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OFFICIAL: EURO 2020 Will Be Moved To The Summer Of 2021

March 16, 2020

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We are living in strange times my friends. There’s no sports on the television. Cities are being shut down. And there’s an invisible pest putting everyone’s life on lockdown


But I digress to a time in the near future where where we go back to our daily lives and our beautiful football returns to be played in front of thousands of fans.



UEFA has officially moved EURO 2020 to the summer of 2021. It was the only logical move and the best decision to allow domestic leagues and Champions League to finish this year with minimal disruption.



Your thoughts?



(this video was filmed before the UEFA decision)



Ante Kvartuč
Posted By: Ante Kvartuč 33 comments

  1. Poglavnik says:

    Nice Whalers hat!

  2. Iggy Iggy says:

    Honestly, all i want for Christmas is some toilet paper!

  3. Suba says:

    Kvartuc didn’t realise you had such big hands

  4. Anonymous says:

    I thought it was Zucker from Facebook

  5. Ante Kvartuč Ante Kvartuč says:

    Nice Whalers catch, Pog!

  6. Poglavnik says:

    Good old Hartford. Back when you could go to a mall and catch an NHL game.

  7. Ivan says:

    What do you guys predict will be our lineup in 2021 ?

  8. Ante Kvartuč Ante Kvartuč says:

    @ Suba,

    I may only be Modric’s height, but…

  9. Rob says:

    I would love to see Croatia and Serbia play. Hopefully no fights haha

  10. Iggy Iggy says:

    meanwhile AFL and NRL in Aus just carry on like it’s all good lol

  11. Maminjo says:


    It wouldn’t be much of a game to watch.

    Croatia will just dominate possession and Serbia will try to play the counterattacking game, but will have to settle for long ball to their wings as they don’t have the midfield to do it properly.

  12. Andrej L says:

    This might be better for us since we all wanted the younger guys on the team to get more playing time/call ups. It’s tough to say what’s going to happen until we see an end to all of this.

    On another note, I spoke to family back in Zadar and they don’t seem to understand the seriousness of this. Hopefully, some of us can share our experience with family back home so that they actually stay home and practice social distancing.

    Stay safe out there and take care of each other.

  13. Iggy says:

    take care of each other, bloody unlikely, lol, Aussies are such fucking scumbags.. saw on the news today a bunch of shoppers trampled a disabled lady’s tiny daughter to rush to the toilet paper upon opening at one of the Coles in WA.. i mean ffs.. no one gives a flying piss about anyone else, at least here in Aus.

    A month ago i was having an argument with someone else where i was stating that aussies are the most idiotic citizenry in the western world and she actually disagreed!! LOL, how could u? Obviously exhibit A is election outcomes and i normally point to that, but from now on i pretty much just need to say remember the great toilet paper shortage of 2020?

    All i can say is i hope other countries’ citizens are being better to one another than Aussies are cos boy are we fuckwits!

  14. Maminjo says:


    They’re just being realists.

    The only people who need to be worried, are the elderly and those suffering from serious conditions (who may need a hospital bed and respirator if they catch this).

    Everyone in the frightened USA, Canada and Australia are panicked for themselves.

    Everyone in these three cowardly nations are not at all worried about their elderly neighbors. They’re worried about a Zombie Apocalypse happening.

    Yes, people in Croatia should maybe take it more seriously (so they don’t infect someone who has a compromised immune system) but they at least don’t have that gripping, cowardly fear which could lead to much worse outcomes.

  15. Elviss says:

    Diaspora Hrvati can take on anything,

  16. Rob says:

    Maminjo, I agree. I just want us to beat the crap out of them that’s all.

  17. Maminjo says:


    We would, but we don’t really gain anything from beating Serbia other than more points in the group.

    Everyone in both Croatia and Serbia know that Croatia dominates in football.

    Croatia has been in more tournaments that all former Yugo countries combined, and medaled in two World Cups.

    It’s not even a question, and even the most ‘homer’ of Serbian fans won’t debate this. They look stupid even trying. Just reading the comments on any Serbian news portals about the possibility of drawing Croatia says it all. All the groaning and laughing at their own team humiliating themselves, and many hoping that Norway just goes through instead. Trust me, no Serbs want to play us.

    Croatia is at that level where the Netherlands have been in. The team that is good enough to regularly beat the usual elites (France, Spain, Germany, Italy, England, Brazil, Argentina) but is a fan favorite because they not a part of that usual suspects group.

    We’ve got some great rivalries budding with teams like France, Spain, Germany, and (more recently) England. These fans are visibly distressed when drawing Croatia, to the point where it is on par with drawing another one of the elites. They’ve moved from “oh hey, you guys did well against us” to the “eff, I hate these Croats”. We’ve ruined a lot of fans’ lives lol.

    Beating England in Wembley with all of Europe watching (and likely cheering and betting money on Croatia, while English fans ) is where we’re at right now.

    Beating Serbia really is on par with beating Czech, to tell you the truth. Most people in the world don’t even know what Serbia is. It would not even be a blip on the radar, win or lose. Just bragging rights from the wartime past (despite both sides knowing who the better team is).

  18. Maminjo says:

    I mean to finish that one sentence with “while English fans… still suffer from World Cup PTSD when they play us”.

    This is a real thing. I saw an old English dude at the grocery store the other day, as he was wearing his England FA hat. We chatted about how the Euros are now delayed and when I told him I was Croatian, his grin turned to a frown, lol.

    So bitter, ha ha.

  19. Poglavnik says:

    Nice Elvis!
    Been waiting a long time for our women to be decent.
    Womens football is one of the only womens sports I really enjoy. Those bitches are tough. They always bounce to their feet and never play act. Although I cant stand the American women and their fight for equality. When people give as much of a shit about womens footy as men’s then they can have that talk.

  20. Elviss says:


    No matter the level of play they wear the GRB. We have to honor that. Maybe someone could interview them. We have nothing else going on. I detest the US team.

  21. Slavonac from Canada says:

    late last year I changed TV & Internet provider. I used to have all Croatia World cup games saved but they’re gone now.

    The last several weeks I check on Youtube and every single game has been deleted.

    Does anyone know where else I can find the games?

  22. Poglavnik says:

    Watched our semifinal this morning. 🙂

  23. Poglavnik says:

    This is a good compilation. Every goal in Croatian.

  24. Vis says:

    Love your work Anthony. Stay safe in LA as I am in lockdown
    here in the Bay Area. Maybe after this is all over you will realize you are a San Jose Earthquakes fan.

  25. Maminjo says:


    Same here. I had the games all on PVR, then they auto-deleted.

    So pissed off. I can’t find the full games anywhere online.

    Does FIFA even offer the games for purchase?

  26. Slavonac from Canada says:

    Pog, I don’t want compilations…I want entire games

  27. Slavonac from Canada says:

    no clue Maminjo!

  28. Iggy Iggy says:

    u could prolly find torrents of the bigger games (semi and final for example) but other than that, not sure

  29. Slavonac from Canada says:

    I stopped downloading torrents a while back. I seemed to download every possible virus there was!

  30. Rob says:

    We didn’t look very dominant in the Euro qualifiers, that’s why I’m taking all our opponents seriously even Serbia, if they are in our bracket. In order to beat England, France, or Germany we have to play flawless soccer.

  31. Maminjo says:


    Qualifiers mean nothing. It’s like regular season versus playoffs.

    A lot of teams generally kill it during qualifications, like Switzerland, Poland, England, Sweden, Russia, Ukraine, etc…but they usually never close to actually winning a tournament.

    Whereas you will regularly see teams like Italy, Croatia, Portugal, Argentina, Uruguay and the Netherlands pull a ton of choke jobs in qualifying, but you know pretty much all of them will make the knockout phase of the tournament (with at least one of them making it to the semis or finals).

    So, in short, no need to take Serbia seriously. There’s no chance we lose that game. Maybe an unlucky draw, but zero chance of a loss.

  32. Iggy Iggy says:

    And the one time we qualified easily barely conceding a goal and winning all our games was for the 2002 WC and we all know how we performed there.

    We actually do way, way better when we have a shitty qualifying run.

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