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Croatian Cowboys Down Austria In Vienna 27-23 To Control Semifinal Destiny

January 15, 2020

hrvatska kauboji pozdrav navijači slavlje



Croatia got through the preliminary round of Euro 2020 Handball with ease. They defeated Montenegro, Belarus, and Serbia by an average of 5.5 goals. Now the real tournament starts in Vienna where Croatia will open up the Main Round Thursday at 12:15PM (ET) against co-hosts Austria. A victory over the Austrians will see the Croatian handball team get one foot in the door on their way to the semifinals.



The top two teams from the Main Round earn semifinal berths. Croatia will only play Austria, Spain, Czech Republic, and Germany in the round as they already defeated Belarus 31-23.



Croatia fell short on home soil two years at Euro 2018 when they finished fifth and followed that up with a sixth place finish at the 2019 Handball World Championships. It’s been awhile since the Croatians played in a semifinal match. A good showing against Austria will boost their confidence going into the final matches of Euro 2020 and the eventual Olympic tournament this summer.

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Ante Kvartuč
Posted By: Ante Kvartuč 15 comments

  1. Iggy Iggy says:

    Good stuff. Handball is a way cooler sport than that american garbage basketball. So glad our guys choose to play handball rather than amera-trash !


  2. Anonymous says:

    Iggy you and your micro penis can shut up.

  3. ZU HRVAT LAC says:

    The irony is that our best basketball player ever was Serbian not Croatian.

  4. ZU HRVAT LAC says:


  5. Maminjo says:

    I guess you could say the same for every Serbian athlete, inventor, actor, and any other notable Serbian person in their history (Peja Stojakovic, Novak Djokovic, Stjepan Bobek, Sinisa Mihajlovic, Nikola Tesla, Rade Serbedija, Milutin Milankovitch, Ivo Andric, Tito, etc.)

    Literally, all that is left is Vlade Divac, and their historically made-up superhero Milos Obilic (who never existed) lol.

  6. ZU HRVAT LAC says:

    Drazen Petrovic father is Serbian so what if Mihajlovic mother and Djokovic mother is Croatian.

  7. Lika Joey says:

    Serbia is the little goofy unpopular kid in Europe. Djokovic gets zero respect for his achievements….just heckling and ridicule. Serbia has the global appeal of Moldova. Maminjo Tito that goof was born to a Croatian father Slovenian mother. Serbs only claim to fame is that their neighbor is Croatia. Serbs lost their holy treasures to Montenegro…they fucking have an Islamic State in their country in Kosovo.

  8. Lika Joey says:

    Drazen Petrovic was one of the best Croatians of any athlete. Calling Petrovic a serb is a joke. Regardless of his grandfather’s background.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Guys, two separate articles on handball? We’re not European here, this sport doesn’t even exist in North America. I’d rather talk about Doncic and Djokovic. I know I know they aren’t Croatian, but the Mcenroe brothers, who are Irish Catholic rooted for the Protestant Brit Andy Murray because he’s a fellow Celt. In a world where ALL and ONLY white countries are being FORCED to “assimilate” with a global herd of 3rd worlders, you’re going to have to bury the hatchet sooner or later and end the vicious cycle of revenge.

  10. Anonymous says:


    Shut up dumbass.

  11. Anonymous says:

    @Pro white guy

    Doncic and Djokovic are not Croatian whereas the Croatian handball team is, and this site is called “”

    You can fuck off now foreigner, and come back when the site is called “Nth. American”

    Also, @Lika Joey said tennis is for women like you to follow.


    Your thoughts on Luka Modric being Serbian because of his mum?

  12. Suba says:

    Is this site becoming ex Yugoslavian sports com

    I hope not

  13. Elvis says:

    Remember 1/3 of Serbs were converted.
    However, comparing Serbs to Jews is

  14. Anonymous says:


    Piss off Serb.

  15. Anonymous says:


    Fuck off Cigan

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