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Kovačić May Have Achilles Injury

March 4, 2020




As of now, the severeness of Mateo Kovačićs injury is unknown, reports. However, during Chelsea’s 2-0 FA Cup victory over Liverpool Thursday, Kovačić pulled up with an apparent Achilles injury.



Hopefully it’s only a sprain as opposed to a tear. From a guy that just ruptured his achilles four months ago, it sucks! The rehab is long and you will never have the same trust in your foot ever again. It’s just never the same.



Although the Croatian midfield is stacked, Kovačić is soon to replace Luka Modrić and his season at Chelsea has been productive. We will keep an eye on this news as Kovačić was going to come off the bench for the Vatreni this summer at Euro 2020. Any kind of tear or rupture will keep him out of the tournament.




Ante Kvartuč
Posted By: Ante Kvartuč 23 comments

  1. Dalmatia says:

    I personally like bigger checkers better than the small games ones.
    If anyone comes across with a link to watch the Hajduk vs Dinamo game today in the US please let me know.

  2. Nikola Vukmanić (vuki) says:

    On a more positive note, Dinamo beat Bayern in the UEFA Youth League on penalty kicks. Josipovic made a couple PK saves? Next PK saving specialist? Let’s hope they can win at least the next round and make it to the semis. One round further than last year. Does anyone know if Antonio Marin is injured? Hasn’t been playing for any of the squads (senior team, 2nd team, youth team), which is strange considering how much talent he has.

  3. Nikola Vukmanić (vuki) says:

    I didn’t mean to put a question mark after the PK saves part. He made two and a Bayern player missed. I was worried it was going to be a repeat of the game against Chelsea last year where Marin had a great match scoring twice to put them 2-0 up only to allow 2 goals and lose in PKs with Croatian Karlo Ziger in net for Chelsea.

  4. Maminjo says:

    Those black kits are very nice, despite going small with the checkers.

    It follows the same lightning bolt stripe on the sides that the other Nike kits have, so it’s probably legit.

    The red accents will pop nicely against the grey and black. So will the white name and numbers. My guess is that they will wear red socks with them too.

    This may look even better than our World Cup away kits, on the field.

  5. Dannyj says:

    I prefer the bigger ones as well
    But still way better then the barcode one

    Fuck me on Kovacic news

    We will need full depth for the corona cup
    Still nuff time to get healed up as long as like ante said isn’t a rupture
    They will inject it with all sorts of special stuff

    I suppose the good news is Rakitić should be fresh and hungry
    Luka is always hungry
    Broz is the man this year

    How do the midfield subs look
    Pašalić. Maybe even krovinovic can challenge for a spot If Kova is done

  6. Dannyj says:

    Read online that the fans are calling krovinovic premier league quality…

    Been coming into good form the last little while

  7. Suba says:

    Umm. Does anyone give a shit that Kova is injured and miss out on the euros hahaha. Guess not when spoilt for riches

    Good place to be

  8. Niko says:

    Halilovic coming to life as well, i think he’s playing on ESPN + this weekend, trying to make it 3 straight quality games

  9. Tiger says:

    Official. Kovacic suffers Achilles tear and upper vag strain. Achilles tear to put him out a year. Vag issues might hamper him for life

  10. Maminjo says:

    Kovačić loss is no big deal for these Euros, but this could be a big deal for us moving forward.

    For the Euros, it’s no big deal because Kovačić plays deep and we already have Modrić, Brozović and Rakitić ahead of him there. You could make an argument that he’s ahead of Rakitić, but they’re in the same ballpark and neither are starting ahead of Modrić/Brozović.

    However, if both Modrić and Rakitić retire after this tournament, we’ll need Kovačić. I don’t think Modrić will retire, but we still need Kovačić in case of injury (or if Modrić drops off).

    Right now, I just pray that he’s not yet another young prospect we lose to some permanent injury.

  11. Suba says:

    I think Pasalic now has to step up or is Dalic going back to either Badelj or Filip Bradaric

    Not great options and it means Modric or Rakitic can’t retire for the moment either

  12. the truth says:

    i think modric is likely to keep playing after the euros and go for one more world cup if he’s healthy

    rakitic is done

    lovren might be done

    I think vida keeps tyring to play… he likes it and what else is he supposed to do

    perisic could be up in the air as well with a good result and building pressure down the wing from brekalo and rebic

  13. Maminjo says:

    Vlašić, Brozović and Modrić will still be our trio after these Euros.

    Pašalić, Kovačić and probably Bašić (in place of Rakitić) will round out the rest of our central midfield.

    Lovren isn’t going to retire. He’s sticking around and even said that he would do so.

    I really can’t see anyone retiring outside Rakitić. Maybe Perišić, but I doubt it.

  14. BZ says:

    Kovacic is a solid talent. He just doesn’t fit with our team. Maybe he’ll do better when we change to a countering team after Rebic, Perisic, Rakitic, Modric step aside.

  15. Black man says:

    What gives with Shanelle Petty? She finished top 16 at Miss Universe? Prior to her, who was our last contestant who finished so highly rated? She was also top 4 in Europe…

  16. Poglavnik says:

    Countering’s for shitty teams with a couple of fast dudes. Proper teams control the ball and have the ability to jump on you quick on the counter. I dont think we’ll ever solely rely on the counter.

  17. Stipe says:


    You guys laugh but he’s probably one of the smartest and technically sound players we have.

    I appreciate he still dresses up for croatia but never gets playing time

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