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HNL Week 17

December 2, 2019





Questions are abound after an absolute thumping of Hajduk Split by Rijeka on Sunday evening, but no one knows where to put the blame.



Rijeka waltzed into Poljud on Sunday and handed Hajduk an eviction notice by way of a 4-0 beat down that left the nearly 14,000 in attendance shocked and angry. The loss was also the first loss Hajduk has suffered at Poljud since July in a club friendly against Slask Wroclaw and has been since April since losing to a domestic opponent.



The match was evenly contested through the first 45 minutes within only Baodu Acosty registering a goal in the 43rd minute, but it was the final stage of the match where the bulk of the action was concentrated.



Momcilo Raspopović replaced the goalscorer in the the 71st minute before registering his first goal of the season in the 83rd minute. His goal came off the heels of an abysmal turnover by Hajduk defender Hamza Barry, which drastically changed the course of the match.



Raspopović’s goal was quickly followed by Aleksander Gorgon‘s 87th minute goal. A subsequent fourth goal was scored by Tibor Halilović in the 93rd minute which absolutely demoralized the home team and supporters.



Hajduk midfielder Bassel Jradi apologized via the media after the match saying there’s “no excuse” for a result like that.





Dinamo Zagreb took all three points from Istra 1961 via goals from Damian Kadzior and Mislav Oršić. Oršić played all 90 minutes in Dinamo’s 2-0 loss to Atalanta in the group stage of the Champions League. Dinamo are no longer in sole control of their European destiny. Their opportunity to enter the round of 16 or the Europa League will now hinder not only on their own results but results surrounding clubs in the group.



Istra’s Mario Čuze scored his first goal since August 10 in the match in the 89th minute from the penalty spot. He has scored seven goals this season since joining Istra on loan from Dinamo.



NK Osijek earned a disappointing draw against struggling Varaždin, who in turn earned their 12th point of the season, leapfrogging Inter to take ninth place in the standings.



Slaven Belupo handed Inter Zaprešić their 10th loss of the season with a 3-0 thumping on Friday evening.



All this happened while NK Lokomotiva made a statement with a 4-0 win over a very tough Gorica side. The win puts Lokomotiva tied on points with Rijeka for fourth place.





Colin O'Haravić
Posted By: Colin O'Haravić 46 comments

  1. Slavonac from Canada says:

    I curious what you mean by “Questions are abound after an absolute thumping of Hajduk Split by Rijeka on Sunday evening, but no one knows where to put the blame”?

    I’m not being sarcastic …I’m really curious to understand what you’re insinuating here: “All this happened while NK Lokomotiva made a statement with a 4-0 win over a very tough Gorica side.”


    For several years we’ve debated and argued over Hajduk’s position in the league. Their fans have had protests and people have filled the streets going after the HNS, Suker, Mamic and anyone affiliated with them. For the past 2 years we’ve seen Hajduk (without the Mamic sideshow) produce some very impressive wins with several very disappointing losses.


    Please let us know your position and insinuations on this topic?

  2. Poglavnik says:

    Hajduk cant keep pace so there must be a higher being (Dinamo, Mamic, Rasputin, Negrodamus, The Clintons) to blame.

  3. Maminjo says:

    Hajduk is much improved this season, but I think Hajduk fans are being unrealistic re: title aspirations.

    Dinamo (and even Rijeka) have better and more experienced players. A beatdown like this was eventually going to happen.

    I mean, seriously, Hajduk has a Lebanese international player as one of their key midfield players. Dinamo has Croatia U21 stars like Ivanušec and Moro (and some BiH starters) coming off the bench. The gap should be huge.

    The fact that Hajduk is ahead of Rijeka right now is impressive enough, and they are punching above their weight.

  4. Colin O’Haravić says:

    I’m not implying I know anything more than you do but … we probably all lost a few kuna on Hajduk giving up four goals to Rijeka. Read an article that Toricida was blaming coaches, players and office decisions (meaning they can’t pinpoint a single problem, rather than a number of problems.)

    Also, Gorica has been punching above their weight for some time now. Lokosi must have been given a kick in the pants after losing to Slaven last match and were firing on all cylanders this week (tho admittedly I did not watch this match).

    If you want to talk conspiracies, watch the way Barry gives up the ball that lead to the goal. Then watch how Marin Ljubic gave up the fourth goal. Was he tired? Just dejected? Or close his eyes?

    I just don’t think the score line does justice to Hajduks ability this year, and more so, overstates Rijeka’s ability since Biscan left.

  5. Maminjo says:

    Hajduk lost to a Maltese team in the first round of Europa qualifications.

    When it comes to futility, there is nothing this team is incapable of.

    They are more than capable of losing 4-0 to a better and more experienced side.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Slavonac from Canada always seems to act like only Torcida “fans have had protests and people have filled the streets going after the HNS, Suker, Mamic and anyone affiliated with them.”.

    Didn’t all this stuff start with Dinamo fans? More recently against Mamic, Suker, HNS, etc.., but against Tudjman even before then. They have been a bunch of malcontents a lot longer than Hajduk fans.

  7. Maminjo says:

    Dinamo fans did start this beef with Mamic.

    But Hajduk fans are now adopting it, as the media is trying to create some artificial North vs South thing in Croatia (which never existed) and Torcida is eating it up.

    Hajduk’s biggest issues have nothing to do with Mamic or Dinamo. It’s their own management they need to go after.

    Hajduk officials are playing all this up, as it is benefiting them (and draws attention away from their incompetence at running a team).

    Best part was the whole process of hosting the recent Hungary match in Split.

    Hajduk initially requested for one of the final two qualification matches to be held in Split.

    HNS confirmed to the media that it will select Split to host the Hungary game, and then Hajduk officials immediately released a statement that they were not informed of this, and they only found out via the media (completely unnecessary drama).

    HNS had to clarify and say that they are simply stating their acceptance of Hajduk’s initial request and that they too desire to have the game in Split and will reach out to Hajduk to confirm and work on any details.

    Of course, Hajduk officials refused to take part in organizing it (despite the HNS, fans and everyone in Croatia wanting this), and neither Hajduk president Marin Brbic nor the vice-president Luksa Jakobusic attended the game. They were probably hoping for Croatia to lose or something else bad to happen.

    At this point, it’s just games and nonsense coming from Brbic and the gang to draw attention away from their performance. They have no interest in actually working with HNS, as this current (fabricated) conflict benefits them greatly.

  8. Slavonac from Canada says:

    Anonymous…your comment: “Slavonac from Canada always seems to act like only Torcida “fans have had protests and people have filled the streets going after the HNS, Suker, Mamic and anyone affiliated with them.”.

    remember “sve izgubili dabogda”? remember the swastika? remember the recent “home game fiasco” at Poljud because their (Hajduk) uprava took offense to the HNS playing a game at their stadium and didn’t attend?

    you said: “Didn’t all this stuff start with Dinamo fans?”…well at least Dinamo and their fans supported the team during the world cup, where was Hajduk? they refused to congratulate the team….doesn’t that say something to you?

    Colin, I’m not suggesting games aren’t influenced or fixed but for the love of God it seems even when Hajduk lose and its not because of a phantom penalty shot or bad call from the ref, you guys keep insisting shady business.

    Read what Maminjo is writing and take the approach that the issues Hajduk have are within the club and their management/uprava! If you’re going to say you’re NOT implying and then you carry on with “watch the way Barry gives up the ball that lead to the goal. Then watch how Marin Ljubic gave up the fourth goal. Was he tired? Just dejected? Or close his eyes?”…at least tell us what you ARE implying?

    Anonymous, prior to me coming to this site several years ago, I never knew there were Croatian people that were hateful like I see in the media…especially not about another Croatian club…I learned about this shit here!

  9. Maminjo says:


    Everybody online hates it.

    I knew these would be the kits. Same thing happened last time, where it was leaked and the HNS said it wasn’t the official one…then a few weeks later the same photo confirms it’s official.

  10. Maminjo says:

    The worst part about these jersey are going to be the fake replica ones that people buy.

    The replica ones are always significantly worse than the real ones…so I can’t imagine how much of a dropoff the replica ones will be from this, lol.

    Curios if the away kits will follow the same QR CODE style.

    The away kits will be the ones we wear most of the time anyway, especially since England, Czech, and (likely) Serbia all wear red or white on both their kits.

  11. Slavonac from Canada says:

    they look ugly in the photo but hopefully they look better on the players…wishful thinking!

  12. Maminjo says:

    Well, it’s still not confirmed…and judging by the gold Nike symbol and cheap HNS patch, it looks like the photo of the actual kit is fake.

    However, I think the jacket photo is real and the kits usually follow the same concept. So, I guess we’re going to have some sort of pixelated design.

  13. Maminjo says:

    @ Slavonac

    It’s not that they are hateful. They just need a boogeyman.

    Most people in the world are like this. It’s a simpleton’s mentality.

    We grew up watching shows and movies where there is this one single evil bad guy, that we need to take down to make things right.

    Unfortunately, the reality is much more complex than this.

    Mamic and HNS are the boogeymen for Hajduk fans. But you could literally remove them entirely from the equation, and it won’t fix any of the problems that Hajduk are experiencing. You’d have to be a fool to actually think that this is true.

  14. Slavonac from Canada says:

    Yes I agree Maminjo but read through Colin’s initial and suggestive article. Then watch him say no, he’s not implying anything and yet only a few words later he is implying some scandalous scheme is going on cause Hajduk took 4 goals and their players looked disinterested! I didn’t see the game or hilights but I will say that over time, Hajduk is being clouded by some dark forces and I believe those forces are within that club and their issues are not caused because of any boogeyman!

    Just to clarify what I said earlier. Growing up I had posters of Hajduk and Dinamo players in my room. I never knew the “political” differences between the clubs and I always knew there was a rivalry…BUT…when I came to this site and even after me witnessing first hand how Hajduk fans are at Poljud…seeing the intimidation and fan behaviours (which I found to be funny and normal for any soccer crazy city) I never realized there were as many Hajduk before country type of people out there! This surprises me! I’m not a big enough fan of Dinamp to say I hope Hajduk loses against Benfica or anyone else. I’d never care to sit with BBB and sing anti Hajduk or anti anyone anything…thats not the soccer culture I grew up in. I’m a die hard soccer fan and I love Croatia…the two go together, without exceptions!

  15. Maminjo says:

    Hajduk fans cheering against Dinamo (and vice verse) when either team is in Europa or Champions League is fine.

    These are CLUB teams, and even though they represent country (to those of us who live outside of Cro) they are not the football club of the country. Hajduk fans cheering for Benfica over Dinamo is fine. No different than when you have Man United fans cheering against Man City when City plays against some Italian, Spanish or German club.

    However, when Hajduk or Dinamo fans cheer against the actual National Team…then it’s a big problem.

    However, this doesn’t exist in the majority in Split. It doesn’t even exist in the majority of Hajduk fans. It’s an extreme vocal minority. You would be hard pressed to find a large amount of Dalmatinci who actively cheer against the National Team. It’s all overstated.

  16. Slavonac from Canada says:

    …I don’t look at where a player comes from (Dinamo, Hajduk, Osijek, Rijeka, or anyone else…) before I decide whether I like him or not. If they are Croatian and they are young/older/lican/hercegovac…whatever they are, I always look at what they contribute, how effective they are, their overall style of play. I would never say lets bring on Kalinic and in the back of my mind think he should or shouldn’t play because he’s a Hajduk player BUT how often do we see those types of complaints!?

  17. Slavonac from Canada says:

    Yes Maminjo, I guess you’re right about the club rivalries but I don’t feel that way myself. to me its a competition against each other in our HNL league but once a team goes to a European competition, they represent their club/city and country…I can understand that I’m probably the minority that thinks like that but its how I think.

  18. Maminjo says:


    No, it’s just because you are a dijaspora Croat…so you’re gonna cheer for all things Croatian (which is normal).

    On a similar note, since you are from Vancouver, you probably cheer for the Canucks and maybe cheer against the Leafs (even though both are Canadian teams).

    Still, despite the club rivalry thing…I still think the majority of Dalmatinci still support Croatian clubs (even Dinamo) when they are in Europa and Champions League.

    Heck, I even think a sizable chunk of former Yugo countries (even Serbs) support Croats club over some bigger Western club.

  19. Slavonac from Canada says:

    Maminjo, my Croatian buddies all support Croatian teams…even if they are die hard Hajduk fans. we all grew up bantering but come together when our club teams get to Europe. I have a ton of friends from dalmacija and the rest are from all over.

    were you ever involved with the Croatian community…we might even know each other!? did you play for Vancouver Croatia…any of their teams?

  20. Maminjo says:

    No, never been to Vancouver, lol.

    Not really involved in the Cro community here on the East coast, but have a ton of Croat friends and even lived in Cro at one point.

  21. Dannyj says:

    Could we all just join forces to get rid of that awful jersey
    Looks like someone threw up vino on your mamas table cloth

  22. Maminjo says:

    Away kits are rumored to be Black and Grey.

    If the Serbs qualify, we’ll have to play them in these black kits, lol.

    I wonder if they will protest us having these Ujo kits.

  23. KRKIC says:

    Euro Tickets…
    I see a bunch of sites are selling Euro tickets already. Not UEFA Though. Their application just opened up.
    How are these guys getting their tickets to see and are UEFA tickets transferable if something comes up and I cannot make it?

  24. BZ says:

    As a 3rd party, who doesn’t give a rats ass about club teams from ANY league:
    1) I view the HNL as a tremendous Croatian population development league.
    a)Which is why it pains me to see a team in the HNL full of foreign players. It seems Hajduk is more “foreign” at the moment, I might be wrong.

    I root for all teams HNL in euros, cause I like the money coming back to Croatia.

  25. Maminjo says:

    Both the Miss Croatia and the concept kit design (in the two links above) are good.

    But we already did this 1998-inspired kit for Euro2016.

  26. Bobby V says:

    This Euro tournament is set to be very unfair to the countries who aren’t hosting a game and very unlike any other tournament we have been in.

    If Scotland wins their group, it would mean Croatia plays two games on their opponents home field.

    We have only won 1 game in that situation (against a country at home) in two years.

    Huge mistake by UEFA – not money wise, but in overall fairness.

    Could you imagine the bitching England would be doing if they had to play in Zagreb and in Prague?

  27. Dannyj says:

    98 uni redo is gold
    On that vote on the cro site
    96 percent preferred the old style kit
    The other 4 percent voting for LEGO land are Serbs for sure!

  28. Anonymous says:

    Hey Krkic. Can you sell back the tickets to UEFA if you buy them through the portal and don’t need them?

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