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Bogdanović With The Dagger!

February 9, 2020


Croatian basketball has been quiet for since the 90s. There’s no denying that.



Although there have been a handful of Croatian national team players in the NBA over the past few seasons, no one has really made a splash on a big team or in the playoffs, for that matter. But 2020 will be a different story.



Ivica Zubac of the Los Angeles Clippers and Bojan Bogdanović of the Utah Jazz are both expected to make deep playoff runs; even though one of the LA teams should represent the west in the Finals. Even Dragan Bender was increasing his playing time for the #1 team in the east – the Milwaukee Bucks – before they waived him earlier in the week.



Bogdanović and the Jazz will have to play perfect ball in the playoffs to take out the Clippers or Lakers, but here’s what he did in Houston Sunday night. Babo hit a buzzer beater from beyond the arc to win it for the Jazz. It’s the second time he has won the game from 3-point land this season.





Ante Kvartuč
Posted By: Ante Kvartuč 7 comments

  1. Soul Champ says:

    At least we have one legit NBA baller.

    His game will age well like this dude:

    Against Osasuna, the former Ballon D’or winner was simply sensational throughout the 90. Effortlessly covering ground as he dictated the tempo of the game. His 4 key passes were unmatched as he created considerable danger in the final third, having a huge role in 3 of Real’s 4 goals.

  2. BZ says:

    Soul-Yet some guy vandalizes Modric’s poster in Split. Mental Illness? Yes, even if you gave good reason to hate Modric, risking jail time to vandalize ANY poster is not a good harbinger of your future prosperity.

  3. BZ says:

    Random Gripe: Stipe Miocic eyes are still recovering after several surgeries. That bitch Cormier literally was scratching at his face as a fight tactic in BOTH fights.

    If you watch any other fight in the UFC, if a guy does it 1/10th the time Cormier was scratching/poking, they get a clear warning. Against Stipe, they just let it go, cause they know a good guy like Stipe is not good for revenues.

    Dear Stipe,
    Hold out for a big pay day vs JonJones, beat his roided ass up, then retire. You don’t need a brain injury to go with your fucked up eyes. #Legend #BestHeavyweightEverEqualsBestFighterEver #Bestpound4poundIs4Twerps

  4. BZ says:

    Ha, Here is to Croatian Mothers!!!!

    Don’t care much for club soccer, but hoping Rebic gets a chance to beat Juve on Thurs! Do it for Mandzukic.

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