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June 22, 2020





Dinamo Zagreb have secured another Prva Liga title this weekend, despite playing to a 0-0 draw against HNK Gorica on Saturday.



A win would have secured the trophy, but the draw forced the Plavi to wait an extra day while NK Lokomotiva officially secured it for them with a 3-2 victory over Hajduk Split as well as a little help from Slaven Belupo who defeated Rijkea 1-0. The losses of Hajduk and Rijeka combined with the single point obtained by Dinamo gave the champions a 19-point lead, which mathematically is insurmountable and the Plavi are crowned champs.





Hajduk Split’s match was a tale of two halves; Mijo Caktaš managed to put his team in the lead nearly instantly with a third-minute goal. He doubled the lead in the 36th minute, but Hajduk failed to keep up the intensity and Denis Kolinger scored in first half stoppage time for Lokomotiva. Indrit Tuci tied the match in the 66th minute with a curing shot that was placed in the upper-90 of the goal, but Kolinger secured the winner in the 96th minute.





Slaven Belupo welcomed Rijeka with a 1-0 defeat on Sunday. Slaven’s lone goal came in the 29th minute from Mateus Lima.





Osijek also found victory this weekend with a 1-0 win over Inter Zaprešic. Osijek sit in third place, one point behind Lokomotiva.









Colin O'Haravić
Posted By: Colin O'Haravić 50 comments

  1. Stipe says:

    Why doesn’t anyone on this cite mention Stipe Miocic??? He’s the UFC heavyweight Champ. He has the most title defenses in the heavyweight division. And he is about to fight DC for the Third time.

  2. Miloš Hvar says:

    he’s been talked about plenty here. fight is over a month away, take a chill pill brate.

  3. Slavonac from Canada says:

    a little off topic here. I’ve been following the Italian league a bit more these last few years…for obvious reasons. When Sarri excluded Mandzukic from the team I was quite surprised to learn that. I kept looking for articles about Sarri, Juventus and other people’s opinions on that topic. I am a critic in some ways, I see what I see and based on my years of playing and coaching the sport and from learning through many other people that might think differently and alike me, tells me that Sarri is one dimensional and is incredibly stubborn.

    It seems like nowadays, some coaches expect the club to build an entire team and system based on the coaches system they envision. well… thats a pretty damn risky situation. that means the club has to think about how they can financially make changes that won’t negatively affect their overall financial state instead of hiring a coach that has the capacity and knowledge of how to utilize most of what he’s inherited! Knowing how to utilize your players and getting them to play your system and their role takes a special person.

    Usually, when we hear about good coaches, it was because they were good with not soo much financial support so they patched their holes using their knowledge and by getting their players to all buy-in to their system. Many years ago we saw it with Mourinho. He was a great strategist and could get his players to do anything he wanted of them…he was great at psychologically getting his players to believe in him and buying into their assignments. There’s many great coaches like that and probably many of them at clubs we know little about.

    Once these guys get to bigger clubs I feel like some of them lose their way and forget what made them special and they then tend to rely on money and concentrate less on coaching their teams and helping some of these players learn and adapt to new roles.

    Sarri wrote off Mandzukic immediately. I know many of you will say I’m defending Mandzukic but I’m not. Mandzukic was supposed to be a sub at Juventus. Juve bought Douglas Costa and had Cuadrado, Higuan, Dybala, Kean, Bernardeschi….all of them cost almost double the price Juve paid for Mandzukic and yet not a single one of them produced as much value as Mandzukic did….and this is not MY opinion, this is based on the club and fan perspective. His minutes played were very high, his contribution defensively and his very timely goals were immeasurable and it makes me wonder just WHAT THE FUCK is a stupid fuck like Sarri thinking when he doesn’t just limit Mandzukic’s playing time cause he’s trying to implement his own system….he completely shut him down and gave Mandzukic ZERO minutes! ZERO MINUTES to a guy that just a few months earlier got a HUGE pay raise and an extra year on his contract!

    Sarri is a typical example of a person that lost his way and has forgotten his roots, he doesn’t belong on such a pedestal as Chelsea or Juve. Sarri has coached at the professional level for 30 years and in all those years the only thing he ever won in all those years was the Europa League with a team that was worth $2.5 BILLION!!! Imagine that…being a loser for 30 years and walking into a changing room and telling one of you most valued players (most valued = cost less, plays more and contributes more) that he ain’t gonna see the field at all…not even as a substitute. the problem here is that he doesn’t know what value is because he only sees value if they are “HIS” type of player.

    why would anyone do that? this is what makes me wonder about people in high places. Juventus hasn’t scored a goal in their last 2 games…they have Higuan (brought back by Sarri), Bernardeschi, Cuadrado, Costa, Dybala, Ronaldo…all apparently better and more valuable than Mandzukic…and cost a lot more…and this fucking coach has the balls to blame their lack of results on HIS PLAYERS!

    He wants Juventus to buy him a new team! Is this coaching? I’m very shocked at how unaccountable some of these coaches can be and get away with it. I remember Avram Grant coaching Chelsea. he went like Sarri….from coaching Israeli teams to BOOM, Chelsea…then some other suckers got fooled and he was hired at Portsmouth and then West Ham…and then he was gone forever! Pep Guardiola went from the most stacked team we’ve probably ever witnessed at Barca to completely fucking Bayern after they won everything and now the same at Man City. he openly says he wants more purchases….after they spent over $1 Billion in not soo many years… to build him his team and he still has the balls to demand he needs better players.

    How much can money buy you to guarantee you a result and how much responsibility is on the coaching and the coaching staff?

  4. BZ says:

    I fear Miocic is going to lose. His eye has not recovered and he is being pressured to fight before a full recovery.

    First eye rake by Cormier should be grounds for disqualification.

    @Soul-I love Kova too, but he hasn’t EVER been part of a fluid game for our NT team. We ride with Rakitic/Vlasic, Modric, & Brozo until we fail miserably.

    @Maminjo-“Talented” is subjective. I’d say Vlasic is significantly more talented than Brekalo. Vlasic’s talent to get the shot off with precision, far surpasses anything Brekalo brings to the table. Vlasic’s mastery of the attacking midfield position is also much more valuable than the ball being glued to Brekalo’s feet (a compliment to Brekalo.)

    The Rakitic vs Vlasic decision is one of the hardest decisions Dalic will have to make. Luckily for us, it will be less important than the Petko vs Kramaric decision.

    Dalic will likely go Kramaric, but I’d go Petko as of now. Luckly, a few good games against high quality teams, will settle Petko/ Kramaric definitively.

  5. Slavonac from Canada says:

    PS…Iwrote the above comments because I saw Del Piero say this today:

    Del Piero: “Mario Mandzukic? “I would have kept him all day. For what he did & for how he does it. Juventus don’t have a player like him today.”

  6. BZ says:

    @Slav-Nice. Rooting for Lazio (or Inter) to somehow win the Serie A. Sarri deserves nothing.

    That said, no way Juve doesn’t win the Serie A. Schedule is too easy.

  7. Slavonac from Canada says:

    BZ…I’ve always preferred Lazio over Roma and Milan over Inter although I want every Croatian to do well on their respective teams.

    Inter was so close before the pandemic but they had some poor results. Lazio actually surprised me and I hope they can come through! Would be great to see someone else win it!

  8. Maminjo says:

    What’s with all the sudden talk about Sarri?

    Did something happen recently?

    Dude is a huge downgrade and probably only got the Juve gig via some sort of buddy buddy cronyism. That’s how Avram got his job, with his connections to Abramovich.

  9. Slavonac from Canada says:

    Yesterday someone asked who I disliked on the repka the most and then Caleta Car and Kramaric’s names came up.

    I saw this article today that reminded me of our talks about Kramaric.

    This was between Griezmann and Messi…they apparently got into a fist fight because Messi refused to pass to Griezmann for a sure goal.

    Argentinca i Francuza morali su razdvajati suigrači i trener Quique Setien. Griezmann se jako ljutio na Messija koji mu u jednoj obećavajućoj akciji na utakmici protiv Leganesa nije htio dodati loptu i to u prilici kada je mogao zabiti gol.

    Smatra da je to Messi napravio namjerno, što mu je i rekao, a nakon toga je nastao fizički sukob nakon kojeg Messi više uopće ne želi komunicirati s Griezmannom.

  10. Slavonac from Canada says:

    Maminjo, Del Piero made a comment about Mandzukic and its all over the soccer news…so yeah, I decided to have a spiel about it!

  11. Maminjo says:


    Cormier is totally gonna go for the eye poke, and the UFC will let it happen.

    The moment Stipe gets poked in the eye, he should immediately signal it to the ref and walk back to his corner for treatment (and not try to continue to fight).

    If it is bad, he needs to just stop the fight and have it ruled out as a ‘no contest’ for an eye poke.
    Get your fight money, and you keep your belt.

    His problem in that first fight was that he was still trying to fight back, while being poked multiple times in the eye. It left him completely open to those short uppercuts and a knockout.

  12. Stipe says:

    Miocic will be fine. I’m just worried because DC was crying after he loss the last one. Now he’s super excited for this fight.

    First fight: DC caught Stipe with a clean punch. Knocked him right out. Stipe didn’t see that punch coming. Then Dana White embarrasses Stipe by letting Brock come into the Octagon. DC should of never let that happen. DC and Stipe were friends, but that pissed Stipe off.

    Second fight. DC was manhandling Miocic the first 3 rounds. Miocic knows how to take a punch. DC hit him with brutal punches. Stipe ate each and and every one of DC punches, because he saw them coming. And Stipe’s ground game was good. As soon as Stipe caught DC with the first of many punches to the liver, game over.

    I’m worried because Dana White wants the belt off of Stipe. I guess he’s not controversial enough. Ya know, being a family man, volunteer fire fighter, all around good guy is not good enough for Dana.

    If Stipe was caught snortin blow off of a strippers ass, then Dana can do something with him. Ridiculous

  13. Maminjo says:

    Even if he doesn’t poke Stipe in the eye, the thought of an eye poke coming is enough to give DC an advantage.

    It would be funny if Stipe gave him a couple. :)

  14. Slavonac from Canada says:

    Stipe looked horrible in that 2nd fight until he started throwing body shots and Cormier seems to be able to get the better of Stipe. I’m not sure taking shots to the head is a good strategy.

    I’m hoping for Stipe and I hope he comes out with a better plan than he did last time. His win was very good but also very unexpected after seeing those first 3 rounds. He looked like a damn punching bag!

    I’ve seen almost every one of Stipe’s fights and his worst fights have been against Cormier so I hope he changes cause I don’t want to sit through him getting embarassed.

  15. Kosor77 says:

    I thought this was HNL Thread from reading the headline. That being said What will it take for Hajduk to compete with Dinamo once again? Obviously being a Hajdukovac my self I long for the days of when Hajduk and Dinamo would be 1&2 respectively at the top year in and year out. I get Dinamo has the money, the academy, etc. But I mean cmon for years Hajduk’s excuse was Mamic, Mamic, Mamic, that’s all we would hear coming out Split well guess what the Idiot is pretty much gone now so what’s Hajduk’s excuse now. Jesus Christ by the looks of it we may finish in 5th place this year that unacceptable when historically one of the biggest clubs in Croatia and frankly the only club worth giving a damn in all of Dalmacija. Just want HNL to be competitive again and not have some team called Lokomotiva that was established in 2009 HAJDUK ZIVI VJECNO!!

  16. Slavonac from Canada says:

    Kosor77, you’re new here. We’ve had this discussion almost every week for several years.


  17. Anonymous says:

    Hajduk needs to get rid of the foreign crappy midfielders they keep playing.

    Why import junk midfielders like Barry, Jradi and Eduok, when your own country does nothing but produce high caliber midfielders!?!?

    Three starting midfielders are low talent, low ceiling foreign purchases?


  18. Stipe says:

    @Slavonac from Canada

    I love Mandzukic. His effort alone is incredible. The clutch goals he scored for every club he played for is incredible. Especially when he scored two quick away goals in Madrid. But Juve got screwed at the end Buffon got a red card. He’s a warrior

  19. Soul Champ says:

    @ Slavonac

    Thank you for the article on MANdzukic.

    In general I like the way you break down the BS of soccer.

    Sarri is a chain smoking scrub. I erroneously thought that Kovačić would thrive, but realized his system is soul stunting.

    This whole system cult worship is not what sport is about.

    Have a frame work and maximize your talent pool.

    Him and peder pep can go fuck themselves .. together.

    Even Conte realizes that he has to accommodate Eriksen a bit to bring out his best.

    Mandžukić transcends systems.

    He hunts for the club and brings back fresh goals to eat.

    Beast run from Rebić today.

    Another Example of let the man do his wild thing.

  20. Slavonac from Canada says:

    Hahaha…Wild Rebic:)

    He did very well on that counter attack goal. He cut in front of that last defender and took the ball to his right side which gave the guy 2 options. Let Rebic go snd hope he misses or chop him, most likely get a penalty and a red card.

    Well done by Rebic!

  21. Maminjo says:

    Sarri liked Kovacic, but Sarri is your typical dumb Italian who doesn’t even know how to speak English.

    He probably liked Kovacic only because he could speak Italian.

    Either way, he didn’t use Kovacic well and Kovacic didn’t have a good year with Sarri at the helm.

    Lampard was a huge upgrade for Kovacic.

  22. Anonymous says:

    Today is the anniversary of Operation Barbarossa.
    The battle to destroy Bolshevism. May the Hrvati
    who fell there never be forgotten.

  23. Suba says:

    Congratulations to Dinamo and to all those Dinamo fans

    Fantastic achievement keep up the good work

    Saw the Rebic goal and it was a very typical Rebic goal wasn’t it

    Or was it Ronaldo that drove Mandzo out hmmmm rather Sarri case

  24. Slavonac from Canada says:

    The shot was good but did you see how he quickly reacted to settle the ball?! That was 100% instinct with no time to even think. Watch how he settles that ball and brings in down.

  25. Slavonac from Canada says:

    Damn Italian ma said our defense were slow and we weren’t organized. They ridiculed Bilić because he had kind of a stutter issue and they posted it in the newspaper. Apparently almost brought Bilić to tears.

    It’s a decent video if you can understand Croatian!

  26. Colin O’Haravić says:

    Did I hear someone ask what Hajduk needs to succeed?? Leadership. It all starts at the top. Why did Hajduk bring back Tudor as coach (AGAIN)? Why can’t Hajduk hang on to a coach for consecutive seasons? Why can’t Hajduk produce young players and utilize them for talent, and later, as funds? Because of poor leadership. It’s gotta start at the top. Hajduk is misguided. Hajduk still relies on its status in the community and its Legendary legacy from the past as its greatest asset. Hajduk could easily be the top team in Croatia if it had someone with an actual vision leading the team from the top. The Dinamo-Hajduk rivalry could be top 10 In Europe if Hajduk lives up to its potential, but it’s a revolving door of coaches, mediocre foreign players, and lack of enthusiasm from top management.

  27. Canuckcro says:

    How can an elite MMA fighter like Daniel Cormier be so fat and flabby?
    It’s like the streets a fat feral cat cornered will do anything to get an eye scratch..poke..we are talking ghetto riff raff ..don’t be a fool..thank god I don’t live in a rust belt us city..just shoot me..I’m being nice.

  28. Anonymous says:

    Miocic will fight like a rabid dog against the dirty fat cat ..and it will be a farewell to tuff fatso.who can’t win’s gona be a nightmare for cormier ..stipe is mad and porky will be knocked out within an Inch to his life.End of story.stipe retires with the toughest best record a fighter ever achieved in history.,!!!!No mob fixed fights imo marciano.yebiga.

  29. Anonymous says:

    “Why did Hajduk bring back Tudor as coach (AGAIN)?”

    No other options. It’s Hajduk, no decent coach would want to go there if he can help it.

    “Why can’t Hajduk hang on to a coach for consecutive seasons?”

    Coaches quickly get sick of the place and it’s filthy corruption.

    “Why can’t Hajduk produce young players and utilize them for talent, and later, as funds?”

    Because Hajduk players play for pay, they got no guts, also they dream about playing for Dinamo while going through the motions with corrupt Hajduk.

    Also the Hajduk vs Dinamo rivalry is nothing but contrived crap, it’s not even a rivalry Dinamo gives a shit about. It’s insulting to Dinamo to even call it a rivalry.

    Hajduk are never going to do anything, they got no guts, there tortilla fan club are idiots for even folliwing such a corrupt club. Hajduk really give the HNL a bad name with all their corruption.

  30. Stipe says:

    Daniel Cormier looks like a fat ass.

    Don’t let that fool you. He looks like a fat ass. But he’s quick. He as awesome striker. And on top of that his ground game (wrestling) is fantastic.

    He is one few people to be champions in two different weight classes. Conor did that as well.

    I hope Stipe beats him and retires. Stipe would have nothing left to prove. But I’m worried about Dana white. And also DC poking Stipe’s eye out.

    It’ll be close fight. It’ll be go all five rounds.

  31. Stipe says:

    @ Slavonac from Canada

    Thank you for posting that link for that video. I can’t believe I’ve never seen it before. It was great. I remember I was 9 years old when we beat Italy in 1995 in Palermo. I was watching in an Italian bar.

    This is typical Croatia.

    November 1994 Croatia 2-1 Italy
    March 1995 Croatia 4-0 Ukraine
    March 1995 Croatia 0-0 Lithuania What the hell???? Lmaooo

    Gotta love qualifiers!!!!!!

  32. BZ says:

    @All – 100% Dana doesn’t want Stipe to win. Nobody likes
    Stipe except solid dudes.

    Cornea Cormier is not much of an upgrade as far as Pay Per View sales.

    …but a Miocic loss means Miocic is out of picture, and Dana can get 1 step closer to his dream of Nigannou vs Leznar.

  33. Maminjo says:

    Dana White is the same type of guy as Vince McMahon.

    He likes huge marketable guys who can work a microphone.

    Cormier is fat, but he can work a microphone and talk well. Ngannou is just a massive steroid-infused freak, and has an intimidating presence with the few words that he does speak.
    Brock Lensar (lol) is just a steroid-infused wrestler, who is best suited for WWE…but his freakish Aryan look and smack talk, is what Dana loves about him (despite the fact that Lesnar would be killed in the octagon by any of these heavyweights).

    Dana (like Vince) likes the whole circus freakshow of massive dudes fighting in the ring, who are able to promote it well with all the smack talk leading up to the fight.

    Everyone knows that a Ngannou vs Lesnar fight would last less than 30 seconds, with Ngannou knocking Lesnar out…but people still want to see the freak show (believe it or not).

    MMA purists don’t wanna see that trash, and they would rather see a technically skilled boxer and wrestler (in Stipe) take down a powerful striker (in Ngannou) in a multi-round fight. Unfortunately, there are more people who would rather go to the circus.

    Stipe is just a run-of-the-mill regular good guy firefighter from boring ol’ Euclid Ohio. People can barely understand his slurred speech, and he never talks smack about anyone. He’s not what Dana deems as marketable, despite Stipe being the most complete fighter out of anyone in the Heavyweight division.

    This is why Stipe gets tons of respect from other fighters and true MMA fans…but the WWE wrestling fans who watch MMA part time are the ones who don’t care for him (along with Dana) and would rather see Lesnar charge the octagon from the audience with a steel chair.

  34. Stipe says:

    @ Maminjo

    Your right

    When Stipe fought Ngannou, going into that fight, Dana was hyping up Ngannou like crazy. Stipe outsmarted Ngannou. If you re watch that fight, there’s a point in the 5th round when Stipe was just having his way with Ngannou, the camera was on Dana White and Dana looked so pissed cause he wanted Ngannou to win. And when Stipe won, he didn’t let Dana White put the belt on him ( which is what traditionally is done ) he told his coach to put the belt on him.

    It reminds me of Croatia’s World Cup run. We beat Argentina. Post game interviews, they don’t even mention Croatia. When Croatia beat England, post game interviews, they talk as if Croatia wasn’t even in the game and didn’t even play. I hate that shit

  35. Soul Champ says:

    Raketa with the game winner and season saver!!

    Farca can puši kurac.

    Classic Rakitic play .. aggressive steal .. one two with Messi .. composed left foot touch .. right foot shot over the keeper.

    Scapegoating Rakitic for offensive ineptitude by the whole squad?

    Jebi ga .. Rakitic his holding all the cards.

    Let him go or stay either way his Croatian balls are intact.

  36. Razbijač says:

    @ Maminjo

    What Stipe could do is develop a touch of “showmanship,” talk smack, and hype himself up. No one is saying for him to distance himself from his humble Ohio-Hrvat roots….

    But what he can do is go into character and work the microphone, for the sake of marketability. All the great fighters had a flair for stagecraft, clever lines, and catch phrases.

    If he did this he would be the complete package: he would satisfy MMA purists in being a technically outstanding fighter. While satisfying those who crave drama, hype, and excitement such as Dana White and the casual MMA fan.

  37. Anonymous says:

    Stipe turning into Connor lite all of a sudden would be Disastrous for him.
    People aren’t stupid,they would know it’s all a contrived act and he would look like a fool.
    Better for him to let his hands and feet do the talking shut his mouth and ride off into the sunset with class when he retires …something Dana white has never had!

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