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Zubac, Šarić Talk 2020 Olympic Qualifiers, Playing Serbia

December 23, 2019

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Ivica Zubac of the Los Angeles Clippers and Dario Šarić of the Phoenix Suns – both on the Croatian national basketball team – talk about Croatia’s Olympic qualifying tournament, which will be hosted in Split this June. Croatia must win the mini-tourmanent which consists of Brazil, Tunisia, Germany, Russia in order to qualify for the Olympics.



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The two also touch upon playing Serbia in major tournaments and Croatia’s Euro 2020 expectations.




Ante Kvartuč
Posted By: Ante Kvartuč 11 comments

  1. Zach G says:

    Great stuff

  2. Iggy Iggy says:

    What are our chances of qualifying for Tokyo 2020?

  3. The truth says:

    Zubac really got his English down now. Dario still looks/talks like someone John wick would kill in a movie

  4. Suba says:

    Zubac looks like he’s bulked up

    Hope the work in the gym will pay off for the young Croat

  5. Medo says:

    Hezonja has been a major disappointment…bender too…seems like ZU and bobo are our only hopes going forward,and bojan is no spring chicken.
    Saric has regressed from his rookie year in philly,and his playing time looks like it’s slowly dwindling in Phoenix.
    Our other hope zizic is riding the pine in Cleveland or always hurt,and Cleveland isn’t even picking up his club option for next year.
    Maybe samanic can ball out eventually who knows …all told it’s a major disappointment how the entire group has panned out after all the hype and hope 3,4 years ago!

  6. Crnkovic says:

    sretan bozic to all my brothers and sisters out there

  7. Soul Champ says:

    Just saw Bogdanović last night live against the HEAT in Miami.

    He had an off night and still scored 19 pts.

    Watching Dragić at 33 yrs old coming off groin injury and still play making.

    Forget about Dončić.

    Are we ever going to produce a legit playmaker?

    Man I remember watching Dražen straight ballin as a legit lead guard.

    Dončić goes to Real Madrid and becomes all Euro everything and is now all world everything else in the NBA.

    Hezonja goes to Barca gets drafted 5th !!

    4 years later he is avg 4 pts a game.

    Big times the HKS to get ready for his NBA break out season?

    I like Zubac, Šarić has to stay away from weight room and eating. Šarić is simply out of shape and too heavy.

    He needs to run hills daily and do some core Kung fu type training.

    He can handle the rock and maybe make more shots when lighter.

    I say play Šarić as a point forward as he is our best ball handler and play maker.

    Hezonja can play the power forward.

    Is there any young guard in the whole of Croatia?

    This kid Tyler Herro at 19 yrs old is straight ballin.

    About 6’5” decent handle, avg athlete, can shoot it.

    But just competes with fire.

    We can’t produce a kid like that??

    Between rukomet and zero basketball infrastructure maybe it is just beyond us or we still mourn the death of Dražen Petrović?

  8. Suba says:

    Sretan Bozic to all our Croatiansports family and best wishes to the Vatreni to win the euros next year

  9. Elvis says:

    Sretan Bozic to the realm eternal
    and occupied Bosnia. Even to Jew Burgers
    Like Iggy and the weird Canadian Croats.

  10. BZ says:

    I really hope Zubac can win the battle for LA. The way that idiot, Lebron, forced his trade was disrespectful.

    Croatian gold is top, but you think Zubac is going to get Brekaloed? Way to cya Zubac, and all the best to you in your career.

    Definition of “Brekaloed”: Answer an unnecessary, fakenews question that makes a group of people pissed at you.

  11. ZU HRVAT LAC says:

    Bender is one of the biggest busts he was a #4 First round draft pick. Now he plays in the G League.

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