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Rakitić Scores Game Winner For Barcelona

June 23, 2020


Messi giving Rakitić a huge hug after his winner



This is the kind of hug you get from Lionel Messi when you score a 71st minute winner in a 1-0 victory as you’re tied on points with hated rivals Real Madrid with only eight matches left in the season.



Ivan Rakitić came off the bench in the 64’ and scored seven minutes later in a 1-0 win over Athletic Bilbao Tuesday night. Barca now have a 3-point lead on Real Madrid for the La Liga crown. FC Barcelona fans have been hating on Rakitić for the past few seasons – but somehow – he keeps on delivering the goods. Keep on hating guys, just keep on hating. Rakitić is doing all of this at 32 years old.





Ante Kvartuč
Posted By: Ante Kvartuč 64 comments

  1. Anonymous says:

    Well done leader of men Djokovic, and his minions Coric and Cilic, for getting the covid-19 up and going again in Croatia because of Djokovic’s stupid tournament.

    Is it true that a 5 year old girl died of covid-19 because of the 3 aforementioned motherfuckers, I heard something quickly on the news but missed the start of it?

  2. Suba says:

    Covid was the only thing to eject that mofo out of Zadar and it’s keeping the rest of Serbs out too

    I don’t mind this Covid thing

    He probably did it to screw up our tourist season too he is such a self centred centred attention seeking Chetnik

    I guess they will have to drop someone to bring raketa back in the fold at Farca

  3. Anonymous says:


    There are Croats that like this covid-19 in Croatia as well.
    With no tourist season Croatia’s economy will take a massive hit and people will get to see what the communist/”antifacist” ruling class have been doing for 30 years besides robbing the people blind.
    No industry, young people already leaving Croatia to clean toilets in Austria, Germany etc.

    Black and arab Mohammedans coming into a country where there is no work is suspicious (and they’re not passing through, they’re staying). There is a school of thought out there that the Mohammedans are plotting revenge for what communist Tudjman and his Serb buddy Slobo did in Bosnia (ethnic cleansing of Bosnian Mohammedans). Makes sense to me. I only hope that good Croats (pravaši) don’t get sucked in to any future conflict with the Mohammedans and die for something the communists and Serbs caused, but rather sit that one out and just live their lives. That should be a Serb and commie fight, let them die in it and don’t fight for those bastards like they did in the “Homeland war.” They fooled the Croats (pravaši) once, shame on them, to get fooled twice, shame on the Croats (pravaši).

  4. Shupak Shakur says:

    Fucking Djokovic – what an ass.

    The only reason Miocic-Cormier is happening for the 3rd time is that both fighters are well past their prime, on their way out, and currently, and I stress, currently, could not come close to beating anyone in the top 10.

    They will both retire after this.

    Guess the Mandzukic-Lewandowski debate is over for good.

    What’s going on with the new national stadium?

    Let’s hope FIFA pulls the World Cup from Qatar, awards it to the USA, and Rakitic, Modric come here for their last tournament.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Stop and think before posting almost no kids Have died from Wuhan virus certainly not within less then a week of exposure, incubation period is longer then that so no it’s not true that a 5 year old died because of The tennis tournament.

  6. I served my time in jail and now I am a changed man. Any donation would be appreciated by any true Croat here to help a fellow Croat in need. I’m helping children in DR with supplies for schools. My goal is $3,000. Please help and god will be good back to you. Pozdrav svima iz NJ

  7. Iggy says:

    WTF were our tennis guys doing in Novak’s tourney?

    Now Coric has tested positive for COVID, prolly gonna get lung scarring and ruin his career all so he could go clubbing with Djokocunt in Belgrade? WTF???

  8. Anonymous says:


    Not only that, if anyone dies of this wave of covid-19 brought into Croatia by Djokovic and his minions (Cilic & Coric) those deaths will be on their hands. Fucking meatheads.

  9. Anonymous says:

    I’ve heard stories of old ladies in Croatia being arrested and fined for simply selling onions and other vegies at the markets.

    What’s going to happen to these meathead tennis players?

  10. Suba says:

    This is a disaster who the fuck in the relevant authorities thought this was a good idea

    People should resign or be sacked over this bungled tournament

    Absolute disgrace

    Austrians now won’t be coming and then the Germans

    When we are going to stop being fuckin yugoslavs

    Milanovic can’t even follow simple protocols

    What a fuckin moron

  11. ElviSS says:

    I almost put on a black t shirt this morning but thank goodness
    I came to my senses and realized someone could mistaken me
    for an Ustasha. Needless to say I put it down and took a knee.

  12. Iggy you stupid cunt, Coric never went to play in Serbia. He played only in Croatia. What drugs are you taking ? These guys are dying to play tennis that is how they get paid. The Bulgarian Dimitrov caused it by bringing the Covid from Serbia where Troicki got it also. Don’t blame him for partying when he wasn’t with that group in Serbia and neither was cilic .. stupid uneducated seljak

  13. Kruno says:

    Thank you for posting this awesome praise of RAKITIC! Just a few days ago, some (French) bozo was criticizing him on ESPN and why Barcelona wasn’t playing Greizmann! Rakitic keeps on delivering the goods.

  14. Medo says:

    Marijan I’m a false Croat ,wish I could help.
    You might have better luck at a busy intersection holding up a sign that says “Not gonna lie…I just wanna get high!”

  15. rob says:

    Djokovic is full of shit. He donates 1 million Euros to help serbs with Covid but then again gave nothing for Croats and sets up this dumb tennis tour in Zadar for solidarity between serbs and Croats. He is just trying get Croatian support for beating Federer’s record of 20 grand slam tennis titles that’s all.

  16. Maminjo says:

    Novak is rich and probably wants to live in Croatia during the summer months.

    You think he would live in Beograd?

  17. Anonymous says:

    Novak is poor even though he has great riches. This is something the diaspora can never undestand.

    Bog i Hrvati



  18. Soul Champ says:

    MF Luka Modric, 8 — Stole the ball more than once to begin a Real Madrid attack and provided Vinicius with the assist for the opener

    This dude is a pro’s pro.

    He is good for 70 minutes for us over the next two tournaments.

    Dalic needs to make them count.

  19. Medo you cunt it’s for children. I used to do those things before scamming people but I served my time in jail in NJ i am a new man now. DR is where I wanna be. I’m not allowed to enter Croatia or I will be arrested.

  20. Shupak Shakur says:

    Google “Marijan Pavisic” and find the Croatian thread on him that pops up back in 2014.

    You’ll find comments from Ziva Istina, Ante B, Nepoznat, Bobby V, and others about him – roughly 3/4 of the way down.

  21. Fuck u guys. You are not real Croats just fake ones born in USA, Canada or Australia. If you want to be a real Croat you are giving catholic who donate to children in need. I am organizing this so my family in Dominican Republic can help the children there who need this more than you need your karlovacko beer. Donate $100 each and I will personally hand sign authentic Croatian jersey and send each and every one of you who donate with your favorite soccer players name on the back. Let’s take a vote who will donate from here.

  22. Lovro says:

    1. GS Croatia is owned by Marijan “Mario” Pavisic. He is also owner of the internet clothing store for Croatian apparel and merchandise called CroPride or Cromall.
    These days I am not sure anymore. They are knock off items made in China for cheap and then brought here for a similar price tag that of the real thing. I have plenty of friends who have had bad experiences with his companies. For example, I heard a story once said he never received the croatian Jacket he ordered. 4 months later when they ran into other Marijan had said his company was very busy and he would get it to him asap. 4 month…
    He also gives away free clothing with GS Croatia logo printed all over it. Sadly they do not last very long as one of his hats I saw was already coming apart within the first week. (No exaggeration).
    He promises stuff he cant keep. His business is basically a sham. I think I once saw the Drazen Petrovic jersey on his site for nearly $80. I knew it would be a knock off and I heard it very well was… I found a more reliable Nets Petrovic jersey that is in a great condition for the same price.
    Do not trust him…
    Also, here is something I found that was being sent around the Cro Community.
    August 6, 2013 at 7:15 AM

  23. Soul Champ says:

    This dude is a self hating Hrvati super star.

    Pandemic got you strapped and you come here pan handling?

    Thanks for the visit down memory lane đubra.

  24. Soul Champ says:

    On a Luka Modrić note:

    Luka Modric – 7.5/10

    Luka Modric is still delivering some standout performances in his mid-thirties. The Croatian was excellent in the first half helping Los Blancos move the ball vertically and creating danger in the Mallorca’s half.

    Modric’s vision found Vinicius with a fantastic through ball that the Brazilian converted with a lovely chip over the goalkeeper. The former Balon D’or winner had a 93 percent pass accuracy, two dribbles completed, and two tackles in the match.

  25. Zvonko says:

    Haha, nothing funnier than someone who sucks at being a scam artist.

    Marijan, change your name, you idiot, and go to a Serbian website. Kobilo.

  26. Medo says:

    Marijan I’m not a cunt but I’ve been labeled an A HOLE many times.TRUE Croats don’t BEG…we would rather starve than come on a site and plead for donations.
    I was 8 years old and stole pop bottles from the neighbors back yard to fund my pin-ball addiction.
    My old man found out and left me black and blue…no more thieving for me ,I had to find a new route.
    A few beatings in your early years could have possibly saved your name and what little pride you have left.

  27. Anonymous says:

    Marijan is a fraud king. He also is not living the ZDS lifestyle by dating a Dominican.

  28. Stipe says:

    I really rooting for Kovačić. When he’s on, he’s remarkable. But if he’s not, it’s like what’s he doing?? Strange. Maybe he relies to much on Luka and Raketa. Even Broz was starting. But he doesn’t complain, comes off the bench and plays

  29. Djingovic says:

    What about when Djokovic said he was supporting Croatia in the World Cup. Lewandowski is the best striker in the World while Mandzukic was alright.

  30. Kobilo says:

    I remember Marijan. Guy had a five year old son when he was sent to prison.

    Dude weighed almost 400 pounds. Ass definitely took a pounding in the clink.

  31. Kobilo says:

    I’m going to send a guy money who tells me I’m fake and to fuck off.

    Where did I put my checkbook?

  32. Kobilo I never called you fake brate.. send the money it will be greatly appreciated by the kids.. $100 and you will get a cro Jersey let me know size you need

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