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Croatians Around Europe *XI*

November 10, 2019


Modrić celebrates assist in pouring rain



Luka Modrić played the full 90 minutes in pouring rain Saturday as Real Madrid defeated Eibar 4-0. Modrić was given a “7.5” grade as it was “One of the Croatian’s best games so far this season — provided an assist on Fede Valverde’s goal and retained possession well in the heart of midfield.” After a slow start for Real Madrid in La Liga and Champions League, Los Blancos find themselves tied atop the Spanish table with Barcelona after 12 matches, with Real Sociedad trailing by two points. Barcelona defeated Celta Vigo 4-1 behind a Lionel Messi hat trick with Ivan Rakitić watching from the bench. Rakitić is expected to leave Barcelona in January.



Modrić Finds Valverde At The Top Of The Box




Mateo Kovačić


Mateo Kovačić and company are finally heating up as the temperature starts to drop in London. Although you won’t find Kovačić’s name on the stat sheet, he’s been doing his job in the Chelsea midfield as they now comfortably sit in the top-four after their 2-0 win over Crystal Palace Saturday. Kovačić was given a ‘7’ grade as he was “sitting deep in the midfield role vacated by Jorginho, he immediately set about trying to dominate that area of the pitch. Won his key battles and put in an excellent shift for his side.”



Dejan Lovren got the start and played the full match as Liverpool defeated mighty Manchester City 3-1 from Anfield Sunday night. With the win, Liverpool now have an 8-point lead on 2nd place Leicester City. Although Lovren will be unable to play versus Slovakia (yellow card suspension), it’s fantastic to know Lovren is still being utilized in big games and has had a resurgence in Liverpool.



Nikola Vlašić had an assist and received an 8.3 rating (FotMob) in CSKA Moscow’s 3-2 win over Sochi on Sunday. With the victory, CSKA sit one point behind a Champions League berth for next season.

Borna Barišić assisted in a 2-0 Rangers win over Livingston. With the win, both Rangers and Celtic sit tied atop the Scottish table.

Andrej Kramarić has been ruled out for 1-2 weeks by the Hoffenheim medical staff and is not expected to be available for Croatia this Saturday when they take on Slovakia.



Ante Kvartuč
Posted By: Ante Kvartuč 59 comments

  1. Mr. Black says:

    According to Hoffenheim’s English Twitter account, Kramaric will be out for one or two weeks. So he’ll most likely miss the Slovakia game next week.

  2. Maminjo says:

    No to Rebić playing up top. He can’t finish.

    He’s better on the wing, creating havoc for our striker to capitalize on.

    Kramarić would be better on the counterattack I think, since he’s faster than Petković…but we should be fine with guys like Perišić, Rebić, Brekalo and even Oršić.

    Slovakia will need to score, so Croatia will just sit back and counter when they open up.

    Then again, maybe we just pile it on all game like we did last time. We’ll see. We can’t fuck around.

    Hopefully the ghosts of that disappointing Dinamo game against Shakhtar don’t linger around.

  3. Iggy Iggy says:

    no way we lose to slovakia, i predict a 3-1 win or something similar

    u guys need to chill

    we’re basically in euro 2020 already, totes can give u the IGGY guarantee ;)

  4. Dannyj says:

    Oh god Iggy is confident… we’re fucked;)
    Jk jk
    Put up or shut up
    We have been in these situations before and we always say if we can’t beat a Slovakia at home then we don’t deserve to go

    I thought all we need was a point potentially tho?

  5. Dannyj says:

    And come one refs gonna throw us a bone if we need it
    We totally deserve one

    Everyone knows it ain’t a party if cro ain’t there

    Maybe In World Cup wouldn’t be a big deal
    But especially in Europe we are def an attraction to watch and surely we sell more and more jerseys these days

  6. Maminjo says:


    We don’t need any points if Hungary loses or draws in Wales (which is more likely than them winning).

    But assuming that the Hungary game is a win for them, we just can’t lose to Slovakia.
    (Slovakia would still need to beat Azerbaijan in their final game to leapfrog us).

    So, three things have to happen for us to miss out.
    (Hungary away win in Wales, Slovakia away win in Croatia, and Slovakia win against Azerbaijan)

  7. gbvh says:

    Modric was fucking great today, namely in first half. Untouchable.
    Got a scare though as he got hurt towards the end of the half and it looked like he was about to come off — as visions of missing the fixture v. Slovakia crept into my head. Would go on to play whole match though.

  8. Dannyj says:

    Good to see some of our boys in decent form
    Modric gonna take this game On his shoulders
    Captain cro to the rescue!

  9. gbvh says:

    might be an idea to include ‘source’ of this ‘rating’ stuff? just a thought.

    >>Mateo Kovačić plays 90 minutes and receives ‘8’ rating in 2-0 Chelsea win over Crystal Palace

  10. Stipe says:

    I am not looking forward to the Slovakia match. I have a gut feeling something will go horribly wrong. I really hope not and I pray that I’m wrong.

    World Cup ‘98 Croatia 3rd place—-Then we do not qualify for Euro 2000. I kno both games were a tie against cetniks. We had to beat them in Zagreb. We didn’t and those cocksuckers celebrated in Zagreb. Also in Euro 2000 qualifications we couldn’t take care against Makedonija.

    The point is we play better WITH EVERYONE thinking we will shit the bed. THEN, that’s when we play like a team.

  11. Maminjo says:

    If Slovakia somehow actually pulls off a win in Croatia, then hats off to them.

    Cro is so heavily favored to win, it’s not even funny. The fact that Slovakia needs to win, means the Slovaks actually have to play for the win.

    Anything can happen, sure, but I would be very surprised if we actually lost this game.

  12. BZ says:

    Brekalo slump continues, got benched and was invisible as a sub.

    Happy for Rog as his goal helped Cagliari destroy Badelj’s Fiorentina. Still don’t think he is NT worthy, but I am happy gor him.

    @Stipe – Loaded up on Cro (-200 at most books) Worried abt a flukey tie, but Dalic would have make an epic error in the lineup for us to lose.

  13. CiganJeCigan says:


  14. Mr. Black says:

    No Ivan Rakitic against Slovakia (injury) and Matej Mitrovic will probably also be out for Slovakia.
    Daily called up Rog and Juranovic to replace them.

  15. vuki says:

    No Mitrovic could hurt us. I was expecting him to start. That means Peric or Bartolec have to play.

    Your line up in alright. Yes, Orsic is in great form but I don’t expect him to start with such little international experience. Even if he is the only one consistently starting at club level. Perisic has done well off the bench for Bayern and I am 99% sure Dalic will start him and likely Rebic as well. Brekalo and Orsic off the bench for impact subs when Perisic and Rebic tire from pressing. Jedvaj is the right choice at CB if Mitrovic is injured. Also, is there a reason why you spell Barisic with an A instead of an I? It just slightly bugs me when it’s spelled like that.

  16. BZ says:

    Dalic is breathing a sigh of relief that Rakitic is out.

    Now he can go to Vlasic in a repeat of the 4-0 drubbing we gave Slovakia last time.

    Jedvaj and some other guy at CB, Jedvaj has been playing there at Augsburg. I am not gonna pretend I sit home watching Augsburg games, but scorelines have been decent, so I think he is a decent option.

    I know Bartolec sucks, but we beat Slovbakia 4-0 with him, and I expect Dalic to do it again. Dalic should just tell him not to get stuck too far upfield.

  17. The truth says:

    Agreed better off rakitic is out in place of vlasic

    Kovacic starting to build some consistency… If modric stumbles, does it become blasphemy to eventually question if the best midfield combo is brozovic-kovacic-vlasic?!

  18. vuki says:

    Kramaric was in the pictures of the players arriving in Croatia.

    Maybe he plays? If he’s not fully fit but can play a part, maybe bring him off the bench if we need a bit of individual brilliance. If not, I would just let him rest. Petkovic is playing well and has played really well in the first of the 2 games in each of the last 2 international breaks. I expect him to score at least once against Slovakia.

  19. CroatiaU14 says:

    @vuki I agree. Mitrović would have been a good starter for us to have.

    Please Dalić, don’t go with Perić. He’s great and all but he makes too many mistakes. No consistency. He’s awesome at some times, but can then give up an bad goal the next minute.

    Barišić’s form has been excellent lately. So many assists from the young man and a few goals too. He’s helped lead Rangers to quite a few victories. Kovačić has also been a rock lately. I’ve been watching Chelsea a good amount because they’re quite fun to watch with all their fast, young talent. Kovačić has been SOLID. Chelsea posted on their Instagram after their victory against Crystal Palace, “Mateo Kovačić spent the most time on the ball, had the most touches and completed the most passes against Crystal Palace on Saturday!”. He’s finally breaking through. I know it doesn’t reflect it on the scoresheet but he’s looking real good right now. And Brozović too, maybe the most underrated midfielder in the world? He’s by far having a better season than guys like Pogba or Kroos. He’s crimally underrated.

    We have a lot of guys in form right now. Even Jedvaj is playing a lot in the center back position. I know it’s not for a good team, but at least he’s playing. I feel like we got this game. We just got to hope that our guys play well and don’t get complacent.

  20. Milan says:

    ESPN reporting Luka Modric re aggravates groin injury. Will be out two to four weeks and ruled out for upcoming Euro qualifiers

  21. Dannyj says:

    Is this our lately luka injury troll or legit this time?

    Man this is going to be a big dig down deep kind of game regardless

  22. Suba says:

    Like I had said we are in big doo doo,
    You guys keep stroking each other but
    Saturday will be a sloppy match . We will be
    Lucky if we can squeeze out a win but with
    These guys Expect the worst,

  23. BZ says:

    No argument here, Kovacic is great, just doesn’t mesh with our current team.

    Rakitic and Kramaric injuries are Dalic’s biggest relief.

    What would game week be without our CNN style Modric injury report. #fakenews

  24. Ante Kvartuč Ante Kvartuč says:



    You’re reading an old injury report. Please look at date of article before reading said article.

  25. Maminjo says:

    His parents aren’t from BiH, they’re Dalmatinci. He’s also born and raised in Zagreb.

    He doesn’t have BiH citizenship, nor is he eligible for it. He’s already capped for the U21 without having BiH citizenship, meaning he’s ineligible even if he were somehow able to get it.

  26. Anonymous says:

    @Azov Battalion

    “To many injuries. Saturday could be
    A disaster.”

    Lol kid, that’s an astute observation for you!

    It could be a disaster. But it might not be.

    Give @Azov Battalion an award, he’s raising the bar for everyone!

  27. Vuki says:

    Recently him and his family have converted to Islam so Bosnia is where their heart is. If Bosnia doesn’t work out, they will explore Turkey

  28. Anonymous says:


    If that’s true then the God of Marin should choose Bosnia, Halilovic should of made the same choice.

    Halilovic on the right, Pjanic in the middle, Marin on the left and Dzeko the striker, that would be a pretty good front 4 for the Mohammedans.

  29. vuki says:

    Wow. I’m honored. Somebody is pretending to be me reporting fake news on young players. Lol. Marin has not chosen Bosnia as far as I know. Just some guy trying to troll.

  30. CroatiaU14 says:

    LMAO Marin isn’t even Bosnian. Born in Zagreb to Croatian parents, played only for the Croatian youth teams growing up.

  31. Anonymous says:

    Brekalo made an instant impact when he entered the game this weekend was involved in all of wolfsburgs chances when he came on.

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