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HNL Week 29: Varaždin, The Giant Killers (UPDATED)

June 16, 2020





NK Varaždin has now recorded four victories in 29 matches this season; two of those victories have been against Dinamo Zagreb and now Hajduk Split. Not to mention, stealing a point from HNK Rijeka only last week.



Week 29 kicked off on a Tuesday this week, with the first match featuring a rare win for NK Istra 1961. Istra defeated NK Inter Zaprešić 2-0 on Tuesday afternoon with goals scored by Peter Bosančić and Šime Grzan.



Meanwhile at Poljud, Hajduk Split fell asleep at the wheel and allowed Varaždin to take a 3-0 lead before waking up and attempting to mount a comeback. Hajduk managed to come within a goal of tying the match, but essentially ran out of time, falling 3-2 to the struggling side.



Goals from Varaždin began in the 19th minute from Domagoj Drožđek. Drožđek doubles his tally in the 40th minute. These goals were separated by Petar Mamić, who scored in the 24th minute.



Hajduk simply waited too long to begin playing. Mario Vuković gave Hajduk a breath of hope in the 49th minute with a goal, as did Mijo Caktaš in the 74th minute. But it was too little too late. Varaždin had secured the three points.





Rijeka hosted Lokomotiva Tuesday afternoon and suffered their second consecutive draw, however, with Hajduk’s loss, Rijeka was able to retake second place.



Lokosi’s Lirim Kastrati scored the opener in the 36th minute, but Rijeka was able to take the lead by the 78th minute after goals scored by Sterling Yateke and Franko Andrejašević. However, Rijeka shot themselves in the foot by going down to ten men after Luka Čapan was sent off in the 83rd minute. This allowed Fran Karačić to convert the ensuing penalty to ultimately tie the match.



The race for second place is still hot between Rijeka, Hajduk, Lokomotiva and Osijek, who are all separated by three points.


Dinamo Zagreb managed to gain three more points by the skin of their teeth after blowing a two goal lead to Slaven Belupo.



Dinamo led 2-0 heading into the half, however Dinamo center back Kevin Theophile-Catherine put the ball into his own net to cut the lead down to one. Slaven’s Mateus Lima scored in the minutes following the restart of the half to tie the match.



However, Bruno Petković headed home the winner in the 90th minute to save the victory for Dinamo.


Birthday boy, Damian Kadzior scored the opening goal of the match, while Luka Ivanušec doubled Dinamo’s lead in the 37th minute.





Osijek managed to gain three points as well after a hard-fought win over HNK Gorica. Mirko Marić and Mihael Zaper scored for Osijek while Kristijan Lovrić scored a 90th minute banger to give Gorica a consolation with their loss.



As the 2.HNL has been officially cancelled, HNK Šibenik has been promoted to the 1.HNL for the first time since being relegated after the 2011/12 season. Fellow Dalmanac NK Croatia Zmijavci are slated to take part int eh promotion/relegation playoffs when the time comes. Zmijavci spent one season in 2.HNL after being promoted from 3.HNL and currently have a partnership agreement with Hajduk Split.


NK Inter Zaprešić won their appeal over licensing and received their license to participate in 1. and 2. HNL seasons next year, depending on if the club is relegated or not. Inter lost to NK Istra 1961 on Tuesday at Aldo Drosina 2’0. Petar Bosančić and Sime Gržan scored goals for Istra.



Colin O'Haravić
Posted By: Colin O'Haravić 77 comments

  1. Suba says:


    Why don’t you use your time or use of your so called expertise knowledge about Croatian football to concentrate along with the rest of your Slavonci in securing Osijek at least one championship much like Rijeka did rather than having an unhealthy preoccupied occupation with Hajduk

    Maybe then you can start bashing Hajduk and blaming them for the state of Croatian football

    Sort your own backyard first dickhead

  2. Slavonac from Canada says:

    because you’ve never seen a single Osijek fan raise a banner that said “sve izgubili dabogda” like we saw in Split!

    Osijek never blamed the HNS or Mamic for their record over the years…and I never blamed Hajduk for the state of Croatian football, thats you and your people. I don’t blame others for my own problems…thats something you do!

    You’re just a little shit Suba. a real loser that can’t accept his downfalls and then plays a damn victim…I’m sick of people like you and I don’t want to associate myself with assholes like you. you’re a dalmatinac, not a Croatian!

  3. Slavonac from Canada says:

    …and its not Hajduk I like to bash…its weak cunts like you that need a throttling every once in a while!

  4. Suba says:

    Wow I ain’t even croatia because I disagreed with one stupid asshole from Canada over soccer

    Never have I heard you say slavonac any real Croatian or ustaski pozdrav ever in this site and you decide on who is a real Croat

    I like to see the make up of your Croatian national team without dalmatinci and concentrate more on producing more quality soccer players from your neck of the woods

  5. Soul Champ says:

    I have grown tired of Rakitic at Farca.

    He looks good but plays such a boring role.

    I guess he just plays out his contract and then can reclaim is Croatian jaja on the way to his free transfer.

    Brozovic is a conductor at Inter.

    He is involved in every transition from defense to offense.

    Not sure why I enjoy watching Brozovic play a similar role at Inter and am losing interest with Rakitic at farca?

  6. Slavonac from Canada says:

    It’s cunts like you that think Croatia is dalmacija and not the other way around. Split and it’s okolice was the only place in all of Croatia that spit on the National Team during the World Cup! I can’t help you for what your people did!

    I get a kick out of idiots like you that think we should all start writing in Croatian and saluting each other like retards! Fuck are you dumb. Croatian’s like you give the rest of us a bad name!

  7. Slavonac from Canada says:

    …and the victim attitude

    I started out this conversation telling Colin you’re gonna be mad he posted this thread because Hajduk lost and played a terrible first half….this is what you said

    “Wow I ain’t even croatia because I disagreed with one stupid asshole from Canada over soccer”

    You worm! Where did I say you disagree with me? You’re a manipulative worm…fucking useless cunt that whines when he’s attacked and yet you’ve been personally attacking me for weeks!

  8. Suba says:

    Just checking on your Croatian credential which does not seem impressive for mind and I am sure Elviss would agree

    You can’t even answer who your both your granfathers did during ww2

  9. Slavonac from Canada says:

    Honestly, you’re a retard! Your region was the most famous for Partizani…you know it, I know it, we all know it!

  10. Poglavnik says:

    @Soul Champ
    Well said about Raketa’s role.
    He’s either defending for Messi or Jordi Alba. He does the dirty work for all the divas. It’s why he’s been so hard to push out.

  11. Slavonac from Canada says:

    Haha….ohhh I love this! A Partizan claiming he’s a super Hrvat eh Suba?! 100% your dida carried around his communist id, that’s how you fuckers got your apartments and homes.

    It’s always those that pound their chest the hardest that have the most to hide!

    Sve izgubili dabogda Is what your people were hoping for.

    I’m pretty damn sure behind your dida’s photo of Tudjman is a photo of Tito…cause that’s how you guys roll!

  12. Suba says:

    I have made it clear that both my grandfathers served withUstashi and you called me a non Croat today

    You still have not disclosed your family connections

    If you are to make that claim I need you to back up your background

    Do it right now or I will call you a non Croat in return

    Don’t make a call if you don’t know what it qualifies to be a real Croat and it is not based on because I disagree with your higher than thou views
    You are clearly disinformed to label all dalmatians partisans as well As I am from the zagora region

    They way you conduct yourself you are worse than a Chetnik

  13. Slavonac from Canada says:

    You’re full of shit man, you are chest pounding and I’m 100% sure you’re a lying sack of shit! No way of verifying anything on here. The chances that your family are Partizani is relatively high…but anyone can claim anything like you’re doing now! I just love how now all of a sudden you’re the biggest Ustasa in the planet…little man syndrome!

    Don’t be ashamed, it is what it is!

  14. Slavonac from Canada says:

    Yeah now everyone but you is a Cedo and your entire lineage are the biggest and baddest Ustase…probably Pavelic’s jock sniffers…that’s how close they were to him.

    I’ve seen this type of peacock display before and it’s always the same thing. You’re embarrassed, you’re trying to pretend you’re Ante Pavelic’s bastard and everyone else that you argue with is a Cetnik! We’ve seen this here on this site before.

    I’m talking to you, don’t mix all dalmatinci! You are definitely hiding something by being so defensive. Your family are most likely 91’ers…before that they were Tito loving Yugo’s!

    Bail it Suba! You started this, I’ll never back down to a cunt like you.

  15. Slavonac from Canada says:

    You are over compensating. You can’t be normal and have a normal debate and discussion, you have that guilt where you know you need to prove your supposedly soo much more Croatian than me or anyone else that your fucking dog is a certified Ustasa as well. The truth is, that’s bullshit! You are definitely hiding something and it’s usually the fact that you have communists in your family if your from that region.

    We talk soccer on here and over the course of several conversations, it’s obvious you are very narrow minded and clueless. We went from intelligent conversations to you feelin insulted because you just are clueless. That’s when you went from soccer talk to “my family lineage is better than yours”!

    Punks do that! You don’t intimidate me one bit! I know for fact you are hiding your family secrets cause that’s what a guy does when he has a small penis…he brags and says it’s huge…but we all know it’s tiny!

  16. Luka says:


    Best fuckin line of the year.

    “Honestly, you’re a retard! Your region was the most famous for Partizani…you know it, I know it, we all know it!”

  17. Slavonac from Canada says:

    This is how immature this punk is. In order for us to be Croatian, we must give some Ustasa related pozdrav?

    Suba says: “Never have I heard you say slavonac any real Croatian or ustaski pozdrav ever in this site and you decide on who is a real Croat”!

    You must be 13 years old! I’d love to see you tell anyone in Croatia they aren’t Croatian if they don’t salute the Ustasa way… damn, you’re like the gift that keeps on giving! Dumber than a sack of hammers!

  18. ElviSS says:

    Those who come here and sow
    Division are not Croats period.
    Someone might have a Partizan Dido
    But that doesn’t mean you are one. There is
    No original sin shit with this. @Suba ZDS!

  19. Maminjo says:

    Here are the facts:

    Hajdukovci suffer from victim mentality (a lot of people suffer from this, and we see it in every country we live in) where they blame those who they perceive are in power for absolutely everything, and refuse to admit or accept any responsibility for their own failures.

    Hajdukovci are hardcore football fans who support and defend their club over its biggest rival (which is a good thing) and refuse to ever talk smack about their own team (including any justified criticism of club management and executive board).

    A sizeable chunk of Splicani are socialists, but not actual Yugos. Slaven Bilic is one. He’s a pretty hardcore Croat, despite being pro-socialist. It’s hard to separate “being socialist” from “being Yugo” due to the recent history, but you can’t forget that Splicani fought and died in the war.

    If they were Communist Yugos, then 93 percent of them would not have voted in favor of Croatian independence in 1991.

    People also forget that the events that led to Croatia’s independence was the changing of the Yugoslav constitution to allow for referendums to separate. This was started by socialist Croats (who didn’t consider themselves communists) in the 60s by a series of protests that lead to the “Croatian Spring”.
    This is the reason why Croatia could legally call a referendum, and a state like Catalonia (in Spain) legally cannot.

    Anyway…I’m going off topic here, but Splicani are a little unique but are still hardcore Croatian.

    They’re culturally more dramatic and emotional than Purgeri (probably due to being more ‘Southern European’ than Purgeri, who seem to be more ‘Central European’ with their more civilized ways, greenspace, and bicycle lanes).

    This drama can be a bit immature, and is proven by the way Hajduk management have conducted themselves by being petty.

    However, the more concerning and dangerous part of these passionate Splicani is that they are very self destructive.
    The whole ““sve izgubili dabogda” comments and hoping for a National Team meltdown because of their unconditional love for Hajduk is irrational. I can respect that though, because they love their club like a mother loves their child, and their child can do no wrong. I love Hajduk but I’m not wired the same way (despite my entire family being Hajdukovci). Probably because I am diaspora and I care about the National Team above all HNL clubs. Which I why I can’t tolerate their self-destructive behavior.

  20. Stipe says:

    @ Maminjo

    That’s funny what you said. When I was younger going to Dalmacija every summer. I’m from Zadar (cela outside of Zadar).

    I asked her what the deal is with Hajduk fans and Dinamo fans. She explained it to me perfectly.

    “If you go to a bar in Zagreb wearing a Hajduk Jersey, Purgeri will just laugh at you. But, if you go to bar in Split wearing a Dinamo Jersey, they will stab you. “

  21. Slavonac from Canada says:

    Maminjo…”The whole ““sve izgubili dabogda” comments and hoping for a National Team meltdown because of their unconditional love for Hajduk is irrational. I can respect that though, because they love their club like a mother loves their child, and their child can do no wrong. ”

    you’d favor 1 child to spite of the entire family? Hajduk over Hrvatska?

    Thats the issue here. you know your kid is not doing well (club not performing well), you know the kid is stealing from you (uprava and former players), you know your kid sold family belongings for far too cheap (sold players too early and for little money), you know your kid is not credible (players and uprava under performed for 15 years at the very least)…and yet you blame little Ivan down the road for winning every single trophy and europe birth for the past 15 years because your child is incompetent? are we saying we should reward bad behaviour by having street protests, shaming Luka Modric and Dejan Lovren a day before the world cup finals…hope to God Croatia loses “sve izgubili…” and then say hey hello, my son is more important than the rest of the kids and I support him AT ALL COST and REGARDLESS OF HIS POOR CHOICES AND ACTIONS?

    Thats the whole issue here Maminjo! I’m still wondering how people can justify posting anti HNS, Anti Modric and hope we lose at the World Cup…and then call themselves some great huge PATRIOT USTASA…after all, Ustase were formed to stand up for Croatians…not for Hajduk or Torcida!

    its very simple in my eyes! Country first…unless you’re a Hajduk supporter!

  22. Stipe says:

    This is all crazy. I am a proud Croatian. I am anti Ustasa. I am from Dalmacija. My dads side from Zadar. My moms side from
    Gorski kotar. Both of my grandparents fought for the Partizani. But you what? One was 15. The other was 16. Both of my grandparents were working in the fields when the Partizani came into the cela and said “Hey you guys are coming with us”. Neither of them had a choice.

    Ante Pavelic quoting “ Muslims are the flowers of Croatia “

    Get the fuck outta here with that bullshit.

    Both my grandparents fought for the Partizani and hated them and communism. That is why my family came to America.

  23. Slavonac from Canada says:

    …stipe, nobody judging you bro! you’re Croatian like the rest of us….but maybe Suba might think you aren’t Croatian enough! his kind of people are always more patriotic and more hard core than the rest of us….except that they were all part of the communist party and got their homes and jobs from the system…but we won’t look at that!

  24. Maminjo says:

    Not everybody is country first.

    A lot of people are hardcore about their clubs. This is a lot of places.

    We’re all ‘country first’ because we are diaspora and did not grow up with inter city rivalries over there.

    Not an excuse to cheer against your country (even though Hajdukovci are really cheering against HNS)…
    But if you’ve convinced yourself that the HNS is corrupt and it has corrupted the National Team, then I guess this is expected.

    Oh well. Only Split will suffer from all this.

  25. Anonymous says:


    “Both my grandparents fought for the Partizani and hated them and communism.”

    “Neither of them had a choice.”

    Fact is they fought for atheistic communism. Communists don’t believe in God. If your grandparents believed in God they woulda fought with the Ustase.

    Your grandparents turned “Bolje grob nego rob” into “Bolje rob nego grob.”

    To this day your commies have their knee on the necks of the Croatian people, not letting them breathe, and they can only continue to get away with it because Croats have been led to believe that it’s “better a slave than a grave” by your commie people.

    Matthew 10:28
    And fear ye not them that kill the body, and are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him that can destroy both soul and body in hell.

    That’s where “Bolje grob nego rob” comes from. Did your grandparents fear the atheistic communists? Yes or No?

  26. Suba says:

    It does not matter whether your grandparents had been Partizani and their descendants are now the biggest Croatians of all time now

    I had been declared a non Croat because I was a fervent Hajduk supporter yet both my grandfathers fought for the Ustashi

    I queried the person who declared me non Croatum whom his descendants served for he refused to even answer and told another that it does not matter who served for whom during Croatia’s most difficult and darkest time

    I applaud your question anon because I was accused of lying about my granfathers and being a 91

    Some people have no shame or fear of god

  27. Slavonac from Canada says:

    Suba, you are mentally challenged…putting words in peoples mouths! you need mental help man…go see a psychologist!

  28. kmica says:

    As far as i am concerned if you have a croatian osobna iskaznica, the government considers you a citizen and you can call yourself croatian. otherwise you are just of croatian descent imo. btw if you do have one make sure you vote in the upcoming parliamentary election on july 5.

  29. Stipe says:


    My grandparents were 15 and 16. They both believed in God. My point is they didn’t want to fight. If the Ustasa came and got them before the Partizani, they woulda fought tor the Ustasa. My point they both told me they were kids, they didn’t want to fight. They were trying to get by on a day to day basis. They are from the cela. You know how it is.

  30. Anonymous says:


    Are you trying to say that because your grandparents were young it was easier for them to be kept in thrall by the terror of the partizani? So partizani were fighting to enslave the Croatian people and the Ustase were fighting to free the Croatian people. But you call yourself “anti-Ustasa”?

    There’s a little saying my Croats used to have, I’ll write in English even though it’s sounds better in Croatian, but some might not understand it, it’s, “I knew you shotgun when you used to be a handgun.”

    Did your grandparents kill any Croats for communism?

    Bog i Hrvati/Ustase



  31. Stipe says:


    I answered your question.

    Let me ask you. You agree with Pavelic saying “Muslims are the flowers of the Croatian people”

    You good with that???? If you are, go by your self a fuckin Kufi

  32. Anonymous says:


    “Za slobodu i za Dom, Hrvatski Dom.”

    1 Timothy 5:8
    But if any man have not care of his own, and especially of those of his house, he hath denied the faith, and is worse than an infidel.

    So ZDS spremni comes from there, and there is a reason why Croatia’s communist ruling class have issue with the Ustaski pozdrav, it’s because it exposes them as frauds.

    A nation is it’s people and to this day Croats say they’re a majority Catholic, so you tell me, how can atheistic communists/partizani or anti-Ustase care for the Croatian people, or the Dom if you like? They can’t, whenever they hear ZDS (something they weren’t) their shame kicks in as they remember that their families fought for atheistic communism, and if Croats are Catholic, then they can’t be partizani/communist, because communists hate Catholics.

    Mohammedans are infidels but they entered into Poglavnik dr. Ante Pavelic’s labours and fought on the right side, they fought for Croatia. Were those Mohammedans not Croats? Did you have a problem with Dario Srna representing Croatia? You could look at what Pavelic said positively if you didn’t have a hostile spirit.

    Partizani/communists are worse than infidels, a fact they’ve hid very well from the Croatian people by repeating lies about the Ustase over and over again (they had 45 years of talking shit with no opposition), just so people forget that they were the ones that fought against a people that only wanted to be free.

    Do you see why the anti-Ustasa people have to speak ill of the Ustase all the time?

    Were the Ustase facist because Italy was?

    Were the Ustase Nazi’s because Germany was?

    Was America and England communist because Russia was? Protestant America and Protestant England were all for dumping the Catholic Croats into communist Yugoslavia to be oppressed!

    I’m just keeping it real.

    Bog i Hrvati/Ustase



    That’s it for me. I’ll keep it to sport from now on.

  33. Stipe says:


    Yea and the end the Ustasa lost. I don’t give a fuck about any of this shit to be honest. I’m Croatian and I’m proud to be. Fuck communists and Ustasa and Chetniks. All this politics talk is bullshit.

  34. Anonymous says:


    Lol, it’s bullshit now! It wasn’t when you were quoting Pavelic earlier.

    Did you have a problem with Srna representing Croatia? It’d be funny if you answered no, and at the same insinuating what Pavelic said was bad! Surely you’d have to answer yes to not appear disingenuous?

  35. Suba says:

    The hypocrisy of some anon will never end

    Pavelic wanted to unite all Croats including muslimani as many served with honour in the Ustase

    It was the communist Tudjman who created the rift with muslimani and sought to split Bosnia with slobo

    A lost opportunity there

  36. Stipe says:


    Lolol What does Dario Srna have to with what were even talking about? Lol you miss him ? You got a crush on him or something? You mentioned him 3x lol

    I don’t fantasize about male soccer players like you do.

  37. Suba says:


    I think your point was muslimani are not hrvati

    Srna was one and was captain

    So yeah I have bit of a crush on him

    I love him for knowing truly who he is

  38. Anonymous says:


    Lol, you wouldn’t say that to my face you little keyboard warrior! Isn’t that what you usually say to someone that’s talking tough on a sports site?

    You know what I don’t have to do, I don’t have to make up stories to cover for my grandparents shameful backgrounds.
    Killing Croats for atheistic communism, that’s a disgusting legacy to leave behind.

    You can use your childish imagination, I’ll stick to the facts that you’ve provided in your comments.

  39. Anonymous says:


    That’s right.

    Tudjman was a piece o’ shit, and a war criminal to boot. Lucky he died when he did.

    You know some people believe that “Father” Tudjman was killed so that Croats can continue to be kept in the dark about their first president, the war criminal/communist?

    But we know what Tudjman’s people did at Bleiburg with the Croats, the seronja was a born criminal.

    Good Croats don’t need the Hague to tell us that Franjo Sranjo was a war criminal. If Praljak was one then so was his leader.

    Those Mohammedans, that entered into the labours of Poglavnik dr. Ante Pavelic and fought for Croatia when Tudjman and his partizani/communists fought against it were now being ethnically cleansed in the “Homeland war” by the those same partizani/communists, and the communist ruling class of Croatia like to ignore it like it never happened, what’s that tell ya about them?

    The communist ruling class are still talking about the Ustase and ZDS like that’s the biggest problem in Croatia today. The biggest problem is that “Father” Tudjman was a war criminal, and the communist ruling class should’ve been trying to appease the Mohammedans by classing him as one, but instead the commies showed that they couldn’t give a shit about the Mohammedans, why? Is it because their people were on Croatia’s side during wwii?

  40. Suba says:

    Slavonac has a real problem with saying an ustaski pozdrav

    Is he a fraud anon and he still has not answered whom his grandfathers served for during ww2

    He simply refuses to answer but he did say to stipe that it did not matter that his parents were Partizani

    Tudjman really sowed an untruth seed for modern croatia and all the 91ners are prescribing to this shame

  41. Slavonac from Canada says:

    This topic is far too complicated. My grandparents lost everything to Partizani and my grandfather died from typhus, his brother (my dads uncle) was eventually a hunted man after the war because he was Ustasa. My grandparents lost everything because they never joined the partija…I don’t know why I have to explain this to you or anyone although have said this here before.

    My dads went to jail at 10 years old with his mom for harbouring an Ustasa in their home. Life was hell. My father was a political thorn in the communist side and after failing to escape on a few occasions he finally got out with my mom in ‘67!

    That doesn’t make my parents better or worse than anyone else. My fathers best friend (11 years older than my dad) was Ustasa youth and felt deserted. He walked Krizni Put and survived hell, torture and many beatings and he feels he was forgotten and even ridiculed for serving his people.

    We shouldn’t brag about who’s more Croatian or who’s less, we should all just be one and united. Nothing should separate us, not region, not politics and certainly not a fucking soccer team! Many of our families had a hard life…my parents were lucky to live and see Croatia free, many people never got that!

  42. Suba says:

    Thank you Slavonac I appreciate your candour and honesty

    I will have to stop the self destructiveness comments over Hajduk and realise that Hajduk is not above croatia and my fellow Croats

    I will not hound you anymore as your answer has cleared up matters appropriately

  43. Slavonac from Canada says:

    I love soccer. I grew up loving it so much, it kinda saved me because was terrible in school. My dad would buy me magazines from the local Croatian market and I’d take the photos of all Hajduk, Dinamo, Osijek…players that were Croatian and then I’d add my other favourites like Maradona, Passarella, Gentile, Platini…my walls were covered.

    I never once knew there was a passionate difference between our clubs although I always knew there were rivalries like in all sports. I went to Poljud in 1986 when I played in Mostar, I went as a spectator and was in awe at the display from Hajduk fans, I’d never seen anything like it…not at Dinamo, not in Milan, not in Munich…it was insane watching a kid run onto the field at half time and put his scarf at centre field , do the sign of the cross and then they took him away….the fans went berserk! I always loved Hajduk uniforms and track suits, I love the dialect in dalmacija…especially by the women…I just always thought that was part of “MY” culture and not only their culture.

    Coming to this site several years ago (maybe 8 years, I can’t even remember) I started seeing people comment about political things within Croatian soccer. Vancouver is filled with Hrvati and I’ve said this Soo many times, my best friends are from Zadar and Korcula…dalmatinci…all hard core soccer players and a few really good players. We have never, not once, debated or argued over the shit we’ve argued about on this site. Believe me, I can name at least 3 really good players from here in my generation that could have made it back home in Croatia. None of our friends ever spoke with a divided Croatia tone. We went to Canadian tournaments, American tournaments and we won every tournament we went to. We went to the Toronto/Croatian tournament only once and we won every game…we had a fantastic generation…none of us were all about Split or ZG or anything like that…we all love each other’s differences and embrace them!

    I’m just a guy that loves soccer and I’m very proud to be Croatian! My kids love that their Croatian snd everybody that knows me knows me as a Croat! I’m proud of my friends that achieve in life because they’re Croatian and I always look to see where a person is from if they have any chance of having a Croatian name. We are a small country with many special people, not just athletes.

    For these reasons, I never want to offend someone like Stipe. We aren’t horses that come from better or worse pedigree. We all make our choices on how we live and who we want to be!

  44. Suba says:

    Slavonac that is a great story and you described in a fantastic and elegant manner

    Full praise to you and the manner you conduct yourself

    Keep up your insightful comments as we are all learning from you not just myself

    Man my experiences at Poljud in 86 was mind blowing too

    The Torcida have balls man

    I wish you all the best

  45. Stipe says:


    My grandparents shameful backgrounds ? You seriously just said that? I live in NJ. I’ll meet you whenever you want, New York, Astoria, wherever you lay your head at. I won’t beat you up. We could have a discussion.

    What you said about both my dead grandfathers is extremely disrespectful. You just crossed the line.

    You just said disrespectful things about my grandparents who have both passed. (RIP to both of my grandparents and RIP to my uncle Drazen. Happy Father’s days to of all of them). People who talk like you do on the internet have never been in a fight. Your a coward.

    “Anonymous” i will give you my email address, and if you do live near by, we can have a discussion. Like men do. Like I said, I live in Northern NJ, 5 mins away from the city. Lemme know how you want to this.

    For what you said about my grandparents, you crossed the line.

  46. Stipe says:

    @ Suba

    In my point of view, muslimani are not Hrvati. Not by a long shot. I’m my eyes, if your not Catholic, your not Croatian. But that’s my point of view, it doesn’t mean that’s factually correct. That’s the way I see it.

    As far as Srna being a Muslim. Whatever, I never not liked him
    ( except for his crosses ). Croatia had a Jew on the repka, Rosso, Robert Prosinečki, who is arguably one of the best players to come out of the Balkans was half Serbian. The repka had Eduardo on the team. A fuckin Brazilian. I don’t care who plays for the repka as long as they know how to play and contribute.

    Anonymous is making everything to be about Croatia and the repka. There is a difference. It’s just a sport.

  47. Suba says:

    Fair point stipe

    Although I was found Tudjman Death a little suspiciously and the halt of gotovina taking banja Luka

    What sort of deals were being god only knows but I am assured they based on titoist ideals which would have favoured Serbia in the long run

    They have half of Bosnia and we got Squat

    Did Tudjman screw up possibly

  48. Stipe says:

    @ Suba

    For anonymous to call my grandparents who are deceased, is shameful . From where I’m from, you get killed a lot less than saying something like that. I ain’t gonna hurt anyone. But he’s a fuckin asshole.
    This my whole point with Pavelic and and muslimani.

    I’m from NJ, literally 5 mins from the tunnel and bridge to Manhattan. I’ve knew people who lost loved ones to 9/11. I told you how my uncle passed away two years ago yesterday 6/20/18. He died from lung cancer. Never smoked a cig in his life and Hated the fact that I smoke. He was a fitness guy. He was one of the hundreds running from the clouds of smoke. He worked two blocks from the WTC. I believe that’s how he got sick.

    Second point: When Croatia lost to Turkey in Euro 2008. The muslimani in Bosna we’re driving around celebrating with their Turkish flags honking their horns. Fuck th all. I don’t associated with Turks or Albanians or fuckin Muslims from Bosnia. That’s. If Muslims were are brothers in ams, why were they celebrating that Croatia loss? Anonymous is a cunt for talkin about my loved ones like that.

  49. Slavonac from Canada says:

    With regards to the Muslimani topic, call me what you want but I can’t stand them. I lived in Mostar for 1.5 years and back then I never really knew much about them…they all ate pork and drank alcohol.

    During the war we went through our soldiers trained and armed theirs and they fucking back-stabbed us.

    Last year I went back to Mostar to visit the stadium I lived at and trained at and saw a few old friends…Mostar is completely divided between Hrvati and Muslimani…they’re scumbags and I believe Srna never once even thought to play for BiH. He’s originally from Metković, lots of hard core Hrvati there and one of my assistant coaches Marko Colic was from that town…I gotta think there’s some other connection to Srna playing for us.

    BiH has some really strong influence from Mujahideen now, apparently some rich carpet jockey from the Middle East wants to build a mall in Sarajevo and make it that women must cover up and it’ll be kinda religious….makes me sick to my stomach!

    Pavelic has some great ideas and like all men, he was human and made some mistakes as well. Communist propaganda is a terrible thing and Ustase were accused of things that were totally exaggerated. I’m not saying there was no wrongdoing, I’m saying there was but the commies and Serbs are masters of propaganda that smears people.

    Srna was a good man and a very good player. I respect him for choosing us and dedicating his life to Hajduk and our Repka…he could have played anywhere else if he wanted.

    There have been Croatian heroes that aren’t Catholics and there have been full blooded Croatians that are horrible humans and even worse Croatians! We aren’t born great or bad, we make those choices.

  50. Anonymous says:


    I hate partizani, what do you want me to say?

    I’m not stopping you though from being proud of your partizan grandparents even though you yourself said “fuck communists,” and your grandparents fought for atheistic communism, even though they didn’t want to, which leaves the question, why did they?

  51. Slavonac from Canada says:

    Anonymous come on man, I don’t think he’s saying that. Give the guy a break.

  52. Anonymous says:


    “If Muslims were are brothers in ams, why were they celebrating that Croatia loss?”

    Because of Tudjman’s ethnic cleansing campaign on Bosnian Mohammedans they hate Croats now, that’s why they were celebrating the fact that their Mohammedans won.

    These Bosnian Mohammedans are not Croats now though, they’re Bosnian, why do they have to cheer for Croatia? Let them cheer for whoever they want.

    If BiH was playing against Italy, Spain, Portugal, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico etc. I wouldn’t be cheering for BiH.

    Now if BiH were playing against America, Australia, England, Russia or Serbia, then I’d hope BiH won.

    You can cheer for whoever you want.

  53. Stipe says:


    I told you why they fought for the Partizani. They had no choice. One was 15 and 16. They had to fight because the Partizani rolled up to their celas. They had no choice you idiot.

    Never bring up my dead grandfathers again.

    Where do you live ? I’m just Curious. I answered your question. They fought cause they had no choice. They took my
    Grandfathers and all their horses.

    Answer me, where do you live?

  54. Stipe says:

    @slavonoc from canada

    Anonymous is a disrespectful asshole. Saying my grandfathers are shameful????

    I wish he lives in NJ NY PA

  55. Anonymous says:


    I live in Australia so you can just shut up with your “where do you live?” bullshit.

    Listen, you said “fuck Ustase,” one of my grandfathers fought with the Ustase, is he excluded from your saying “fuck Ustase”? And he fought willingly with the Ustase.

    Maybe you can explain why you said “fuck Ustase,” what did they do to your grandparents?

    I suspect you may be full o’ shit, because if your grandparents were forced unwillingly by the terrorist partizani into fighting for atheistic communism, then your anger should be directed towards the partizani and not the Ustase.
    But when you say, for whatever reason, “fuck Ustase,” the communist partizani would be in full agreement with you, and going by your saying “fuck Ustase,” I think your grandparents would’ve agreed with the communist partizani and fought willingly for atheistic communism and against the Ustase.

    When your 15/16 yrs old you listen to your parents.

  56. Stipe says:


    You live Australia????? Makes sense now. I’ve notice a lot of you Croatians in Australia think your big tuff Ustase.I guess you feel like you have something to approve. I mean anyone can be tuff while they are in the mob.

    It makes perfect sense.

  57. Stipe says:


    You live in a country/continent which is 60% or 70% white. That’s cool. Actually when I was in Croatia i fuckd a few Croatian girls from down under. Who knows, maybe you know them.

  58. Anonymous says:

    When Saul (later the Apostle St. Paul) was persecuting Christians he was told that in doing so he was persecuting Christ because they were the members of Christ’s Body, which is the Catholic Church.

    Acts 9:4
    And falling on the ground, he heard a voice saying to him: Saul, Saul, why persecutest thou me?

    It’s time these partizani/communist “anti-facists” start calling themselves what they actually were, and that is antichrists.

    The “Catholic” Croats have no fear of God and recently elected an atheist president, who went on to say that those Croats that were murdered at Bleiburg “were not Christ,” in reference to Croats calling what happened there “the way of the Cross,” Kreso Beljak went further and said what happened at Bleiburg was not a war crime.

    Proverbs 1:7
    The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.

    Is an atheist president for a majority Catholic country a wise choice? No

    Why are Croats not wise? No fear of God.

    Croats are being led by nose by antichrists, and if the blind lead the blind, we all know what happens next.

    Bog i Hrvati

  59. Stipe says:


    You were out of line for saying that stuff about my grandparents. I did say “fuck Ustasa and fuck Pavelic”. You felt disrespected because your grandfather fought for the Ustasa. I didn’t know that.

    If I have known your grandfather was an Ustasa, I would NEVER have said what you said about my grandfathers. NEVER.

    I would never have said “@anonymous. Fuck Ustasa and fuck your grandfather for being Ustasa”. I would never go down that road. I don’t have that in me to disrespect someone’s grandfather.

    Us, being Croatians, family is everything. You should know that.

    My only issue with the Ustasa was the Muslim comment. And why the hell did Itaty occupy Dalmacija??? I know what your going to say. “ stipe you don’t know what your talking about”

    One time you said my father should have taught me. Well I don’t have a father. Never had a father. So my grandfather was my “dad” that’s why i got upset with what you said.

    I’m trying to be civil, like I just said, Ustasa turned me off because of the Muslim comment and how Italy had Dalmacija. Explain the Dalmacija issue with Italy in WW2, with out being an asshole, if you want.

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