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Zoran Mamić Returns As Dinamo Coach

July 7, 2020





Zoran Mamić is beginning his third stint as manager for Dinamo Zagreb after the departure of Igor Jovicević on Monday.



The club did not specifically state if Mamić will be on board for a permanent stay, but is confirmed to be in charge of the team for the remaining three matches.



In a statement, the club said, “GNK Dinamo hereby informs the public that in the remaining three games of the Croatian Telecom First Division until the end of the 2019/20 competition season the Dinamo first team will be led by the club’s sports director Zoran Mamić”.



Mamić stated in a press conference on Tuesday, “The situation is such that we must not rush into a decision and allow ourselves the wrong step. European competitions are very close and we know how much it means for Dinamo and Croatian football to play in European competitions. With these three games until the end of the season, we will have time until the final decision on who will lead Dinamo in the next season.”



Mamić had a successful run with Dinamo during he tenure with the club from 2013 to 2016 and was also Dinamo’s longest-ever tenured coach. During this time, Dinamo clinched three league championships, a group stage appearance int he Champions League and in the Europa League, and earned a historic victory of England’s Arsenal FC. Mamić was also interim coach of the club twice in 2013. One of these interim stints became permanent.




Colin O'Haravić
Posted By: Colin O'Haravić 90 comments

  1. Slavonac from Canada says:

    I’m not happy with this choice but it is what it is.

    Zoran was charged with a crime and I don’t like seeing him behind the bench. Does this mean he will effect Hajduk…NO…to me its just immoral they’d chose him.

    Apparently he paid his due’s to society by paying some hefty fines returning money but I really don’t know and I don’t care.

    Dinamo fired Bjelica, one of the best coaches to have ever coached that club. In my opinion, that is self destruction and will come back to bite them in the ass. For anyone thinking Dinamo “LET” Dinamo lose recently, just to spite Hajduk is definitely one of those long time conspriacy theorists that never put blame on the shitty coaches and club personnel mat Hajduk. They’ve never spent a day wondering and and why that club became soo dysfunctional in almost every portion of how they operate….they’re the clowns that go protest on the streets of Split and during our National team games complaining about the HNS and Suker….while we openly see Dinamo has issue internally and for some fucking reason, this issue includes Hajduk….otherwise Colin wouldn’t have alluded to what he did yesterday!

  2. Maminjo says:

    It’s bad because I don’t want any reason for our National Team to be affected by the BBB and Torcida.

    Zdravko was charged and he’s off in BiH now (possibly for the rest of his life). Zoran coming back makes it seem like he is operating on behalf of his brother.

    This gives pissed off fans any excuse to claim that the Mamic family is still corrupting Dinamo, and the National Team, and we need to ‘Bojkot’ and get our National Team kicked out of the next Euros or World Cup.

    The media will eat this up and try to promote the instability (like Index did with all their ‘Bojkot’ banners on their site) and it could affect Euro 2021 and WC 2022.

    Stupid risk to take by Dinamo.

    If the Mamic bros are still involved, keep it behind closed doors.

    The National Team and Dinamo are doing very well (so is the HNL as a whole) and the fans have reconciled with the team. Don’t parade yourself out there and take unnecessary risks. Most of these corrupt football leaders across Europe don’t do this.

  3. Slavonac from Canada says:

    “If the Mamic bros are still involved, keep it behind closed doors.

    The National Team and Dinamo are doing very well (so is the HNL as a whole) and the fans have reconciled with the team.”

    there was no difference from before and now. the difference is that all the anti Modric and anti HNS clowns got washed out and then tried to reappear as if they’re Hrvatska’s biggest supporters. All you have to do is go back to our own forum and then look at people like “Mr Twitter” who wrote very aggressive and anti HNS articles right up til the day before the World Cup and you’ll surprisingly see their supportive comments all over Ante’s CroatianSports Facebook comments today!

    I get really pissed off at some people who write articles here (yesterday from Colin) because they don’t realize how much they contribute to the division of Croatians. I saw a few comments back in 2018 from people I know here in Vancouver. They know jack shit about soccer and even less about the politics within Croatian soccer….and yet they were hating on the HNS, hating on Modric and hating on Lovren….IT MADE ME SICK!

    I came close to calling one of the girls I know and telling her off! Her family are from Korcula, they know ZERO about anything soccer related and yet I saw her and several of her friends calling our team sramota and same with her comments about Modric.

    Where do you think they learn all this anti Modric/HNS/Lovren stuff?! Right here, on this site and Facebook Crosports…because of the HEAVY HAJDUK INFLUENCE and the very unaccountable bullshit spread by people here!

    Whats worse is Kvartuc’s friend got his Bosnian Serb buddy to write a hit piece on Croatian soccer and several articles were written very similarly after that article…Imagine someone saying they love Croatia and also posting on Twitter that he’s an expert on Croatian soccer…writing hit pieces against our team and captain and then showing up in Russia saying he’s one of us…..anti HNS, anti Modric and LOVES HAJDUK!

    any dalmatinac thats a casual viewer and Croatian might believe the bullshit spread because things weren’t going well for Hajduk and they had an alibi in Mamic and Dinamo and Modric…..

    nothings really changed. Dalic was chosen by Mamic, Dinamo are still run by Mamic and Hajduk are still dysfunctional….and people like Colin need to startup more fucking bullshit and stir new rumours because thats what this site does!

  4. Stipe says:

    @Slavonac frI’m Canada

    Is he as bad as his brother. ???

    Why would they bring him in? What’s their reasoning?

  5. Slavonac from Canada says:

    honestly… he is an idiot like his brother but this is a club decision, not a public decision.

  6. Maminjo says:

    I guess they don’t want to spend any money on a coach for a season they already won, then regroup in the summer when there are more coaching options.

    Which makes it weird as to why they would fire this Jovićević guy, since there are only a few games left.

    Maybe there were some issues within the squad, with players still loyal to Bjelica and they were not listening to Jovićević?
    Who knows.

  7. Maminjo says:

    Hmmm. Reading the Croatian portals now.

    Apparently, Dinamo is trying to get Prosinečki as coach.

    I just checked his transfermarkt profile, and his current contract with that Turkish team runs out on three weeks.

    This may actually be the reason for the Jovićević firing.

    Getting Žuti would be a great move actually. Damn.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Slavonac, your “Mr Twitter” was personally telling me in the weeks/months before the World Cup that he had a good feeling about this team, and to expect good things and he thought they’d go surprisingly far in the tournament.
    I on the other hand was skeptical and nervous, having gotten my hopes up too much in the past. It doesn’t jive with your obsessive narrative of some anti-repka agent spreading hate and propaganda. He was bought in to the Mamić conspiracy theory stuff, but NEVER himself rooted for anything but success of the repka.

  9. Slavonac from Canada says:

    Anonymous, my “Mr Twitter” comments were about his anti Modric, anti HNS comments…thats what I wrote. I also wrote that he “all of a sudden” became a supporter of the team, even though he was posting those articles. I never said he didn’t think the team would do well…it didn’t matter to me that he thought they’d do well or not well…he was busy diving people and promoting anti HNS and anti Modric propaganda and the surprising part to me is….how can you be both anti Modric/HNS and also a supporter?

  10. Anonymous says:

    It’s reasonable and easy to both think aspects of something aren’t right or are messed up or need fixing, and still love and support it. Whether it be your team, your family, kids, or an organization.
    You may have never said he didn’t think they would do well, but you have said he “suddenly” only became a supporter just before the WC final. Other than agreeing with you that spreading or contributing to division via dissemination of propaganda and conspiracy theories is not cool, you are way off on your characterizations of him. You previously said that you were done with your vendetta against him, and yet here you are all spooled up again. He didn’t do anything that the rest of the administration of this website is guilty of. Heck, they even gave Holiga himself a forum and voice on here (along with allowing the constant crap from a variety of posters that just stirred up shit like Ziva).

  11. Maminjo says:

    Honestly, the players should all be off limits.

    These are kids in their early 20s who are worried that their careers could end by making one wrong decision, and they’re surrounded by people telling them that everything they’re signing is fine.

    You can’t go after Modric, and not go after Srna and Pletikosa for doing much worse. Those guys (along with Stimac) circumvented millions of dollars going to Hajduk.
    Despite this, I don’t blame them. Stimac was a mafijas and they were dealing with bigger mafijasi in Ukraine. Not an easy situation to be in as a 21 year old.

    I’m not sure what Modric is guilty of, other than not being a narc. It’s how business was done back then, but it’s slowly changing in the right direction.

    I highly doubt that most of these BBB and Torcida fans would do anything different if they were in the same situation.

    In the end, these players became NT players who made the country proud.

    No need in trying to tear everything down just because it isn’t perfect right at this moment. It’s getting there, and the results are starting to show (better quality HNL, teams with more financial stability, players being paid on time, more youth development, National Team results, etc).

  12. Anonymous says:

    He’s not calling “them” out. He’s obsessing over one guy and misrepresenting the man and his intentions and character. Mr Twitter shouldn’t have been spreading or airing this stuff in non Croat forums (or perhaps on this site either for that matter), but Slavonac is spreading falsehoods about the guy only being a fan overnight, and some anti Croat agent. Again, why not go after Holiga, or “walk off the field” Kvartuc, or the daily shit posters or agitators? Why the obsession and campaign against one guy?

  13. Slavonac from Canada says:

    Anonymous…I saw Colin’s article yesterday “What is even going on”…he goes on to say this: “Dinamo Zagreb have already clinched the title, but it also may appear to some they are trying to influence who gets the second spot.”

    The only people here that I can recall putting up conspiracy theories on this site and the Facebook site are the same group of people from recent history.

    Yes, I probably shouldn’t include “Mr Twitter”, he hasn’t done anything to spark my frustration but I do group these guys together…they’re the leaders of this site and some are their “expert” guests!

    you said: “Heck, they even gave Holiga himself a forum and voice on here”…so did Mr Twitter!

  14. Slavonac from Canada says:

    Anonymous….let me answer this clearly. you said: “but Slavonac is spreading falsehoods about the guy only being a fan overnight, and some anti Croat agent”

    I questioned how Mr Twitter could on the week of July 15th, 2018 post anti Modric and anti HNS articles…and then on July 15th show up in Russia and support the team.

    That is what happened, this is even what he admitted to on this site and this is what I question. How can you spew anti HNS today and tomorrow show up and say you’re a fan???

  15. A1 says:


    You have it wrong. SlAvonac will call them all out And he challenges them all. Most of them run away and won’t respond.

  16. Slavonac from Canada says:

    I’m not against Anonymous I just want him to see what I see and as Maminjo said above…

    from Maminjo: “You can’t go after Modric, and not go after Srna and Pletikosa for doing much worse. Those guys (along with Stimac) circumvented millions of dollars going to Hajduk.
    Despite this, I don’t blame them. Stimac was a mafijas and they were dealing with bigger mafijasi in Ukraine. Not an easy situation to be in as a 21 year old.

    I’m not sure what Modric is guilty of, other than not being a narc. It’s how business was done back then, but it’s slowly changing in the right direction.

    I highly doubt that most of these BBB and Torcida fans would do anything different if they were in the same situation.

    In the end, these players became NT players who made the country proud.”

    The insinuation is that our NT members are criminals because they didn’t go against one when in fact, its not that easy to do!

  17. Anonymous says:

    I don’t disagree with anything you are saying, other than your obsessive singling gets out of Ante Z, and attempting to paint him as an anti Croat agent up until the World Cup final. As I said, plenty worse than anything he did has been going on for years on here, yet he’s the one that you have a vendetta against. He bought into the conspiracy theories, but (as “walk off the field” Ante is too) is, and always has been a supporter. He probably shouldn’t have been airing any of the family business on non Croat forums, but he is not what you keep making out to be. He was never one of the “sve izgubili” crowd, but he and others on this site (such as Ante K) were upset by what they believed at the time (wrong or not) as corrupt forces negatively influencing our repka.

    I refuse to sign in on this website until they make us; because the chaotic lack of oversight of the comments in here has made it a forum for the very divisiveness that you complain about, as well as a general shit show of racist and other postings meant to only agitate and divide. This has long been a problem. That doesn’t mean nobody can talk about or have a discourse about contradicting views. I’m as mad as you when I see stuff on here and other places that is meant to divide us, but I don’t take it all out on one guy that posted links to articles and such.

  18. Slavonac from Canada says:

    Anonymous….let me answer this clearly. you said: “but Slavonac is spreading falsehoods about the guy only being a fan overnight, and some anti Croat agent”

    I questioned how Mr Twitter could on the week of July 15th, 2018 post anti Modric and anti HNS articles…and then on July 15th show up in Russia and support the team?

    Anonymous, are you going to respond to this because this is what I described him as…one day writing and circulating articles and the next day he’s in Russia, apparently supporting our team!

    you gonna answer?

  19. Slavonac from Canada says:

    ok…you responded.

    you said: “I refuse to sign in on this website until they make us; because the chaotic lack of oversight of the comments in here has made it a forum for the very divisiveness that you complain about, as well as a general shit show of racist and other postings meant to only agitate and divide.”…and I agree with everything you’ve said.

    my issue now is the article from yesterday from Colin. why are we going back to conspiracies? doesn’t that divide us?

  20. Anonymous says:

    I have no idea if what you’re claiming or the dates are even accurate or true. Even if it was true, posting anti HNS or Modrić critical articles doesn’t make him a non supporter of the team, or some sort of nogometni Udbaš.
    You may have always been a big fan of the Savez, but most people thought it was clear for years that they were shady at best.

  21. Anonymous says:

    And yeah, I’m with you on the Colin article.
    Croatians LOVE conspiracy theories. I wish it wasn’t the case, and it shouldn’t be a main “food for thought” on an article on here.

  22. Slavonac from Canada says:

    I saw his Twitter account and he was posting them the week up to and the day before the finals so yes, it shocked me…especially considering the fact we were playing in the finals.I never mentioned Udbas, those are your words.

    to me, the savez means the players…I don’t even follow who’s who behind the scenes unless it gets posted as an article somewhere. so yes, the players I do not go against…especially not for a boycott or to protest a president or member of the organization otherwise we can easily go back to what Maminjo said and include Pletikosa, Srna, Stimac…but we know that never happened!

  23. Slavonac from Canada says:

    I’ll be the first to support our own and I never look at what part of Croatia a person is from before I do that. Its unconscionable for me to think I’d shit talk a player for his very personal experience with his agent and especially if he doesn’t want to make it public, like Dudu did! I am stubborn, I can’t even fathom the thought that I’d recycle Holiga’s article about Modric and the HNS a day before we play for it all! to me, thats not being a supporter, thats half assed supporting in case they win and also ready to keep recycling “The Sad State of Croatian Football and anti Modric” articles in case we lose…so you can hopefully get more people to read your shit!

  24. Anonymous says:

    Fine, you never said Udbaš, but that is exactly what you have been suggesting. Some sort of agent that represents himself as a Croat, but in reality is working to divide and take down Croats.

    I think most would not think savez means players. Most when they hear savez picture Šuker, previously the likes of Mamić, Štimac, Marković… the board members and administration, not the players per se

  25. Anonymous says:

    As I said Slavonac, I’m very much with you on most of this. My disagreement is with making Ante Z the poster boy for your anger, and repeatedly alleging he only became a supporter on the day of the final, whilst previously working to undermine and root against the repka.

  26. Slavonac from Canada says:

    Anonymous…ok…so my last argument about this.

    you ever heard the saying “who needs enemies when you have friends like that”?

    thats kinda like what I mean about a person that spreads articles of Holiga and helps a Bosnian Serb write one about the state of Croatian football….technically, you are right…he probably hoped Croatia won but to me I can’t imagine winning without Modric and Lovren in our lineup…and he had it out for them…because of their allegiance to Mamic!

    so maybe he didn’t just become a supporter of our team on the finals but he sure as hell didn’t support our captain and centre back or the organization…and I just can’t understand how thats really possible?

  27. gbvh says:

    Milan-Juve, what a second half.

    Juve up 2-0, now losing 4-2.

    Rebic has looked great. Just scored to make it 4-2.

  28. Soul Champ says:

    Tv announcer thought Rebić was left footed after seeing his clinical finish.

    Rebić fine tuned is like a Rimac sports car .. both bring prosperity to Croatia.

    @ Bobby V

    Love watching Pulisic, hate that he chose US over Croatia.

    He will do even better with all the upgrades around him next season.

    Kovacic will have an opportunity yet again to be a starter on an elite squad as Chelsea FC is on the rise.

  29. Bobby V says:

    @Soul Champ – Perisic on one side and Pulisic on the other would have been fun to watch. All he wanted was his Croatian passport to qualify as a non-EU player, but, the saved spoke to him more than once.

    Anybody know if the 5 substitute rule is just for the current situation or is it a permanent rule change?

  30. Maminjo says:

    Pulišić would have been amazing in our team, but what can you do.

    Despite having Croatian citizenship, he’s pretty American though, especially the way he refuses to pronounce his name correctly.

    Giuseppe Rossi made the right choice picking Italy. Pulišić should have went with Cro, but he probably would have been tarred and feathered by the media if he did.

    He’s too big a talent to just go off to another National Team.

  31. Maminjo says:

    Ralf Rangnick is officially coach of AC Milan.

    He’s also in talks to combine his role with that of sports director (currently occupied by Maldini).

    I wonder if this is effective immediately, and what Pioli will be doing until the end of the season.

    Hopefully none of this impacts Rebić too negatively for next season.

  32. Slavonac from Canada says:

    I’m not a businessman Anonymous! I couldn’t bring myself to get people to sign agreements that aren’t fair to everyone but I’m also not aware of how that industry works!

  33. Eric says:

    Rebic has transformed Milan. His energy and drive are game changing. I would argue that his contribution off the ball is even more important than his goals. The game vs juve today was a pleasure to watch! I can’t wait to see what he can do with Modric, Raketa, and Brozo providing him world class service.

  34. Anonymous says:

    Pulisic can suck dick using his Croatian heritage to get ahead

    Hope USA flops with him in the team

  35. Miloš Hvar says:

    I cant blame Pulisic he is going to be the face of US Soccer for his entire career and many years after. He will make far more off the pitch by being the USMNT star than he makes on it and for a long time after his playing career is over. The money he is going to make from endorsements by being on the US national team rather than HNS is astronomical. If he played for Croatia when he retired he would retire and that would be it. He’d just be another one of our many stars (if he even became a star for us) When he retires from USMNT he has a second career as an icon.Smart kid, make your money.

  36. Anonymous says:

    not Going to make much money if the USA and pulisic flops and can’t qualify for world cups

  37. Slavonac from Canada says:

    Not that I really care about Pulisic but he’s definitely American and doesn’t have the European mentality. You’ll find few European players like that…I can really only think of Giovinco…leaving Italy for a shittier league but more money.

    Most of these guys, especially like Pulisic will make more money than they can spend, worrying about how much you’ll make from endorsements is not really a soccer mentality. Most, not all, make their decisions based on their overall health for their career

  38. Miloš Hvar says:

    I think he is also thinking soccer. US does have young talent coming up with his generation that can build something special. He is the biggest star and is a guaranteed starter. I think for the USMNT 2018 world cup gaffe will be the exception not the rule and he likely feels the same way. Who knows how much playing time he would get with our NT. We are stacked and there is so much more competition for spots…… Me playing for Serbia? I have no connection there. Completely different than an American kid born and raised in PA who decided that playing for his birth country would be the best option for him

  39. Anonymous says:

    Well I hope he finds happiness with his riches

    With Mamic back coaching Dinamo is it more the belief that Mamic himself thinks he can take Dinamo further than Bjelica did with the current squad of course minus Olmo

  40. Slavonac from Canada says:

    Maminjo mentioned it earlier and you can google it yourself Anonymous. Apparently this is for a few games and they’re trying to get Prosinecki…it’s been in the news today!

  41. Anonymous says:

    Sorry slow on the uptake there

    Well that softens the blow then and was Jovicevic that bad or was he another Crno Gorac wanna be Hrvat imitator

    Prosinecki sounds nice but not sure it would work he flopped at zvezda and did not do much with bih

    Probably better to stick with Mamic and he can then take direct phone call from medurgorje hahem prayers from gospa

  42. Canuckcro says:

    Friendly neighborhood chetniks in belgrade on a rampage widespread rioting ..covid related..vlachs are very unstable..remember the old joke how do wink at a serb.They should have did this when lujack..milo started the shit in the 90s..and created 100 more years of hatred..fuck they are sick people.some are ok.

  43. Suba says:

    The Serbs who were expelled in 95 regret it so much that they want to come back especially the krajina Serbs

    Dodik when congratulating plenkovic asked him if he would take them back

    Hope he said fuck off and let them poison republika srpska instead

    Bloody motherfuckers

  44. Soul Champ says:

    Ante Rebić: 9/10

    has been in incredible form for AC Milan and continued his purple patch with yet another goal. It was his movement, his ability to complement Ibrahimovic’s style in the final third and his commitment to meet incoming crosses that caught everyone’s attention on Tuesday.He tested the Juventus defence on many occasions and was always on the lookout for an opening. It was his intelligent play that earned his side the penalty and going forward, he will be key for AC Milan.

  45. Anonymous says:

    Serbs from Croatia where not expeled they left by orders of there own pera-military organizations for fear they would be prosecuted for their crimes and Croatia should not take them back.

  46. Rafael says:

    AC Milan was transformed into a winner as of late by Maldini and Boban. Boban convinced Ibra to come and played a massive part in Rebic arriving. He also was influential in bringing in Theo Hernandez and Bennacer. Well done Zorro.

    Modric would have come to Milano if Zorro Boban was still there. Gazidis ruined Arsenal and is on the verge of ruining Milan with their Red Bull Ragnick hire. You don’t turn a historic champions league champion into a red bull type developmental club. SHAME!

  47. Maminjo says:


    Croatia isn’t blocking anyone from coming back to Croatia.

    The problem is, a lot of these Serbs took part in the Serb militia and they’re afraid of potential murder or rape charges coming their way, if they set foot back in Croatia again.

    In Vukovar, most of the Serbs received a blanket amnesty for their crimes (as part of the deal for it to be reintegrated into Croatia) so a lot of rapists and murderers get to go back to their homes. There is a documentary out there that talks about women who see their rapists every day walking the streets like it never happened.

    The Serbs who left Dalmacija aren’t exempt from the law.
    Some of them may be innocent, but they may have been a part of a military unit that committed crimes and didn’t do anything about it. They don’t want to get stuck in a situation where they have to a answer for a crime that a Serb neighbor or family member committed. It’s a grey area for some of them.

    However, if you’re undoubtedly innocent, you have nothing to worry about…and those Serbs have come back to their homes in Dalmacija.

    I don’t consider the return of Serbs as an issue anymore. It’s a conscious decision made by the person who left, and whether or not they are confident in their innocence or not.

  48. Maminjo says:

    Rumor has it that Ivica Olić will be the next CSKA coach

    That is a huge step for him (if true)

    This is what our “former players turned coaches” need to do.

    Get as much experience as possible at club level.

  49. mateo says:

    like it or not there are a large group of croatians (who are catholics) that have a grandparent or great-grandparent who was serbian and was born orthodox. I notice this to be true in bigger cities like ZG, ST, OS. This is also true the other way around in cities like Beograd, banja luka, and novi sad.

  50. Suba says:

    That’s true all Bosnian serbs from northern Bosnia and bosanski krajina are ethnically Croats who converted to orthodoxy during ottoman times

    The situation other way around mateo was not that numerous or dramatic

  51. Anonymous says:


    So, do you like it or not?

    Serbs are not orthodox, they’re schismatics, you could call them krivoslavci, but a lot of Croats are scared of Serbs and that’s why they call them orthodox.

    Drazen Petrovic, half Serb, Catholic faith, represented Croatia.

    Danijel Subasic, half Serb, Catholic faith, represented Croatia.

    Only Catholic Serbs should be allowed to stay in Croatia the rest should be fucked off. Croats shouldn’t forget the role the regional schismatic church of the Serbs plays in their hatred of the Catholic Croats.

  52. Anonymous says:

    How massive would it be if Messi and Ronaldo played for the same team. That would be the biggest thing in the history of world sport! I think they should try make this happen.

  53. Suba says:

    As Ante starcevic said there would come a time when all debts owing from the Serbs with us would be settled

  54. CroatianPerson85 says:

    @ Suba – please explain the point that Serbs in Northern Bosna converted to Orthodox during Ottoman rule. Would they not have converted to Islam? I thought the story is Ottomans were making both Croats and Serbs convert to Islam? And Serbs moved West (Bosna then Croatia) after fleeing Serbia when Ottomans were invading?

    Forgive my ignorance, honest question.

    Here’s a good laugh below.

  55. mateo says:


    in my post i was specifically referring to Croatians-catholics who are similar to subasic and petrovic in the sense that they have someone from their granparents or parents was orthodox. there are alot of examples of this. i dont have a problem, personally with that. Im just commenting.

  56. mateo says:


    the serbs in bosnia is of least concern. The bosniaks are the real sellouts. They are basically serbians and croatians who sold out their religion and culture to convert to islam during ottoman rule. Today, they are being well financed from the middle east. Also some people in sarajevo wear burqas, which i was told you would never see 10-15 yrs ago. While the hercegovci leave their hometowns to go to zagreb, split and all are around the world. RS (republika srpska) is literally a shithole and i am saying that from a objective perspective. RS’s standard of living is on the level equal to Chad. In Banja Luka you can buy cevapi for like $1.20

  57. Anonymous says:


    That’s fine, you don’t have to care.

    I personally find mixed faith marriages immoral.

    You know it wont always work out as well as it did for Petro and Subasic.

  58. Maminjo says:

    Bosna is actually a beautiful country, but it’s being run into the ground.

    It’s ranked #1 as the most polluted country in Europe (and something like #13 overall in the world).

    Sarajevo is actually ranked #1 most polluted capital city in the world (ahead of Dhaka, Bangladesh by a large margin).

    Pollution, migrant camps, leftover landmines, decentralized useless government, Saudi Arabia paying families a monthly stipend to wear burkas, more Chinese coal power plants being built… Disaster.

  59. Suba says:

    Croatian person 85

    It was a very bleak time for Croats during ottoman times

    You have to remind yourself that Catholics Croats were being persecuted by the Turks and it was happened in a manner that the Serbians and the vlach orthodox who migrating en mass to Croatia and Bosnia were treated more preferentially than the Croats

    So it was a situation that instead of converting to Islam large number of Croats converted to orthodox where it was still Christian

    It was a choice of picking of lesser of two evils in this such a difficult period for hrvati in Bosnia

    You may wonder why the Turks preferred the Serbs rather than Croats

    To me it’s clear Cigani think alike and the Serbs benefitted filled the void if you like and took advantage of Croatia’s misfortunate

    And they have carried out this policy until today it’s in their makeup

    Za dom spremni

  60. Soul Champ says:

    To hang with Jovic and Covid crew?

    “He went to Serbia during the lockdown and then broke Serbia’s own quarantine rules, he returned and suffered a mysterious injury away from the pitch and he he broke LaLiga’s protocol by attending a barbecue with Getafe’s Nemanja Maksimovic and Atletico Madrid’s Ivan Saponjic.”

  61. Soul Champ says:

    Real Modrić needs to get on the Croatian recruiting circuit.

    Rebić would provide some power upfront.

    Vlašić some thrust up the middle.

    I realize now it is the excellent professionalism of Modrić that makes him elite.

    This is the lesson I hope our boys learn.

    Pulisic is the same in that regard.

    So many flops are down to simple lack of excellence.

    Vlašić has that excellence trained in him by his father as well.

    Rebić as seemed to turn the corner also.

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