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Croatia vs. Wales: The Silver Lining

October 13, 2019



There’s no doubt about it; Croatia’s 1-1 draw against Wales was a bit disappointing. The Vatreni came out of the gate hot with a 9th minute goal from the ‘wunderkind’ duo of Josip Brekalo and Nikola Vlašić. It looked as if they would break open the flood gates in Cardiff, but it didn’t happen. Wales – a mediocre European side at best – only has one guy on their team that is worth the trouble: Gareth Bale. And Croatia let Mr. Bale score the equalizer at the worst possible time – seconds before halftime.



It would have been nice to win and wrap up a Euro 2020 berth early. That way all the veterans could have taken November off as Croatia only have one qualifier and one friendly: vs. Georgia. It would have been nice to not have anyone injured (Luka Modrić left with what looked like a charlie horse; but he’ll be fine) or any suspensions (Dejan Lovren and Domogoj Vida) won’t be able to play against Slovakia due to yellow cards.



At the end of the day, we’re Croatian, and we don’t know how to do things the easy way. Not even the other results go our way. In case you missed it before the Croatia-Wales match even kicked off, if Hungary would have drawn with Azerbaijan, then Croatia would have only needed a draw against Wales to qualify. With the game 1-0 in Hungary’s favor in injury time, Azerbaijan had a good goal disallowed because the ref saw a handball. There’s no VAR in Euro qualifying and Hungary ended up winning 1-0.



But here’s some silver lining for all of you:



1. Croatia only need a draw vs. Slovakia at home to book their ticket to Euro 2020. The Vatreni have a perfect 3-0 record in Croatia this qualifying campaign and have only conceded two goals. On top of that, they already put a 4-0 beatdown on Slovakia last month. The Slovaks will need a win against Croatia so they will be playing pretty open from the get go.



2. Croatia would be able to celebrate their Euro 2020 qualification in front of a home crowd. There’s nothing better in sports than being able to celebrate with your own. The game is scheduled to be played November 16th in Rijeka. However, there are small rumblings that the match may be moved to Poljud in Split.



3. Brekalo and Vlašić got the start vs. Wales and showed us what the future of Croatian soccer will look like. And guess what? It’s in good hands. Both are quick on the ball and hungry in attack. It’s something that has been missing from Croatia’s repertoire for some time.



4. No matter what happens in the Croatia/Slovakia game, if Hungary does not beat Wales on the last day of qualifying – which is three days after Croatia plays – Croatia is in. Wales cannot top Croatia in the group due to head-to-head record. Slovakia must win their last two matches to jump Croatia and Hungary must win and have Croatia lose to Slovakia in order to jump the Hrvati. Basically, everything that can go wrong has to go wrong in order for Croatia not to qualify automatically. And should that happen, the Vatreni can still back-door qualify through UEFA Nations League.



So don’t worry. See you guys for the Euro 2020 draw November 30th. Croatia’s ball will be drawn for the Final Tournament that day.



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Ante Kvartuč
Posted By: Ante Kvartuč 173 comments

  1. Maminjo says:

    Wales is a “mediocre” team that went to the semifinals at the last Euros ;)

    But is it blasphemy to start Rebić and Brekalo on the wing (with Perišić on the bench)? Maybe not to start, but at some point in the game?

    Perišić has been our best player since 2014 (yes, even better than Luka)…but something has been off with him in these past two games.

  2. Maminjo says:

    Yea, there is a qualifying spot available for one League A team (in a four team playoff).

    Since England and Spain are pretty much already qualified, we get that playoff spot if we fail to qualify.

    Right now, it would look like a playoff against Iceland and then Switzerland.

  3. Iggy says:

    I dont think we’ll need to worry about the Nations League backdoor thing, we would have to be terribly unfortunate to not auto-qualify from this position. Even if we lose you would think there’s a decent enough change Wales dont lose at home to Hungary so we have a double-chance really, we should be right.

    Should be.

  4. Ante Kvartuč Ante Kvartuč says:

    @ mamainjo,

    Wales would not have even qualified if Euro 2016 was 16 teams. They rode an easy group with Russia and Slovakia; and then topped the group because England couldn’t beat Slovakia on the final day. That’s unheard of. Then they had an amazing Round of 16 draw vs. Northern Ireland. How they beat Belgium is beyond me.

    @ Doom,

    4 teams will qualify through UEFA Nations League. If Croatia didn’t qualify from this group, we would play Iceland (most likely) from League A’s automatic berth. Go to the Euro qualifying wiki page.

  5. Soul Champ says:

    Next man up for Slovakia match.

    Barišić has been solid at LB.

    The rest of back line if we are brutally honest is sub par to our standard.

    Curious to see who over the next few weeks is in form?

    Brekalo looks stronger these days .. maybe you revisit him at RB for Slovakia.

    At this point you need to go with the best 11 to start.

    The kid is the goods.

    His game is exponentially improving at this level.

    Brozovic was missed today, his lung busting presence will be a boost for Slovakia.

    Dalic will at least have a good pregame plan A.

    What is his plan B, C or D if things go south?

  6. Dalmatia says:

    I don’t think you put Breakalo at right back in a game like this. Slovakia will be pressing and you need to have an experienced defender at that position in my opinion.

  7. KarlovacKing says:

    A key game to watch for us will be Wales away at Azerbijan. They need to win that game to have any chance of qualifying. If they drop points there they are out before they play Hungary at home…and if they are out, no doubt won’t be motivated and guys like won’t play…and then Hungary with a chance to qualify coudl beat them….and we could be out if we lose to Slovakia.

    I feared the risk of Vida and Lovren playing with yellows and they are out now. This is not good..they are very experienced and have played together forever…and now in a vital do or die vs Slovakia we have to put in a new pairing of guys that have barely ever even played for the NT let alone play together as well…

    PS the Welsh goal was a complete foul on Kova. No way that should have counted. Ffs, we got screwed there but we should have attacked these hacks in the second half instead of sitting back.

  8. Maminjo says:

    The bad thing is that Azerbaijan actually drew Hungary at the end, but it was disallowed. That would’ve granted us qualification.

    This Azeri team is very likely to steal points from Wales too. Hopefully Ramsay comes back and Wales pulls off the win.

    But if Slovakia were to actually beat us in Rijeka, that’s ridiculous.

  9. Mile says:

    There is no way in h-e double hockey sticks that Perisic has been our best player since 2014. Modric has been light years better than anyone. He is always a rock for us. Perisic was excellent at the World Cup, but since he has been pretty awful.

  10. KarlovacKing says:

    If Azeri steals points from Wales, which yes is very possible, they would likely tank their last game vs Hungary as they’d be out already.

    And with Bale being their one main guy, and he is injured alot for RM, who knows, within a month, he could be out and Wales is nothing without him…so they could choke.

    I wish this do or die vs Slovakia wasn’t in Rijeka now. No disrespect to RIjeka, but we need a rocking atomosphere to spur the guys on….not a small venue…which only helps Slovakia out.

  11. KarlovacKing says:

    Perisic was crap yesterday. And when he is not on, we really struggle offsensively. Apart from the header attempt, he was invisible.

    We really missed Broz..the guy is a workhorse out there and frees up Modric to do his thing.

    Ffs, why can’t we ever have a smooth qualification…I’ll be s.hitting bricks now for a month up to the Slovakia game. My heart can’t take this…lol

  12. Mile says:

    And if SOMEHOW Croatia has to go the back door route and play in the playoff, we better hope Switzerland wins tomorrow at home to Ireland. That would pretty much guarantee they qualify directly. You don’t want to play the Swiss in a playoff. We get screwed over huge by refs and the Swiss always get questionable calls in their favour because of the FIFA connection. Looks like we would play Iceland if that was the case.

  13. gbvh says:

    Wales is definitely a mediocre European team.
    Does anyone here think Greece was an elite European team when they won the Euro Cup?

    That said, not always easy to win on the road and Croatia were hardly huge favourites yesterday.

    Just wish when they went up 1-0 they’d have been more interested in going up 3-0 than playing fun keep away.

  14. Maminjo says:

    Bad timing by the HNS to try and satisfy everyone and put the venue for this game at Rujevica.

    It’s only an 8,000 capacity stadium.

  15. KarlovacKing says:

    We could pack Maksimir or Poljud and get the true home field advantage…but no, we go to a small 8k seater of which we will need to give Slovakia a proportion of the tickets as well…

    Stupid move playing there in a do or die game.

  16. Don't Jerko My Leko says:

    For those we say that we cannot lose to Slovakia. Are you kidding me? Of course we could. Yesterdays match was like the so many we have seen over the years. We go ahead early look great then just sit back and hang on for dear life. It’s like we are afraid to keep pressing. Are we afraid of a counter attack?

  17. Maminjo says:

    Well the good news is that we generally do very well in the tournaments we most narrowly qualify for, haha

  18. KarlovacKing says:

    yeah, but my heart can’t take this…

    I estimate so far, following the Croatian NT…literally I live and die with them….has cost me 3.4 years off my life span.

    But what can I say, I love this NT and it will be that way until I die.

  19. Maminjo says:

    Yea but their success has allowed you to brag to others and have a sense of pride about your Nationality doing so well.

    Imagine being Bulgarian or Serbian, where your team may have had some positive experiences… But largely just humiliated in football?

    Carrying that shame on your shoulders impacts your life in so many worse ways.

  20. Mile says:

    Looking at this playoff system with the Nation League, it’s quite idiotic. You have a playoff for each of the four leagues for one spot in Euro 2020 for each league. So right now, league D has Georgia, North Macedonia, Kosovo and Belarus projected to be in the playoff. So one of those teams makes the tournament? That’s insane. Why not take the top 16 ranked teams from those that didn’t qualify directly and then seed them 1-16, 2-15 and so on. #1 would play #16 in one semi and then #8 would play #9 in the other. The winners play for one spot. And so on with the other groups. I guess that makes too much sense.

  21. Mile says:

    First let me say, Croatia will qualify after beating Slovakia next month.

    But, if somehow everything goes crazy and they find themselves in the playoff, based on what I am seeing, two of the three teams in their group would be Iceland and Wales. The other team right now is Switzerland, but if they beat Ireland tomorrow, they would be on course to qualify directly. The fourth team would then be Ireland (if they are not the other team that qualifies directly with Switzerland). Otherwise it would be Northern Ireland.

  22. Croat Canadian says:

    We should be able to beat Slovakia next month. But have the match in Zagreb or Split. If we can’t beat Slovakia, we don’t deserve to make euros. I’m going to lose sleep waiting a month or that match. Nope could of qualified today or if we didn’t tie Azerbaijan. On a positive note, we have a good home record and playing a team we spanked 4-0. Not having experienced defenders like Vida or Lovren will hurt us. Hopefully Vrsaljko is healthy next month.


  23. Dannyj says:

    I know they were trying to appeal for the ref but after Kovacic got knocked then we go into appeal mode and lose our focus

    It’s happened in another part of the game as well but I think it’s when Livaković makes the save

    I get it but keep playing man

    And seriously how is this not considered a high nuff stakes games to not have VAR?

    We get ducked by it during World Cup and by not having it now

  24. BZ says:

    We throttle Slovakia IN Slovakia 4-0, and guys want to deviate from that starting lineup!? Oh boy. Granted defense has some absences, but Slovakia had no answer for Rebic, Perisic, Vlasic, Modric, and Petkovic.

    We give them life by starting “low effort” Brekalo over “die for the NT” Rebic, and we introduce issues.

  25. Canuckcro says:

    Modrić also picked up a yellow card last night, which was his first in six years playing for Croatia and after 56 games in a row.Fuck they love discriminating against us..refs.uefa..fifa..they are all pieces of shits.Draconian management.Frig half the worldcup or euro winners over the last 50years are just fake setup wins by crooks in the front office..imo.

  26. KarlovacKing says:

    As for James play acting to get Vida a yellow, that was dispacble…he tried to get Vida sent off.

    I hope the Cro federation appeals the card. No matter if he deserved a yellow or not, the fact that even the coach admits he was faking the seriousness of the injury is disgusting.

    When Ramos admitted getting a yellow to miss he second leg of RM and Ajax, UEFA tacked on another game…

  27. HajdukSplit says:

    Vida and Lovren with nearly twice as many passes as Modric, that’s all you need to know about the mentality after 20 minutes, Lovren with 16 long balls which is roughly the same as the Welsh keeper. In fact combined Lovren-Vida had roughly one-third of the team’s passing. The players and coach keep saying they never play for the draw but let’s be honest, they did yesterday, luckily Wales did too and the teams stopped playing in the 2nd half

    Another pet peeve, Mile Skoric has been the de facto 4th choice CB based on squad selections, but now when the 4th choice CB needs to play I am willing to bet everything he won’t start, so why call him up? I would guess the same thing would happen with guys like Melnjak in case of an emergency at LB. He has little trust in these fringe players but why call up a 28 year old HNL lifer?

    The Vida suspension is more worrying than Lovren who is making too many errors, a more trigger happy ref would have called a pen on him in the 1st half with a needless tackle and he is too busy usually looking to fight the ref, just like in the final minutes at Wembley where Croatia need a goal yet his mind is elsewhere looking for a fight

  28. Ante says:

    If Wales wins both their last two games, we are through no matter what happens vs Slovakia. The only way Wales gets in is if we get in also. They are dependent on us not losing to Slovakia.

    The Welsh goal was pure garbage. A 100% foul on Kova. But our guys shouldn’t have stopped playing…and Lovren got completely undressed then by Bale….

    I feared before the game the risk of Vida and Lovren on yellows…and bam, they are gone. Vida’s foul was needless at midfield in the air destroying the guy. And Lovren, pure stupidity arguing with the ref. Whomever we put in their place, are going to be very nervous and the Slovaks can exploit this. And whomever the pairing is, won’t have played with each other before which is another problem.

    I think Rebic is suspended too?

    Oh well, we never make it easy on ourselves, so its nail biting time again one month from now.

  29. KarlovacKing says:

    This “HajdukSplit” needs to come out from his parents basement in florida via ‘Josiey.

    This is same kid who said him and his old man “admire” Red Star and he openly said he cheers for Slovenia.

    With Yugos like this, who needs enemies.

  30. Dont Jerko My Leko says:

    Wow Turkos drew France. Turkey might be a pain in the ass if you have them in your Euro group.

  31. KarlovacKing says:

    Hey who is the moderator here? Posts are being copied word for word from another board and pasted here.

  32. Gooza says:

    Serbs given life with a Portugal loss!
    Can they sneak in qualifying 3rd in that group into the playoff anyone know ?

  33. Canuckcro says:

    ok i didnt see modric yellow .i love him as a hrvat and elite world class soccer player..i will back our players over the snakes in suits( refs ) that target our team negatively year after year..with twisted bs.. var is a joke..its like commy yugos ..the truth on video is right infront of their face but they refuse to accept it..because were cros that they other nationalities dont think we are deserving of the honest win..we make bigger countrys look inferior..its all fucken politics..dickheads everywhere.

  34. Soul Champ says:

    Brekalo and Vlašić coming into their own makes this whole process worth it.

    Also the absence of Brozovic was noticeable.

    Kovačić was playing well before he got kicked through his leg.

    Perišić is better on the left wing.

    Brekalo can play any where across the attacking midfield.

    Rakitic looks depressed.

    That Barca BS is finally sinking in.

    You are not Catalan and there is only one Messi.

    Should have left years ago.

    Get a new club and retrieve your balls!

    Lovren is a bone head.

    He has had a good run but if with VAR his dumb ass mistakes are magnified.

    Always said he really wants to play CDM.

    That physicality in the box is a penalty waiting to happen.

    Always so obvious.

    Jedvaj can play CB right now and someone mentioned playing the Barišić teammate from Rangers for continuity.

    Move the match to Split and let Slovakia feel the full fury of Poljud!

  35. Anonymous says:


    Who cares about soccer?

    I care that Croatia is anti-Ustasa and that Croatia’s democratically elected communist president Kolinda Grabar Kitarovic is anti-Ustasa. I’m also so happy she’s doing a great job for Croatia and has even rolled out the red carpet for my boy cetnik Alex Vucic.

    Big round of applause for Croatian patriot Milorad Pupovac as well, ever since HDZ has brought him onto the political scene you just know Croatia is heading in the right direction for us Serbs!

    I love our Croatia. CCCC

  36. Maminjo says:


    Dalić called up Meljnak because he’s from Varaždin, and we were playing a friendly in Varaždin.

    He also called up Škorić for the first match against Wales, because it was held in Osijek (and Škoric is an NK Osijek fan favorite).

    Dalić is actually lucky because Wales cut that lead and Škorić was put out there. Could’ve looked stupid if they tied it up.

    I agree that these are stupid callups. It’s one of Dalić’s few weaknesses, in that all of his experiments are failures and he panders alot to the fans. He was pretty vocal about us playing across all of Croatia, but now we have a crucial match in a small stadium in Rujevica.

    Neither of Meljnak or Škorić should be on the National Team. Now we either have to take the risk and call up (and possibly play) two completely new CBs… When we could have been calling these guys up several games ago.

  37. Poglavnik says:

    Hey ass hat!
    Find a site not called to ask that question on. You’re a loser. Fuck off.

  38. Canuckcro says:

    chetniks are everywhere we hrvats have to be aware ..they have evil agendas and will never stop..just jealous of us catholic cros..they dont fuck with there romania neighbors bulgars..albanians hate one on this earth likes their evil ways.And the troll serbshitheads on here fucking with us.

  39. Anonymous says:


    @Poglavnik is not a Catholic, he’s mocked Catholic Croats on this very site in the past.

    The guys a loser.

  40. Anonymous says:

    Even if the fake right candidate Miroslav Skoro wins I’d be happy, he’s an anti-Ustasa globalist himself, and Croatia’s first lady would be a Srpkinja, and not just a Srpkinja but a lady that can show Kolinda G. Kitarovic what a real woman looks like.

    How awesome would that be, first lady is a Serb, the music of the Croatian anthem written by a Serb.

    CCCC, it’s a slow process but you Croats are starting to realise that.

    Did Skoro and his Serb wife flee Croatia before the war because Skoro didn’t want to fight against Serbs, because it would’ve offended his Serbian wife.
    A buddy of mine told me that, not sure if true, can anyone shed any light on that?

    If true, I’ll vote #1 Skoro!

  41. Stipe says:

    Yea we have great players, doesn’t mean we have a great team. I think we are mediocre. Nothing is set in stone. We never make it easy on ourselves.

  42. Frenchman says:


    Interesting that you say that the Croatian team is mediocre!

    What did you think of the Danish team at the WC?

    What about the Russian team at the WC?

    What about the young English team?

    What about my French team (WC champions!!!!), granted that my France do have this problem of playing down to the level of our mediocre opponents (see Croatia in the WC final, although we still won playing poorly, and Turkey today)?

  43. Canuckcro says:

    frenchmans worldcup soccer team is imports ..transfers..not true french nationality..cro has better athletes all around in other sports worldwide dominance..look what miocic did to your import ufc..thats how tough our genetics are!!

  44. Canuckcro says:

    There is no nationality in Canada just mish mash usa aus nz ..colonists.Indigenous asians were and are in north america through ancient migrations.. thousands of years ago..are you that dumb.

  45. BZ says:

    I’m ok with the results, but I’ll call out the bad:

    Rusty Rakitic is scaring me. He was my biggest disappointment in both games.

    Lovren was bad v Wales, but I had no expectations.

    Perisic vs Wales, where were you? Maybe he was tired from drilling 10 shots directly into the Hungarian defenders in the previous game?

    Livakovic, tested once in 2 games, failed his only test.

  46. Anonymous says:

    I wouldn’t say Livakovic failed bc of the goal. The defense failed. Not many are going to save a shot from bale from that distance

  47. Suba says:

    You could see that wales goal come from a mile away

    No idea what Lovren and vida were doing

    Had one job by not lettting a goal and could not do it

    They’re our weak link I’m aftaid useless

    Them two getting suspended would be a bad thing where their replacements could step up and pay more attention to funckin detail for Pete’s sakes

    Suba would have shot blocked bales shot though

  48. Soul Champ says:

    Rakitic will regain form and be good for another 3 years as his game was never based on speed and quickness. He has range passing, free kick skills and can bang in penalties.

    I just don’t understand why he would have allowed Barca to play him (meaning “not play him”).

    No new contract offer ? You bounce!

    He had plenty of clubs willing to pay him.

    Also will be liberating to not work for Messi all game.

    Actually glad he is being benched as he has run ragged over the last 5 years.

    Let his legs and his mind relax and get ready for our Euro 2020 run.

    He needs to get out of Spain.

    Bale is a world class player and has had legend career and the Spanish media take a crap on him?

    Luka called a bust after 3 months?

    Bring Serie A back to prominence!!

    German league is the most attractive football around.

    All in for Bayern to win the champions league.

    Kovač learning how to win at the next level.

  49. ziva truth says:

    probably an unpopular opinion over here but if you dont live in croatia and just go over there to vacation like 99.9% of people on this page do then you should not be allowed to vote. if you want to have a say move back instead of living extravagantly abroad and complaining about things back in croatia.

  50. Anonymous says:

    Yes the mainland Croats accepted Yugoism. True Croats took the war underground by going overseas and won WWII by establishing a Croatia out of the Yugo bondage. The Vacationing Disapora are Croatia.

  51. Ziva truth says:

    Whatever helps you sleep at night, you’re so underground that you by anonymous lol. It’s easy to be smart when you’re an ocean away, go live there for a few years and make some decisions.

  52. Mr Simeonic says:

    Big fan of Vlasic and Brekalo was hoping for Halilovic and Coric but that never worked out. So Jebi Ga. Keep playing these two more experience they will be better for it. Rakitic should be taking the penalties not Modric or Perisic. Rakitic is cool under pressure for taking penalty ‘s.

  53. anom says:

    Ziva truth – it was the Croatian federal government and Sabor that passed the laws allowing for diaspora direct participation in Croatian politics. We can debate their motivation. But any criticism and directive to not participate from afar should be directed to the local political bodies, not to the people who are just exercising the rights given to them by the Croatian government.

    Vlasic and Brekalo looked very strong together. Remember they’re only in their very young 20’s, still alot of time to mature further.

  54. Ziva truth says:

    Be that as it may, I think it’s selfish to vote for a place that you don’t care enough to live in full-time.

  55. KRKIC says:

    Croatia.. Serbia.. Both are extremely backwards and reading the posts here just proves it. Squabling over some dirt and rocks that will still be there long after both countries are gone.

  56. Mr Simeonic says:

    Does anyone here know where one can purchase buy the CROATIA BLUE/BLACK SAHOVNICA JERSEY if so is it only in Hrvatska or does American stores have it in stock?

  57. anom says:

    @Ziva truth – it’s def your right to think that way.

    The entirely local decision makers in Hrvatska seem to (on average) not agree though, they seemed to think there indeed was some value and justification to including diaspora in the political process (again, the reasons we can debate). I respect your opinion though, the debate itself is a valid one

  58. Ziva truth says:

    I agree, I figured my position wouldn’t be a popular one but hey to each their own. Glad we have a platform to debate and talk out differences.

  59. Gooza says:

    Here in Canada we have a far more important election Monday which shall have favorable results for Croatia if pretty boy Trudeau gets re-elected
    He shall continue to take in millions of Syrian,Somali and other Muslim immigrants so that Europe doesn’t have too.
    A shawarma stand on every corner and hookah shop kitty corner shall stimulate the economy like none other.
    All hockey rinks shall convert to mosques once Sharia law becomes law!
    Vote pretty boy Justin for cheap falafel!!

  60. Elvis says:

    I read the HNS is trying to move the Slovakia match to Maksimir.
    Good idea, they should accidently blow the gas line in Rijeka so it happens.

  61. Suba says:

    Today’s Croatia are within the borders of Tito’s and his commies Croatia

    That why half of Croatia is happy with today’s croatia but we all know it’s not Croatia’s true borders and the diaspora knows this

    It’s going have to be a much compromised croatia at least we can go on vocation and be able to say I’m Croatian and sing nationalist songs when I get back to my beloved selo and hang up my Ante Pavelic and the map of NDH on the wall and get pissed on homemade rakija

    Za dom spremni

  62. gbvh says:

    @Mr Simeonic

    I got both the red/white and blue/black several months after the World Cup as they appeared to be sold out everywhere I looked.

    I checked (I’m in Canada) regularly and one day — boom — they were there.

    Then gone again, then there again, then gone . . . etc.

    Not sure if there is still hope they’re making them and putting them up there, but can’t hurt to have a look/ask etc.

    I do find it odd — and maybe someone has an answer here — that the shirts for national teams become scarce —- I can’t (for example) find ‘official’ Croatia kits from even the 2016 Euros. (And couldn’t not all that long afterwards.)

  63. Nizic says:

    Za Dom AP
    Samo gledaj Petko ce ic za velika novce, pun kurac para
    Samo ces vidit picka!!
    Rob za Nikoga

  64. Jamon Iberico says:

    FIFA and UEFA have been undermining the HNS since the early 2000s. We can all list dozens of blatant examples.

  65. Mile says:

    They gets screwed by the refs time and time again. Plus, how many nations get docked qualifying points like Croatia did a few years ago. And many games in empty stadiums. Ridiculous.

  66. vuki says:

    About the jerseys. I’ve bought a lot of club jerseys from this website:

    I bought a custom black Croatia jersey and it hasn’t arrived yet, but should soon. I got more than 10 club jerseys from it already and they are all very nice and only an expert would know they aren’t 100% legit.

  67. Poglavnik says:

    Pulisick the wonder boy with another shit game. This time against mighty Canada.
    At least he chose his national team wisely.
    No way he’d crack our midfield.

  68. Maminjo says:

    He’s a winger, no?

    He wouldn’t start there either with Perisic, Rebic and Brekalo all being better than him.

    If he pronounced own his last name properly, he wouldn’t have any of these struggles anymore.

  69. tomo1 says:


    Today’s Croatia are within the borders of Tito’s and his commies Croatia

    That why half of Croatia is happy with today’s croatia but we all know it’s not Croatia’s true borders and the diaspora knows this

    It’s going have to be a much compromised croatia at least we can go on vocation and be able to say I’m Croatian and sing nationalist songs when I get back to my beloved selo and hang up my Ante Pavelic and the map of NDH on the wall and get pissed on homemade rakija

    Za dom spremni

    Ante Pavelic one of the great Hrvat patriots. Someone please put on Ustasha Becarac. Im getting giddy!

  70. Poglavnik says:

    Our best player immigrated her when he was 6. I lot of our other blacks are born here though. Ontario usually.
    We’re a young country.

  71. Mile says:

    Yes, Iggy we were docked a point for the Italy game in Split with the swastika on the field back in 2015.

  72. Mile says:

    If Croatia somehow doesn’t qualify directly, this is most likely the playoff route as it stands now:

    Croatia, Iceland, and two of Bulgaria/Israel/Romania

  73. Dont Jerko my Leko says:

    One thing for sure the Croat in name only from Hersey highway PA could never play for Croatia. There is no crying there is just do or do not.

  74. Rafael says:

    @Iggy- Canada is a land of immigrants. We have lots of different skin colors in Canada. Unlike France we like our diversity!

  75. Dannyj says:

    U know we will get Iceland or Israel then for a playoff
    Not Romania or Bulgaria

    Assuming ranked highest we would get the home game?

    Such a piss off if we have to go that route

    Apparently modric injury is worse then originally thought
    All could have been avoided
    Hopefully he is ok

    Saw a pic online of Lovren doing some kind of commercial shoot
    I dont see at this point how a guy like caleta car katic or Peric will be any worse except for not having the same experience
    Least they are playing regularly

  76. Poglavnik says:

    Canada is beautiful place for many reasons.
    Unfortunately like anywhere we do have some morons up here.

  77. Dannyj says:

    Kramaric is back training
    Who gets start in November??
    I could see Kramarić bagging a couple
    But can also see him trying to do too much and hogging the ball

  78. Rafael says:

    @Poglavnik-well said.

    All will be fine vs Slovakia. We barely qualified for the World Cup in Russia. We know no other way other than hard and stressful in qualification.

  79. Mile says:

    Yes keep letting the Muslims in by the boatloads raf and pog your grandkids will thank you.
    Ask the Germans how that’s working out for them,or the Belgians or French.
    You liberal do good snowflakes need to get your heads out of the Saudi sand dune.
    Oh wait the Saudi’s are too smart to let the cock roaches into their own country !

  80. Canuckcro says:

    tim and sid just said on their sports show how us national soccer team is the most arrogant overated soccer team in the world..He bashed bashed christian pulisic as overated did nothing in the game..our cros vatreni dont need him..were stacked

  81. Poglavnik says:

    I’m guessing there are no refugees here? Or children of refugees? Oh right. It’s a skin colour thing..

  82. Canuckcro says:

    canada a super power in world soccer . i dont know 2 nothing win over the states..and 1 worldcup qualification 1986 thats it..i dont think so.

  83. Don’t Jerko My Leko says:

    Pog STFU you don’t live in a urban
    Environment. Probably some nice white
    Upper middle class suburb

  84. Poglavnik says:

    Quite the opposite.
    Middle class in East Vancouver.
    Travelled the world. Grew up with many cultures and creeds. 2 of my very best friends and 2 of the most intelligent and well rounded people ive ever known are Muslims from Morocco and Sudan.
    My boy is already bilingual and speaks better Croatian than a lot of you. There’s a big Croatian community in Greater Vancouver that he’s already a part of. I’ve never felt my culture and identity threatened by anyone. He’s gonna be just as proud a Croatian Canadian as his old man.
    Sad how threatened you feel.
    Now for a country like Croatia that’s fought for hundreds of years to maintain their identity and culture I would say slow down on mass immigration but a country like Canada was founded on it. Including all the Hrvati that made their way here when a lot of other countries wouldn’t have us.

  85. Andrej L says:

    2-0…..Canada>USA….haven’t seen anyone throw it out there yet hhahah

    I was at the game and Pulisic looked shit. Shitty the LAFC Torontonian got injured at the beginning.

  86. Anonymous says:


    Sorry guy, but I gotta call you out here.

    Do you believe Mohammedans are morons for believing in their God, or do you only call Catholic Croats morons?

  87. Elvis says:

    Good fences make good neighbors
    Muslims will always smile in front of you
    And act very accommodating but also stab
    You in the back in a heart beat. Focus
    On our people and let god sort the others out.

  88. Anonymous says:


    What about if the Mohammedans are white, can they stay on our side of the fence?
    You don’t want to be a white anti-white two faced faggot!

    I think you meant to use the word arabs in place of “Muslims”?

  89. Seljak says:

    @Elvis agreed. Some of the biggest pieces of shit I’ve dealt with here in Ontario were arabs. Never trust them, they will fuck you over, guaranteed!

  90. Anonymous says:


    Elvis didn’t say Arabs, he said “Muslims”!

    There’s white Mohammedans too, are they different to the Arab ones lol?

  91. Clueless Diaspora says:

    Ziva Truth

    What does ‘Ziva’ mean in your name? Is that a nickname or a soccer team you follow?

    Also someone told me you can help me live a za dom… spremni lifestyle?

  92. Anonymous says:


    You’re a muppet. @Elvis said “Muslims,” and not all “Muslims” are arabs. Have you a problem with white Mohammedans ya muppet? Can they be on our side of the fence muppet?

    Some of the biggest pieces of Croatian shit I’ve dealt with are seljacine!

  93. Seljak says:

    Anon you cant even post with a made up name you coward…lick my choda you disgusting prljavi serb trash!

  94. Anonymous says:


    “lick my choda”

    Those sort of activities I’ll leave to you seljaci.

    Is it true that MOST seljaci are faggots?

  95. Anonymous says:


    Like Croatian patriot Ostojic said, “Rakija was to blame for the Hrvatski branitelj getting his head bashed in.”

  96. ELVIS says:

    @ Anonymous

    Stop with the Aryan Bullshit. We were labled as untermensch remember but higher than serbs lol. People in Northern Europe don’t consider us like them. It doesn’t bother me being a Dinaric Uberman.

  97. Anonymous says:

    I like soccer too.

    I like making fun of Croatia more!

    What’s your guys opinon on communist Croatia?

    Did you guys know that the Serbian police officer (Serb Cop) that bashed the head in of that Croatian soldier in Croatia has since retired, gone back to Serbia, and Croatia pays his pension?

    Oh yeah, and the Croatian soldier, 2 years after the beating he recieved from Serb Cop in Croatia died from the injuries sustained.

    That’s your Croatia lol!
    Imagine what Serbs would do to the cowardly Croats if the cowardly Croats ever left the EU!

    I got many more stories like this! How come none of you Yugos ever put up this story before?

    Half black miss Croatia was the big issue. Lol at diaspora Croats!

    I like the Clueless diaspora username!

    Laugh at the Croats!

  98. Canuckcro says:

    no doubt serbs are evil..put it on here so whole world could garbage true gypsy bastards

  99. Anonymous says:


    “Nekoji kažu, da treba mučati, kad se ne može stanje promijeniti ni narodu pomoći. Tako govore oni, koji znadu, da su krivi, i da o zlu rade. Kroz takovo mučanje došao je naš narod u današnje stanje, a ja sudim, ako je narod pametan i za sve zauzet, da mu mnogo koriste oni koji mu odkrivaju i pokazuju njegove neprijatelje i zlotvore, ljude koji ga bacaju u nesreću i u njoj ga drže dok ga ne mogu rinuti u drugu.”
    – Ante Starčević

    A prophecy from Otac Domovina.

    Lol, the Croatian muppets went from the tutorship of Yugoslavia to the tutorship of the EU!

    I like how the Father of your nation asks “ako je narod pametan”?

    If getting lead by the nose was smart, then yes, Croats are smart lol!

    Serb Cop was doing his job, not guilty of any crime, he’s in Serbia now receiving his Croatian paid pension.

  100. Stipe says:

    Turbo Serbo AKA anonymous a far greater example of cowards …100’s of thousands would be knin.
    You tough guys sure put up a valiant effort pushing back the Croatian forces!
    The real tough guys fight for pride and $ on the worlds stage.i can name 10 Croatian fighters …boxers MMA etc that are world renowned can you name even ONE?
    How long did it take 2..3 days for oluija ??ive needed more time to cut my grass.
    Battling old ladies and kids with broomsticks is where you truly are warriors…oh let’s not forget the rape of thousands of helpless Bosnians …some still children.
    You have so much to be proud of you are pariahs and some day you will join the big boys in the EU as well.
    When you do come to our beautiful coast and we will show you why the entire world is visiting our beautiful country .
    Now go put on your adidas track suit and get into your 96 Mercedes and go join your fellow gypsys at whatever shit hole you hang out at…with ONLY other Serbs.

  101. Anonymous says:


    How many countries can you name that shit on a Hrvatski branitelj by sending Serb Cop back to Serbia and pay him his pension for a job well done?

    Are you Canadian, because the stupidity of your comment seems like it comes from Canada?

  102. Anonymous says:

    Serbs are total garbage ..garbage religion .garbage people .jealous losers through all of history!!!!!

  103. Elvis says:

    Serbs saw Croatia as a colonizing opportunity.
    They saw wrong. We don’t need them. Only
    Those businesses that serve tourism want them
    To increase revenue. We must always be mindful
    To keep Serbs out and never allow to many
    Over. BTW Maria was Jewish. I never
    Understood why the Poglavnik married her.
    Mussioli girl was Jewish to. Very suspicious.

  104. Anonymous says:


    Seeing that you love talking about race I know that by “Jewish” you mean semite.

    So what if Maria Pavelic was a semite, Jesus Christ according to the flesh was a semite. The Apostles Peter and Paul were semites.
    So what’s your problem with semites? Are you an antichrist?

    “Jewish” also means a person with links to the ancient kingdom of Judea.

    “Jewish” also means a person who follows the religion of the Jews, which used to be called Pharsaism. Lol, do you want to know why they changed the name of their religion to Jewish from Pharisaism?

    Maria Pavelic was a Catholic.

  105. Stipe says:

    That’s the difference between us and you gypsies…we honor the pension of the cop because he put in his time whereas you Serbs have no honor!
    I rescind my offer of a trip to my beautiful country I suggest eating kebabs and drinking chai in your spiritual honeland Kosovo…that’s if they let you in ;)

  106. Elvis says:

    Your questions are always loaded.
    Jewish People cannot be Croatian.
    There you happy. I just find it suspicious
    That with the lies that the Ustasha
    Killed tens of thousands of people
    Of which was the aim of eliminating
    The Jews that Poglavnik would have married one.
    It’s ok to lie to the Goy remember. Then again
    You don’t know Jewish women. They will
    Sleep their way to the top. Just look around.

  107. Elvis says:

    So many dumb goy men fall for their seduction
    By their law if the mother is Jewish then so
    Is the child. So Poglavnik’s children
    Are Considered Jews.

  108. Anonymous says:


    “By their law if the mother is Jewish then so
    Is the child.”

    You gotta be more clear, what you meant to write was, “By Pharisee law if the mother is a semite then so is the child.”

    By Pharisee law then Half black Miss Croatia is a white Croatian, haven’t you said she’s not in the past?

  109. Anonymous says:


    What about Trump’s daughter lol, her kids are not semites according to Pharisee law, but they are Pharisees because she converted to her husbands faith, a faith which is antichrist!

    Are you an antichrist?

  110. Anonymous says:

    I can’t find out which Croats are liars like the Marxists by looking at their faces.

    Like you’ve said before Croats lie because of the Marxists.
    The Marxists have made Croats liars lol!

  111. Canuckcro says:

    Serb commys or yugos from the ww2 era were fascist collaborators who ran death camps ..taking out us anti commys(!hrvats) jews and gypsys ..just ask milan nedic master of jeuden freud…first country in europe to cleanse themselves of jews…but the serb yugo propanganda machine will always try to focus the blame on us puppet hrvats..The worldwide jewish community are not that dumb to serb pure lies 90s wars..chetnik shits are as guilty as sin ..forever!!

  112. Tomas says:

    Jews are asiatic not Semitic.
    Funny how the alt right is full of them.
    They really do have their finger in

  113. Anonymous says:


    So holocaust deniers should be called anti-asiatics and not anti-semites?

    Jews are semites as well though.

    You call those asiatics Jews because they’ve embraced the religion of the Jews and not because they’re semites, or have any link with the ancient kingdom of Judea.

    In Croatia Jew dr. Slobodan Lang, personal adviser to Franjo Tudjman was considered a Croat, even though he was a semite and wasn’t deeply rooted in Croatian history, not sure what his faith was, but if it wasn’t Catholic, he was still considered a Croat by communist Franjo Tudjman.

    You’re a Tudjman-ovac, did dr. Slobodan Lang lie to the communist goy Tudjman?

  114. Elvis says:

    I vote HSP but your obsession over the Tuj
    Is interesting. Maybe something personal.
    Jews are not my concern whether Semite or
    Kazar. Dr. Slobo was taking the job a Croat could do.
    They really do have their finger in everything.
    My only concern is our flock. A Croat is not a jew
    And there is no such thing as a black Miss Croatia.

  115. Anonymous says:


    Lol you expect me to believe you’d vote HSP? You’re more than likely lying in this public forum, but in private you think differently ya muppet, you’re not fooling me.

  116. Anonymous says:


    “My only concern is our flock. A Croat is not a jew
    And there is no such thing as a black Miss Croatia.”

    What would you call a white Croat that converts to the religion of the Jews? You’d call him a Croat ya muppet, because he’s white.

    What about a white Catholic Croat, you’d call him a Croat ya muppet because he’s white.

    What about a white atheistic communist Croat, you’d call him a Croat ya muppet because he’s white.

    What about a white Mohammedan Croat, you’d call him a Croat ya muppet because he’s white.
    Now Mohammedans aren’t racist so in Croatia you may find that a white Mohammedan Croat may copulate and procreate with a black Mohammedan.
    Lol, surely you wouldn’t call the white Croatian Mohammedan a “white traitor” because he has copulated and procreated with a person of the same faith?

    What about a white protestant Croat, you’d call him a Croat ya muppet because he’s white.

    How would a muppet like you go about explaining to people that multiculturalism is a great idea as long as it stays white?

    Why should people follow you and not the founders of their particular religions/ideaologies lol?

    And there is a half white half black Miss Croatia, and her mums white and a part of your flock. Why does she have to be called a “white traitor” because she procreated with a black guy. She loves multiculturalism just like you?

    How would you go about controlling who people copulate and procreate with in a multicultural society, which is what Croatia wants to be ya muppet?

    What you and @pro white guy are spruiking here is that unity in diversity should apply to everthing but race, you stupid little muppets!

  117. Anonymous says:

    A friend o’ mine sent me this link.

    When I finished watching this (I can watch it because I speak read and write Croatian), I couldn’t help but remember that @Elvis defended atheistic communist Franjo Tudjman and mocked Ante Pavelic for having a semitic Catholic wife.

    Remember @Elvis himself told you guys, “there is no bigger leech than a communist,” and that they lie and have “no moral fiber.”

    What sort of person would mock a nationalist and defend a communist? Not one that would vote HSP I can tell ya that.

  118. Elvis says:

    Who said I like the Franjo lol?

    A Jew cannot be Croatian period
    Even if they convert. The Poglavnik
    Errored. BTW I have seen her pictures
    She is not Semitic. She is asiatic.
    I know this stuff is heavy for you
    Ustasha in Australia.

  119. Elvis says:

    Your always fishing for the pro white angle in
    Everything: Hitler believed in the superiority
    Of the Germanic Race. Maybe I believe in
    The superiority of the Dinaric Croatian race.
    Those Nazi occultists were going to eterminate
    Millions of Polish and Ukrainians. If they
    Won in the east who would question them if they
    Came for us ? Sorry there is no unity with
    Those Nordic assholes. The Jews
    Are the most racist people in the world
    Yet no one can question them. They have
    No right to our lands or commerce. They
    Are parasites.

  120. Anonymous says:


    I don’t think Pavelic erred at all, his wife was a Catholic, he was a Catholic, there’s no error there. Your opinion wouldn’t matter lol.

    Gotovina had a Colombian wife and had a kid with her as well?
    What’s your opinion on that?

    “BTW Maria was Jewish.”

    So you were talking about religion here?

    “BTW I have seen her pictures
    She is not Semitic. She is asiatic.”

    Then why did you call her a Jew when she was a Catholic?
    Let me tell ya what you believe, you believe that a white Croat who converts to the religion of the Jews is still a Croat even though he can be called a Jew.

    How is Pavelic’s “asiatic” wife a Jew?

  121. Anonymous says:


    “The Jews
    Are the most racist people in the world
    Yet no one can question them.”

    So the Jews wouldn’t call Pavelic’s wife a Jew because she’s asiatic, and Jews are semites?
    But lol, you call her an asiatic Jew because you’re not a racist lol?

    What are your thoughts on half black miss Croatia again?

  122. Elvis says:

    First on black Ms Croatia . She is ugly
    and she presents a wrong image of our
    People. Hey listen they are not our burden.
    In America just watch the morning and evening news
    To see what they do. You want that in Croatia?
    They problems are their own.

    I am not a fan of a theocracy which is what
    The Ustasha wanted. I believe race is more
    Important. The Dinaric race !

  123. Elvis says:

    @ Anonymous

    Are you Dr. Ivo Korsky in disguise?

    I know this information is revolutionary for you
    But the Jewish influence in the Ustasha is
    Undeniably correct. Care to guess who else
    Had Jewish blood?

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