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Croatians Around Europe *XVII*

January 11, 2020

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It was a slow week in Europe as La Liga and Bundesliga were on winter break, however, Luka Modrić and Real Madrid picked up some silverware in Saudi Arabia.



The Spanish SuperCup took place on foreign soil as Real Madrid faced bitter city rivals Atletico in Jeddah. After a scoreless 120 minutes, the two clubs stepped up to the penalty spot where Real Madrid prevailed 4-1 in the shootout. Modrić stepped up third for Real, cooly shooting to the top left corner to make it 3-0 for Real Madrid. At 34 years young, Modrić was given an 8.5 match rating, played all 120 minutes, had five shots on goal, controlled the ball himself for 8% of the match, and netted a goal in penalties. MLS next year? I don’t think so.



Modrić penalty makes it 3-0 in the shootout 




Ante Rebić


Could Ante Rebić’s loan spell at AC Milan get any worse? It sure can!



Rebić is on loan from Eintracht Frankfurt but has received zero love from Milan regarding playing time. On top of that, AC Milan just brought in former striker Zlatan Ibrahimović after his contract with the LA Galaxy ran out. And guess what? Zlatan scored in his first game back this weekend. Rebić needs to get out of Milan ASAP! The man was just scoring goals in the World Cup 18 months ago. Now he’s behind a former legend coming back to Serie A from the MLS.



Mateo Kovačić remained on the bench for Chelsea in a 3-0 victory over Burnley. The win keeps Chelsea five points ahead of Manchester United for England’s last Champions League berth.



Ante Kvartuč
Posted By: Ante Kvartuč 53 comments

  1. Maminjo says:

    Yea I remember reading that.

    It’s a good movie. Alot of those early 80s movies have a simple depressing vibe to them, yet they’re great.

    All the right moves, Warriors, Bad Boys etc. They’re all simple flicks, and most people have never heard of them, but they are pretty entertaining.

  2. Maminjo says:

    All The Right Moves was filmed in a depressing town in Western New York filled with Croats and Slovenians.

    All the extras and some of the cast had names like Bosko, Miss Duricic, etc. Tom Cruises character is a “Polish” American kid named Stefan Djordjevic, lol.

  3. Zee says:

    Is it just me or does Brozovic seem older than he is? Not looks or anything, but he seems that he’s been around forever. Great player and all.

  4. Dannyj says:

    Did anyone actually expect Barisic to turn it on this much?
    It’s his spot essentially to lose and I think with him on left and Vrsaljko on the other side we have legit threats from the wings
    We really have so many threats going forward let’s hope we can throw it together again…

  5. Elvis says:


    He is described as Serbian in the movies plot.
    You just made me remember that Disney movie
    With the Chetnik Donkey Gus who kicks field goals.

  6. Dannyj says:

    Ya it seems Marcelo has been round for a long time
    He will go down for sure as one of the longest career and one of the best midfielders for us

  7. Nizic says:

    Check out the Deer Hunter lots of great actors located in a Pennsylvania town where they say they are slav’s slot of conundrums
    Za Dom
    Jebem ti I tvoj marinovic

  8. Anonymous says:


    Enjoy, and maybe get rid of that HDZ communist shit.

    This =U= is all you need.

    Did you see that Titoljub Miroslav Skoro kissing Tito’s ass in that embarrassing debate, and that loser was Croatia’s right wing candidate, only in Croatia can shit like that happen?

    Which Titoljub did you guys vote for, Kolinda or Milanovic?

  9. Dubrovcan says:

    I don’t mean to be a downer and I wish it wasn’t so but Kovacic not getting any game time almost for a few games, Lovren no game time and injured, Rebic no game time, Rakitic no game time. I’m worried heading into the Euros.

  10. Maminjo says:


    Kovačić and Rakitić are bench players for the National Team.

    Rakitić being benched this season is a blessing in disguise for us, because Vlašić has already surpassed him…but it’s difficult to remove a long tenured veteran from the starting eleven. Rakitić being benched at Barca gave Dalić the rationale to bench him on the National Team. Honestly, this is better for both us and Rakitić. He’s been overplayed his entire career. He will be well rested and injury free for us in a bench role.

    Kovačić is having a solid year, but he’s not better than Modrić, Brozović, and Vlašić. Under no circumstance does he ever start over these guys, so it’s no big deal. He won’t be suddenly out of form for the Euros. He’ll probably barely play, just like the last World Cup.

    Rebić and Lovren are more important for us… But Lovren is injury prone and has missed tournaments for us in the past. It’s probably better for us that he plays sparingly, plus he’s die hard. He’ll step up his game for us at the Euros no matter what.

    With Rebić, we’re stacked on the wings anyway with Brekalo and Perišić also fighting for starting roles for us. Rebić does give us that pressing and physicality. However, it’s not the end of the world if he’s not fully fit.

    So long as we have our starting eleven healthy, it’s all that matters. These bench guys are great for depth, but they’re still “nice to haves” and not critical they be 100%.

    The guy I worry most about is Šime Vrsaljko.

    If he can’t play, then we have a RB issue that we need to figure out fast.

  11. Crnkovic says:

    Kovacic will soon be back in the starting 11. He is Chelsea best midfielder and lampard knows it. He has never been a regular starter in his career and the run of games took its toll on him a bit, he lost his explosive acceleration on the ball a bit due to tiredness. Lampard is just resting him a bit

  12. Poglavnik says:

    Another downer reminder.
    Coming off of good tourneys we have not looked good. ’98 – ’00 , ’08 – ’10.
    Vlasic might be the biggest key to our success.

  13. Maminjo says:


    What about following up 2016 with 2018?

    2016 was a good tourney for us, despite the heartbreak from that Portugal game. It was on par with Euro2008.

    Unlike previous years, we had a very deep team in 2016, and Modrić took that next step for us as well. We could have won the tournament that year, but shit happens. World Cup 2018 was just a continuation of this.

    I think we’ll do at least as well as 2016, and if we go out in the Round of 16 it won’t be because we played poorly.

  14. Jebo vas Tito u guzicu says:


    Are you Serbs reasonable murderers?

    Were you antchrist Serbs murdering Croats because you believe “unity shall save the Serb,” and Croats are Catholic and not united in faith with you hellbound krivoslavci, therefore you Serbs are reasonable murderers?

    I guess the Ustase could say the same thing you muppet.

    I think we can agree that Catholic Croats and schismatic Serbs should stay separated? Lol, you muppets are schismatic after all.

    When I run for the Croatian presidency in 2030 one of my first orders of buisness will be to send every non-Catholic Serb back to Serbia where he can be “saved” in his Serbian unity.

    And an Ustasa will have given you Serbs what you want.

    My campaign motto will be “unity in uniformity.”

  15. Poglavnik says:

    96 – 98 was good too.
    I just dont like us when expectations are high.
    The biggest match of this century for me was Denmark. Pressure was off after that.

  16. Maminjo says:

    In years past, we never had the depth to be able to field a starting eleven without a major liability or two, or cover for injuries during a qualifying cycle.

    This was our problem in 2010. We had a similar problem in 2000, but the 2000 cycle was also compounded by the fact we fought a war and has no youth coming up in those years to replace the old guard. We needed to rely on dijaspora talent in the following year’s (in ’02 and’ 04).

    Our situation today is not comparable to this.

    Also, if Barišić, is our “weak” link in our starting eleven, I will take that any day.

    We’ll do fine in this tournament. I don’t even think we lose to England in Wembley. Pressure is more on them than us, plus they will have a not in-form Harry Kane.

    Will be a good game, despite the free penalty given to England.

  17. Seselj says:

    They were known for their particularly brutal and sadistic methods of execution, which often included torture and dismemberment.[7]

    Much of the ideology of the Ustaše was based on Nazi racial theory. Like the Nazis, the Ustaše deemed Jews, Romani, and Slavs to be sub-humans (Untermenschen). They endorsed the claims from German racial theorists that Croats were not Slavs but a Germanic race. Their genocides against Serbs, Jews, and Romani were thus expressions of Nazi racial ideology. However, the Ustaše viewed the Bosniaks as “Muslim Croats,” not Slavs, and as a result did not persecute Muslim Bosniaks on the basis of race.

  18. CroatianPerson85 says:

    Yeah a sign in and mod would be good. I feel like a lot of people who genuinely have good posts haven’t posted as much because of the constant political, racial garbage. I’m not perfect myself but there is a fine line between having a discussion and posting messages looking to stir the pot and simply cause trouble. There are other sites for that. This is a Croatian sports site. You wouldn’t talk like that to someone on the street so I don’t know why people get brave online and constantly drop N Bombs.

  19. Aussie Croat says:

    @ Seselj

    You seem to forget that you cigani were liquidating Jews before anyone in that region.
    You also seem to forget that you’re beloved Serbia is a loser. You lose at everything, particularly wars. Remember that. No one wants to live with you or have anything to do with you.
    Last time we kicked your arse with basically fighting with pitchforks against the 3rd strongest army in Europe.
    If it comes to it, next time it will be quicker and swifter.
    Better, faster, louder.
    We’ve been in Bosnia since the 7th century. You didn’t arrive till about the 1300’s. In the 1500’s you got mauled by the Turks because you bent over and took it like the weak, capitulating gamad that you are.


  20. Anonymous says:

    Lol, @Seselj is copy and pasting from wikipedia now.

    @Aussie Croat

    And the idiot @Seselj must of missed @Elvis informing everyone how many great men of the Ustasa movement were married to Jewish women.

  21. Jebo vas Tito u guzicu says:

    @Croatianperson85 & the rest of nation

    Sign in and mod would be great!

    But I believe the reason Ante K doesn’t go ahead and just do that, is because he feels that there would be even less commentators that there is even now, I can’t think of any other reason that he wouldn’t do it, can you?

  22. Anonymous says:

    Every time Ante K asks on here whether or not people would be in favor of a sign in of some sort, it’s like 5 to 1 against.
    I’m not sure where all of you that are against the troll fest here go when Ante asks for a vote.

  23. Anonymous says:


    Interesting! You might be right, if enough people show their support for a sign in and moderator set up, like we have here at Bigfooty (and it works great), Ante K will set it up.

    So why don’t you guys on posting your next comment give a yay or nay for the sign in.

    A list of people that we should be hearing from,

    Andre L
    Aussie Croat
    Croatia U14
    Pro white guy lol
    Slavonac from Canada
    Soul Champ

    They’re just some of the regular posters I can think of, If all those guys are for the sign in I think it should get it done.

  24. Ante Kvartuč Ante Kvartuč says:

    Every time we have this conversation the majority sides with “no login”.

    I do my best to keep the trash out of here. Trust me. Just don’t engage the trolls.

  25. Nikola Vukmanić (vuki) says:

    I think when the original question came up around 2 years ago I was against login as the idea was connecting your facebook. While I’m not fully against that anymore (since I’ve already put my name out there), I’d prefer it to be a separate web page login where you could still keep your username but only one account per email and emails would have to be verified that way if someone wants to be a troll they have to waste even more of their time creating another email for every new account. You could also try to make some more committed posters moderators. Not saying it should be me, I’d do it if you wanted, but I could definitely think of a few that would be good mods and keep the trash comments that are either trolls or have nothing to do with sports off the site.

  26. Nikola Vukmanić (vuki) says:

    Also, Orsic is now being linked with West Brom. Not a bad move in my opinion. He will play under Bilic who will value him highly as a fellow countryman. Also I think Orsic’s play style will work in England. He is fast, direct, and a good finisher. Also, West Brom looks to be getting promoted as of now so he could make the jump to the PL next season.

    As for Ante Rebic’s situation, I don’t think Milan is going to let him leave at least until the summer. They brought him on for the last minute of the game which leads me to believe that they aren’t planning to get rid of him. If you’re planning to have someone leave the club you don’t let them play unless you need them to.

    Benkovic was on Leicester’s bench so maybe there’s a chance he starts getting minutes. I still think he’s as good as or better than Jonny Evans and the Benkovic-Soyuncu partnership would be extremely good if they could hold onto them both. He has been linked with a loan move to Derby County and I saw an interesting link with Atalanta a few weeks ago. Could be a decent move as I don’t think their CBs are that strong and they just ending Simon Kjaer’s loan.

    I’ve also been seeing Lovro Majer to Rangers. It’s a strange one but I could see it happening if Dinamo was willing to let it happen. They hardly use him and Rangers has gotten the best out of Barisic and Katic so who knows.

    Domagoj Vida is apparently in the final stages of signing with Aston Villa as well. Not sure about this one. He’s an established defender and would probably be their best one, but would he be good in the PL? Not sure honestly. He’s decently quick and decently strong, but I don’t think he’s that good in the air personally and could get beat.

  27. Chopper says:

    I just read that Pepe Reina just signed on loan for Aston Villa. Poor Lovre looks like he goes even further down the pecking order.

  28. Andrej L says:

    Ya just don’t engage… agreed

    Isn’t Kramaric a good replacement for Rebic?

    I also hope that Kova keeps improving and tests Brozo for his starting role. Brozo has been bossing the Inter mid since Kova left but Brozo has flaws too; defensive positioning & tackling, weaker 1v1 dribbler…

  29. The truth says:

    Shout out to bogdanovic for putting up
    35 pts
    0 rebounds
    0 assists
    0 steals
    0 blocks

    Shooters going to shoot

  30. Maminjo says:

    Rebić is best on the wing, but I don’t really like Krama on the wing.

    His biggest weakness is passing… in that he never passes the ball.

    Hard to see him running up the flank and trying to cross it in toward Petković.

    He’s definitely capable of it, but we all know that he would rather try and drive it into the top corner (while being pressured by a defender) than dish it off to the open man (like the way he looked off a wide-open Perišić for that potential third goal against England at the World Cup).

    For me, Krama plays up top or you just play him off the bench for Petković.

  31. Maminjo says:

    If Rebić can’t play for whatever reason, you just go with Perišić and Brekalo on the wings. You even still have Oršić as a sub in that scenario.

    Not a bad problem to have.

  32. Elvis says:

    In addition to a sign in I recommend a monthly fee of 66.85 Kuna to be a member. As Far as the Ustasha to be a true Croatian Nationalist you must be free of foreign influence and that would include the bedroom. The white power guy is HAET he has been here for years. His message is old but he has threatened violence before so he can go.

  33. Nizic says:

    Fucken jugovic get them off this site
    Rob Nikada
    Za Dom
    Fucken wannabe ‘s sitting in kafice trying to dictate war fuck you and your Mother
    Za Dom

  34. Elvis says:

    I forgot to mention no Facebook. Thats for you guys who cant stop taking selfies of yourselves in your Cro Jerseys.

  35. The Real Deal says:

    “As Far as the Ustasha to be a true Croatian Nationalist you must be free of foreign influence and that would include the bedroom.”

    Lol, are you influnenced by your woman? In Catholicism the man is the head of the wife (Ephesians 5:23).
    Poglavnik dr. Ante Pavelic was a Catholic, his wife was Catholic, trust me she knew her role.
    Ustase would call you a disorderd communist lol!

    Who is your teacher, please, do tell where your thinking comes from?

    Crnca bi uzeo ako je Katoličke vjere. Budući da mi ne smijemo igrati u crnim dresovima, bilo bi dobro kada bismo barem imali crnog igrača.
    – Stjepan Spajić

    Do you know how to read Croatian?

    On what condition would Stjepan Spajić take a black player?

    You’d rather take white Mohammedans, protestants, communists (because race is more important to you) than a black Catholic?
    Would you call the white leaders of the EU foreign?

    Do you think you’re more of a nationalist than Stjepan Spajić was?

    Your parents still haven’t taught you about the two worlds theory, so sad?

  36. Anonymous says:


    What about Luka Modric’s mum’s name, Radojka is Serbian, pretty sure Modric is half Serb, just like the music of Croatia’s national anthem was written by a Serb, you guys can’t do much without Serbs?

  37. Anonymous says:

    Remember when Ziva used to call Subasic “Serb Subasic”?

    I guess Modric can be “Serb Modric” now!

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