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Šuker & HNS Making Moves In Los Angeles

February 3, 2020




For the third time in four years, Davor Šuker is bringing the HNS back to the United States. Previous rumors had the Vatreni coming back for friendlies in March, but instead of showing off talent, he and his staff plan to LOOK for talent. Last month, Šuker announced the HNS will be launching a Los Angeles camp this summer to look for promising diaspora talent. While some fans may be disappointed to hear their beloved Vatreni won’t be making an appearance, these camps could ignite a much needed revival of two Los Angeles communities with a rich history of diaspora talent. 



Why Now?


When CroatianSports sat down with Šuker in 2017, he was happy to finally get the Vatreni to North America. He understood the passion the diaspora in North America had for their country, and even spoke about the hope of getting more games in New York, Chicago, Boston, and Canada in the upcoming years. One of the most important parts of that interview was Šuker’s confidence in North America to host the 2026 World Cup. Nearly a year later, FIFA voted to give a joint bid to Canada, United States, and Mexico. Šuker understands the future importance of the game in North America. 



Why Los Angeles? 


From the early 60’s to the 80’s, LA Croat was one of the most talented amateur diaspora teams in the nation. Their success led to the formation of another Los Angeles County diaspora club – San Pedro Croat. Led by Stanko Bilaver, SP Croat has fielded a talented roster of Croatian, diaspora, and American players that have consistently won; domestically and internationally. If you’ve been to any tournament in the past 20 years, Stanko’s team is usually the one to beat.



While other local diaspora clubs shut down, Stanko Bilaver and staff took over SC Croat San Pedro in the 1980s. The club touts a decorated list of trophies, an impressive roster of former US National team players, and an extensive amount of success; domestically and internationally, and just recently won the Croatian World Football Club Championship in 2019. That pedigree of success is one of the many reasons Šuker and the HNS will be coming to LA.



What it means going forward…


When we started this site, our main goal was to bring Croatians together.




Whether he knows it or not, Šuker could be the match that reignites a community that was once home to the biggest Croatian tournaments and festivals in the United States. On top of that, it also opens up opportunities for 2nd, 3rd, and 4th generation diaspora Croatians across North America to come together and rediscover their heritage the way we experienced it.



Soccer has transcended sport for nearly 150 years. It has brought countries together, torn them apart, lifted spirits, and most importantly strengthened communities. Šuker is now in prime position to do exactly that – strengthen the Croatian community – worldwide. And it all starts in Hollywood. 




Matthew Lebo
Posted By: Matthew Lebo 25 comments

  1. Anonymous says:

    Is this going to lead to non-whites who are 10% “croatian” to be on the national team? As long as they are “loyal” to some words like Catholicism or the Croatian language it’s okay if we get replaced right? As long as the brown people who replace us aren’t “Islamic” it’s just fine right? LOL!

  2. Elvis says:

    @ ANON

    It’s all about money. Good thing Croatia has little need for un skilled labor besides waitors. Lets look at Chicago where Eastern and Southern Europan Whites were run out of town due to both legal and illegal immigration of Latinos. Not to mention the migration of southern blacks. The more cheap labor the better.

    Remember the Almighty Gaylords and their lost fight. Vote for Bernie because Communism will make it so noone wants to come to the US anynore.

  3. Maminjo says:

    Why is Šuker still HNS president?

    Isn’t he just a Mamić puppet?
    … Who is pushing undeserving Dinamo players onto the National Team, instead of much more talented players in the HNL…
    … Which has resulted in us underperforming at tournaments?

  4. Anonymous says:

    I think Peresic’s goal in the semi-finals, especially when you take into account the scenario it occurred under, was the best goal of the 2018 WC and easily one of the best goals in WC history.

    Down by a goal late in the semi-finals against England Versaljko puts in a line drive cross all the way from the sideline and with two defenders between him and the cross Peresic runs in front of one and with the ball heading straight for the other defender’s head, Peresic leaps up, kicks his leg out and redirects the ball with the side of his foot just above the defenders head into the goal AND stays suspended in air for a split second so his boot doesn’t connect with the defender’s head which would have nullified the goal, brought a red card and knocked Croatia out of the WC.

    Croatia should make a postage stamp with a silhouette of Persic in the air with his foot above the “englishman’s” head with ball just deflecting off his foot. That was a PHENOMENAL goal.

  5. Elvis says:

    AGAIN you are to simple. It’s about money
    And nothing will change as long as it is boss.
    White Geno is profitable: wake up.

  6. gbvh says:

    Perisic goal was a beauty, but saying they were down “late” when the goal was in the 68th minute is a bit of dramatic overstatement.

  7. Maminjo says:


    It’s not so much it being a late goal, as it was a game changing goal.

    We were playing terribly up until that point, and it honestly looked like the game was slowly dying and that it was just going to end 1-0.

    Then Perišić cracks the best goal in the World Cup, and it lit a fire under everyone’s asses and we just kept hammering them.

    England was incredibly lucky that we didn’t put two more into the net in those final 20 minutes.

    The onslaught continued in extra time and everyone knew it was just a matter of time until we scored (and Mandžo did). If Krama wasn’t such a hog, it would’ve been 3-1 right after that.

    It was probably the biggest “second wind” game I’ve ever seen us play.

  8. ChiCro says:

    vatrena cast, you should come visit Chicago. I can show you were I grew up and what it looks like now. My older brother can tell you what it was like iving there in 70s and 80s. Where did you grow up?

  9. Slavonac from Canada says:

    I remember praying to God and asking him to PLEASE make Dalic take out Perisic before he scored that goal.

    I’ve always said “we go as Perisic goes”!

    I know he’s incredibly capable but I also know he’s had mood or mental issues that have caused him to go totally unnoticed on many occasions…although not as bad since 2016-2017.

    now…”the goal”!

    I don’t know if anyone else on earth could have scored that goal the way he did. He demonstrated timing, agility, amazing touch, balance, aggression….that goal was harder to score than it looked.

    England did well against us in the first half but particularly in the first 25 minutes. One of the weirdest things about them even in that first half was their break out. They rely so much on long balls and can’t seem to play their way up the field on many occasions. 2nd half we were a bit better…but after that goal it was definitely a total different ball game. We are just more talented and play an attractive style.

    Mandzukic played as if he were possessed that day. He was a complete animal and deserved that overtime goal. Fuck, I’ll never forget him colliding with their goalie, then the goalie verbally assaulting him. I’ve hated that guy ever since that incident.

  10. Poglavnik says:

    I’ve never seen Mandzukic walk off a field so gingerly. Felix Magath at Wolfsburg once said Mario could play 180 minutes and be fresher than everyone else.

  11. The truth says:

    I agree with anonymous. That goal was phenomenal

    Has anyone else seen many Bruce Lee karate kick goals between two defenfers?

    And i would describe it as a late goal. I remember being there and the Croat crowd feeling ever minute of that clock tick and the anxiety grow

    When he scored it, it was like a bomb going off. Second best live sports experience of my life.. The best came 40 minutes later

    It inspired Croatia forward but i would argue they had already started to turn the tide in the second half

    Perisic was a second half beast. The type of performance we all bear with the periodic inconsistencies for. Those moments where he just does what others can’t

    He made four on my shoulders plays in that second half on. Karate kick goal.
    Step over, off the cross bar shot
    Splitting pass to mandzo right in front of goal requiring a lucky pickford save
    Header leading to mandzo goal

  12. BZ says:

    Low class Pickford standing over Mandzukic trying to degrade him is one of my favorite WC highlights, because I know how the story ends!

    Mandzukic scores with his left foot and doesn’t say a word to scumbag Pickford. That’s just how we Croats are, all class all the time!

  13. Anonymous says:

    @”vatrena cast” , you don’t dispute white genocide, you’re just trying to intimidate me to stop pointing it out by using labels.

    You’re very secure because you accept the genocide of your own race right? That’s takes so much balls in our politically correct society right?

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