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30 Years: Boban’s Kick Heard Around The Balkans

May 13, 2020


May 13th, 2020 marks the 30-year anniversary of the Dinamo Zagreb-Red Star Riot and Zvonimir Boban’s “Kick Heard Around The Balkans” at Maksimir in Zagreb.



With political tensions already high at the time with a majority of Croatian parties voting for independence from Yugoslavia; what ensued at Maksimir that day was seen as the ‘symbolic’ start to the war to many in the Balkans.



Dinamo’s Bad Blue Boys physically clashed with Red Stars’ supporters – Delije – inside the stadium with the fight eventually ending up on the field with Yugoslav Police. When Dinamo captain Zvonimir Boban saw a BBB being attacked by a policeman, he kneed the policeman in the face. Many BBBs came to the defense of their captain immediately.



Hundreds were hurt. Boban was crowned a national hero in Croatia for his actions.



“Here I was, a public face prepared to risk his life, career, and everything that fame could have brought, all because of one ideal, one cause; the Croatian cause.” -Boban speaking of the incident


It wasn’t easy for Croatians at that time. And in a time where football and basketball needed to transcend sport, Croatian athletes stepped up to the challenge. It was an absolute dream to watch the Vatreni lift the entire country during the summer of 2018, however, Zvonimir Boban was legendary 30 years ago to this day and paved the way for generations of Croatians to share in his success.





Ante Kvartuč
Posted By: Ante Kvartuč 48 comments

  1. Maminjo says:

    Who was #7 on Dinamo?

    He stood back to calm the cops down when they were going to attack that fan (and then got cracked on the shoulder with the baton)?

    At the 1:20 mark.

  2. Maminjo says:

    Check out this comment by Goran Juric in some article for Blic today (Juric was a member of Red Star at the time)…

    “Goran Jurić: Everything was well directed

    – The mass beat during the heating. Fear arose when the police in the locker rooms defended us from the mad mob. Only then did we become aware that our lives were in danger. I am convinced that everything was well directed from some higher instances, especially the part when Boban hits a policeman – believes the former Croatian and member of the SFRY national team, Goran Jurić, who was a member of FC Red Star during the chaos on Maksimir”

    LOL. This guy.

  3. Slavonac from Canada says:

    That was a very historical moment that most of us will remember forever! I’ve watched this over and over for 30 years and after seeing several interviews and different videos of the event, I realize that Boban could have easily been killed by that cop! This meant a lot to Croatians! A soccer player standing up to the brutality of these cops, going against Croatians in Zagreb…this was a statement that I’ll always be thankful to Zvone Boban for doing.

    Goran Juric is a weasel type of person. I’m not sure how he ended up at Zvezda, a few years prior to this event he was at Velez and a solid defender…but a shitty human! I couldn’t imagine leaving ZG to go to BG and being a Croatian during those times. What was going through his mind as a Hrvat, flying back to BG with a bunch of Cedo’s!

  4. Slavonac from Canada says:

    Juric is a compulsive bull-shitter and a real low-class person. He was a good defender and it stopped there.

    In life we meet all sorts of people. I knew him relatively well for a year and a half and he was a guy that nobody really liked or trusted. He tried hard to be popular and to hang with the better players but his personality was very unlikeable.

    If Juric actually said that about Boban it wouldn’t surprise me.

  5. Slavonski Brod says:

    Slavonac is 100% correct about Juric!

    He struggles to the highest levels in regard to truth!!

  6. Slavonski Brod says:

    And one other thing.

    For Juric to say that the Boban kick was planned before the game just wreaks of something that compulsive liar would say!!

    Such a moron!

  7. Maminjo says:

    Juric actually said that. It is posted on a few news portals actually.

    What I don’t understand is, how was it planned?

    I can understand maybe the BBB planning to start a fight beforehand, sure. Maybe they snuck in some rocks and weapons, sure, I can believe that.

    But…it was actually the DELIJE who started the fight with their instigating chants like ‘mi smo Cetnici’ and ‘Srbija do Zagreba’. They also were the first to start trashing the stands and ripping out the seats to throw at the BBB.

    So, is this idiot Juric implying that the Delije (along with their war criminal leader Arkan Raznatovic) were working together with the BBB to start a riot?

    Also, as per the video, Boban’s kick was obviously spontaneous. He was reacting to the Bosanac cop that was beating on the fans.

    So, is Juric implying that Boban and the Bosniak cop (who never forgave Boban) were working together on this?

    So, the Delije, BBB, the Bosniak cop and the Dinamo Zagreb players (specifically Zvone Boban) were all in on this together and it was all pre-planned to bring down Yugoslavia.

    So, who wasn’t in on this?
    By his calculation, only the Red Star players were kept out of the loop (the remaining 30,000 people were in on it).

    Ok. Got it.

    LOL. Juric needs to get his head kicked in the next time he’s in Hercegovina.

  8. Maminjo says:

    It’s very easy to ‘imply’ things without giving details, like Juric did by simply saying that “this was all pre-planned”.

    Best thing you can do is to always ask for the details.

    Watch these idiots squirm trying to explain themselves.

  9. Slavonac from Canada says:

    Maminjo, no clue what Juric was thinking. All I can tell you is that he’s one of those types of people that can say anything at any time and have no idea how stupid he sounds! I’m guessing he has a very low IQ!

  10. Nick Nizic says:

    I’ll never forget my best friend just came back from Croatia carrying the VHS tape of this .
    Bog I Hrvati I JELCIC

  11. Crotown says:

    I was in my early 20’s when this game was played and I remember speaking to my cousin who was at the game and said Croatia is starting to get ready for an ever changing war- I thought he was nuts but it was the best thing that happened but the price was high. Losing so many young people and not just from Croatia but so many Canadian of Croatian descent – I knew a few of them that went . Out of the worst , came so much good – Croatia has its problems but we must be thankful that our history included so much courage

  12. Maminjo says:

    Yea, it’s funny.

    From what I recall, Croatia actually tried to negotiate some sort of commonwealth status, and weren’t hell bent on breaking Yugo apart.

    It was actually Milošević who was hell bent on creating a more Serbian Yugoslavia (and like all Serbs do) he subscribed to the Greater Serbian ideology that all Serbs believe in. This is what broke Yugo apart.

    Even with the whole SAO Krajina thing….Croatia was even considering some sort of autonomy with the Serbs on that land with that Z4 agreement.

    But that would have created the same non functioning decentralized mess that Bosnia is right now.

    Serbia got greedy, and they completely shot themselves in the foot. A great war story of how the bad guys triggered an unnecessary war and lost everything. It’s like an episode of GI Joe with the Serbs playing the role of Cobra.

    It’s sad that so many people died, but without a war, Croatia would have been just like Bosna and Serbia are today.

  13. Anonymous says:

    The “Homeland war” was planned.

    For 46 years Catholic Croats were brainwashed by the communists into believing that crimes were committed at Jasenovac, remember communists, Serbs and antichrist Jews propagated that lie.

    Most will tell you that greater Serbian aggression was the reason for war in Yugoslavia.

    Cetniks will tell you that they were fighting in Croatia to protect the Serbs that lived in Croatia from genocide again, the only reason they would think that genocide was a possibility is that the Croats wanted independence. The last time Croats wanted independence the communists agree with the cetniks genocide happened in the NDH.

    This is all to do with Jasenovac. Can anyone tell me when excavation took place at Jasenovac?

    So why did the communists want an independant Croatia and break up their Yugoslavia? Because they knew that at the end of the war Croatia would be theirs, but they did need a war to make that happen, because without war why would Yugoslavia break up.

    So you have your war, lol this time the “facists” and communists are fighting together against the cetniks, this was only possible because the “facists” took a big shit on the victims at Bleiburg in preference to fighting with the communists that committed those crimes. The “facists” became jocksniffers.

    Why was there never lustration in Croatia? Because that would leave only the “facists,” and you can’t have that, so what had to happen was they had to make it so that the “facists”/jocksniffers entered into the labours of the communists for an independent Croatia so they feel they won something, and not like the biggest suckers in the history of the world.

    My belief is that communists and Serbs planned the war together.

    When I rewrite history the Yugoslavian war will be known as, operation get the Croats to become communist jocksniffers.

    Anyone hear what Croatia’s atheist president said about Bleiburg recently?

  14. Frajer says:

    I was actually at the game. Makes me feel old to admit it. Thirty years later, this is how I remember things going down:

    BBB in the north end of the stadium and Delije in the south exchanged taunts. I was on the east side of the stadium more or less in the middle . The Serbs in the south started to get more brazen and started climbing the fence that kept them penned in . Eventually the fence gave way and they moved in on the few Croat fans who sat at the south end separated by the fence. They beat the crap out of the few Croats who were seriously outnumbered. The cops did nothing.
    BBB in the north were losing their minds watching this unfold and tried hopping the fence at their end. The cops of course found this to be much more egregious then the beatdown going on at the south end . Eventually the cops couldn’t hold them back and you ended up with what the videos show.
    The Serbs retreated soon after BBB entered the field since they were getting pelted by stones and other debris from both the field and the east stands.
    I dont recall players being on the field the whole time but I think Dinamo players eventually came out to the defence of BBB. I watched Zvone come to the aid of a guy who was being beaten by a cop. Maybe I’ve imagined this as time has passed, but I’m pretty confident the cop got a piece of Boban right before Zvone kicked him.
    He was already popular at the time, but that kick was met with more excitement than any goal I ever witnessed at Maksimir.
    It’s ridiculous to imply anything was premeditated.

    Bottom line- cops (mostly non-Croats) let things get out of control when they passively watched events at the south end unfold. Boban’s reaction, to my mind, was out of frustration and defiance to the injustice we all watched.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Also important too note that Boban was first hit by the officer without provocation prior too his kick. Was a fantastic player person and will always be a legend based on that one kick,

  16. Soul Champ says:

    @ Maminjo

    “ It’s like an episode of GI Joe with the Serbs playing the role of Cobra.‘

    That could be the best one liner in the history of this site.

  17. Canuckcro says:

    GNK Dinamo is a football club from Zagreb. In 1991 it was renamed into HAŠK Građanski and in 1993 into NK Croatia Zagreb. Tuđman opposed renaming it to Dinamo. According to him name Dinamo was too communist. The name Dinamo was chosen by communists of Zagreb inspired by other clubs from communist countries like Dinamo Moscow, Dinamo Kiev, Dinamo Bucureşti, Dinamo Tirana etc. That caused a conflict between Bad Blue Boys and club officials. Bad Blue Boys objected to Tuđman that they used to defend “Croaticity” under the same name in Communist Yugoslavia. Dinamo had a fame for being supported by Croatian nationalists. Tuđman had a vision of NK Croatia as powerful European club. He was open supporter of it and was accused for inappropriate involving into the work of the club. The conflict ended when the club renamed itself back to “Dinamo” couple months after Tuđman’s death and HDZ’s loss on parliaments elections.

    Tuđman as historianEdit

  18. Canuckcro says:

    our godfather leader of modern croatia, franjo was well brought up with the commys and knew their types of treachery like no one else.The time to fight was literally after the whistle blew ..during that 91 game..there was no more Croats at home or diaspora would have vanished with the cetnik belgrade yugoslavia and the trash they slept with who controlled that time…lied ..lied and wrote a book about lying and how to lie that we (Yugo CETNIKS)never lie..they at the time are beyond sick diseased demented..etc look what they did to Yugo bosniak muzzys..who trusted serbs ..they took the brunt..poor sobs.

  19. Maminjo says:

    I never liked the name “Dinamo” either.

    Tudman was right. It is too commie, and it’s just a ‘copy and paste’ from other communist countries. Dinamo will always be associated with countries that we have no historical relationship with, simply because our governments had similar communist ideologies in this short 40-year time span.

    Also, Dinamo Zagreb was created by Tito in 1945 by combining two historical Zagreb clubs (HASK and Gradanski)…officially ending that potential city rivalry (that could have been something today). Zagreb clubs had a really cool history in the early 1900s (with NK Zagreb being the first club in Croatia, HASK being the University club, Gradanski being the city workers club, and Concordia Zagreb railroader club existing for a time too)

    Post WW2, Cibalia Vinkovci was also renamed to Dinamo Vinkovci and there were many other clubs that were merged, abolished, or had their names changed due to Communism.

    However, after the fall of Yugo, these teams did the right thing and reverted their club names back to their previous names. Cibalia, for example, is the original ancient Roman name for Vinkovci (which is the oldest city in Europe) and was the original name of the club. Nobody is going to disagree with a great name change like this.

    But Tudjman messed up.

    He shouldn’t have tried to create something brand new like “Croacija Zagreb” which was pretty lame, and was the same thing that Tito tried to do (create something new, that he can take full credit for).

    He should have brought back the “Gradanski” name and sold it as a historic club being liberated from its Communist influence.

    It’s too late now though.

    Croatia has been independent for almost 30 years, which is almost the amount of time that Tito had its hold o Yugoslavia (believe it or not).

    It’s amazing how much of an impact Communism had in a small 45-year span (from 1945 to Tito’s death in 1980).

  20. Anonymous says:

    Hey everyone, I’m for whatever society says I’m supposed to be for today so I claim Victory!
    And tomorrow I’ll be for whatever I’m supposed to be for and again claim Victory!
    I’m so happy!
    Until one day someone comes along and points out they have proof that not only was I not for what I’m supposed to be for today, I’m guilty of treason and/or genocide. And my heirs will have to pay reparations just like the grandchildren of Nazis.

  21. Anonymous says:

    It’s one thing to learn from history, it’s quite another to have your head buried in it. I always knew Churchill was a moron but I recently read an article which fully explained his sick little mind that gave half of Europe to the Soviet Union and made Western Europe a Military Welfare State of the United States. His head was buried in 1814, when Britain stood alone against Napoleon.

    So you guys who are still fighting phantom Chetniks while the 3rd world pours into ALL and ONLY white countries are DANGEROUSLY STUPID. Any group of social animals that survives gets rid of the cowardly traitor morons within its own group before they deal with outside enemies.

  22. Stipe says:


    Why would Pavelic give Dalmacija to Italy????
    Yea I know he spent a lot of time in Italy. That was a disaster of a move. I hate it when idiot Italians joke around saying Dalmatia was theirs. Yea, in default it was for a few years.

    As far as Boban. That takes balls doing that. That’s why is he forever “Ban Boban”

  23. Soul Champ says:

    Yo Maminjo !!

    Pandemic preaching the truth.

    Jugoslavija = Soul stunting.

    The Croatia Zagreb rebranding did seem superficial?

    NK – Zagreb would have been simple but better.

    Feels like we are still recovering from both iterations of Jugoslavije.

    1- Jugo – Kingdom of Serbia.

    2 – Tito socialist dictatorship.

    Yet the Soul of Croatia endures like it has for Millennia.

    Be great to unleash our innovative prowess and create a new vision for Croatia.

    Let the light of this vision expose all the haters of Hrvati both internal and external.

    Not sure if there is a country on the planet with so many it’s own citizens who work full time to sabotage.

    Actually fascinating.

    That’s why I go after self-hating Hrvati on this site from time to time.

    Bog i Hrvati.

  24. Suba says:


    When did you become a Croat

    Yesterday by the sounds how old are you

    Where is your father who should be teaching u Croatian history

    Short answer to you is that pavelic did not give away Dalmatia to anyone

    Stop listening to Yugo scum it is that who your daddy is

  25. Anonymous says:

    @Pro white guy

    “So you guys who are still fighting phantom Chetniks while the 3rd world pours into ALL and ONLY white countries are DANGEROUSLY STUPID.
    Any group of social animals that survives gets rid of the cowardly traitor morons within its own group before they deal with outside enemies.”

    Do tell, who are the cowardly traitor morons in Croatia that we have to get rid of before we start talking about the 3rd world pouring into Croatia?

    Croats will continue to leave Croatia for work, I assume to work in “white countries,” that’s good isn’t it, more whites in the same place?
    So how is the 3rd world going to survive in Croatia without work? Croatia being so poor should keep it white shouldn’t it? We got to thank the communist/”wordists” for making Croatia so poor, it seems that should keep us white! Hungry, but white!

  26. Stipe says:


    Who gave it away than? You can’t even answer. You just want to start shit.

    Don’t start acting brave. Cmon. All the stuff you type, you’ll never say to my face or anyone else’s for that matter.

  27. Suba says:


    Hrvatska can’t afford Hrvati like you especially at this time and it’s croats like you is the reason why we didn’t have a drzava for a thousand

    I am not even compelled to you give you an answer

  28. Suba says:

    Sorry stipe it should say years after the world

    All I am doing is trying to teach you on how to Pravi Hrvat

    Please don’t get upset

    It’s a bit of tough love for some of you young Croatians

  29. Suba says:

    Again sorry stipe have you filled in the missing word yet

    It’s a little quiz for a small brained no idea Croatian

    Happy to meet you face to face stipe

  30. CRO-VID 19 says:

    The Ustasha was nation building.
    Some of it was on the down low.
    Political dealing is sometimes
    Necessary. Should Croatia taken
    A hard stance Aganist Italy? How would
    That have turned out? If the European forces
    Took Stalingrad Croatias standing would have
    Been elevated since we fought so well.
    Who would have then seized Dalmatia
    In whole and the Italians would have done
    Shut since they were terriable soldiers.

  31. Nick Nizic says:

    Go sit in the kafic while all real Hrvati my uncle and a lot of people s relatives were in the mountains fighting for the country you like to call Croatia you fucken yugo scum and you don’t even know which is the sad part , you like to call out how embarrassing the Ustasha movement was , you should be kissing all there feet and licking them clean these brave men who fought for your country I’d love to run in you guys teach you a lesson znao bi to sta je Ustasha, tako mi dragi Bog.
    Za Dom

  32. Anonymous says:

    The people that bring up Poglavnik dr. Ante Pavelic giving away Dalmatia are the same people that will tell you that the NDH wasn’t independent as well, how disingenuous is that?

    I’ve heard all sorts of stories about the Dalmatia affair but ultimately it’s really not that important a thing because when Mussolini’s government fell it was back under Croatian control anyway.

    Fucking dumb Croats talk more about the Dalmatia affair than Bleiburg!

    I couldn’t give a shit about the sham Homeland war, but I heard Tudjman stopped the Croatian army from advancing into Banja Luka when they were armed to the teeth and ready to go? Who was he taking orders from? Whoever it was, they built this Croatia.

  33. Anonymous says:

    On May 14, 20:20 at 6:07 pacific coast time pro-croatian guy says the only thing stopping the third world from pouring into Croatia is a “lack of jobs”.

  34. Partizan patriot says:

    Hey nizic, hopefully I’ll run into you at a Croatian picnic when things re open. I like to shut the ustasa wanna be, thompson listening, grb necklace guys right on up. I turn their lijepa li si into lil bitch ti si really quick. I’d have your face looking like the grb real quick. White with fear, and red from the slap mark across your face. Red first of course though

  35. Nick Nizic says:

    I love how these Yugoslav trolls get there panties all up in a bunch , no cetniks allowed .
    Za Dom

  36. Anonymous says:

    @Partizan patriot

    If there is such a thing as an “Ustasa wannabe” then there has to be it’s oppisite lol, that would be a Partizan wannabe you dumb motherfucker, am I wrong?

    Thompson is not an Ustasa, he’s a Tudjman lover pretending to be a patriot for money, his kum is Skoro the deserter and Titoljub antifacist.

  37. Suba says:

    Partisan patriot is a pure example of being in a permanent state confusion of being between caught between being a somewhat of a resemblance of being Croat or a loving Serb Yugoslav which he really wants to be

    Which way do I go he ask himself

    I have an answer to the grave my friend

  38. ElviSS says:

    Would this be a bad time to bring up
    The black Ms Croatia and how
    That discriminated Againist our own girls
    And the message it sent to the world ?

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