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Happy New Year’s Nation!

December 26, 2019




Happy New Year’s to you and yours nation as we head into a new decade. The website will return on January 6th after a much needed mini winter break.



2020 should be another fantastic year for Croatian sports as the Vaterni take on England at Wembley in Euro 2020 and Croatian basketball hosts a tournament in Split for an Olympic berth later in the summer.




Ante Kvartuč
Posted By: Ante Kvartuč 80 comments

  1. Maminjo says:

    Would be great to have Raketa as a veteran bench player until he can no longer play.

    I like Modrić’s mentality. He’ll never “retire” from the National Team.

    He’s here to give everything he has left.

    You need a solid 18-man squad to regularly qualify and do well in tournaments.

    There are plenty of teams who may have a solid 8-10 players, but you’ll see them miss tournaments or get bounced early because of an injury, cards or a drop off in form.

  2. Mile says:

    God how VAR has ruined soccer. Watching Norwich vs. Tottenham and a 100% good goal taken away from Norwich. It was an abomination at the World Cup and it continues to be a joke.

  3. Medo says:

    Nikola Katic with the winner for rangers against Celtic …Steven Gerrard loves this guy…katic rarely mentioned on here….does he have a future with the NT..My apologies for interrupting all the grade school drop outs,on here who are obsessed with skin color,and hate.
    Jealousy and hatred are wasted emotions , they will eat away at you like cancer, and cancer is what a few of you idiots have become to this site.

  4. Krunoslav Curcic says:

    Yes, Nikola Katic and Borna Barisic are playing really well for the Glasgow Rangers. It is not a top league but a good breeding ground for talent (e.g. Virgil Van Dijk recently came out of there).

  5. Maminjo says:


    So Boban and Maldini are just going to chase rejects from other losing clubs?

    They need to save that money and buy quality young players like Olmo.

  6. Crnkovic says:

    VAR is an absolute joke. Ultimately it still comes down to an opinion, its ruining football and its a technocratic operation driven by profit. Why people couldn’t see this coming I have no idea. Look at the table which shows the teams who have had VAR decisions for and against. The teams which have had the most decisions go against them are Sheffield utd and wolves. The two teams who are threatening the established top 6 in the prem have been punished by VAR. Croatia vs France in the final anyone? Giving some nameless faceless experts in a room somewhere the ultimate decision reeks of conspiracy to me. See? I’m definitely a croat. Lol

  7. Grom te ubio says:

    Dani Olmo basically blew away all previous views on why young Croatian players should leave to join clubs outside the country.

    He’s absolutely right. They tell you that it’s for their development – it isn’t.

    It’s for a very short, quick paycheck.

    “Barcelona is the biggest club in the world which gives a chance to its kids. Nevertheless, there is no other club where at my age I would get so many chances as Dinamo. I train and play with internationals who have experience at World Cups and Euros. Henriquez was at Manchester United, Eduardo kept for Portugal, Vukojević played for Croatia. Who could offer me that at my age? Barcelona? No chance. I am developing a lot faster than I would anywhere else, even at La Masia (home to Barcelona’s youth squad),” Olmo said a year after arriving in Zagreb.

    “My former teammates at Barcelona were first shocked, and then they understood my decision to move to Dinamo was the right one. Whilst I am playing senior football, they will have to wait 2-3 years, and that’s if they make senior football,” he said.

  8. Grom te ubio says:

    Where’s that asshole who kept saying that Landon Donovan is a better player than Ivan Rakitic?

    Happy New Year to everyone- except him.

  9. Anonymous says: nation

    I’m giving Croatia 25yrs before it becomes like France.

    Hey, if Croats can’t make a life for themselves in the EU’s Croatia, how are our Mohammedan immigrants (new Croats) supposed to?

    Consider this, Croats fought a war for the EU and Mohammedan immigrants, lol!

    And some Croats wonder why 3,069 Croatian soldiers (people Croats don’t give a shit about) have killed themselves since the war ended?
    Poor fellows actually believed they were fighting for independence.

    Only in Croatia could these things happen, you just gotta laugh at Croatia, LOL!

  10. Kimbo Slice says:


    Nice bit of alarmist fake news you got there to start the New Year, lol.

    But you probably don’t have anything more than a high school diploma, so I’ll let you off the hook.

    The reason why France has a huge immigration and integration problem is because a sizeable chunk of African and Middle Eastern nations were colonized by France, and French is a second language in these countries. It’s the reason why a lot of Indians immigrate to England too. Couple this with a very generous social benefits program, and a place like France becomes a very attractive destination for any person living in the Middle East or Africa.

    No Africans and Arabs are willing or able to learn Croatian well enough to really integrate or want to immigrate there. It’s just way too difficult. Factor in the fact that they end up with far less money in social welfare benefits, and it just doesn’t ever make sense for them to immigrate there. Croatia will never raise these benefits either, as they have too many other things to allocate money to.

    It’s the reason why you’re seeing a lot of these migrants ‘window shopping’ for the EU countries they want to be in. Heading directly for the ones that have the best benefits and communities that they can integrate themselves into (and not have to really learn a brand new language too).

    Croatia not having an expansionist past is benefiting them right now.

  11. Anonymous says:

    @Kimbo Slice

    “Factor in the fact that they end up with far less money in social welfare benefits, and it just doesn’t ever make sense for them to immigrate there. Croatia will never raise these benefits either, as they have too many other things to allocate money to.”

    You poor fool, Croatia won’t be paying their benefits, that’s where the EU comes in you idiot. Croats have to leave, the immigrants have to stay, you understand idiot?

    I think if I was a Mohammedan immigrant I’d choose EU Croatia, that would be the easiest EU nation to take over and make your own (it’s only a population of 4mil little people, most of ‘em communists), Croats are leaving, with more going to leave.
    If the Mohammedans were smart they’d see EU Croatia is ripe for picking.

    Mohammedans would have to be stupid idiots to not choose EU Croatia for themselves, Croatia is even building them mosques (one in Sisak), so these Mohammedans better make the right choice.

    Remember, 3,069 Croatian soldiers have killed themselves since the war ended, what’s that tell ya @Kimbo? They’d rather be dead than live in the Croatia they fought for!

  12. Kimbo Slice says:

    Lol, yes. The EU comes in and pays Croatia’s social welfare benefits. Haha. You have no idea how the EU even functions, and you’re on here talking smack and calling others idiots.

    You need at least a grade school level understanding of how the EU functions, and you need to understand why migrants are immigrating to the EU and where they have been migrating to…before you start rambling like an idiot on a Sports website about some organized Ottoman reckoning haha.

    You can rest your little frightened head little boy. There won’t be any Islamic takeover. Go back to sleep.

  13. Anonymous says:

    @Kimbo Slice
    The EU is a political system that allows Croats in Croatia to participate in their system, so basically Croats serve their masters, lol!

    What about the 3,069, nothing to say there lol?

  14. Kimbo Slice says:

    Ummm. OK.

    The EU is an economic union that aligns and standardizes business and judicial laws and allows for free movement of EU citizens.

    If Croats want to go somewhere else in the EU and make some money, then so be it. It’s their right. Croatia is not Cuba. At the same time, if Croats in Croatia want to open businesses and access a massive market, then this allows them to do it as well. It’s benefited alot of people and it’s the reason why every country East of Croatia are lining up to join the EU (despite whatever their populist leaders may say).

    RE: The former soldiers who have died…

    Yes, PTSD is tragic and can result in suicide.

    They fought for Croatia to break free from a backward Communist state, and they were victorious.

    What they are suffering from has nothing to do with your panic attacks of Muslims coming to get you.

  15. Vinko says:

    You clowns need to make up your own site and banter about Muslims, and politics,it’s getting pathetic.
    This is a SPORTS SITE MORONS!!

  16. Anonymous says:

    @Kimbo Slice

    C’mon Kimbo, please, stop trolling.

    Lol, do you think ptsd is an illness?

    After 3 minutes you can hear some lady saying there was no illness with these men! The reason they killed themselves is, because like you, Croatia sucks.

    You probably haven’t even heard the story and yet you’re commenting on it, what an idiot you are professor Kimbo!

    Lol, I’m not even Croatian and I know the language better than you idiots.

    Are you a Croat Kimbo?

  17. Kimbo Slice says:

    Oh yes. That’s right.

    People just commit suicide all the time. Totally normal to kill yourself.

    Just gonna kill myself now because my country sucks.

    No mental illness here. Haha.

  18. Anonymous says:

    @Kimbo Slice

    Are you a Croat?

    In an article I just read the writer is speaking about a certain Croatian person, can you tell me who this person is?

    Kad sam čuo da je digao ruke na sebe, sjetio sam se rečenice:

    “Teža mi je ova hrvatska stvarnost od robije.”

    Ili jednu drugu:

    “Teže podnosim ovu vlast nego onu samicu i tamnicu.”

    Na vlasti su bili i ostali sinovi i unuci onih koji su ga prognali iz Lijepe naše.

    If this guy didn’t “digao ruke na sebe” when he did, he would’ve when Zoran Milanovic becomes president, lol imagine that, a deserter that felt Croatia wasn’t worth fighting, or possibly dying for, would love to be the president of the Croatian people. Lol, only with Croatians is this likely to happen.

    How come when the HOS-ovci fought in the war no one said anything about the ZDS on their badge then? Lol, you filthy Croats just used those men to put you communists in control of Croatia, and when the war was over you treated them like shit. But the deserter can be your president, just laugh at Croatia!

    Lijepa naša would refer to the Croatian islands, lakes etc. and not the ugly people that make up the nation, would that be right?

    Lol, I know more about Croatia than you wannabes, and I’m not even Croatian.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Back to sport.

    How come Modric the perjurer was let off the hook by your communist government?

    Was it to have him play in mother of Croatia, Russia?

    And you guys complained about some calls that you say went against you, when all the while you had a guy running around that should’ve been in jail, you guys are funny fucks!

    Happy new year!

  20. Kimbo Slice says:


    If you’re not even Croatian, then why are you on this site?

    You’re probably some “white” dude who has no culture or identity, so you can only identify with a color. It’s probably why you are so frustrated and angry.

    Learn a language from your ancestors, find a home, and stop venting your frustrations on this site like you’ve been doing for the past several years.

  21. Branko says:

    You have to admire all these anonymous posters coming into this site and attempting to disparage the beautiful country of Croatia,and its people.
    Hiding behind anonymous or a pseudonym.
    Not divulging Their true identity or heritage.
    Cowards not willing to truly engage in a debate just throwing insults.
    All these keyboard warriors out there,reminds me of the Cowardly Serbs who were hiding in the hills of Sarajevo as they picked off innocent children and baba’s down below on the streets.
    Until you state where you are from and your cultural identity you shall always be a punk not wanting a level playing field ,too afraid to open yourself up to criticism.
    What would motivate one to come to a Croat site,and Incite hatred besides an intense jealousy of our people.
    As they say “ if you don’t have haters you’re doing something wrong!”

  22. Maminjo says:

    Barcelona and Dinamo are negotiating the transfer details for Dani Olmo.

    I guess Dinamo will be breaking their transfer record.

  23. vatrena cast says:

    hey moderators can you block IP addresses? this political, racist, hate language is getting really old.

  24. tomo says:

    Total croatia news is FAKE CROATIA NEWS. Its run by a english prick who lives in Hvar and mostly writes anti croatian rubbish. He’s anti catholic anti croatian, poofter loving liberal piece of shit that should be given his marching orders.

  25. Vladimir Cerin says:

    My real name is Vladimir Cerin. I was born in Zagreb in 1954. I enjoy reading all opinions about Croatian sports on this site. My family lived in Zagorje for at least 900 hundred years. I know this because my father found a reference at Stanford of one of my ancestors being hanged for horse thieving. I love my country of birth and my new country USA.
    I would really like the political and racist rhetoric to disappear from this site. If you must post, put down your real name and phone number. I am sure you will get many phone calls.

  26. Anonymous says:


    Why wouldn’t you love America, you have the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone Park, Yosemite National Park etc.

    Every country has beautiful landmarks, I love all the countries in the world, Croatia included, but the people?
    Croatia would be the worst country in the world if by country we were to understand people instead of landmarks.

    Reading that gives me some hope that Croatia will change, you Croats should have no problem filling the void left by the deplorables that leave, hopefully these Mohammedan immigrants decide to stay and make Croatia their home! After all, home is where the heart is, and if they love Croatia’s landmarks and decide to stay then Croatia can be their home, who knows maybe I decide to move there when I see the changes take full effect.

    Make people register and sign in upon commenting, why don’t you idiots do that?

  27. Lovro says:

    Why would an anonymous troll such as yourself be so consumed, and bother with us idiotic Croats?
    One word …..JEALOUSY!!

  28. Dannyj says:

    It always gets bad when ante is on vacation and we don’t have a ton of sports to talk about
    Most didn’t want to have a proper sign in…
    I’m totally for it

    But I suggest avoid the political garbage
    Or heck make a discussion just for that and have it…

  29. Soul Champ says:

    Real Madrid signing of the decade..

    1. Luka Modric
    Who else could it be?

    Modric might have taken a little while to settle after joining from Spurs for €30million. in 2012, but after that famous introduction at Old Trafford in the Champions League he never looked back.

    320 games, 20 goals, four European titles and a Ballon d’Or. He can be pretty happy with that.

  30. Soul Champ says:

    I too am for a sign in.

    I enjoy asynchronous chiming in all things Croatian sports.

    On a basketball note:

    I am still praying for a legit play making lead guard for Croatia.

    Bogdanović is in a shooting slump at present, which he will get out of eventually. But even at his best he is a shooter who can score.

    I am talking about a legit ball handling lead guard that can take all of our role playing stiffs to a new level.

    Hezonja should have been a point guard.

    At Barcelona he was more agile. He should of stayed and developed into a legit euro guard (which is NOW valued in today’s NBA!).

    He got caught up in the weight room, didn’t master the 3 ball and his handle is suspect.

    Dončić is effective because his handle is on a string and his step back 3 is in dropped in your face.

    Hezonja is the old NBA athlete.

    Now agility and body control with skills is why ball handling guards are feasting.

    Dončić got in better shape this year but is essentially playing his Real Madrid game in the NBA.

    Grant it Rick Carlisle and Dallas mavericks are an ideal landing spot.

    But Dončić manifested that by being all Euro everything.

  31. Anonymous says:

    @Soul Champ

    That eastern mysticism that you practice
    Has affected your mind and not in a good way.

  32. Iggy Iggy says:

    ATP Cup is on and Cilic is.. so shaky it’s not funny..

    why is it since he got the missus (btw the hottest chick ever) pregnant he’s been playing terrible?

    anyway he might still win, it’s close in the first set, see how we go..

    where my tennis fans at?

  33. Iggy Iggy says:

    Yeah Cilic is a complete write-off

    i dont wtf is wrong with him but forget about him this summer, no threat at all in aussie open.. i guess we depend on Coric now.. sigh

  34. Nikola Vukmanić (vuki) says:

    Filip Benkovic is set to make his first start today in the FA Cup. Hopefully he can perform and either get some minutes or get a loan move to a decent team.

  35. Maminjo says:

    Benković played with Wes Morgan the first half, now Soyuncu is coming in for Morgan for the second half.

    I think Leicester is trying to test out their CB partnerships with Benković.

  36. Maminjo says:

    Benković substituted with an ankle injury.

    He finally gets his first game for Leicester, and this happens. Such a damn shame.

    Hopefully it’s not serious.

  37. Iggy Iggy says:

    Fucking garbage comments about Getafe, like, wtf, who cares, while our prided DC victors are playing in a national tournament

    no fucking mention of it here

    jesus fuck my tits, wtf

    oh waitup, let’s all talk about the 3rd division in england, way more important than THE ATP CUP OF NATIONS


  38. Maminjo says:

    “A set piece on the right wing by the Latics confirmed the suspicion that Benkovic would be very difficult to beat in the air, but the imposing Croatian also showed good skills distributing the ball and even getting forward on occasion.

    A set piece on the right wing by the Latics confirmed the suspicion that Benkovic would be very difficult to beat in the air, but the imposing Croatian also showed good skills distributing the ball and even getting forward on occasion.

    Depending on the severity of Morgan’s and Benkovic’s knocks, this could force Leicester to bring in another defender this month. It’s unfortunate, because, along with Barnes and Chilwell, Benkovic was one of the standout performers on the afternoon.”

  39. Soul Champ says:

    Valverde is plus one in my book.

    This is how you honor a legend and keep him playing well into his mid 30’s.

    Not sure why Zidane keeps on playing Kroos with Modric as it asks too much of Modric physically to compensate for Kroos. Also Isco is slow as Christmas and has not done anything in two years. Funny how both were rated higher than Modric at Real Madrid back in those “bust” days.

    Casemiro and Valverde are the ideal pairing with Modric. Young legs of Valverde and the hammer of Casemiro give Luka all he needs to create the magic.

    The Bale saga and Jovic invisibility illustrates how challenging it is to perform at Real.

  40. Maminjo says:

    Filip Benkovic got a nice player rating from Leceister Mercury.

    “Calm on the ball, confident. Solid defensively. What a shame that the centre-back suffered an injury, as he was the best player on the pitch. He was solid defensively, ensuring he was never beaten, while he was composed and confident on the ball. – 8″

  41. Anonymous says:

    Where ever blacks go disfunction flourishes.
    Black men murder so many people in the US
    Every year it should be treated as a public
    Health hazard.

  42. OU812 says:

    Hey Iggy I was sitting on my sofa yesterday and saw a commerical for the Cats movie. I know you saw it. What did you think? Is it worth a trip to the movies?

  43. Elvis says:

    Meet the new boss same as the old one.
    No one can fix Croatia’s problems. People
    Vote for these leftist cunts because they think
    The government will give them more benefits.
    One thing for sure he will try to make
    ZDS illegal and he will invite Serb scum to
    The beaches. Hey you Zagreb fags enjoy your
    Free bean soup this year.

  44. Crnkovic says:

    Hey Iggy. great news about the tennis. tennis is a great game, great to play and great to watch

    @ignorant people, it’s really embarassing to advertise your ignorance everyday. you should do some research first JUST IN CASE you’re actually talking complete GARBAGE. I know you think you are right, but every sane person has at least the slightest idea that they could be wrong. That’s why people tend to listen to humble thought out arguments, as opposed to hate filled outpourings of diarreah. That’s what you need to realise. Everybody thinks you are idiots, they will never listen to whatever your message is supposed to be, they will go against it. the more you spew your garbage, the less people will agree with it. so you are shooting yourself in your own ass. does that make sense? the best way to persuade someone to think like you do is to be patient, listen well, use reasoned argument and crucially include some interesting knowledge. unfortunately the facts contradict your position in MOST cases (notice not ALL but MOST). So it’s a lose lose situation for you guys. If you shout it, everyone will just think your an idiot, and if you actually settle down and talk it through you will soon realise that you are wrong. There is only one way to win….1. be respectful and humble 2. educate yourself 3. apologize and 4. have a GOOD LIFE 5. contribute to helping the situation in the world. You can do it. I’ll be the first to shake your hand and the last to write you off…

    is that too much? can i say that? it’s a lot of nasty things some of you say here, i don’t think it’s unfair to be a little bit patronising after all that. Do you?

  45. Kruno says:

    Don’t FU*K with cats is a documentary on Netflix worth watching …quite fascinating actually…sick and sordid but definitively worth watching.
    If we can talk about hate and politics why not movies??
    How about a great bean soup recipe while we are at it!!

  46. Lika Joey says:

    Crnkovic, don’t waste your time with these inbred Neanderthals. I’m shocked some of this stuff gets posted period.

  47. Elvis says:

    Actually the Neanderthals lived in the area of modern day Croatia. You can find their bones there. Love your country because envious eyes are watching it. Crnkovic was outed as a globalist Yugo long time ago. Now the president is a Yugo so he will be very happy.

    Tennis as Golf is a game the rich flock to. I don’t care for either.
    Cats are for women. I prefer dogs.

  48. Elvis says:

    For Arturkovich’s sake please no MLS for Luka. What a step down in class that would be. I rather he go to Zaton United.

  49. Kruno says:

    Hi Ante, If you want to invest in some sort of security software that blocks idiots like this recent “Anonymous” character, email me for a donation. I like the work you do. It’s too bad there are pussies around that talk tough when they can hide behind a keyboard. You have my email if you’re interested. Thanks.

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