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Qatar Airways Tournament Cancelled Due To Coronavirus

March 12, 2020




Due to the coronavirus outbreak across the globe, the Qatar Airways International Tournament has been cancelled. Croatia was scheduled to play two friendlies in Doha at the end of March: vs. Switzerland on the 26th and vs. Portugal on the 30th. Those games will now not be played.



The Croatian Football Federation said they would shortly advise plans for the national team during the international break later this month. 



With Euro 2020 only three months away and Serie A and the NBA currently on suspension until further notice, who knows what the future holds for global sports until this pandemic subsides.



Ante Kvartuč
Posted By: Ante Kvartuč 90 comments

  1. Iggy Iggy says:

    Not looking good for Euro cos my understanding is it’s gonna get worse over the next 4-5 months, sigh. Man imagine if Euro is cancelled? That’d be shit!

    As for Pence he couldnt figure out where his own dick is (it’s on his head btw)

  2. Soul Champ says:

    Vrsaljko in the QF of CL..

    Wonder how LFC media can blame Lovren for this one?

    LFC have too many predictable cm’s.

    They need some Croatian midfielders to create some magic.

    We don’t need any friendlies for us to be ready for June.

    I hope the warmer months and 3 months can stem the coronavirus wave.

    For the Euro’s and more importantly the Croatian tourist season.

    I see more and more how valuable a Modrić is to shift defenses.

    Rakitic is right there as well.

    It is the intelligent movement they create for their teams that set them apart.

    LFC has zero of this.

  3. Maminjo says:


    What a damn shame if they cancel the Euros, right when our team is finally health and clicking on all cylinders.

    At the same time, yea, a lot of old folks will die from catching this virus (as well as people who have existing health issues).

    Plus, anyone that actually needs to use a hospital for the next few months (whether it be to deliver a baby or something serious like a heart attack) will be screwed because it will be slammed with people and stretched out staff.

  4. Niko says:

    This is the absolute worst year for this “barnstorming” euro, it’s either gotta be relocated or scrapped for next year. There’s no way they will be letting soccer fans galavant around the continent stoking the corona virus…

  5. Nikola Vukmanić (vuki) says:

    Yeah it’s looking like they are going to push the Euros to next year. At least that’s the rumor that I saw. Pretty upsetting as I bought tickets for myself and my dad to the two games in Scotland. It could be good or bad for us. Our key veterans will all be a year older, but so will our younger players. It will give all of these young guys a whole year to breakout. I’m just wondering if they are going to just cancel the Nations League outright and what about the Confederations Cup? They aren’t major tournaments, but I’d like to think they want that revenue. Maybe teams will just have to send B-teams to those if they are happening at the same time? Who knows. Strange times.

  6. Maminjo says:

    It’s gonna be weird having to stay home and have NO sports to watch.

    The masses are distracted with sports entertainment, so now that a lot of people are sitting at home with no distractions (and more time on their hands) I wonder what they do.

  7. Iggy Iggy says:

    Looks like the Melbourne F1GP is off too now

    Man Aus is shit. USA has postponed pretty much all sports but generally Aus is packing 80,000 ppl into the MCG and carrying on like happy days, i think we’re gonna be fucked cos our leaders are fuckstains.

  8. Rob says:

    The Coronavirus is more sensitive to heat so by the time summer comes around, Euro could get the green light.

  9. Iggy Iggy says:

    Cmon E3 just got cancelled and it’s in June. this is gonna get a lot worse in coming months, i dont think it can possibly go ahead

  10. Suba says:

    This could be a blessing in disguise if the euros are pushed back a year none of the players would retire and only hang around for another year to experience another World Cup

    Probably depends on well we actually go at the euros though

  11. Aussie Croat says:

    @ Iggy

    Doors to the Grand Prix are open as of this morning.

    Looks like AFL will be played with no crowds. Season starts this Thursday coming, so I think by the time it rolls around they’ll announce it will be no crowds. All games will go ahead though.

  12. Aussie Croat says:

    Update – F1 Grand Prix cancelled.
    Download Festival Cancelled.

    This whole planet has gone to the dogs.

  13. Anonymous says:

    In Croatia 14 people have died of the flu, none of coronavirus. No one in Croatia is talking about the flu though.

  14. Maminjo says:

    COVID19 is new, so it will take time for people to get used to it existing in our sphere.

    We just need some more information about it (recovery time, long term issues, effect on pregnant women, etc).

    People freaked out about SARS and then they just stopped talking about it. COVID19 is alot more contagious though, but I think the mortality rate will drop significantly once we get some actual data on the real numbers.

    I think a lot more people have it, but they just don’t know they do. I wouldn’t be surprised if that 3% mortality rate dropped below 1% once they study it.

    Still, it’s tough on old people and it has been killing some of them. Can’t brush it off as no big deal.

  15. someguy says:

    Maminjo, you took the words right out of my mouth……

    Indeed we do not have enough data on it to draw conclusions. I highly doubt the overall mortality rate will surpass or even be close to that of a typical influenza season, and this will become another circulating common respiratory virus. It’s newly described so it catches much more media attention.

    All these cancellations are overkill. Cover your cough. Wash your hands. If you’re sick, stay home unless you absolutely need to leave the house or are seeking medical attention. If I end up intubating more patients for COVID-19 than influenza in the next year, I’ll post a video of me eating part of my shoe.

  16. Globalist says:

    As Croats we shouldn’t be blaming our fellow communists.

    If it wasn’t for anti-facist communists Croatia wouldn’t even have a country. Let’s stick together and not be divided over this virus.

  17. Razbijač says:

    So was the ’18 WC Modric’s swan song? I don’t know if he will play in Euro ’21.

    This is more deadlier than the the average FLU. About 10x more according to the C.D.C. and W.H.O.

    The only reason why the regular flu has killed more people is because it is more widespread. But the thing with COVID-19 is that it’s a helluva lot more contagious, and the mortality rate is 2%. That’s why they are trying to suppress it with quarantines and travel bans.

    Yup, we gotta thank China for this. This is what happens when you eat Bats, dogs, snakes, and what have you.

  18. Anonymous says:

    The Chinese have been eating that shit for years and no coronavirus.

    This coronavirus is man made, why? To kill of the older community.
    Why do you think Biden and Sanders called Trump a xenophobe for his travel ban? Because he’s sticking it to the globalists again.

  19. Maminjo says:


    It’s not so much about eating these animals. It’s the unhygienic culture of China.

    They’re so densely populated and their stuff is literally everywhere.

    Even on this side of the world, the kitchen of every Chinese food restaurant is the same.
    The food is literally on the kitchen floor half the time, and the garbage in every major city’s Chinatown is significant and in close proximity to everything.

    They honestly don’t give a shit.

    The markets in China have all their raw Meats and produce completely unpackaged and exposed for everyone to touch, and there are live animals for sale in close proximity to the raw food (that people also touch). There are also dogs, bats and other animals roaming around in the background,because these markets are outdoors. It’s so dense and dirty and unregulated. it’s impossible for something not to go wrong lol.

  20. Maminjo says:

    I didn’t realize this, but they also slaughter the live animal in front of you, at these markets.

    Lol. Literally, blood aerosols all over the place when they do this, and there is produce and other meats (along with people) all nearby.

    I think China just recently (finally) banned this practice.

    Lessons Learned I guess.

  21. Iggy says:

    Lol Scott Morrison is the dumbest cunting cunt to ever cunt.

    Says to avoid all crowds of 500 people or more, absolute don’t go to anything non-essential, then says btw see u at the footy tomorrow night, CARN the sharks!

    What a fuckwit.

  22. Anonymous says:

    Sorry eating these things is disgusting
    And not compatible with Croatian
    Society. I cherish the dogs I have owned
    I dont eat them. They can keep their
    Cultural enrichment no thanks. Fuck them !

  23. Stipe says:

    I’m from New Jersey. The county in the state where has the highest rate if corona In NJ. It’s getting scarier by the day.

    I couldn’t wait for the Euros and I hope it doesn’t get cancelled. But, I’m just worried about my ma, moj Majka. This shit Is scary. I not usually phased by stuff like this, it’s impossible not to be. Dude with all public schools in my county being shut down starting on Monday for 2 weeks. This feels like a bad movie.

    It brings a lot of stuff into perspective. Be save

  24. The truth says:

    So if you’re in the us you are following the time longer of Europe and Asia so you’re about to see a mass acceleration of cases…

    It’ll hit its peak in about a month hopefully and maybe warmer weather will hElp

    Ultimately capitalism will find a treatment , vaccine etc

    But the short term economic toll is very tough. I’ve moved all employee s that can to working from home status and those who can’t are on paid leave

  25. Razbijač says:

    @ Maminjo

    I agree with everything you said. You have an unhygienic culture (spitting in public is an accepted practice there)…

    ..Plus the fact they are selling an assortment of animals (enough to make a mini-zoo on the spot), some dead, some alive in a pestilent market, under filthy conditions….Boy, they were just asking for it!

    I think the World needs to take China to task, and demand reparations! These practices most stop.

    And man, I always saw the Chinese wearing face masks in their neighborhoods in the past, man it makes you wonder, they knew what was up!

    Now their problem has become the world’s problem.

  26. Razbijač says:

    @ Truth

    I agree we haven’t hit our peak in North America, and soon cases will accelerate at an exponential rate.

    But this is a relatively new virus, and it’s unknown how it will act in warmer conditions.

    Man in times like these I feel like going back to baba’s Selo in hills…

  27. Stipe says:

    @Anonymous Morristown???? Not even close. I love these internet tuff guys

    I’m guessing your from NJ. Be safe little buddy!

  28. Poglavnik says:

    “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way in which its animals are treated.” “Mahatma Gandhi
    Morrissey famously called the Chinese a subspecies. Times like this I’d have to agree.

  29. Elviss says:


    The Chinese are Untermensch.

    I have seen enough videos of these suckers
    Eating all kinds of shit. Disgusting.

  30. Stipe says:

    Not for nothing. This is insane. It’s the truth when someone says “‘you don’t understand where im coming from”

    I’m not from California. So when I heard about the wild fires I obviously felt bad but at the same time it wasn’t happening to me so I didn’t understand the magnitude of the situation.

    My attitude was “ It’s a horrible situation and my prayers go out to the people who died, lost family members, loved ones, friends and their homes in Cali.

    I am not trying to compare the fires in California to the coronavirus. But when it hits home “ I really didn’t understand the virus until a hit a neighboring county in NJ “.

    Whatever comment Anonymous said about me is just ignorance.

    It’ll suck if Euros get cancelled/postponed. Sports is an escape. But when there nothing to distract you. It makes you start worrying.

  31. Mirko says:

    Worry not people ,Canadian scientists are honing in on a cure..and it’s only a matter of time that the yanks take credit for the vaccine!

  32. Anonymous says:


    Some people believe this man made virus has been created to bring about people being chipped.

    “Jewnited States” and “Israhell” definitely behind this.

  33. Maminjo says:


    There is nothing worse when diaspora Croats from Canada get caught up in the “I hate Americans, because I have a Canadian inferiority complex”.

    You’re a Croat first and foremost, with a culture and history that is exponentially greater than both Canada and US put together.
    You have no skin in that game.

  34. Anonymous says:


    Croatia’s culture and history starts from 1991, America was founded before then, so was Canada.

    You don’t know what you’re talking about, before ’91 Croats fought against communism, because what has communism got to do with Catholicism.
    After the “Homeland war” Croatia became a communist country, you could say another Yugoslavia.

    Lol, Croats get to vote between the anti-facist party HDZ and the anti-facist party SDP. Even the false right wing party of Miroslav Skoro, the guy that left Croatia when war broke out, are Tito loving anti-facists.

    Do you remember “Poglavnik” talking once about an illusion of choice? This is why I call Croats the most simple people of Europe, they don’t even know what’s going on.

    Anti-facist in Croatia means anti-Ustasa, the Ustase were anti-communist. Today’s Croats after they took a shit on the Croats that were murdered at Bleiburg fought for anti-facist communist Franjo Tudjman.

    There was no communists at the Battle of the Bosnian Highlands.

    There was no communists at the Battle of Sisak.

    Croatia is communist from 1991 and communism has nothing to do with Croatia’s long history.

    This Croatia = another Yugoslavia

  35. Anonymous says:

    Democracy in Croatia should look like this,

    Croatia should have an Ustasa party, these people would be the choice for Catholics,

    and Croatia should have a communist party, these people would be the choice for atheists.

    Now that would be democracy in Croatia!

    Lol, anti-Ustasa communists only fought for Croatia when they knew it was going to be theirs going forward.

  36. Lovro says:

    What’s that old saying, if an American wants to feel safe abroad he puts a Canada flag on his backpack.
    “Greatest!” Country in the world run by the biggest buffoon!

  37. Suba says:

    I think Croats know what’s going on with croatia and we know it’s a very much compromised croatia with no real democracy

    It’s been run my children of Yugoslav scum parents of the old regime

    It going to take decades for us to be cured of this scummery and crookery

    But hey I can at least say I am a Croat and not get jailed for it


  38. Maminjo says:


    Please stop embarrassing yourself.

    Being a Croat means speaking Croatian, eating Croatian, wearing the checkers, and having a long history of traditions including song, food, art, folk dancing, music, etc.

    Being Canadian and American means speaking…English. Neither even have their own language, and both of them are just former British colonies and melting pot nations made up of different people from around the world, with the culture of the original inhabitants being (forcibly) eliminated.

    Both American and Canadian nationalities are relatively new ones, and are nothing when compared to a much older and more cultured nationality that goes back over a thousand years.

  39. Anonymous says:

    America is the only country in the world, including Ireland, where you do not throw people in prison for disagreement. Ireland uses the British precedent: in cases of inciting racial violence, “the truth is no defense,” (The Crown vs. Joseph Pierce, 1987).

  40. Anonymous says:

    In the Old Inquisition when a person was burned alive for heresy their family had to pay the expenses. No, I am NOT joking.

    If a banned book is sent to someone in Canada and burned, the person it is sent to must pay for the cost of burning it. No, I am NOT joking.

  41. Anonymous says:

    @”Maminjo” , when are you going to outgrow your mommy professor education?

    How the fuck do you think Croatians got the land they are living on? ALL nations existing today got where they are living by taking it from someone else

    And the United States was founded by White people FOR White people. “For OURSELVES and OUR posterity” does not mean a “melting pot” – OBVIOUSLY.

    And just so you’re certain, I’m not the anonymous you were talking to in your last comment.

  42. Anonymous says:

    @ “Maminjo”, if a Chinese man immigrates to Croatia and speaks Croatian, eats Croatian, wears the checkers, and adopts the long history of traditions including song, food, art, folk dancing, music, etc”………than he’s just as Croatian as you, right?

  43. Anonymous says:

    When a still unknown person committed the worst crime one can possibly commit by carving a swastika into the pitch and the Croatian team and ALL its fans were punished for it. Not one Croat stood up for free speech (except me). Instead they all swore they were not the HERETIC!

  44. Maminjo says:

    “if a Chinese man immigrates to Croatia and speaks Croatian, eats Croatian, wears the checkers, and adopts the long history of traditions including song, food, art, folk dancing, music, etc”………than he’s just as Croatian as you, right?”

    Of course he is.

  45. Anonymous says:


    You believe Croatia is not a melting pot because Croatia is a heterogeneous society that will never become homogeneous?

    Tell me about the communists that fought at the Battle of Sisak?

  46. Stipe says:


    Thanks for that thoughtful break down of Croatia’s history.

    Your a clown. You from Jersey? You should get a hobby or something. Im a lil worried about you.

  47. Nikola Vukmanić (vuki) says:

    I see we’re back to political nonsense since there’s no nogomet for a while. Nice…

  48. Anonymous says:


    No, I’m not from Jersey.

    Are you from a communist family?

    You say “cetnik blood,” that suggests that there is communist blood and Ustasa blood.

    You’ve expressed your hatred of the Ustase in the past, but you’ve spoken fondly of the Serbs, so what sort of blood do those Serbs you love have?

  49. Dannyj says:

    Lol didn’t take long vuki
    Hopefully the guys are training alone hard
    Just Incase the euro happens

    Luka will stay for one more year for sure and maybe then World Cup?
    I know we look pretty good right now
    But how u guys think for next year
    Better or worse overall?

  50. Dannyj says:

    Guys can’t u see no one will ever win these convos
    It’s just a contest of ego

    Anddddd cue the attack on me;)

  51. Stipe says:


    This isn’t ego stuff. He called me a cunt earlier after I said something to the affect of “ everyone be safe bc of the corona virus “

    This is fun. I’ll admit it’s a little petty. But you can just someone a cunt. Anonymous needs a hobby

  52. Stipe says:

    @anonymous thinks that that Croatia’s first ever soccer game was against Jamaica in World Cup 98

  53. Stipe says:

    Let’s get back to real shit


    I’m really hope this Corona shit is done with. And I hope everyone is ok. Idk where you live. Im in NJ. The county next to mine closed all public schools for two weeks. It’s getting crazy. Plus with all the other sports suspended. Its nuts.

    I hope the Euros don’t get suspend or postponed and everyone is ok healthy.

    It’ll break my heart if Modric doesn’t play for the repka anymore if God forbid the Euros get cancelled or postponed.

    At least we got to see our players in a World Cup final.

    It’ll be ok I’m trying to think positive. I can’t wait for the England match. I hope Perisic comes back ok. It’ll be so satisfying beating England again at Wembley. All the pressure is on them.

  54. Anonymous says:


    I know that I never called you a cunt, if you like to think that all the Anonymous’s are the same person that’s your problem.

    See I can tell that one of the Anonymous’s responding to @Maminjo is none other than the one I call @Pro white guy, and I’m not him.

    You may of missed my question to ya so I’ll ask it again, what sort of blood do the Serbs you love have?

  55. Dannyj says:

    Again most cunt calling like this would be addressed with proper sign ins

    Yes stay safe brothers and sisters
    We are all in this together
    Humanity that is

  56. Stipe says:


    I have Serb friends. I friends from all different Nationalities. If you treat me with respect I don’t care where someone is from.

    I don’t live in the past. If I meet someone and I find out their Serbian, I tell them I’m Croatian. If they don’t have a problem with it neither do I.

    I enjoy life. I like having fun. Don’t respond with saying “ then war didn’t effect your family “ Because it did.

    Am I less Croatian cause I don’t agree with Ustase?? Seriously?? There aren’t any winners when it comes to war.

    I’m assuming your a futbol fan. I went down to Miami to watch Croatia vs Peru. The few days the repka were in Miami they went to a heat game. Modric, Kovacic, and Raketa took pictures with a Serb. Novak Djokovic. According to you, their “ Serb Lovers” ???

    You think Modric and Jovic aren’t friends??? A lot of them played together at one point of another.

    Think what you want.

  57. Anonymous says:

    Guys the EUROS are gonna be suspended. People are forgetting that the playoffs are scheduled for this month. With that being pushed back there is no way the euros can start unless they have the playoffs in april or may

  58. Suba says:

    Good for you Stipe

    I wonder how long your Serb friendships would last when they bring up politics or when they call you a Serb of the catholic faith or that the part of Croatia you hail from is actually part of Serbia

    You probably would not be offended anyway by the sounds of it and agree with them to maintain that friendship

  59. Anonymous says:


    “I don’t live in the past. If I meet someone and I find out their Serbian, I tell them I’m Croatian. If they don’t have a problem with it neither do I.”

    You said, “Anonymous if has Serbian. He has that Cetnik blood.” Lol, is that a bad thing?

    How do you find out if your Serb friends have cetnik blood, you do ask don’t ya?
    If you do ask, and they tell ya they haven’t got cetnik blood, do you take their words upon trust?

  60. Anonymous says:


    Lol, you’re right, Djokovic is more Yugo than anything, like Divac before him.

  61. Anonymous says:

    @pro croatian guy, just answer this one simple question: How can you care about croatians but not care about the race croatians belong to?

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