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An End Of An Era

November 20, 2019




I was surfing the web earlier today when I came across this CroatiaWeek article.



And you know what happened next?



I got bummed. I got nostalgic. Then I got bummed again. is right. We will never see the Vatreni wear this kit again. A kit that that will be remembered for generations – not only in Croatian sports history – but CROATIAN HISTORY. PERIOD.



Croatia’s black kit not only got the Vatreni to the World Cup Final, but it went undefeated at the World Cup, winning five matches in a row. Once Croatia put on those beautiful black and navy blue checkers against Argentina, it was all business as they defeated Iceland, Denmark, Russia, and England on their way to the Final.



It’s unfortunate that Luka Modrić and company couldn’t finish the job in Russia – no matter which kit they wore – but it was pretty sweet to watch the red and white checkers out there on the pitch during a World Cup Final. Never in my wildest years did I think I would ever be alive to witness that.




Rumored 2020 Croatia Home Kit



The end of Croatia’s World Cup era will be symbolized this March in a “jersey” changing of the guard. As always, international kits for all nations playing in a major tournament are released roughly three months before the World Cup or Euro kick off.



This March, Croatian fans will see the new Nike kit. Although the home “red and white checker” jersey has not had much variance in decades, if the above rumored kit turns out to be true – I may throw up.


Come on Nike! You don’t need pixelated red and white checkers inside larger red and white checkers. If your team is trying to be extra creative, please, just don’t! Again, only a rumor.



The question is: what will Croatia’s away kit look like? Do they dare stay with the black theme?



I would be completely fine with that.



Ante Kvartuč
Posted By: Ante Kvartuč 47 comments

  1. Poglavnik says:

    Looks like an ugly Xmas sweater..
    But I’d rock it!

    2018 jersey will forever be a classic.
    Much like our ’98’s.
    We were undefeated in our blue ’98’s too.

    I really liked the ’96 and the ’14.
    The checker trim on the shoulder looked nice.

  2. Dannyj says:

    I always pictured a black jersey with just red checkers or black the the logo and then like checker arms sort of like away 08 I believe would be super cool
    The away jersey will go down as the best

    But then again
    We win euro cup with that ugly Christmas sweater it will be legendary. Obviously last year Jerseys were killer but sometimes the results make the jersey!

    It can also work this way
    Our jerseys are so ugly that they have to play good to save face

    Overall Nike has done pretty well buy us.
    And u know people like our style and of course this year u think they will sell some of the new ones
    Let’s face it, I’ve said this before but we picked up a lot of neutrals over the years

  3. Iggy Iggy says:

    I thought the Christmas sweater one was pretty much confirmed to be false already?

    As for the away, agree with Dannyj, i too always wanted the black but with a checkered trim like our usual 08-12 away jerseys, just replace the blue with black and you’re good to go.

    BTW I know you guys are all eagerly anticipating my Hrvatska Road to Euro 2020 vid on YouTubbies and i can say i am working on it, it will be up in a couple of days so you can all RELAX!

    LOL ;)

  4. Maminjo says:

    These pixelated kits probably ARE the real Euro 2020 kits.

    The same thing happened two years ago, when the black & navy blue kits were leaked, and HNS then gave a statement saying that they were fake. Well… They turned out to be real. I think this could be the same thing happening again.

    I don’t really like it, but we’ll see how it looks in real life (especially on the field). It could look completely different and cool.

    I just PRAY that our away kits keep the awesome black inverse theme. It looks amazing. Black and grey checkers with red accents (as per the rumored link above) would be pretty cool to see.

  5. Slavonac from Canada says:

    Poglavnik…”ugly Xmas sweater” comment cracked me up…soo true!

    I got to work early today to catch up on a few things pending and read your comment…I was laughing soo hard i spit up my coffee and people from another office came to see if I am ok!

    Thanks for the laugh Poglavnik!

  6. Rafael says:

    The HNS announced publicly none of the jerseys leaks are real. They leaks are based of a the checkered design on a Croatia Warm Up jacket.

    HNS did confirm our away kit will be dark once again. Don’t be scared of change.

    As Rocky Balboa once said ” If I can change & you can change, WE ALL CAN CHANGE”

  7. cromiza says:

    I am surprised that EUFA did not associate the black, to the Ustasa, since Joe Simunic was expelled for a similar weak rational, regarding stretched associations, and allowed these uniforms in the first place.

  8. Iggy Iggy says:

    Yeah a few years ago i thought we would never be allowed to have a black kit for that reason but somehow we got away with it.

    Remember when one of our tennis guys accidentally wore a shirt that had a “U” on it somewhere? Maybe it was umbro brand or something i can’t recall but u can guess the furore that followed lmao

  9. Aussie Croat says:

    That away 2018 away kit is my favourite soccer jersey of all time. For a while there you couldn’t find it ANYWHERE to buy. Second is the away 1998 one. If they had any pamet they’d keep the 2020 away one dark like this previous one.

  10. Anonymous says:


    “The Ustasha was a Jewish organization so it is ignored. Only Serbs get hot and bothered about it.”

    You’re way off with that lol!

    The only guy that might agree with ya on that is @Elvis, lol!

  11. Dannyj says:

    Where is HAET?
    And where the heck is Cico 5000 or whatever the heck his name was?
    Also missing is the god of Halilović

  12. Anonymous says:

    What about @Ante B, what happened to him?

    Maybe got sick of @Slavonac from Canada carrying on like two bob watch.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Match-fixing has also run rampant. In February, Europol released the results of its 19-month Operation Veto that found 680 games with suspicious results, including 150 international friendlies and 380 World Cup and European championship qualifiers between 2008 and 2011. The Europol investigation found that the fixing activity implicated 425 people, including referees and players, some of whom received bribes of over $136,000.
    DUG this up,I don’t know if we have a chance in hell,vatreni will do good but true scum dick licking money grubbing old fagots at the top running everything will fuck us royally so I’m not holding my breath instead I drink pivo and watch our cros play honest soccer.

  14. gbvh says:

    But that’s what these organizations do. They want to deliver the news themselves, not be “scooped.”
    Which isn’t to say it’s necessarily the kit, but I’ve seen this movie before….

    >>>>The HNS announced publicly none of the jerseys leaks are real. They leaks are based of a the checkered design on a Croatia Warm Up jacket.

  15. Elvis says:


    Did the Germans or did they not raise concerns about the number of Jewsish individuals close to the Ustasha ?

  16. Anonymous says:

    “I drink pivo and watch our cros play honest soccer.”

    In the HNL Stjepan Spajić used to watch Hrvatski Dragovoljac do that!

    Enjoy seeing a real Croatian legend, this guy didn’t mince his words!

    “Crnca bi uzeo ako je Katoličke vjere. Budući da mi ne smijemo igrati u crnim dresovima, bilo bi dobro kada bismo barem imali crnog igrača.”


  17. Suba says:

    The Ustasha only had one objective

    The realisation of Croatia’s natural borders and Croatian statehood

    The Jewish influence is due to Josip Frank a Croat first a Jew secondly

    The Jewish issue was not Croatia’s preoccupation it was how to deal with the Serbian question unfortunately the war ended too soon for us to fully deal with that question

    One day that opportunity will come again

    Za dom spremni

  18. Anonymous says:

    Group possibilities for us:

    Group A
    Portugal/Turkey/Austria/Sweden/Czech Republic
    Wales or Finland

    Group D
    One of Portugal/Turkey/Austria/Sweden/Czech Republic
    One of Scotland/Norway/Serbia/Israel

    Group E
    One of Portugal/Turkey/Austria/Sweden/Czech Republic
    One of Bosnia and Herzegovina/Slovakia/Republic of Ireland/Northern Ireland

    Group F
    One of Portugal/Turkey/Austria/Sweden/Czech Republic
    One of Iceland/Bulgaria/Hungary/Georgia/North Macedonia/Kosovo/Belarus

  19. Anonymous says:

    Missed Germany above for group F.

    Group F
    One of Portugal/Turkey/Austria/Sweden/Czech Republic
    One of Iceland/Bulgaria/Hungary/Georgia/North Macedonia/Kosovo/Belarus

  20. Anonymous says:

    @Slavonac from Canada

    Hey kid, let me get this straight, someone asked what’s happened to HAET, Cico and some other guy, so I asked what about Ante B. If I left it there you wouldn’t of said I’m off my meds?
    But because I didn’t only ask what happened to Ante B, but even offered up a reason why he possibly doesn’t comment here anymore when I said he may of got sick of you carrying on like a two bob watch, I must be off my meds.
    You don’t believe you’ve ever carried on like a two bob watch?

    That’s so stupid kid. Grow up!

  21. Iggy Iggy says:

    @Anon, i have made so many of these vids, and i have used Cro bands in the past, didn’t have any come to mind this time sorry m8.

    @Suba Cheers mate.

  22. Iggy Iggy says:

    Just a side note, if you look up “road to Euro 2020″ there’s not a single vid uploaded for any country, the only thing i can find not from official FAs is Vanemas’ goals from random games.

    YouTube has really, really made it nigh on impossible to upload soccer clips these days i have to say, i spent all day trying to work it out and all i can say is, it would actually take some kind of SUPERGENIUS to have to bypass their detection algorithms, like, you would have to be so brilliant, you’d prolly have to be Croat for starters, but i mean other than Tesla could anyone come up with a way?

    Hard to know hey!

  23. Iggy Iggy says:

    Okay so i got it up to YouTube with some tricky anti-facial detection stuff

    and by that i mean an animated gif of a QR code Pony prancing with soccer overlay, lmao.

    So the YouTube version is here:

    Now it’s the only way i could get it up there, crazy stuff so i do recommend Veoh but i know YouTube is gonna get all the views so i did my best kk

    Thanks all!

  24. Slavonac from Canada says:

    Anonymous, yes we argued about stupid shit! I know he’s a staunch Hrvat and loves Croatia and Dinamo but we had our differences about things.

    From what I remember, and I’m not 100% sure, he left because Svircic left and some other issues.

    Denis was a really good person on this site. He loved his Hajduk but he was balanced in his comments and he didn’t peddle conspiracies all day long!

  25. BZ says:

    Was against the black jerseys when they first came out, but can’t argue with results. Believe black is easily identifiable in himan peripheral vision.

  26. CRNI HRVATI says:

    The new jerseys look weird the World Cup 2018 home and away was the best also France 98 World Cup. BALLIN LIKE ZUBAC JEBEM VAS U MOZAK ZUBAC.

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