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CONFIRMED: Croatia vs. Slovakia To Be Played In Rijeka

October 16, 2019




Croatia were always supposed to finish their Euro 2020 qualifying campaign against Slovakia in Rijeka. But after the Hungary match in Split, there were small rumblings that the game could be moved to Poljud. And after the Wales match, even stronger rumblings said that the Slovakia match would be moved to Maksimir in Zagreb.



The HNS conformed that the match will in fact be played in Rijeka next month, has reported.



I understand the HNS moving a clinching game to a bigger city, but it is pretty cool that they are sticking to their original plan of playing the game in Rijeka. The Vatreni only need one point against Slovakia to book a ticket to Euro 2020 next summer and it will be a story for the city of Rijeka when they do it there.



Ante Kvartuč
Posted By: Ante Kvartuč 26 comments

  1. Andrej L says:

    Rijeka deserves it after they lost the England game. Credit to Split/Poljud though, that was the best atmosphere since the last Osijek game.

  2. Rafael says:

    Man U would be a dumb move for Mandzukic or Rakitic. They are a disaster.

    Mario M will be going to AC Milano and Rakitic should follow him there or Inter. Serie A is better league for a 30plus yr old.

  3. hkjfhdfgk says:

    Next time I go to Croatia I’m gonna kick that balkan piece of shit rebic in the nutsack with my steel toe Harley boots and then wrap his balkan ears around his pointless balkan pumpkin head for starters.

  4. Suba says:

    Let’s keep the tradition of no Croats ever playing for Man U alive

    Why sink to such low standards haha they still think Serbs are better football players

    Stupid poms

  5. Andrej L says:

    Definitely a good idea for Rakitic to go to Milan. There’s too much competition at places like Inter or PSG. Would be a good mentor for Moro who was previously linked with Milan.

  6. Dannyj says:

    Well I guess they are both in decent form
    Just that I don’t think either has senior experience??
    Oh well I guess someone needs to take over for Lovren and this is a great way to maybe find someone
    Peric looked good to me again man City
    He won’t face anyone really better against Slovakia

    We got to pump the offense just like last time against them
    Our best defense at least for now is a good offense

  7. Maminjo says:

    Milan looks like it’s gonna be a retirement spot for Croatia national team players with Boban running things there (and Milan being every Croats’ favorite team in Serie A).

    Wouldn’t be surprised to see both Rakitić and Modrić playing together there in the next couple of years.

    Boban really should be targeting Brekalo and Moro. Even Dani Olmo he would have an advantage in signing.

    They would spend less money, and have a better future signing these upcoming stars.

    Mandžo is a quick fix that will cost them too much money for maybe a year and a half’s worth of service. Raketa will cost them just as much as Brekalo or possibly Olmo would.

  8. Maminjo says:

    Perić and Katić ahead of Duje Ćaleta-Car?

    I guess Dalić hasn’t forgiven Duje for being at fault for the Iceland goal at the World Cup and the Azerbaijan goal at the beginning of the qualifiers.

  9. Maminjo says:

    Based off this from Večernji List, it actually looks like Duje Ćaleta-Car is off the team because of him bailing on the U21s:

    “A sada se tek vidi kolika je šteta što se Duje Ćaleta-Car sam izbacio iz A-reprezentacije. Odnosno, Dalić ga je na neki način prekrižio nakon što je Šibenčanin odbio igrati za mladu vrstu na ljetošnjem Europskom prvenstvu.

    Ćaleta-Car u posljednjih mjesec-dva ustalio se u prvom sastavu Marseillea, nedavno je čak i zabio prvijenac za tog francuskoga prvoligaša. U dobroj je formi, ali vrlo je neizvjesno hoće li ga Dalić zbog aktualnih problema sa stoperima vraćati u reprezentaciju.”

  10. Tomas says:

    Caleta had a vacation booked and he
    Was set to bang a couple French babes
    With fat asses, what’s the big deal? He didn’t
    Have time to waste on U21 who watches that?

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