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Croatia Demolish Hungary 3-0, One Win Away From Euro 2020 Berth

October 9, 2019

petković slavlje

Petković (20) celebrates 2nd goal vs. Hungary



Croatia Starting XI vs. Hungary (4-3-3): Livaković – Jedvaj, Lovren, Vida, Barišić – Rakitić, Modrić, Brozović – Rebić, Perišić, Petković



Mistakes galore by Hungary in the first half led to three Croatian goals at Poljud Thursday night. Captain Luka Modrić stole the ball and broke away in the 5′ for the opener and then Dinamo Zagreb’s Bruno Petković added two himself to make it 3-0 going into halftime. Petković had a cheeky back heel for his first goal which is something you usually only see in a video game.



The Vatreni came to play in front of a packed Poljud and their talent would not be matched on this night. The only negative mark on Croatia’s report card tonight is Ivan Perišić’s penalty miss early in the second half. With the game already 3-0, you have to give the penalty to Petković; who was on a hat trick.








Croatia have three games left in Euro 2020 qualifying and hold a one-point lead on Hungary going into their match Thursday evening at Poljud. Croatia are heavy 3-1 favorites in Vegas to win; with a win avenging their 2-1 loss to Hungary earlier in the year in Budapest.



Livaković, Vida, Modrić, Brozović, Brekalo, Vlašić and Petković are all in fine form while Perišić, Lovren, Rakitić and Rebić have not been getting regular time at club level the past few weeks. Perišić had the flu last week and was coming off the bench for Bayern Munich while Dejan Lovren finally got a start for Liverpool this past weekend in a 2-1 Liverpool victory over Leicester City. Ivan Rakitić has returned to the national team and has been limited off the bench for Barcelona this season. Ante Rebić has been the man on the bench at AC Milan but things may change with their manager being sacked this week due to a slow start to the season.



Hungary would be happy with a draw at Poljud and could apply a ‘bunker’ strategy against Croatia. The Vatreni should be gunning goals – and ultimately a win – which will put them in pole position to top the group with a win Thursday night and a victory over Wales on Sunday. The Vatreni should come out of the gates on fire and bag a goal in the first 30 minutes. Not only will that see the Poljud faithful go crazy, but it will open up Hungary to equalize; making them vulnerable in the back.



Prediction: 3-1 Croatia 



Ante Kvartuč
Posted By: Ante Kvartuč 179 comments

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hopefully we will shoot the damn ball instead of trying to dribble it into the damn goal !!! Shoot the damn thing

  2. DudePlease says:

    Where does everyone watch the games ?
    Is there somewhere I can pay a subscription to watch all the games ?

  3. Slavonac from Canada says:

    Up here in Canada we don’t have very many games televized anymore. EPL and all Champions League are gone so the only option to watch is to find a link thats decent or to buy a subscription to DAZN for $150/year. DAZN streams tons of soccer games and it also streams Football, Hockey and other sports.

    $150 for the year is only $12.50/month and its very well worth it. I can watch from my Smart TV or from my phone by downloading the app.

    you will never have to worry about missing a game and as long as you have data or a decent wifi connection, the quality is actually fantastic. no more shitty links or advertising…its a real good option.

  4. ziva truth says:

    if you have cable with espn, you can use the espn app to watch espn3 and get the game on there. its how ive been watching games.

  5. Eric says:

    DAZN is very good, but they don’t have Euro or WC qualifiers
    I also subscribe to SaaN.TV for Croatian TV (HRT1, HRT 2, NOVA, RTL, etc) Currently NOVA is broadcasting all repka games.

  6. JimmyCro says:

    Slavonac from Canada espn app you must be in the US to get it, it is fantastic, can watch on TV or any device.

  7. Dannyj says:

    The beauty of being matched up with a Great Britain team or Italy in Canada. We get those games on TSN

    I guess it’s just looking at broken ass links on our phones today for us peasants

    Reddit usually has good links it seems

    Keep em coming as u get em boys

    And ZDS!

  8. jfjhgkfgjhkjkg says:

    Have you heard the breaking news? serbia, north macedonia and albania just signed a so-called “mini-schengen area” agreement, Pffffff LOL, they want to have b-h and kosovo eventually join this mighty new balkan schengen area, the first law passed is that all ppl must scrape the cowshit off their shoes before entering the house, 2nd law passed is tractors must not be parked in the garage unless soviet era made, 3rd, all roadsigns to be in the balkan cyrillic for the new balkan schengen area, pffff HAHAHA,…”father what is that sign? oh little serbo son, that’s the motto of the new balkan schengen area,it says to never wash 3 fingers after using the outhouse it’s the law, and that only orthodox bread and salt to be used on sundays” lol, oh no what if they ask us us to join this new mighty balkan schengen bloc, they’ll probably get lots of jobs making german cars parts and soviet rifles and ladas though, should croatia have a referendum maybe and join it to become balkan schengen comerades and many cyrillic pork testicles in the fridge? lol

  9. Dannyj says:

    It is said British Columbia should be bring cash
    We have had so much Shady Asian money come here that has entirely ruined the future for housing for so many

    So I wouldn’t call it third world but we have some shady third world type corruption dressed up as something fancy here

  10. gbvh says:

    Slavonac from Canada,
    Unfortunately DAZN Canada hoodwinked people into thinking they’d have Bein Sports (LA LIGA) this year until the season already started.
    Bit dirty, for my two cents.

  11. gbvh says:


    The “Soccer on USA TV” thing says in Croatia it’s on something called Nova TV.

    My parents (I’m in Canada) have Croatian channels and I think pretty much every game is on from the top league, but national teams — barely ever.

  12. Poglavnik says:

    Go to your local Hrvatski Centar and support your community you lazy fuckers! Or like looking at your little peckers maybe youd rather stare at a 5 inch screen. I don’t know.

  13. Ante Kvartuč Ante Kvartuč says:

    Livaković – Jedvaj, Lovren, Vida, Barišić – Rakitić, Modrić, Brozović – Rebić, Perišić, Petković

    Not happy with Rakitic and Rebic starting. Vlasic and Brekalo should get the start instead. They’ve both been playing lights out at club level where Raketa and Rebic have been riding the pine. Other than than, good lineup.

  14. KarlovacKing says:

    Am s.hitting bricks…we lost to these hacks before and then the blown points against the fing azeris..

    Lose today and we are done.

  15. The ghost of Petar Svačić says:

    No way Rakitic should start. He left us high and dry not just last match but he pulled this in the Nations League. Smells of favortism.

  16. KarlovacKing says:

    Rakitic can f off. He bailed on us again last 2 games…and remember up to the Ukraine final game, he all last qualifiers did not play one road game…always “injured” but always playing for days later for Farca. And now he isn’t even playing for Farca so now comes up with the “Croatia is first” crap.

    I’d bang his hot latina wife though, what a smoking senorita.

    Lets beating these ghoulash wa.nks today.

  17. Anonymous says:

    When rakitic scores you guys are gonna be on his d please how dare you fools talk about rakitic that way look what he did for us last summer sramota you guys…he’s gonna score in this game mark my words…he’s going through some shit at Barca we need to support him…it’s not his fault he’s on bench now at Barca

  18. Slavonac from Canada says:

    ah jebiga Karlovac! sometimes a coach can break the spirit and harmony of the team when he makes decisions based on his personal thoughts rather than doing the right thing from a soccer perspective.

    I’m not as bothered about Rakitic starting as I am about Rebic starting. Rakitic had some club issues that were affecting him personally while I feel like Rebic left Germany in the middle of a coaching/player dispute and he then ended up on the bench in Italy…and his performance in Milan has been poor from the little he did play!

  19. KarlovacKing says:

    Hey, I hope Ivan comes through today and delivers…I don’t care how we win, just win baby.

    But lets face it, Rakitic can’t be counted on. Look at Perisic, and Luka…ALWAYS are available…Rakitic doesn’t play road games….why is that? Can’t be bothered or his wife doesn’t like when he plays for Cro? Either or, he is a part time Cro player…albeit his penalties vs Russia and Denmark to win it will be forever amazing moments for us…

  20. KarlovacKing says:

    If Rebic stinks it up again like vs Azerbijan…my God he missed 2 breakways…had he scored even 1, we’d have won, sub him off at half time..he could be useful pressing the Madjars like crazy and then we bring on Brekalo second half…

  21. Slavonac from Canada says:

    some of you talk about his wife when you have no idea if its just him being mentally affected by the issues at Barca! this is how false rumours start boys!

  22. Dannyj says:

    lol Croatian people make me sick too funny
    I’m way to anti social for the center
    Rather sit in parking lot of my gym using up my data swearing at hacked up links!

    Ok guys let’s not freak we have a big game
    Pressure is on
    We lost to them but to be honest ladic would have made those saves when we needed them in that game

    New day
    We are still top in group and we can always try for another playoff!!!
    Ve steel ok!!

  23. Razbijač says:

    Yep, Rakitic and Rebic starting…….Dalic showing loyalty to the old guard. I guess there is no real competition for places in this Vatreni side.

    Now watch, Dalic will continue with his loyalty in the 2nd half by keeping these players on, not making any changes until like the 87th minute.

  24. The truth says:

    Quite a few out of form starters. Let’s hope Croatia at home is still too much for hungry but i sure would prefer some young legs in there

  25. KarlovacKing says:

    Slavonac, I did see Raktitics wife is smoking hot. Hey, if I was him, a multi millinaire, Id be with her around the clock….

    Hoping he comes through today.

    Lets go boys, win this!!!!

  26. Slavonac from Canada says:

    oh yeah, Rakitic’s wife is a pretty girl! he met her while he was playing at Seville, she worked at a coffee shop and he worked on her for a long time til they started dating.

    I like Rakitic a lot. he seems like a very kind guy that values his wife and kids…and he easily chose Croatia over Switzerland.

    people make things up and then others tend to believe things that have never been proven true.

  27. Maminjo says:

    Honestly, I’m beginning to think Dalić is just an average coach who just got lucky at the World Cup.

    There is no justification to start Rebić over Brekalo, especially in a game like this.

    Even Rakitić over Vlašić is suspect due to their form, but Rakitić can also do well in a game like this.

    I think the Brekalo over Rebić is just so damn obvious… and Rebić starting has potential to be a royal mess up.

    I just hope we go up early, so Hungary opens up a bit (and Rebić doesn’t get a red card).

  28. Poglavnik says:

    I’ve got a Pakistani stream with about a billion pop ups. It’s great! I’ll post the link when the game starts.

  29. vuki says:

    I’m not too worried even with that line-up. It’s what we’ve been expecting for weeks. Dalic is at least better than Cacic and will not wait until the last few minutes if things aren’t going well. I said this a while back. Rebic is great for pressing in this game. Yes, he’s out of form, but Perisic was hardly ever in club for when he would light it up for us. We just have to be optimistic. This team should easily beat Hungary. It’s just a matter of how much they WANT to beat Hungary.

  30. Marko says:

    @maminjo – completely agree – rebic has not been playing well lately and we all know brekalo’s capabilities and in form as of late. He better step up pressure the Hungary back line causing dysfunction and hopefully some mistakes, if not should be subbed ASAP. Rebic is a bull in a China shop or horse on roller skates the way he goes in to tackles most of the time.

  31. Slavonac from Canada says:

    funniest quote I’ve seen in a while…”Rebic is a bull in a China shop or horse on roller skates the way he goes in to tackles most of the time.”

    nice one Marko!

  32. Marko says:

    Lol fuxkkk I missed the goal can’t find a stream they playing shit games on Canadian tv networks – fuckin African all stars France and the Dutch and Northern Ireland give me a fuckin break – gonna have to floor it to Croatian Community Centre throw some Karlovackos back it is Thristy Thursday

  33. Maminjo says:

    Bruno has the exact same game as Kalinić.

    Little dribbles and flicks in front of goal. But I think Petković is better.

  34. ziva truth says:

    only croatians talk shit on a coach who took a team that under performed for years to the worldcup final. You people need to learn about football and not talk shit until you do.

  35. Maminjo says:

    He fixed the locker room, which is important… But he still makes mistakes.

    Nobody is allowed to question anything? Lol

  36. Maminjo says:

    Lol @Rebić tossing that defender like he was nothing.

    He’s awesome in the open field and created that chance in front of goal.

  37. Anonymous says:

    All you guys bitching about these guys playing, you realize we have another game in 3 days, relax, the young boys will play then

  38. vuki says:

    Where’s all the Rebic hate now? He’s been very good in the first half and done exactly what he was supposed to. Pressure the defense, force mistakes, and create chances. Let him run his head off for another 20 minutes then bring on Brekalo to punish a demoralized Hungary team.

  39. Maminjo says:

    Rebić hate is still there.

    He shouldn’t be starting games when teams are bunkering. He’s excellent when teams are trying to score.

    Luka scoring off that turnover put us up a goal, and now Rebić is killing it because Hungary need to score.

    But if this was a game where we were absolutely dominating possession and struggling to create, then Rebić would not have been good in that situation.

  40. Slavonac from Canada says:

    vuki, its less about Rebic hate bro! we all love the guy but Brekalo definitely deserved todays start!

  41. Maminjo says:


    Well, when we played Slovakia we ended up rolling out the exact same lineup against Azerbaijan (which Dalić admitted was a mistake).

    It’s not about rotating players anyway. It’s about matchup.

    The Wales game on Sunday is different because Wales won’t bunker. They’re at home and will try to win.

    That’s the kind of game Rebić would do well in.

  42. Mvp ante says:

    I’ve done it again… At the start of this game everyone was thinking about my proposed Ukraine game boycott and it’s inspired the three goals and especially the creativity for petkovic second one. Your welcome

  43. ziva truth says:

    my point is this man took us to the worldcup final, i think he knows what he is doing. do mistakes happen? sure. look at germany in the last world cup, shit happens. Dalic is actually a really good strategic coach. the way he set up the game against the ukraine, and we actually outplayed france in the final but hell its football. he is doing a good job.

  44. Dannyj says:

    Ya give to Petkovic
    But better yet
    Everyone knows Rakitic is our stone cold pk taker

    All good
    Let’s see what they can do with the ten men

    Do we want Wales to tie??

  45. Dannyj says:

    These links are so broken
    Reminds me when We had dialup when was a kid and tried to get some porn going!

  46. Maminjo says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen Perišić take a PK.

    Modrić sucks at them. Even the ones he scores, are so close to the keeper.

    Best PK taker is Kramarić.

  47. Slavonac from Canada says:

    “Modrić sucks at them. Even the ones he scores”!!!

    hahaha…another funny comment…and true!

  48. Iggy Iggy says:

    nearly had one in but brekalo passed too late

    anyways good stuff here! Also great wales and slovaks drawing atm.

    Man Holland losing at home to northern ireland

  49. Slavonac from Canada says:

    ESPN showing “North Macedonia winning 2-0 against Slovenia

    am I missing something? since when is Macedonia referred to as North Macedonia?

  50. vuki says:

    I know Brekalo should have started. But no one can deny Rebić was very good today and warranted his place.

  51. Iggy Iggy says:

    Yeah FYR Macedonia changed their name to North Macedonia about 4-5 months ago, you know cos of Greek whining, anyway they fnially agreed on that.

  52. Dannyj says:

    Anonymous Tnx for the tip
    That’s like saying should have pulled out after finding your girl pregnant with twins

    Man Rebic was beast mode got to finish tho
    Brekalo he is a small dude but man there was that little run where no one could knock him off
    Bet the house on that kid

  53. Slavonac from Canada says:

    Rebic looked like he was very determined out there…could have been because they were playing in Split!

  54. Mile says:

    Pretty difficult to not qualify now. Even if Croatia lose to Wales, they would only need a tie against Slovakia at home to qualify. But they will win the group outright.

  55. Croat Canadian says:

    Great performance and victory! This win puts us in the drivers seat. Where was this performance against Hungary in Budapest? We go from tying Azerbaijan to beating Hungary 3-0.Anyways, great result and would be better if we got those two lost points after that dreadful game in Baku. I was watching the Slovakia game too. The Slovaks were all over Wales and earned that draw. The game for sure helped us out a lot. Now Wales have to win all the remaining games to even catch up to us. I’ll be satisfied with a draw on Sunday. Wales will come out like dogs that match that will dictate they’re Euros path. As long as we get a draw Sunday and beat Slovakia in November. We’ll be good. Also, Hungary made a lot of defensive errors that gave us those two first goals. We attacked well and played smart. A win Sunday will guarantee Euros clinch.

  56. Mr. Black says:

    Rebic’s technical skills are extremely limited but the guy is that strong that he can get away with it. Man of the match for me today.

    Bruno Petkovic once again shines after the Slovakia game. In his current form he’d play Benzema out of the Real Madrid team.

    Croatia 13 (2 games still to play) 13
    Slovakia 10 (2 games still to play) 10
    Hungary 9 (2 games still to play) 12
    Wales 7 (3 games still to play) 10

    Still to go
    Sunday: Wales-Croatia
    Hungary- Azerbaijan

    November 16

    November 19

    One point against Slovakia will be enough to qualify.

    Our first half was great but lets not get carried away: Hungary was awful.

  57. Iggy Iggy says:

    doesnt even a tie on sunday night guarantee we’re through? Unless yout hink Slovakia is going to beat us by more than 4 goals at home, that is?

    We definitely don’t need 4 points, we barely need 1 or 2 actually especially with our superior head to head vs hungary and slovakia

  58. Chopper says:

    With Wales and Slovaks drawing we only need a point against Wales to basically qualify. Should win the group now

  59. Anonymous says:

    All you brain surgeons before the game talking about Rebic, and he was a beast, player of the game. Bunch of know it alls

  60. Croat Canadian says:


    Croatia draw against Wales 0-0
    Hungary win against Azerbijan 3-0

    Wales win against Azerbaijan 4-0
    Croatia win against Slovakia 2-1

    Slovakia win against Azerbijan 2-0
    Wales win against Hungary 1-0

    Don’t @ me

  61. Mile says:

    No a tie against Wales isn’t enough. That gets Croatia to 14 points. If Hungary and Slovakia win their last two games, they would have 15 and 16 points respectively. Likely not going to happen.

  62. Dannyj says:

    All we had to do was beat bloody Azerbaijan and we could of rolled out experimental lineups for the rest

    But all being said and done was a typical qualifying round for us
    But least we don’t have to do another playoff

    Wales gonna come out flying! So better for us!

    We should be able to pull out the W on Sunday and see ya if wherever we play next summer!!

  63. Croat Canadian says:

    This team drives me fucking crazy. Two important points lost against Azerbaijan. We lose to Hungary then slap them 3-0. A win against Wales would be enough regardless. Just a 1-0 win, that’s all I’m asking for.

  64. Dannyj says:

    Yup one day they look like they can route all the way back to the finals then they look like the varazdin over 40 all stars

  65. Jarac says:

    See what happens when you play at Poljud!!! I hope you guys enjoyed the free concert that came along with the game… najbolje dalmatinske pjesme svih vremena sung live all game….bravo dalmatinci najjaci smo…

  66. Croat Canadian says:

    Dannyj Kalinic for sure against Spain! That goal was nasty. That was the last time he had an impact for us. Now he’s gone.

  67. Dannyj says:

    Yup beautiful crowd tonight
    Have to agree
    Also very progressive by HNS and split to put “ flaming pride on the bench top lol

  68. Crnkovic says:

    my ratings:
    livakovic – 6. very little to do, did most of it well, one misjudged rush from goal

    jedvaj – 6. did ok. comfortable in possession without providing any attacking threat, a couple of times caught slightly out of position and hesitant

    Lovren – 7. calm, assured, aggressive

    vida – 8. more than one beautifully timed tackle under pressure. confident and spirited

    barisic – 7. confident and functional, kept possession well,

    modric – 8. modric at his usual level. would be a 9, but for a few moments of sloppiness as he gets back to full fitness

    brozovic – 8. perfect decision making through out the match. held everything together with class

    rakitic — 7. a good if unspectacular performance. dependable and humble

    perisic – 6. made some great movements without the ball to create chances. looked more confident than he was since the world cup. but failed to finish off his chances with conviction. including a penalty with very little pressure

    rebic – 7. by the end of the match he was looking like a world class player. his touch gradually improved as the game went on. caused hungary lots of problems and should have finished the game with a goal and 2 assists. still lost the ball too often and made a couple of bonehead challenges

    petkovic – 8. played intelligently and scored 2 goals, almost scored another after zlatan like control in the box. no complaints. will grow in stature the more he plays

    brekalo – 7. always the same complete confidence in himself

    vlasic – 6. not enough time to make a big impact. unlucky not to have his goal for the vatreni at poljud

    kovacic – 7. looked confident and hungry when he came on. promising

  69. BZ says:

    Mvp Ante did it again, word has it Rakitic and Rebic heard he wasn’t happy they started over Brekalo and Vlasic. Croatia responded by thrashing Hungary just to prove Kvartuc wrong.

    Who’s the muppet on this site who keeps telling us all to just stay on the Rebic bandwagon?

    Here’s the deal:
    We just won Silver at the World Cup! SILVER!
    You don’t scrap the core of that group until we have a major failed tournament. Kudos to Dalic for sticking with the core.

    1)Vlasic and Brekalo are great, but we have a proven/winning formula playing beasts Perisic and Rebic up top.

    2)We press with Rakitic and Modric filling the lanes behind the top 3. It won in 2018 and still wins beautifully. Kudos to Dalic for lining them up like this prior to WC 2018, the right move.

    3)Rebic’s patented one move and burst of speed can compete at a World Class level. Vlasic & Brekalo couldn’t even lead the u-21s out of the group stage. Great subs, especially in case of injuries and suspensions.

  70. Razbijač says:

    Awesome back-heel goal by Petko (not to be confused with the pet store chain Petco).

    That goal demonstrated his strength and technique.

    He really shoulda been given the opportunity to take the PK.
    And if not Petko than at least Rakitic or Rebic. Even though I think those two shouldn’t have started, since they are there, might as well give ‘em a chance to boost their confidence since they don’t really play at club level.

    And also, thank god Dalic made his subs earlier this time around. We need our players fresh for the Wales game.

    Good to see Brekalo get on the pitch, man the guy made an impact right away.

  71. Razbijač says:

    Rebic played well, probably motivated by the fact that his entire family and SELO came to watch ‘im play.

  72. chicro says:

    A tie at Wales does not necessarily qualify us. That would give us 14 points.

    Wales could not catch us then. However, Slovakia and Hungary could still end up with 16 and 15 points respectively. And they don’t play each other either, so they can both theoretically max out their remaining points if they both win out.

    So if we only tie at Wales and lose at home against Slovakia, we could still finish in 3rd

  73. BZ says:

    I love the fact some of our studs are getting paid handsomely to rest at their clubs. Will be fresh and disrespected for euro 2020. That said, no way the new ac milan coach sits Rebic unless he wants to be an interim coach in perpetuity.

  74. Maminjo says:

    Yea, we only need ONE point to clinch it, but the point has to come against Slovakia.

    However, two draws or one win gets us in automatically as well.

    But honestly, even if we lost both games we are still likely to finish in second. All it takes is one draw between any of the remaining teams for us to automatically qualify.

  75. Maminjo says:

    Oh wow.

    Northern Ireland was just minutes away from beating the Netherlands on the road, which would have put them top of the group (6 points ahead of the Dutch, and three above the Germans).

    But the Netherlands scored three at the end.

  76. Maminjo says:


    Yea, it’s NORTH Macedonia now.

    Ever since they changed the name, their football team has been doing well. They topped their Nations League group and now they are closing in on second place in their group.

    I guess having the name ‘Yugoslav’ in their name was a curse that held them down…the same way it held down all countries (not named Serbia) in that Federation.

  77. KRKic says:

    You Cheap Fucks…
    Get IPTV.. 12 Canadian Dollars a month…. I use Crowntv..
    2000 channels + if you dont wanna find it on Kijiji then find it on

    Game was on BEIN. They have 10 BEIN channels…
    In Croatia on NovaTV In Hungary on Sport 4

    I also

  78. Golden Greek says:

    No probs with those wannabe Greeks being called Nth. Macedonia. It shows the world they have no links to the ancient kingdom of Macedonia and are instead people of Bulgarian and Romanian gypsy stock.


    Little FYROM used to give little Croatia all it could handle many times and even beat you once.

  79. Dannyj says:

    Don’t think anyone was bashing Macedonia Greek
    Just interesting how they got a new name all the sudden

    They got to go for the three points in Wales
    Won’t be easy but if they try to out gun us unless bale gets three goals himself I doubt they can

    Luka knows the ins and outs of shutting down bale im sure

    So without Broz
    How do u guys think we line up?
    Rakitic further back in midfield?

  80. Maminjo says:

    Not Really.

    They beat us in a game that didn’t matter because Croatia already qualified first in their group ahead of Russia and England (causing England to not qualify for Euro 2008).

    The field was all mud and should have been cancelled, but they just played anyway because the game ultimately didn’t matter.

  81. Dannyj says:

    Golden Greek is trolling
    Everyone knows it’s MVP Ante making us come together for more Croatian victories(and site traffic)

  82. Maminjo says:

    @Golden Greek

    I disagree about the name showing no links to the ancient kingdom.

    The name Macedonia is still there, which is what caused Greeks the most grief. The “North” part regularly gets dropped by anyone talking about Macedonia.

    It was probably better to leave it as is, because a lot of people and organizations (including UEFA) used to just call them FYROM.

    The FYROM acronym was enough to mask the name, but now, it’s just going to be referred to as Macedonia for the most part.

  83. Maminjo says:

    Also, you can blame your Serbian friends for the Macedonian claims of all things Greek.

    Before Macedonia joined Yugoslavia, the population considered themselves to be an extension of Bulgaria.

    But under Yugoslavia, there was a massive effort to “Serbianize” Macedonians in an attempt to break that link to Bulgaria. Speaking Bulgarian in Macedonia was actually illegal, and many went to the Goli Otok prison because of it (Bulgarians made up the largest foreign population in that prison). They even removed all Cyrillic letters that Macedonians shared with Bulgarians.

    Because of this, many began to associate with Serbia too… But a lot of the newer generations lost the link with Bulgaria and just started to associate with ancient “Macedonia” due to the name.

  84. Dannyj says:

    Man Dinamo gonna make some serious kuna off olmo Petko and Livaković
    What u guys think they all sell for?

  85. Aussie Croat says:

    That Matko Miljevic…. says he’ll choose the country that will play him in the first team…

    Looks like he’ll be playing for the US.

  86. Mali Ante says:

    Amazing atmosphere today and a very good game for us overall. For those saying Brekalo and Vlasic should start ahead of Rebic and Rakitic due to form forget about one thing….both had a little something to prove as they aren’t being played at club. A little extra motivation goes a long way. I did like the way Dalic rotated them in a little early to give them some time. Don’t get me wrong, I love the way both Brekalo and Vlasic play as they will both be key players for us going forward.
    I’m thankful that we actual have excellent depth now (with the exception of our LB and RB until Sime is back).
    I love our chances in making another run in the Euros.
    Za Dom!!

  87. djfkhlfkghj says:

    Will this news help stop the illegal migrants invading and infesting into the country from the balkans?

  88. The truth says:

    I couldn’t figure out why perisic would take the pk but then i remembered cause he’s the hometown boy

  89. Maminjo says:

    @Mali Ante

    I am actually very impressed with Barisic lately.

    He is extremely solid defensively, but he’s not totally inept on offense either. He’s going to get bought by someone and move on from Rangers.

    Jedvaj is LIGHT YEARS better than Bartolec, and we need to stop with the RB experiments with these bums. Jedvaj is a decent stop gap, but we REALLY need Vrsaljko back there. He was awesome in the World Cup. Hopefully he recovers full and is good to go this Summer. He’s actually supposed to be back next month I think.

  90. Maminjo says:


    Petkovic is gonna get Dinamo like 15 million Euro.

    This is assuming that Kramaric lost his starting spot to him, and Petkovic continues to play (and gain more exposure) in these next two qualifiers.

    It’s hard to bench him now that he started these past three games…scoring three goals.

    If we weren’t so loaded on the wings, we’d be seeing a similar story with Mislav Orsic. He’s more talented than Petkovic, and probably the better player on Dinamo when you watch them play.

    Dinamo will still get good money for Orsic, but not as much as Petkovic simply because of the level of exposure Petko is getting.

    Dani Olmo is gonna get them 30 million Euro.
    It all depends on whether Dinamo can tag a percentage of ‘future transfers’ they receive if Olmo is re-sold.

    Livakovic is okay. He’s benefiting from the fact that we have no other in-form keepers with guys like Letica, Sluga and Kalinic all having career-low years…so he literally has zero competition for the National Team slot. He’s also getting good exposure at Dinamo too.
    He’ll probably get 10-12 million for Dinamo.

  91. BZ says:

    Livakovic not tested yet again. He needs some big game challenges.

    Only thing I can say about Livakovic is he is much better at distributing the ball than Kalinic. Kraken Kalinic was a freakin nightmare, sending long balls, with half of them being shanked out of bounds.

  92. Mali Ante says:

    @ Maminjo

    Agree completely. Barisic has been solid and Jedvaj is our only option until Sime is back. Barisic has been very good with Rangers (not sure If you saw his free kick goal last week). With Sime we also get some attack from our backs which makes us more dangerous.

    I’d like to see both Bradaric or Sosa thrown into the mix at some point.

    Our midfield/winger depth is as good as it’s ever been. In the back of my mind, I wonder how we will look when both Modric and Rakitic retire. Luka is really irreplaceable.

  93. Maminjo says:


    Livaković has good positioning too. This was evident in the game against Man City where he always seemed to be at the perfect position.

    This was something that Subašić was horrible with. But when Subašić was in his prime (prior to the World Cup) he was very good.

    Livaković is probably an above average keeper. I don’t expect him to be bailing us out in big time games though, but we’ll have to see as he’s guaranteed to start at the Euros now.

    Not sure if Livaković is a big talent

  94. Dannyj says:

    I agree
    I feel like Livaković is talented and athletic
    But let’s see when he really gets tested

    I played decently high level goalie hockey It’s diff Game but similar
    Let me tell u this it’s far easier to play a game like the Man City then the game at Poljud

    There is no expectations against Man U. You know u will be peppered and are into the game 100 percent

    The one at Poljud. U know your team will carry the possession but the pressure comes from the expectations of Winning and the lack of action

    I think he will be better then average like you guys say and we will see if anything more
    The real test is when we play a legit team that can challenge him in euro

    But I have high hopes that he turns great and Petković can become the real deal They have shown stuff but as we all know u need to see a larger sample size

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