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Rakitić To Barcelona: “I Am Not A Sack Of Potatoes!”

April 14, 2020




There’s trouble in paradise for Ivan Rakitić, kind of. Rakitić may have played his last game for Barcelona, which isn’t by any means the end of the world for him. At 32 years of age, Rakitić’s best years are behind him – but that doesn’t mean he can’t add value to another top European side – like Inter Milan.

ESPN is reporting that Barcelona are in need of cash as they try to acquire Neymar back from PSG and Lautaro Martinez from Inter Milan. It would come at the expense of moving Rakitić.



And Rakitić knows this move is coming. He’s no dummy. It just sounds like he feels disrespected by a club he has done so much for and won so much with.



Rakitić is a Croatian legend. What he and the rest of the boys did in 2018 will go down in Croatian history for generations. Two ice-cold penalty kicks to clinch it for your country. Raketa does not get enough praise for those two spot kicks in penalty kick shootouts against Denmark and Russia.



With COVID-19 running rampant through the world, we may not see any club soccer this year. Summer transfers are slated to go through in July. It’d be nice to see Rakitić sing his swan song with Brozović and company at Inter Milan.



Ante Kvartuč
Posted By: Ante Kvartuč 11 comments

  1. Miloš Hvar says:

    I feel for the guys like Livakovic, Vlasic, Brekalo and Petkovic. Those four had the most to benefit from the 2020 Euros. It would have been the culmination of the nearly 2 years of work they have put in since becoming regular contributors to the NT. All have the goods and are ready to make the next step for bigger clubs and strong performances would have given them that. We all know that there is no stage like WC of Euros so the will definitely miss out on that tourney hype that drives prices up.

    Can see Brekalo and Vlasic staying put for another year (especially Vlasic he has a good thing going on at CSKA and seems to be enjoying it). I think Livakovic and Petkovic should move this summer. Both are a little older and have proven themselves in HNL. They arent going to do any better in the Champions League than they did this past year. I think it also just makes sense for Dinamo to cash in on these guys as well.

  2. Maminjo says:

    Those guys are all young and they’ll get a chance to really showcase themselves in two big tournaments, back to back, at Euro 2021 and WC2022.

    They’re all legit players who won’t drop off in their quality, so they should be fine.

    The worst situations are guys who are not that young anymore and missed out their peak window to transfer to a bigger club.

    I would put Kramarić in this category.

    He’s 29 this year, and his value is pretty good… But it will drop once he hits 30 (and every year he goes beyond this).
    His value drops even further if Petković snags that starting spot from him at the Euros too.

    He had a real chance to move to a big club this summer (and get a much bigger contract) but that looks like it’s fading away quickly.

    Also, players like Rakitić who are becoming free agents and need a new club will have limited options (since teams are less willing to needlessly pay transfer fees for older players on expiring contracts). Rakitić will need to probably sit at Barca for another year. I doubt Atlético wants to pay real money (in these times) to transfer a player they can sign for free, if they just wait a year.

    The good news is that Modrić can kiss Miami goodbye lol.

  3. Suba says:

    Nice technique

    It’s a lesson for all kids out there

    If you gonna shoot your mouth off make sure you are standing up to that person otherwise that kickboxing move would happen haha

    Poor Rakitic now he’s a sack of potatoes now poor bloke

  4. Soul Champ says:

    I prayer that Rakitic can claim his jajima !!

    This dude has sacrificed his Croatian balls for farca.

    Even this quote is reactive.

    If you are not a sack of potatoes .. then what the heck are you?

    Simply say I am a Croatian BEAST.

    I run the middle of the park and my wife will take her fake sise where my multi million dollar making, world class Self chooses to play football.

    I need to see Rakitic shooting from 30 meters, spraying 40 meter passes all over the park. Taking the space and attacking like General Gotovina.

    His legs should now be rested from previous years of rented mule running for Messi.

    Yes, Ivan you are not a sack of potatoes, but you wouldn’t be treated as such if you didn’t sacrifice your Croatian balls!

    All that Swiss and Spanish dressing doesn’t change your Croatian core.

    Please make a move to a team that needs your field general services.

  5. Slavonac from Canada says:

    I’m not sure the context of what Rakitic said was expressed properly. From what I recall, he did also say his first choice was to stay at Barca…the potato comment really doesn’t make sense if you look at the entire statement he’s making. One one hand he says I really want to stay, on the other he is saying I’m not useless like a potato!

  6. Nick Nizic says:

    Ivan is an excellent team mate anybody would love to play with fuck Barcelona Ivan you have made many of your team mates look good .
    Rob Nikada

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