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Croatians Around Europe *XII*

November 24, 2019




What a week around Europe it was for the Croatian contingent!



Although he’s not a household name in Croatian fan circles quite yet, you must remember the name Nikola Vlašić! You’ve probably seen his highlights in U-21 matches, but he’s already making his way up in Zlatko Dalić’s plans. The thing about Vlašić you have to love- he’s not afraid to attack and he’s not afraid to shoot at goal. And when he does, you get goals like this: simply amazing! This was the lone goal of the game for CSKA Moscow in their win Sunday.



Vlašić  with a 29-yard SCREAMER!!!




Modrić celebrates big day with win



Luka Modrić had a big day for Real Madrid on Saturday with two assists and a half-volley goal in a 3-1 Real Madrid victory. Madrid were down 1-0 to top-six club Real Sociedad but rallied for three unanswered goals behind Modrić’s efforts. With the win, Real Madrid remain tied atop the tight La Liga table with Barcelona; with Sevilla only one point behind. If Real are going to make a La Liga and Champions League run, they will definitely need more nights like this from their Croatian maestro.


Modrić ‘Man of the Match’ with 2 assists and a goal




Kovačić (17) vs. Man City



Although Chelsea can’t beat the big boys this season, Mateo Kovačić is heating up for his London club. On Saturday, Kovačić assisted Kante with a beautiful long-field pass which gave the Blues a 1-0 lead at the Etihad. But is wasn’t meant to be as City rallied for two goals for the comeback win. Kovačić is being praised week in and week out for his performances, and if he can help keep Chelsea in the top-four this season, it should be considered a success for the young Croatian midfielder playing with a new crop of teammates.



Kovačić assist to Kante




Brozović in action vs. Torino


Marcelo Brozović was voted ‘Man of the Match’ Saturday in Inter Milan’s 3-0 win over Torino. Brozović had an assist on the day alongside a stellar performance and is very quietly becoming one of the best defensive midfielders in Europe. Inter Milan are keeping pace with Italian champions Juventus and find themselves only one point behind the ‘Old Lady’ 13 games into the season.


Kramarić Goal



Andrej Kramarić returned from knee injury this weekend to come off the bench at halftime for Hoffenheim. Krama scored a late second half junk goal as Hoffenheim got crushed 5-1 by Mainz. It’s great to see him on the scoresheet when he’s healthy.




Ante Kvartuč
Posted By: Ante Kvartuč 69 comments

  1. Poglavnik says:

    Nice video Iggy!
    May I suggest some Iggy and the Stooges for the tunes? Some Raw Power, Search and Destroy or Down on the Street? Music with some balls to it. And he’s got your name.
    Otherwise A+ ;)

  2. Iggy Iggy says:

    Hehe im always open to suggestions

    i guess this one is done but road to 2022 will be next ;)

    Assuming we qualify (which is prolly a good bet). SO looking forward to Vlasic goals in the finals now ! :)

  3. Maminjo says:

    We’re probably going to stick with Brozo and Modrić at the next World Cup too.

    I can’t see Luka dropping off that much in two years (to the point of a non-starting player), unless it’s injuries that do it.

  4. vuki says:

    I don’t care who our midfielders are come next World Cup, but I hope our coach has the sense to play the best players for the team and not just give whoever has been the longest servant the position.

    I wrote about it before so I’ll save you all the time and not write another essay, but I do not want to see another situation like Pletikosa in Brazil. Luka is definitely, in my eyes, the best player to ever play for us. I do think he will still be around for the next World Cup and will still be a great player, but maybe he won’t be the best option. One of Modrić’s best traits is his agility. Will he still have it in 2-3 years time? We shall see I suppose. I could see him trying to model himself after Pirlo and just sit back and ping great passes while someone else does all the running. Either way, I think he is a humble enough player to know that if he isn’t the best option he shouldn’t be the starter.

  5. Anonymous says:

    If North Koreans were given the choice to leave North Korea, every single fucking one them would leave. If white people were given the choice to leave “diversity” every single fucking one of them leave.

  6. BZ says:

    Lika Joey- Rebic picked up the injury early, but he ended playing the entire first half.

    The fakenews in Milan have been giving Rebic a hard time in the past few weeks, thus the fans turned on him before he even made his first start with the team.

    The crowd booed a clearly injured Rebic on his 2 bad touches, but he had several deft touches and a few great deliveries. They are in a mob mentality ala democrats being steered by parisan Italian media.

    I hope Rebic preserves himself, while the fans continue to watch their beloved Milan team suck balls.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Oh no? you don’t support the prevention of an all white community? You don’t support us bashing your fucking heads in neither, right?

  8. Poglavnik says:

    Rebic did not look good.
    He should’ve buried that header.
    Hes getting what he deserves.
    If u were an honest Milan fan u would not be impressed with this loan pickup and would most likely not want him signed.

  9. BZ says:

    -Rebic hadn’t started a game before yesterday.
    -Milan sucked all year without him.
    -Rebic was injured in first ten minutes, grinded it out til halftime for the benefit of the team. He was 60%.
    -A 60% Rebic still created their 3 best chances other than the goal.
    -Boos came before header, but yes a 60% Rebic could have scored there. No one booed that miss, there were worse misses on the night. They booed him bc some guido wrote he was overweight in some paper.
    -Amazing how Milan looked like shit after a 60% Rebic came off
    the field at halftime.
    -just hope it isn’t a severe injury, but I’m just saying, if I were an AC Milan fan, I’d respect Rebic put his team ahead of his own health.

  10. Poglavnik says:

    I’ve watched a lot of Milan this year including all of yesterday. If he is having fitness issues then I hope they afford him a little more time. Fact is he has 7 appearances and nothing to show for it. If theyd been getting results or looking better with him out there I’d be more optimistic. It was a good result yesterday but I dont think he had much to do with it.

  11. vuki says:

    I watched the first half of the Milan game on EPSN+. I did not think Rebic was bad, but he most certainly was not good. His best trait to me is his high pressing and aggressive play. He was only halfheartedly pressing due to the knee injury. I don’t think he deserves the abuse he gets from Milan fans just like Lovren doesn’t deserve the hate he gets from Liverpool fans for bad mistakes that he made 2+ years ago. I do think Rebic can be a good player for Milan. He showed some flashes of what he can do with a nice cross and a near goal from a good run, but he just has to be given the chances and take the chances when given.

  12. Crnkovic says:

    @vuki it’s not Liverpool fans that hate on lovren. It’s the British media and social media out of touch fans. Proper Liverpool fans love lovren and appreciate what he has done in recent years

  13. Crnkovic says:

    One thing I will say. Is that it does put a lot of people nose out of joint that a small, eastern (if you like) European country, former socialist society, produces so many good exponents of the world’s most revered sport. A lot of people find that hard to take. It makes them a bit… Jealous maybe or something similar. So I’m not surprised. Kovacic doesn’t get enough credit for one thing

  14. Anonymous says:

    @ Crnkovic

    That’s why we need to be careful with the
    Way we market the NT. It doesn’t belong to
    The world. It belongs to Croatia. Some of these
    Foreign band wagon fans can piss off !

  15. Iggy Iggy says:

    Ah it’s kind of flattering. I remember after ’98 seeing a bunch of Asians regularly in the checkers in town haha… sure was an uptake of Asian Croats after that world cup! But good on em i say, it’s flattering, unless, like you say they are just bandwagoners

  16. Z says:

    I agree with playing the best players. We all remember 2002. We all remember Pletikosa.

    We need to do what’s right for the nation, not what’s right for egos.

    Though I wanted Mandzukic to stick around, it’s given us a chance to look at players like Petkovic. It’s the circle of life …

  17. Poglavnik Dr. Ante Pavelić says:

    “It doesn’t belong to
    The world. It belongs to Croatia.”

    I think you’re wrong, you seem to not understand that Croats have chosen to side with the globalists, and the Croatian nation belongs to the EU not the majority Catholic Croatian people.

    Lol, I think the sum of the parts in Croatia are just to strong for the Croatian whole to overcome, I don’t know for sure if the whole has been totally beaten down after 50 years of brainwashing under communist Yugoslavia, but it does seem that they were sucked in so easily by communist Franjo Tudjman, and bought hook line and sinker that he was a nationalist lol!
    Lol, the communist guy that didn’t want Croatian independence for the majority Catholic Croatian people during wwii, but wanted it when it was going to be more in line with his communist ideals.

    Lol, just look at Croatia now!

    Communists hate Catholics more than anything. So what do they do, they bring the black and arab “jihad” waging Mohammedans to Croatia, if you complain you’ll be called a racist, but they’re really bringing them in because they’re Mohamnedans, they could easily bring in black and arab Catholics, but lol, then Croatia would still be majority Catholic.

    “Vratit ćemo državu Narodu”
    – Škoro

    All though Miroslav Škoro is a part of the lying Right that participates in politics under the political system of the EU, even he says that the Croatian nation has to be returned to the Croatian people.

    That being said, the Croatian football team does indeed belong to the world, and anyone who wants to support it, because Croats are globalists and not nationlists like the great men of the Ustaše were.

  18. Razbijač says:

    Holy Cow Hrvati ON FIRE THIS WEEKEND!

    Vlašic walking on water at the moment. I think we got our new Talisman!

    Kovacic, with an assist. And is arguably in the form of his career.

    Modric with 2 assists and a half volley which nearly tore the net, showed everyone why he won the Balon D’Or–in an era dominated by Messi and Ronaldo.

    Brozovic being hailed in the Italian media as Inter’s Warrior. He too in the form of his career!

    And Pasalic’s being lauded as one of Atalanta’s best players. He was the stand out performer for the club against Juve this past weekend.

    Kramaric, like an old gun-slinger back in town, scores a nifty goal in the box. He’s been injury plagued this season, but in the 3 games he’s played he scored 3 goals.

    If Our boys keep this form up heading into the Euros–we will be a force to be reckoned with!

  19. BZ says:

    Super happy to hear Vlasic is healthy, & not missing a step.

    Wolfsburg rolling without Brekalo again. As much as I jab at Brekalo, I would think it would be insane for Wolfsburg not to play the kid. His ball skills are undeniable, is he that bad off the ball? I have said he is weak off the ball, but that is compared to beasts like Perisic and Rebic. Anyone have a Wolfsburg perspective?

  20. Crnkovic says:

    Wolsburg are playing a 343 formation in which the 3 forwards play in half striker positions. Brekalo is a winger therefore not considered a presence through the middle. Probably for stability the wider players in the 4 are probably more solid types. They’ve changed formation many times with the coach looking for a winning formula and this seems to be working. That’s just football. Brekalo has huge talent he will continue to grow and develop, taking his chances when he gets them he will find his place undoubtedly

  21. Anonymous says:

    Karl Marx, center on the idea that inequality and suffering result from capitalism.Karl is correct but the world has never lost more people than what atrocities the commys committed..fact.Serbs who ran commy Yugo had 1 goal ,just do us cros in and they serbs admitted Yugo cannot be held together without their (hrvat)blood being spilled..ya a few hrvat commys existed in politics..they had no choice but to play the game..tudgman acted at exactly the right time to call on hrvats to fight and escape their yugoserbs bloodsucking ways..he was a commy and therefore knew their inner workings..what they were upto..never forget…without hrvatska this world would be just boring.

  22. Jebo vas Tito u guzicu says:


    Stupid idiot.

    @Elvis already taught us that commies (Tudjman) lie and have no moral fiber.

    Are trying to say that @Elvis is full o’ shit?

    “Jer su globalisti zapravo prikriveni komunisti.”
    – Goran Jurišić

  23. Crnkovic says:

    just because someone says they are a communist it doesn’t mean they are. in the same way America claims to be spreading democracy when in reality it’s military is simply destroying countries in order to gain cheaper access to oil and profit for individuals with corporate interests. therefore i highly doubt tudjman is a communist. more likely he is an opportunist who worked his way into a priveladged position within one system, then simply adapted to a new situation in order to gain power and wealth. you guys really should start using your brains. crooks will align themselves with any ideological bullshit that serves them

  24. Tomaso says:

    I think that girl in the video is Serbian?

    Nothing has killed more than Communism. It’s shit and has changed names over the decades.

    Communits…..Socialists……Judaism…..Liberals…….Democrats…..Social Justice……..its all the same shit.

    Stand for Greater Croatia every day.

  25. Crnkovic says:

    communism, socialism, judaism, democracy, social justice are all completely different concepts. you are paranoid and delusional

  26. Jebo vas Tito u guzicu says:


    “therefore i highly doubt tudjman is a communist.”

    Franjo Tudjman is dead.

    So when the protestant English and communist Yugoslavs conspired to kill Catholic Croats at Bleiburg, you believe Tudjman wasn’t a communist? Lol, he was just an opportunist!
    Why would Tudjman support Croats getting killed?
    Is it because those Croats fought against his communism?

    You don’t really know much about Croatia.

  27. Tomaso says:

    You lumped in democracy why i dont know. The other concepts are all related. Communism was a Jewish system based off the kibbutz. Karl Marx and many Communists were of Jewish orgins. This is just the facts.

  28. Anonymous says:


    Why do you believe that Franjo Tudjman ordered the assassination of Ante Paradžik? Lol, probably because he thought it would be a good way to show everyone what “democracy” has to offer.

    “just because someone says they are a communist it doesn’t mean they are.”

    So we should interrogate men’s deeds, not take their words upon trust is what you’re saying?

    Lol, make your argument now why you believe Tudjman wasn’t a communist?

  29. Anonymous says:

    Just because people say Mohammedanism is a religion of peace, doesn’t mean it is.

    Some of the shit these Mohammedans are doing in Croatia now is giving Croats no peace. Crnkovic is correct, don’t believe everything people say.

    Who is responsible for bringing these Mohammedans into Croatia, why don’t they go to Turkey where they can live with like minded people, instead they pollute Croatia?

    How come mainstream media in Croatia isn’t reporting what these Mohammedans are doing in Croatia?

  30. Elvis says:

    Crnkovic has shown Marxist sympathies in the past.
    Croats have done well in Capitlalist societies.
    Actually we were a blessing wherever we went.
    But you see that bothers a Marxist. He hates
    Hard working patriotic people. He hates himself
    Because he is a self hating lazy piece of shit.
    He is the type of guy that’s cheers a black
    Miss Croatia or some black bastard kid
    That a low moral Croatian women brings back
    With her from her cruise line job. In pride I Stride!

  31. Anonymous says:

    “What are they doing in Croatia?”

    Well I was watching this show called “Bujica” and they told one story of girl named Valentina and how Mohammedans trashed her house.
    But there’s many more stories like that.
    These Mohammedans hate Catholics with a passion so it should be obvious they’re not going to have any respect for the majority Catholic Croatian people, but I guess that’s why the main stream media in Croatia, prompted by Croatia’s globalist/communist ruling class don’t report it, they don’t want Croats to know what Mohammedans are really like and that Turkey would be a more suitable destination for these infidels.

  32. Jebo vas Tito u guzicu says:


    “That a low moral Croatian women”

    You can only say that if the negro was a Mohammedan, was he?

    Where do your morals come from?

    @Elvis, is that pagan guy where your morals come from?

    This was some interesting reading,

    “White genocide is a myth, based on pseudoscience, pseudohistory, and hatred, driven by a psychological panic often termed white extinction anxiety. There is no evidence that white people are dying out or that they will die out, or that anyone is trying to exterminate them as a race. The purpose of the conspiracy theory is to scare white people, and justify a commitment to a white nationalist agenda.”

    Get a load of what your hero believes!

    “Lane taught something that he called the “Pyramid Prophecy 666″, which included the concept that a Bible code was inserted by “Aryan adepts” within the King James Version of the Christian Bible. Lane’s alleged deciphered code described himself as being the “man” in the Book of Revelation, with America being the Beast, but that belief was censored by Ron McVan and other strategists who found the Messianic / Anti-Christ claims counterproductive by “turning off potential converts”. Lane also issued a declaration called “Moral Authority”, which calls the United States a “Red, White, and Blue travelling mass murder machine” intent on committing genocide against white people. According to the declaration, “true moral authority belongs to those who resist” this purported genocide.”

    Lol, that stupid pagan Lane even read the protestant Bible, inventing shit as he was going along it seems (McVan told him to pull his head in though lol), lol trying to get converts to his way of thinking any way he could.

    “Wotansvolk (English: “Odin’s Folk”) is a form of white nationalist, neo-völkisch modern paganism which was founded in the early 1990s by Ron McVan, Katja Lane and David Lane (1938–2007)”

    What sort of idiot would be pro-multiculturalism as long as it stays white? Answer: a person with no idea.

    Do you reckon @Pro white guy is a pagan?

  33. The Real Deal says:

    “Vratit ćemo državu Narodu”
    – Miroslav Škoro

    What sort of people are Croats, and, do we really wanna return the nation to the majority Catholic people? What would the commies think about that?
    That would also mean Croats will start believing that the whole is greater than the sum of it’s parts, and the EU/globalists can’t have that.

    Like white protestant Roosevelt said about the Croats, “Croats have to be under a tutorship.”

    Croats were under communist tutorship, after that we were placed under the tutorship of the EU.

    Anything to stop the majority Catholic Croats from having a state religion like the Mohammedans of Saudi Arabia do, and white protestants don’t have a problem with.

    What if Croatia was a homogenous Catholic society with Church and State closely bound up together (which you would think would be the ideal for a majority Catholic country), who would have a problem with that?

    @Crnkovic, would you have a problem with that?

    @Crnkovic, what about Saudi Arabia, tell us why you believe that Saudi Arabia having a state religion is bad?

  34. Elvis says:

    Lane was a warrior for his people until the end.
    You have to respect that. I would fight with him
    Over these Judeo Communists any day of the week.
    The church is not the answer. How do you
    Feel about the communist pope and the homosexuals
    We have infiltrated it?

  35. Crnkovic says:

    Lol. Absolute jokers. God bless you and may you find the light. Of course Saudi Arabia having a state religion is bad. Look what’s going on in the world.

  36. Jebo vas Tito u guzicu says:


    I don’t know why you say the Pope is a communist.
    But if this Pope said the things the Popes in the Church’s past have said, he wouldn’t be popular with you, nor any modern liberal Croat anyway.
    I was impressed when Pope Francis didn’t go to Shimon Peres’s funeral though, I liked that!

    On the shit that’s going on in the Church, I could explain to ya Christ’s parable on the “good seed” and the “cockle” in the Church, but you wouldn’t understand.
    It is a known fact that communists have infiltrated the Catholic Church though, and all the shit that’s happening is designed to make Catholics leave the Church and not wait for the harvest, which is at the end of the world, after all, that’s what Jesus Christ taught. You wanna be an antichrist like David Lane?

    So, God’s law or David Lane’s law, choose one? Real Croats would choose God’s law?

    For you “race is more important” anyway, so I find it funny that you bring up immoral behaviour like homosexuality by white people? What’s more important, race or morals?

    If not for race you really wouldn’t be connected to the Croatian people in any other way, that could be the reason you focus on race so much?


    Do you believe Mohammedans are to blame for all the shit that’s going on in the world?

    Look, the Saudis have one of the lowest crime rates in the world, don’t you think that’s something to do with having a state religion and all the people being like minded? Why would like minded people commit crimes against each other?

    Funny thing is, they say the crime rate is picking up a bit because of foreign workers and unemployment. Lol, jobs for foreign workers while unemployment is an issue for Saudi people, as a Mohamnedan yourself don’t you think that’s wrong?

  37. filip says:

    Okay so communism is a jewish trick to fool the goyim into overthrowing non jewish controlled governments and establish a jewish run world government (NWO). It’s been awhile since I read it but the plan is laid out in The Protocols of the Elders of Zion. A so called fabrication first printed in Russia 1903. But dam does it fit with actual events. The millions murdered by them and their henchmen thru out Russia and eastern Europe were the best and brightest. Look up Katyn massacre, Holodomor, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn on the Gulags, the Other Losses. Mass murder at the end of WW2. Bleiburg i Križni Put…….

  38. filip says:

    From Wikipedia “The Protocols purports to document the minutes of a late-19th-century meeting attended by world Jewish leaders, the “Elders of Zion”, who are conspiring to take over the world. The forgery places in the mouths of the Jewish leaders a variety of plans, most of which derive from older antisemitic canards. For example, the Protocols includes plans to subvert the morals of the non-Jewish world, plans for Jewish bankers to control the world’s economies, plans for Jewish control of the press, and – ultimately – plans for the destruction of civilization.” Hello

  39. Elvis says:

    What is there not to get? I believe a nation
    Should be built on blood and not gold or
    Superstition. As far as this Pope just read
    About his past. I liked the Polish pope he was good
    Man. The Hitler Youth pope was a disappointment.
    Understand one thing the Jews are not European
    And they can never ever be Croatian. To many
    Ustasha had Jewish wives this was bad!
    There is no greater anti christ than them.
    How do you know about David Lane anyway?
    Highly suspicious. The Jews think they are the
    Bosses of the world. So many are perverts to
    Don’t you see the news? I don’t give a shit about
    Their fake holocaust! I care about our dead.

  40. filip says:

    The world wars mostly fought on European soil, the death camps, planned famines and now mass immigration into white countries. The sole aim is to weaken and destroy the only people who they see as the main threat to their dominium.

  41. Anonymous says:


    Say it like this, the Ustase were married to Catholic wives.

    Semites that are Pharisees are of course antichrists like your David Lane, you won’t get an argument from me on that.
    Mohammedans are antichrists as well, now, would you have a problem with white Mohammedans? No, you wouldn’t, because for you “race is the most important thing.”

    Fact is that the “Jews” would see you as a useful idiot, the way you speak is exactly why they invented the word “Jew” to cover race, faith and Judea, when initially all the word “Jew” meant was a person from Judea.

    You know yourself that the “Jews” called Ante Pavelić an anti-semite, the Croatian people believed them and at the behest of the “Jews” and communists Ante Pavelić (a man who knew Pharisees to be antichrists), became persona non grata in Croatia, which you yourself would be happy with, even though you know he wasn’t an anti-semite.

    Now look at Ante Starčević, a person “Jews” called an anti-semite, but lol the “Jews” have no problem in allowing Croats to pay him homage in Croatia, why do you think that is?

    “According to Croatian historians, Mirjana Gross and Ivo Goldstein, Starčević was a racist and an anti-Semite.”

    Which one should “Jews” have more of a problem with in your opinion?

  42. Anonymous says:


    “planned famines and now mass immigration into white countries. The sole aim is to weaken and destroy the only people who they see as the main threat to their dominium.”

    How have they pulled this off?

    Let me tell ya, Europe used to be Catholic.

    Then Martin Luther came along.

    Then the peace of Westphalia was signed. The Supreme Roman Pontiff was against it, the white protestants thought the Pope was pissed off because he was losing power.

    Martin Luther is thought of by white protestants as the father of democracy.

    America was built on a protestant foundation. Democracy and freedom of religion are seen as a great way to set up a country.

    Fast forward to wwii and it was the white protestant English and white protestant Americans that helped the “Jews” (@Elvis calls them antichrists) to the attainment of “Israel,” and become the cause of all the worlds problems we see today.

    So “Jews” don’t see white protestant people as a threat to them at all, where would they be without them?

  43. Elvis says:

    They would have just converted
    And corrupted the church anyway.
    However, for Jews it’s ok to lie and cheat
    The Goy just like with the Mujos.
    They can covert and curse you in their sleep.
    Why does a Jew Ivo write our history?
    Fuck him! Do Croats write Jewish history?
    Our concern is our people we cultivate
    Our folk and culture not them. Love your people.
    I heard the BBB even had one infiltrate them.

  44. Anonymous says:

    “Why does a Jew Ivo write our history?
    Fuck him!”

    Imagine you wrote it like this, “why does an antichrist write the history of a Christian country?”

    “Do Croats write Jewish history?”

    No. But if a Croat is a Christian he should know all about the “Jews” and what sort of people they are. Also, don’t leave out the white communists and white protestants, they’ve been with the “Jews” all the way.
    I know race is the most important thing for you, but please, stop turning a blind eye to what whites have did to us Croats also.

  45. Anonymous says:


    “How do you know about David Lane anyway?
    Highly suspicious.”

    I once googled “white genocide conspiracy” just to see what @Pro white guy was going on about, and read there that David Lane and a couple others started that religion.

    You know what is suspicious though, where is @Pro white guy in all this! Are you @Pro white guy?

  46. Elvis says:

    I’m not pro white guy whoever that is but
    It amazes me the lengths white people of
    Whatever nationality will go to so as to not
    Appear racist. Other races could care less.
    Who put this poison in their minds ?

    As far as White Genocide is concerned I will
    Say one thing, I no longer recognize the
    Neighborhood I grew up in. What does that
    Tell you ?

  47. Anonymous says:


    Couldn’t care less about America, I’ve already told ya, that shithole is built on a protestant foundation, which means democracy and freedom of religion are essential to it’s existence.

    I care about Croatia, they say we’re 88% Catholic.

    Pope Leo XIII once said that,

    “Justice being preserved, it is not forbidden to the people to choose for themselves the form of government which best corresponds with their character or with the institutions and customs handed down by their forefathers.”

    We all know it is forbidden to Catholic Croatia though don’t we?
    Not to Saudi Arabia though, they have a state religion, something Croatia has been taught by white protestants is not allowed to them, lol how is that in the majorities best interests!?
    Lol, and @Pro white guy has asked why these Mohammedan migrants are only being ushered into white countries! Because white protestants opened the fucking door for ‘em.

    Lol, how is democracy the best form of government that an 88% Catholic people could choose?
    Doesn’t freedom of religion just open the door to all and sundry?
    Good luck in keeping Croatia white with freedom of religion in play lol!

  48. Elvis says:

    Yeah and there weren’t Catholic organizations
    Feeding the pipe line. Follow the money.
    Migrant bullshit is big money to. The communist
    Pope washing the feet of the Mujo’s
    Remember the Gaylord’s of Chicago
    And fight!

  49. Anonymous says:

    Ecclesiasticus 10:2
    What manner of man the ruler of a city is, such also are they that dwell therein.

    If you believe that the Pope is a communist, what do you believe of Kolinda then, Catholic or communist?
    We know Tudjman was a communist, Mesic is a communist, Josipovic is a communist.
    Lol, we can make a good argument that Croats are communists.

    You know, Catholics aren’t allowed to be communists? So Kolinda is either Catholic or communist, remember when you tried to defend her for her stance on the ZDS greeting by asking me “but what does she believe in private?”

  50. Anonymous says:

    “During the sermon at the Sunday morning mass broadcast live on public television, priest Luka Prcela defends the Ustasha state.

    Priest Luka Prcela, the prior of the Dominican monastery in Split, criticized in today’s sermon President Kolinda Grabar-Kitarović for her recent statement that the Independent State of Croatia was criminal. The Sunday morning mass was broadcast live on the Croatian Radio Television, reports Večernji List on May 8, 2016.

    “I cannot stand when someone attacks someone for no reason, and I cannot stand when my people attack someone for no reason. And, I especially cannot stand when we spit on ourselves. We are now in the month of May, and on Saturday people will go to Bleiburg. We have forgotten that we were the victims. I cannot forgive Kolinda Grabar-Kitarović that she said that the Croatian state, the Independent State of Croatia, was not independent and that it was criminal. Who says that today’s Croatia is more independent than the state which existed from 1941 to 1945? I wonder if she had to say it in front of Americans, but then I would ask her a question, why didn’t she say that Croats were not the ones who dropped bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki”, said Prcela.

    “We are not the ones who bombarded Dresden and Hamburg. Whom have we really ever killed outside our borders? Enough of this spitting on ourselves. Enough of this what had been happening during this times when we had two presidents who were, we can say, the presidents of anti-Croatian state”, added the priest in the live broadcast, referring presumably to former presidents Stjepan Mesić and Ivo Josipović.

    In addition to the President, the priest commented on Minister of Veterans Affairs Tomo Medved. “I am delighted that our veterans have gotten now a veterans minister who was not an adviser to either of the two previous presidents, who did not attend the Communist Party school in Kumrovec, a minister who had fought with his friends. We need to fight for truth, for justice, for our people. Let us not allow anyone to spit on us. Let us be ourselves, defend ourselves”, concluded the priest.

    The President replied to the priest via a post on Facebook. “Mr. Prcela, you cannot forgive me my statement, but I forgive you your statement. Let us turn towards the future.”

    @Elvis, you to have spat on the Croats of the Ustase before! Maybe you’re a communist, you did say they lie and have no moral fiber!

  51. Elvis says:

    Now you are sinning by lying.
    I never spat on the Ustasha.
    I will say the Jewish infiltration
    Was a problem. Never bow down
    To a foreign infiltration. Kolinda is a typical
    Opportunist what do you expect from her?
    She isn’t courageous enough to stand up
    To the anti white Agenda but again neither
    Are you. You want to haze our minds with
    The turn the other cheek mentality. When the
    EU drops 50,000 Somalians on us your
    Bible verses won’t protect you. Only your
    Volk can.

  52. Anonymous says:

    There is no anti white agenda, it’s a conspiracy theory.

    Do you really believe that the EU can force whites to copulate and procreate with blacks and arabs, lol how are they gonna pull that off, please explain? I’ve already told ya Catholics can’t marry Mohammedans.

    What do you think of this guy?

  53. Anonymous says:


    “Now you are sinning by lying.
    I never spat on the Ustasha.”

    You said Ustasa men were dumb for marrying “Jewish” women, that’s not spitting on ‘em?

    Just because those men didn’t think the way you think, doesn’t make them dumb and you smart. Lol, are you smart because you were taught by pagan American David Lane and his cronies?
    When you say “my people” do you mean pagan Americans or Catholic Croats?

    Did David Lane sin by lying in his attempted interpretation of the Bible to gain converts to his religion, until McVan told him to pull his head in lol?

    Did he think Bible verses would help him in gaining converts?
    Do you think Lane was an idiot for trying to make use of the Bible to gain converts?

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