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Future Star: Ivan Šaranić

April 25, 2020

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Today’s future star for Croatian soccer: Ivan Šaranić. The 16 year-old attacking midfielder has already drawn plenty of attention from European giants and has been said to have the potential to be one of the greatest Croatian soccer players of all time. He plays in the youth ranks for Dinamo Zagreb and the Croatia U-17 squad.



There’s not many quality videos of Šaranić online but he looks extremely confident in the final third. Definitely worth keeping an eye on.



Ante Kvartuč
Posted By: Ante Kvartuč 28 comments

  1. Dannyj says:

    Yah buddy
    Let’s hope
    Surely we will make another Modrić type
    It’s how long it will take

    We already all know football is the way out of the selo and genetics are there Let everyone hate as they wish

  2. Suba says:

    Throw in Antonio Marin in the mix too wow

    Bravo Elviss they can go to Bayern but choose hrvatska every time

    Oh that reminds me hows stanisic going is he going to make it big for Germany or will he just have to settle on croatia

  3. CroatianPerson85 says:

    Trograncic and Stanisic are both born in Germany. It’s hard to keep the ones born abroad that are good enough to play for “bigger” teams/countries unless they are raised Croatian first but even that is hard depending on the country you’re in.

    Do you guys think Rakitic, Kovacic would have played for us if they were born in Germany and rose through the ranks as great youth talents and knew they would have had the same playing time as they would in Croatia? Even Lovren (left when he was 3) Mandza (left when he was 7). If they they were capped at youth levels, progressed and were groomed to be stars, would they have chosen to play for Croatia?

    Have we ever had a player good enough to start for a historical soccer super power that chose us?

  4. Maminjo says:

    Trogrančić picked Croatia didn’t he?

    He was on our U16 team, but I think he might suck now (since this was several years ago). Kinda like that Fabian Benko situation, and now Benko plays in 2nd division Austrian league.

    It’s hard to gauge guys like this at age 16. Trogrančić is already 20 and playing on 1860 Munich’s B team. He’s definitely not National Team material anymore. Not with the talent we have at this age group.

    Also… I’m pretty sure Stanišić is not born in Germany. He’s born somewhere in Slavonski Brod.

    That’s why it was such a big deal when we lost him, because he wasn’t German at all.

    All of his current profiles on Transfermarkt and sites like Wikipedia have been edited to simply say “Germany” as his place of birth (despite every other footballer having their birth CITY listed).

    Seems odd that nobody knows what city in Germany this kid is born in. This looks like damage control from his camp, trying to justify his selection.

    Either way, he’s 20 and still plays on Bayerns B team (off the bench too). This is not NT material. I don’t care if it’s Bayern’s B team. We have tons of young kids on the B team of elite Foo clubs. Simply put, he’s gotta play first team football, and in a real league (not a B league).

    He only came to prominence because Kovač played him on the A team a couple of years ago in preseason. Probably just trying to do him and his family a favor. He hasn’t really played any football these past two years. My guess is that he’s nothing, and will end up just like Trogrančić and Benko.

    Kovač just doing what a good Croat does for his fellow Hrvat.

  5. Suba says:

    Really will be interesting to see which if of all the prospects we talk about pans out

    Remember the talk about benko and muric and Halilovic where it seems now it has come to nought

    Really important that right decisions are made and nurturing of talents are not wasted

  6. Maminjo says:

    There wasn’t much talk about Benko.

    Just the standard hype article that comes out every year or so, where two countries are apparently completing to have a player commit to their National Teams. He was just one (of many) U19 players that we’ve had on Bayern.

    Muric was never good and was only talked about because of his fallout with Mamic, and signing with Ajax’s youth team.
    Mind you, he also never played games for anyone ever.

    Halilovic was the only one who actually showed something, but you could tell he could completely bust out too.
    Flashy yet frail. Also selfish and has a Bosna complex.
    Complete 50/50 on whether he would actually ever work out.

    You can tell who’s gonna be good by following Dinamo’s lead.

    They have the best scouts in Europe, and if there are quality young Croats out there, they would snag them like they did with Coric and Kovacic.
    Then, when the saw that Coric was gonna be nothing special, they unload him while his value is still high. Genius.

    These guys are grabbing guys like Olmo, Kovacic, Coric from other countries and turning them into cash.

    If any of these U19 players from Bayern (or whoever) had serious potential, Dinamo would have signed them.

  7. Maminjo says:

    Everything used to say he was born in Croatia…then it suddenly said “Germany”.

    I’m just guessing that this was changed after.

    Doesn’t matter. I don’t think he will be anything.

    He’s too old to be messing around with bench roles on U19 and B squads…and his only bit of exposure (two preseason games) came under a likely biased Kovac.

    People get too caught up in big club names, but these are just youth teams…and if you look at all these major U19 clubs…there are tons of Croats on them.

    I trust our own HNL over any of these incompetent major clubs who rely on 200 million Euro annual transfers to make themselves competitive (and not youth development).

  8. Dannyj says:

    Agreed Maminjo
    We all know there is nothing better then home cooking
    And not just any..,cro cooking

    We will be just fine
    We don’t need em all
    One day we will be that “big” country and mofos will want to play for us
    But no room we have our own kids

    Remember even when we “sucked” we weren’t that bad

    Only up and up from here decki

  9. Soul Champ says:

    I wonder if all these taller young attacking midfielders can become strikers?

    These 16 year olds with our late blooming Croatian genetics can go from 180’s to 190’s cm for sure.

    I am just taking for grant it that we produce the best midfielders on the planet.

    Be nice to have a stable of forwards and wingers.

    Also a world class goalie would be fun for once.

    It was great to debate our best squad in modern Croatian history.

    But to see our goal keeper as compared to the field players was jarring.

    Mandžukić and Kramaric were the last prolific guys out of HNL?

    Let’s see 12 kids like these two and maybe some with explosive power and speed.

  10. Soul Champ says:

    Inter Owned Bayern Munich Winger Ivan Perisic Back In Training After 2 Month Ankle Injury.

    Can my man pull a Franck Ribery ?

    He is too athletic to not be able to have another good 2-3 years and top level.

    Euro and World Cup.

    Nice way to finish national team career.

  11. Miloš Hvar says:

    Luka Jovic being linked to Milan. Looks like he realized he’s nothing without Rebic’s motor. Not the first time a Serb made a career off a Croat’s hard work

  12. Titos diaspora says:

    The worst thing about the lockdown is they might cancel the Croatian picnics in ny, Canada and Chicago. I usually do a yearly tour of them. I show up, and find the 20 to 40 year old ustasa wanna bes with their grb necklaces And tattoos and dancing around like monkies to thompson. I then go to the biggest one, push him, slap him in the face, and tell him to get his wanna be ustase butt out of here. The reaction is always the same. They get red in the face, cry a little, and then leave. Got their face looking like the red And white grb between the tears and the slap marks. Things quickly turn from dolazak hrvata to odlazak usta biatches. Things go from lijepsa li si to punk ass biatch ti si, Things go from uvijek vjerni to uvijek biatches, things go from geni kameni to geni placeni, things go from samo je ljubav tajna svetova to samo su ustasi punkovi svetova. Next year I’ll plan an Australian punking tour

  13. Maminjo says:


    The identity crisis of the day today is “Titos diaspora” .

    What happened to being Frenchman, Spaniard or whatever?

    Slowly coming back to Croat are you? ;)

  14. ElviSS says:

    Stanisic was strong armed by Bayern to join the German NT. The HNL issued a complaint on this. The way it works is that if you may be good Bayern forces you to pick Germany.

  15. CroatianPerson85 says:

    @ Elvis yeah I’ve read that as well. Seen articles before showing examples with other young players.

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