Team as a depth player, but he’s got too much competition.

    We’re at that level now where we have young guys playing in in foreign clubs like Šunjić, Bašić, Katić, Krovinović, etc… And still not good enough to make the National Team.

    This is a good thing.

  6. vuki says:

    Yeah Slavonac, that’s what I mean. His shot isn’t good, but you don’t need to have a great shot if you can continuously create chances for yourself. And he would get way more assists if he didn’t have the play it safe mentality that he has. I just don’t think he’s good enough defensively to be a defensive midfielder. Maybe if he has a partner and they use him where Rakitic plays now it would work. I would never play him straight up attacking midfielder. That’s Vlasic’s place to lose in the future if you ask me. Maybe Majer and/or Ivanusec give him a run for his money or force him out of the wing in order to get them all on the field, who knows? They’re all still young and a lot can happen.

  7. Dannyj says:

    How’s krovinovic doing overall?
    I still have hopes for him to get to being an above average midfielder and hopefully cracking the squad

    I think we have to give these young guys a bit of break
    Like the Sunjic and krovinovics
    They aren’t halilovic type guys that have questionable work ethic and attitude
    So when they make that move to a new team/country/league we have to give them the benefit of the doubt for a year

    Need i remind everyone about luka playing like a bust modric

    Krama, Vlasic other guys who proved their worth when given the chance for club teams
    As the old adage says the cream will always rise

    The thing bout Sunjic is I think you guys said he has a strong work ethic. Never underestimate that

    How many of our folks killed themselves leaving cro
    They weren’t always the best… but I know many that worked hard and made it!

  8. Anonymous says:

    I’m worried how much of a tournament feel euro2020 will actually have. Its spread all over Europe..really kills the vibe for the fans. The groups are split up into host cities and one group has Rome + Baku. Now that is horrible. Imagine playing game 1 in baku, then in rome, then back in baku. Best group is copenhagen and st petersburg, short flight. or the london/glasgow group

  9. The truth says:

    I only really watched sunjic in the innerl under 21s and came away very unimpressed

    But i will say, i was watching the game on a telephone and not really watching from a sophisticated standpoint

    Sunjic didn’t seem to have much offensive spark or creativity, which made him uninteresting

    I also suspected though he was assigned to play a very specific positional role that limited that

    Seems like at least a smart layer and hard worker

    Perhaps can be like a badelj

    He can fill that gap but you probably don’t want him starting for the nt

  10. Slavonac from Canada says:

    Vuki, yes I agree with everything you’ve said. I’m hopeful he can still improve in his attack. If he had that final 3rd prowess like Vlasic does, we wouldn’t be hoping Vlasic is our option cause Kovacic has a lot of skill and speed. The problem is, will he develop to a better attacker…not sure he will! That’s the $50 million dollar question.

    I know little about Ivanusec. I know a guy here in Vancouver, we see each other in the summer at camping…he says that’s his nephew or some relative and he told me the kid has excellent potential.

    As far as Vlasic goes…I like his mentality/attitude! The kid works hard, he does all the right things and works on improving from month to month, I just hope he has the talent to make him a great player. Kovacic has much more talent but also more limitations as far as being a complete player.

  11. Slavonac from Canada says:

    Suba, I’m not so sure I agree that Brozovic needs to be utilized in a higher midfield position bro! Brozovic is probably the most underrated player in Europe. He’s becoming the best at a defensive midfield role and I can’t say enough how valuable he is…the guy is the epitome of a true soccer warrior! He sacrifices everything for his team. Never looks to be in the spotlight while breaking the opponent attacks and then passing off the ball a teammate.

    Brozovic is an unsung hero! World Class at his role! He’s not overly skilled nor is he overly talented…but he plays very smart and simple while covering tons of field.

  12. Dannyj says:

    Brozovic is becoming that DM we needed when we were trying to get that sertic Croat wanna be

    Luka still got couple years left in tank
    Let’s just hope Rakitic doesn’t mess things up like I agree on with the truth

    Saw a post Rakitic is requesting transfer
    He says Juve Man U or inter Milan I believe

    Fuck Italy but Man U is a disaster right now

    Don’t think his wife would Want him to go to Bayern or something diff

    I just think he would waste last few years of career in Man
    But maybe they will rebound

    Speaking of not rebounding. Sounds like Tottenham has been pooping the bed

  13. Maminjo says:

    His wife would divorce him if they moved to Manchester.

    Terrible city for someone to live in if they come from Spain, South America or other similar countries.

    Italy would probably be best for him. The game is slower, and the culture shock will be minimal.

  14. Dannyj says:

    Ya for sure.
    I think Italy is the only real option
    The other Spanish teams wouldn’t spend that kind of money
    And Italy is prob closest thing in this case

    I just hate the way Juve treated Mario
    It’s not like he was shitting the bed last year

    He had I believe one of the better seasons from the World Cup squad guys

  15. CroatiaU14 says:

    @DannyJ I agree with you about how Juve was treating Mandžo. He was scoring and assisting for them almost every game he played. Sucks that Higuain is starting over him.

    I thought that after they sold Kean they would play him more.

    And with about Rakitić, why doesn’t Barca just play the guy. The reason Barca sucks right now is because none of the attackers or midfielders besides for old Sergio Busquets wants to defend. Rakitić plays defense, and he isn’t only a back passer like De Jong, he can create attacking opportunities.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Dejan Lovren 8

    A surprise recall, impressive in first half with some key interceptions and headers. Maintained his form throughout.

  17. gbvh says:

    Mandz is/was a beast for Juve. And a fan-fave. Fuck the Sarri.
    (And they were better before Ronaldove.)

  18. Dannyj says:

    Ya really is Juve much better with Ronaldo??
    Ronaldo of course is a game changer
    But u can say the same with Mandzo in his own way

    As much as people hate playing against Ronaldo I assure u not many look forward to go up against Mario

  19. Dannyj says:

    And I’m certainly not saying they are on the same level
    Just a shame Mario is wasting a half year at this point of career

    And we could have def used him on the repka for certain games
    But no doubt Mario has that sensitive ego
    Anyone who plays with a chip on his shoulder like him is a bit jaded
    He was always sort of the ugly sister at Bayern and now Juve

  20. Maminjo says:

    The good news about Rebic being on the bench these past couple games for Milan, is that it may push Dalic to give Brekalo the start against Hungary.

  21. Razbijač says:

    Rebic on the bench for Milan! What the heck is going on here???

    He has yet to start this season. Now I’m not saying he’s a bad player, he’s actually very good. I think Milan is the wrong fit for him.

    I think the problem is with management, they don’t seem to know whether they’re coming or going. Ya don’t spend 40mill on a guy and not play him….

    Budmir with his 3rd goal in La Liga. He might actually be the leading scorer amongst Hrvati in Liga Petica.

    As for Simon Sluga, just don’t ask how he did….’cause ya don’t wanna know!

  22. CroatiaU14 says:

    Brekalo assists the game winning goal in Wolfsburg’s 1-0 victory. Vlašić scores a penalty in CSKA’s 3-1 loss. Borna Barišić (playing very well recently) scores in Ranger’s 5-0 victory. Not a bad day for our youngsters.

    Rakitić again not in the starting lineup today vs. Sevilla.

  23. Niđo says:

    And such the 11 vs hungary should be
    Livakovic Bartolec/Jedvaj Lovren Vida Barisic Modric Brozovic Vlasic Perisic Brekalo Petkovic. But Dalic doesnt change things unless you piss him off from what i see so 11 vs hungary Livakovic Jedvaj Vida Lovren Barisic Brozovic Modric Rebic Rakitic Perisic Petkovic. In wales the lineup might be mixed especially if we beat hungary. Please no Brekalo at right back thats a waste

  24. Dannyj says:

    But the kids are playing
    Luka is playing and getting on point

    Maybe that Rebic deal was rushed
    Wonder if it’s attitude problem?

  25. Razbijač says:

    Dario Melnjak was impressive for his Turkish club today, and scored a goal.

    His Cousin Marko Rog, played the full 90 in Calgiari’s 1-1 draw away to Roma.

    Karlo Bartolec with the full 90 in Copenhagen’s derby against Brondby.

  26. Anonymous says:

    Rakitic is a moron. Time to move on.
    Barca has throw him to the curb. Have
    Some balls Rakitic. Tell them to fuck off.

  27. Nk Marsonia says:

    Livakovic bartolec vida lovren barisic modric brozovic vlasic perisic petkovic brekalo. 4 3 3 this is best lineup. For hungary.

  28. Razbijač says:

    I think we found our free-kick specialist!

    Barisic with his 2nd free-kick goal of the season. Excellent technique, nice swerve and bend similar to the way Messi takes ‘em! So yeah this guy has gotta start…

    I go with 4-2-3-1: Livakovic–Bartolec, Vida, Lovren, Barisic–Brozovic, Modric–Brekalo, Vlasic, Perisic–Petko

  29. Dannyj says:

    Speaking of broz
    I read a couple weeks back and surprised no one else mentioned it
    Him and Lukaku got into it in the locker room

    Broz was probably sit down majmune!

  30. The truth says:

    What’s up with brekalo not starting for Wolfsburg? Is it cause he’s hurt

    It’s amazing how dumb so many of these managers are. I mean. It shouldn’t be shocking. A lot come from the stock of former players who were likely never very bright even before they headed a ball 50000 times and mixed in the toxic personality disorders that professional sports often generates

    How efficient and impact does brekalo have to be till his manager make the crazy move of just playing him

  31. Suba says:

    Cagliari was playing Rog all over the place against Roma playing almost like a left back to an all and out striker Messi like but does get the calls when bundled player

    A lot of potential probably lacking self belief maybe

    Speaking as a hajdukovac it’s a shame Kalinic is not our books anymore he creating chaos out there against Cagliari

    Just bring him back for the Poljud game haha he’d rip it up

  32. Slavonac from Canada says:

    Have some pride Suba! Kalinic caused chaos at the World Cup out of his selfishness and with regards to his so-called “chaos” on the field…he’s had 15 good minutes since the World Cup…nothing else! You really need to think this through!

  33. Slavonac from Canada says:

    Kalinic has scored 3 goals since the World Cup, 2 of them against a team in the Spanish second division!

    Sure, bring him back so we can bring in a failing Hajdukovac!

    I’d rather bring Mijo Caktas from Hajduk over Kalinic!

  34. Maminjo says:

    @ Niđo

    Bartolec at RB is a much bigger waste.

    Bartolec does not defend. He’s unable to. He’s short AND physically weak. He plays like a winger, and does not run back to defend.

    Modric covers that area for him. This makes Bartolec a net NEGATIVE on the field, because he add more defensive responsibilities for Modric…and for what exactly? One, maybe two, decent crosses over two games?

    If we’re going to tax Modric and have him cover the right side defensively, we may as well do it for an impact player like Josip Brekalo. At least he’ll do something offensively.

    I’ve hated ALL of Dalic’s experiments…but starting Bartolec is worse than playing Brekalo out of position, so I take the latter option.

  35. Maminjo says:


    It’s the German mentality.

    They don’t care who you are, or even how good you are. It’s discipline above everything, and the manager is your Fuhrer.

    Perfect example is when Lewandowski requested a transfer, it was ignored by Dortmund. He was to honor his contract and shut up. Even though they were about to have him leave to their archrivals on a free transfer, they did not care. They could have sold him for plenty of cash, but did not want to just to put him in his place.

    Brekalo is young and outspoken.
    I’m certain that his coach wants to put him in his place, and is more than willing to play some less talented veteran player who will shut his mouth and do exactly as he’s told.

    This might be good for Brekalo long term, but I still hope he makes a move at the end of the season to a better club. He’s too good for Wolfsburg.

  36. Suba says:

    I am beginning to think that Barca are also beginning to think that de Jong is going to be shit replacement to Rakitic

    Valverdes got no idea and respect to Rakitic in sticking it out there

    Slavonac iz Kanada pride gets you nowhere when the repka are not tapping in goals as they should since the wc and that’s why it’s a shame and everyone deserves to be forgiven and given a second chance

    Anyway age has probably passed kalinic

  37. vuki says:

    @Suba I’m willing to forgive people, but Kalinic has never shown the desire to be forgiven. I’m all for calling up the best options available, but considering he hasn’t had any real first team action in 2 years, I don’t think it’s worth it. Also, what has he done since the tap in vs. Greece? He hasn’t been any good since he left Fiorentina in my opinion. He’ll score the a goal here and there, but he’s not some prolific striker you’re claiming that he is. I’d rather have someone like Petkovic who still has something to prove. Maybe I’ll eat my words, but if Kalinic truly wanted to be forgiven he would have been called back a long time ago. Back when we had Livaja and Santini as our strikers. If I recall correctly, he was asked about it and just shrugged it off. I just googled it:

    “What happened at the World Cup happened,” Kalinic said. “The coach did not want to count on me and I accepted that. I did not want the medal as I did not contribute during the tournament, did not share in the achievement of the team. We can leave it behind now.”

    To me, that sounds like he was upset that he wasn’t the starter and that’s fine, but why would he get sent home if he ‘accepted’ it? And then they tried to give him a medal and he didn’t take it because he didn’t play, which is fair enough, but I think that the HNS saw that as disrespectful and he got shunned for it. No player is bigger than the team, especially one that hardly contributes.

  38. Mvp ante says:

    I remember when subasic was debating whether to guess left or right on the final penalty kick. He thought of my proposed Ukraine game boycott and he knew which way to jump. I guess mvp ante is to thank again! You’re welcome!

  39. Croatianperson85 says:

    @Ante and everyone – My apologies on the previous comment I left seeing how it helped spiral the last chat into some crazy posts. There was no malice or ill intent towards you or Zoric. It was just an observation and hypothesis on why I think there has been beef between some people from Dalmacija/Hajduk supporters and Mamic/Dinamo etc.

    At days end you’re running the site and myself and others here very much appreciate all the hard work you put in. Again, was just a thought and observation from my end. Hope you didn’t take it personally (I don’t think you did or would), you do a lot of work that I certainly wouldn’t be able to do in keeping this site alive. Thanks Ante and CS staff.

  40. Ante kvartuc says:

    Apology not accepted.. All the work i do to connect Croatians around the world and do you come with a thank you?. Of course not. All you come is with divisive gibberish trying to separate us Croats. This was the old tricks of the communists and i don’t see much difference with what you were trying to do

  41. Poglavnik says:

    Yeah these assholes need to untwist their panties.
    I was one of the first to post on that walkout article how I didn’t like it and I don’t support it but I never got nasty about it. Who cares if that’s what he thought? He’s entitled to his opinion. If morons want to jump on board with that that’s on them. Continue the good work Ante. Whether we agree with u or not.

  42. Maminjo says:


    Her platform isn’t bad.

    I wonder what her stance is on lowering VAT for tourism and Education reform.

  43. Canuckcro says:

    i here people (man pigs) would eat the pea….nts out of a chicks sh..t..that looks like this peeezzda.

  44. Canuckcro says:

    thats one hot looking cro..qith looks like hers ..she can do no wrong.Hitlers mistress imo probly told him where to move the pawns on the chess board..thats the power of the pussy..lets not kid ourselves.

  45. Slavonac from Canada says:

    anyone know what happened at Poljud this week? apparently Hajduk staff and players left the facility because of the National Team…is this just the media trying to create some drama again?

  46. Maminjo says:

    This is the lineup that was scrimmaging today in Split:

    Livaković – Jedvaj, Vida, Lovren, Barišić – Rakitić, Brozović, Modrić – Perišić, Rebić, Petković

    Kind of predictable of Dalic. I didn’t really think he was going to go with Brekalo and Vlasic, even though they are the right picks.

    Let’s see if he sticks with the lineup above.

  47. Slavonac from Canada says:

    I think Dalic likes Rebic’s aggression and ability to press high, even if he isn’t in his best form.

    I have no issues with Rakitic in our lineup. Some here hold it against him for not showing up at times, clearly assuming its because of his wife but I do get the impression there are things behind the scenes we don’t know of. I wish he was more open about thing but I guess he might not be able to be.

    I like the idea of Brekalo and Vlasic teetering on the brink of being starters, this creates competition and its healthy for the team.

  48. Dannyj says:

    How do u guys expect Hungary to play us? Will they bunker?
    We need to strike quick like we can
    That’s why I really want to see brekalo start. However to be fair he has proved his ability off the bench. Maybe leaving those two as coming in if we need a shake up
    We played bad against them before
    We our in our country
    They apparently have some guys missing on cards and injuries

    I don’t believe they have any Vlasic brekalos sitting on the bench

    We be ok. Just have to play how we can play

  49. Dannyj says:

    I agree that pressing causes havoc
    So I guess use him early and press for early lead
    Or have him come in later when they are more tired…

    When is Kramaric Back?
    His injury must have been quite bad??

  50. Tomas says:

    We play the Huns on sacred ground. No way we can walk away with out a win. Remember our ancestors when they drove the Avars out another asiatic tribe. Show Atilla we are world cup finalists. We are not wimpy Ostrogoths. We are Hrvati.Avenge our King.

  51. Suba says:

    I plan to dress in period approiate clothing for this match. I will honor Petar Svačić when I drink after our victory in Split.

  52. Slavonac from Canada says:

    yeah pressing has done us wonders in the past, Perisic and Rebic are both very good at it but based on what I saw from Petkovic in his last game vs Man City, he could be the weak link…we will see!

    Krama just starting practicing with his club, he won’t be back for a while.

    I’m hoping Dalic reacts to making changes as he sees the opportunities. Most coaches start making tactical changes at approximately the 60 min mark, few do at half time…if we are tied at half and not creating enough attack, he should change by that point.

  53. Dannyj says:

    Petkovic better get on the pressing and hustle your ass
    Cause a cheeky Little Flick here and there we have a better and more experienced one in that as Kramaric

    I thought Petkovic was just bagged from working hard at man city but nuff people said he didn’t try
    U want it to get it Bruno
    Right now he has an opportunity of a life time

    He needs to watch some mandzu and Olic clips

  54. Slavonac from Canada says:

    as Maminjo has stated a few times, his strengths are with holding up the ball, play-making…not really a guy that pressures defenders. Against Hungary we will more likely have a lot of possession so it’ll work out ok for us.

  55. The truth says:

    I was actually always fine with rakitic not coming last cycle if he wasn’t in form and fully focused

    As always, i am now of the stance to start a young guy over rakitic

    Even when in form, i think the younger guys might offer now. But now he’s definitely not in form and probably extra cautious about risking injury to not mess with a move down the road

  56. Maminjo says:

    I think starting Rebic against Hungary is a mistake.

    I also think it makes little sense to pair Rebic with Petkovic. They both thrive in opposite scenarios, and aren’t really a good pair.

    Rebic is great in open play and in the counterattack when he has space to work with. He’s also excellent at pressuring the opposing defenders when they gain possession.

    Petkovic is the opposite.
    He moves better in tight spaces and is most useful when we have the majority of possession, and when we need a forward who can make some nice passes and dribbles under pressure.

    Brekalo is also great in tight spaces…but he’s also great in the open field and is the type of player that thrives in both scenarios, because he’s simply an up and coming star.

    I think in this game, Hungary will be playing with 11 players behind the ball for the majority of the game. They are playing for the draw because four points will very likely put them in first place if they beat the Azeris on the weekend.

    If Rebic starts, I think we will see AT LEAST one open net miss, and a few botched plays under pressure, which will frustrate the hell out of everyone here.

    Perisic, Petkovic and Brekalo are the right choice as they are our most technically capable trio of forwards up top, who can mesh well with our technically gifted midfield trio of Modric, Rakitic, and Brozovic.

    Rebic will be the weak link up there.
    He will be useful if Hungary go down a goal, and are forced to open up. Hopefully we score early, then Rebic will be useful in breaking up their play.

  57. Dannyj says:

    Thanks for the analysis Maminjo
    Man I hate when teams bunker
    To be fair I can’t imagine any team in our group really want to go wide open with us

    Like u Guys said
    If it’s 0-0 at half and we can’t generate
    I would hope Dalic will come out with subs at the start

    The truth I feel is right on Rakitic for now
    But Maybe he plays with something to prove

    And we did miss his Rakitic free kicks tho

    I don’t think Lukas is as dangerous on them
    Barisic now we are talking!

  58. Maminjo says:


    “Hajduk has refused to participate in the organization of the national team match, and according to Croatian media, neither the Hajduk president Marin Brbić nor the vice-president Luksa Jakobusic will attend on Thursday.”

    I guess it’s for real.

    Hajduk is just being Hajduk I guess, lol.

  59. The truth says:

    Slovakia opened against us or whatever that disaster scheme was they played and it cost them big time

    Against us bunker and counter. It’s worked to great success so far

  60. Chopper says:

    Krkic, you’re right that Hungary is very much depleted for this game but that could mean we play them down at their level. It could mean an ugly game if they bunker and we can’t break em down.

  61. Marko says:

    The percieved/predicted/hopeful lineups mentioned with our attacking 3rd consisting of perisic vlasic and brekalo as the 3 attacker’s / rebic or petkovic as lone man up top striker (I’m yet to be sold on who should take this spot, too bad Mandzo woulda gelled well with those youngings) Ante has been sub par lately and possibly due to the bad choice of club – Boban coulda brought in the wrong Cro as I agree with mention earlier he better suits EPL style …Random question for you boys…who has the hardest fastest/most accuare consistent shot from distance – aka chirper English style Stevey Gerard that has ever suited up for the Repka ….Niko Kranjcar and Jerko Leko in my mind are up there with rockets from distance. We are the Brazilians of Europe with our technicality and flare but not to many hit the long ball with great consistently very well. Modric has his share …broZovic/perisic/Rakitic can hit em odd times but out of all time in that category I’d like my brate’s opinion on who they think has the best long bomb consistent shot ?

  62. Maminjo says:


    Slovakia playing without fear is the reason why they beat Hungary twice and might end up still topping the group despite being blown out by us.

  63. Maminjo says:


    Actually, Rebić is pretty good from long range.

    But guys like Modrić and Brozović are as well.

    We don’t really launch them from long distance because it’s not really our style.

    I find that teams that don’t have a lot of technical ability, do not hesitate to take a shot on goal because they are simply unable to waltz into an opponent’s box without losing the ball.

    Whereas we’re a team that is always looking to get into the box, and dribble in tight spaces for a more sure fire chance.

  64. Marko says:


    Appreciate the input and constant learning from you guys …ball movement and high pressure pressing was key in WC run. I always read the jokes of kranjcar as he faded out /got out of shape with the Mc Donald’s jokes that followed hehe but he had great technical skill on his shots/free kicks from distance (got real slow real fast perhaps to many big Macs) but he could hit em and I’d love to find the clip of Jerko leko striking almost a 40 yarder off the post against inter Milan champions league over 13 years ago- one of the fastest shots I’ve ever seen. This in his prime kranjcar one is pretty special and he had a few more years later with spurs but Rakitic (hit the crossbar against Argentina WC) free kick and bombs with Luka’s and Brozo they hit em quite good too.

  65. The truth says:

    @ maminjo

    Maybe why they beat Hungary but also probably why they buy crushed by Croatia. Croatia different than Hungary… Perhaps different tactics needed

  66. Dannyj says:

    I can just think of all the luka bombs
    Zidane always apparently to shoot more
    Are Lukas goals so memorable cause of their timing or that he doesn’t have a ton or does he just pick his moments so well and they just end up being incredible

    That bomb on Saturday was one of his best
    The goal against turkey in 2016
    That one in champions league against I forget what English team that seemed to really ignite his career at Madrid

  67. Dannyj says:

    I get the feeling that luka could possibly stay and help out however he can to help us qualify for 2022

    Like a player coach type thing
    Maybe just wishful thinking
    What he may lose in a bit of physical side he more then makes up in experience and brain
    We have all seen when he literally makes a pass no one in the stadium could possibly predict

  68. Marko says:

    @Dannyj – that was a sik shot by raketa last year champs league no doubt ! our boys can hit em when they want I just hope we come out guns a blazing attacking those Hungarians right off the whistle forcing them into defensive mistakes/giveaways. That goal he scored that ignited his career was when he got subbed on against man utd…similar bend and spot he blasted against Argentina last year …

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